How important is Hatem Ben Arfa to our season?

Hatem bomb strikes again
The magic of Hatem Ben Arfa was once again displayed against a very strong Tottenham Hotspur side at the weekend.

Ben Arfa was on fine form which helped us see off league rivals Tottenham 2-1 and bagged the winning goal from the penalty spot after being the one who was brought down for the penalty to be awarded in the first place.

Demba Ba scored goal of the game in emphatic style after bending the ball into Brad Friedel’s far far corner, but it was Ben Arfa who was involved in the move which led up to the goal. Ben Arfa flicked the ball around a Spurs defender with a cheeky nutmeg which led to the ball being crossed in to Demba Ba by Danny Simpson. Call it an assist to an assist if you like.

Then of course there was the penalty which Ben Arfa created for himself after a short corner was returned to him by Cheik Tiote. Hatem came up against two Tottenham defenders and opted to plough through the middle of them which paid off as he was brought down in the penalty area and the referee gave a penalty. Ben Arfa stepped up and sent Friedel the wrong way by drilling the ball into the bottom right corner of the Gallowgate net.

For me he was the man of the match. He was always willing to pick up the ball and have a go at the Spurs defence and caused problems throughout the game.

Since joining Newcastle from Marseille in 2010 on a season long loan Ben Arfa has always shown glimpses of his ability, but after picking up a horrific leg break against Manchester City in the 2010-2011 season after Nigel De Jong’s crunching tackle it left many people wondering if he could ever reach the potential he was always capable of.

Newcastle were aware of the potential he had already shown before the injury and decided to make the deal permanent regardless of all the risks involved – a huge leap of faith for a club that looks for value in the transfer market.

Last season he came back from injury and had a fantastic season and performed consistently well in pretty much every game he played. This begged the question why didn’t Ben Arfa attract any interest in the transfer market off top European teams, not to say Newcastle aren’t big enough for Ben Arfa, but he has incredible ability and also played at Euro 2012 which gave him a big platform for teams to look at him and maybe try to sign him.

Overall he is an incredible player who can help Newcastle achieve great things and you get the sense that he is vitally important to us. He may be a bit sulky and he may need to be managed a bit differently, but so far so good on that front. When he is on the pitch there is always a chance of something happening and we’re never quite out of a game with him in the side providing the rest of the team don’t collapse around him.

This will be his first full season in Newcastle colours and it’s an important one not just for him, but also for the club being back on the European stage.

But how important will Hatem be to our fortunes this season?

Thanks to Connor Carrington for sending this in!

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109 thoughts on “How important is Hatem Ben Arfa to our season?



    Ive just finished my bike ride.
    What you fail to understand is, I only do the continuous ridiculing to individuals who use foul or abusive language.

    My viewpoint that we were discussing yesterday was valid. I disagreed with you. What do you want me to do?
    Agree with you?

    It was as simple as that.

    Today I moved on and made it plain to everyone I had moved on.
    Aussie then jumps in again with his hands tied behind his back.
    He’s a clown IMO and I wouldn’t dare show my face again if I pulled a hissy fit like that.

    He’s a grown man. I wonder how half the people on here actually survive in the workplace. They must work from home and not see people.

    Finally, this happened last time and I resorted to looking to .com to see if there were people with testosterone circulating thru their veins.

    I have time for half a dozen on here at the most. The rest need to get some bollocks. One thing is for certain tho I will always engage in sensible debates but cross the line of slanderous comments and vulgar obscenities then be prepared for ridicule.

    Anyway, I must shout too much as I might wake Aussie. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Hilarious performance from him over the last two days. πŸ™‚

    He must comeback under a different pseudonym surely. πŸ™‚


  2. @ mark

    You were the same as Aussie. Tried to play my game which I enjoyed but you too went into an ultra huff. πŸ˜‰

    Please read my warning on the other post if you want to continue;-)


  3. Troy,

    Would you say my calling Stardust ‘a prick