Will this injured trio have an impact this season?

Will Sammy start to show his potential?
Last year three players who were set to play an important role during the season found themselves injured and were forced to watch what was a tremendous season for Newcastle United from the sidelines.

Sammy Ameobi, Sylvain Marveaux and Steven Taylor all succumbed to serious injury cutting short their respective season.

Sylvain Marveaux showed promise when playing, particularly when he set Yohan Cabaye up for his goal in the 1-0 victory over Wigan last year. Of course this was a player who has had trouble with injuries over a number of years but he had shown that he had skill. He has been involved in pre-season this year and looks set to play a part in the long campaign that the club is set for in the forthcoming season.

There may be doubts about his fitness, but he is an exciting player who has a very good left foot which should mean that he plays on the left side rather than playing a right-footer in that position. I could see him linking well with Papiss Cisse and Hatem Ben Arfa as Marveaux has shown that he has pace within him and that could produce some interesting counter attacks if joined with these two players. It will be interesting to see how Alan Pardew uses Marveaux next season, I think he is a player who has potential and if he manages to stay injury free then he could turn into a very good player for us.

Steven Taylor has had a torrid time with injuries. Most recent has been the achilles injury that he sustained when Newcastle were beaten 3-0 by Chelsea. It has been a long road back to full fitness and up until injury, Taylor had been playing better than I had ever seen him before. I never felt quite as comfortable with Mike Williamson at the back out it that way. There was something about the partnership between Coloccini and Taylor that oozed confidence. With him returning I think the defence will be a lot more solid than it has been.

There is no doubt that Steven Taylor gives his heart and soul for the black and white cause. He is a true Geordie lad who loves playing for the club and you can certainly see that whenever he plays. I expect him to find himself back alongside Fabricio Coloccini in our first game of the season, their bond seems to be one that works incredibly well together. However if Newcastle do a sign a pacey defender then I could see his place under threat but with a number of games to contend with this season I am sure we will see plenty of him regardless.

Sammy Ameobi is the final player who I believe can have an impact this season. He too found himself on the sidelines after showing promise in league and Carling Cup matches. Sammy is tall and lanky which allows him to use a lot of pace whilst keeping the ball under close control. He looked effective when playing on the left hand side of midfield and I could see him being brought on for the last ten minutes of Premier League games. I could see him playing a more important role in Carling Cup and Europa League games and he is certainly one for the future.

Will these players have an impact next season?

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A lifelong Newcastle fan. Currently exiled in Sunderland studying Sports Journalism at the University of Sunderland Follow me on Twitter: @ZoeVicarage

115 thoughts on “Will this injured trio have an impact this season?

  1. There is probably so much sculduggery going on behind the scenes that no-one really knows. It seems par for the course with our lot. Some clubs just go out there and spend the wedge, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs have all splashed the cash. However, the remainder of the clubs probably haven’t spent much either.

    There’ll be a flurry of transfer activity as the season starts, whether we are involved time will show.


  2. I think without doubt having Saylor back in defence will be a huge bonus. I think our defensive record at the start of last season with Taylor in the team provide how important he is to us. We had no replacement that offered a similar stability. I do think we need to buy another CB, but Taylor and Colo is one of the best CB partnerships in the league IMO.

    I know we were only playing Hartlepool last night but seeing Marv first hand was great. He looked a real threat and looked a very intelligent player to be honest. He seemed to know where all of his team mates were and rarely picked the wrong pass but also knows where the goal is.

    Sammy – Im not sure he will feature as much as the other 2. I think he’ll play but has a bit more to do to prove himself as a first team contender, but I think Pardew is handling him in the right way and will not rush him. I think he’ll play him in the games he thinks Sammy can have an influence and develop his confidence as he’s still a young lad.

    I predict tho that it will be Amalfitano that we are all raving about this season – similar to Cabaye last season.


  3. Troy my posts at 53, 56 & 57 were tongue in cheek aimed at the Alan Brazil twitter shoyt.

    It only goes to show how much cafuffle can be created with a few loose words…. You being a purveyor of cafuffle and sculduggery, I knew you would like it and buy into it … 😉


  4. Sharpy17 I feel with a fit again STaylor at the back we will be stronger than last season. However, I still think we can improve on this position, but STaylor and Collo are imo currently the best centre back pairing we have at the club.

    Not convinced that STaylor is fully fit yet, he’sgoing to need to be for the start of the season. Also hope he can prove to be not too injury prone…


  5. Newcastle United FC ‏@NUFCOfficial
    Regarding Alan Brazil’s tweet, spoken to Derek and it’s complete and utter nonsense! Maybe a case of a drink too many?


  6. @MM

    I just tuned in and read your post so if you didn’t mean it then fair do’s. 😉

    Never read your earlier posts. 😉

    I read so much guff on here I sometimes pounce.

    If you agree with my views which you clearly do, I forgive him.


  7. MM – I’d agree with that, he only played the 1st half last night and was pretty quiet to be honest.
    Fully fit tho and he’d defo be in coz even last night he never shut up. He wasn’t telling people what to do so much but the old ‘man on’ or ‘time’ heads up that players need and that nobody else in the team sees to really do so much. Think he’s a good partner for Colo.


  8. Sharpy your right again lad I have been saying for yonks that Saylor has that leader inside him, will give it all for the Toon and expects everyone else to do the same


  9. Sharpy
    I agree, Colo’s got a captain’s tactical brain but Saylor’s got the leadership instinct, that’s partially what made them such a good partnership in the 1st half of the season.


  10. Dave – couldn’t agree more mate. Think Colo is a better CB in the sense of his positioning, composure, control and footballing ability. But I think Taylor is better at communicating, pace and putting his body on the line to stop that ball cross the line – a bit similar to John Terry – who as much as I hate as a person – I do think has been a bloody good CB.


  11. @BD

    99% of the time we agree on matters but I think we shouldn’t criticise the owner until the window closes.

    They’ve took us by surprise on a few occasions in the last couple of years, having been atrocious before that. Let’s give them til the window closes and if nothing happens then it’s time to criticise.

    Who knows, we might be celebrating.


  12. Sharpy spot on mate 😉

    Troy yeah you never know we could be in for a surprise, but I don’t think we will be surprised by 2-3 players that I believe we need, I think well be lucky to just get the CB in that even the fatman admitted himsel before the last window, so im sure that has been enough time for them to find one.


  13. @Big Dave

    No doubt the usual crew will criticise us for disagreeing with their views. They will find some positive out of it.

    We won’t pay over the odds.
    We have £40m in the bank.
    We came fifth and there’s no reason why we won’t end up there next season.
    We over achieved and we are levelling out.
    It’s not your money it’s Mikes.
    It’s his club.
    We will strengthen in January.
    The youth will come thru.
    Mike saved us.
    Mike won’t be made a mug of.
    Mikes a great businessman.
    We are lucky to have Mike.
    We have made another profit this window.

    😯 😯 😯 😯


  14. No point in Saylor being vocal if he talks gash! His positioning has always been terrible – its a dangerous game when someone is loud for the sake of it – terribly unsettling for the back line. I’d rather play with a Colo – knowing where he will be and what he will be doing without even looking.


  15. All 3 are looking good in pre-season I look forward to seeing their potential this season hopefully no injuries.


  16. Wow! 😯
    Stardust states, “No good being vocal if you are talking Gash! 😯

    Now he’s a one to talk. 😛


  17. Agreed brian. I’m looking forward to seeing Marv especially. And more Taylor means less willo which is a positive. Not sure how I rate Sammy yet


  18. @MDS

    We are all looking forward to seeing Marcel Marveaux the mimic.

    So were his previous clubs. :-/


  19. Woo hoo, Eminem caught himself a great big sucker fish earlier on didn’t he 🙂 🙂 not good eating tho, very bitter and has a high fat content 🙂 🙂


  20. Which performances – of which there must be loads – of Saylor the past 2…no 3 seasons….did you form your opinion on Stardy?

    Big dollop of shite once again!


  21. Past couple of season him and colo looked rock solid.

    Never seen much evidence of the ‘shaky’ back line…particularly the start of this season that you harp on about!


  22. we will be in for a few surprises this season …what a team last nite
    ! easy as that…….thats what the trainers and ap are looking for ,well done lads mite see same team at spuds game
    .?attacking team…….yes attacking football thats wot we want keep it simple ….lots of goals and assists


  23. Good to see Hatem going for gold. Let’s hope he makes a better fist of it than the Aussie swimmers. 😆


  24. It’s funny, I’ve lived here for 30-odd years and have never really taken a shine to Australian sporting teams – except in football. I never really knew how much I hated Aussie cricketers in particular until I came here.

    Maybe it’d be different if I lived overseas.

    But I still call Australia home. 😉


  25. I never really knew how much I hated Aussie cricketers in particular until I came here. 😯

    Fair call, so I take it you just like the South African players that make up the majority of the English cricket team 😆 😆


  26. yep multicultural teams are good. I don’t mind South Africans – except Kepler Wessels 😆


  27. Kepler Wessels :mrgreen: I thought you were going to say JJ for a moment there 😆 😆


  28. Sorry if it has already been mentioned but does anyone think Royston Drenthe might be worth a look on a free? He can play left back and both wings. He has good pace and a powerful shot still only 25 as well. I know he had a few problems at everton but im sure Pards could sort that. 😆


  29. Troy im sure we’ll be hearing a few of them excuses.
    Stardy would you still prefer to have Willo in in stead of Saylor know the way you say he is better than Saylor 😳 that twice in one day you managed to get your head outta Jabba’s ass, he’s good to you 😆


  30. Volume – Taylor only played 14 premier league games last season how can you say taylor makes colloccini look good colloccini made 35 premier league appearences last season he is a different class of player than taylor Fact colloccini was in the top 3 centre halfs last season ,


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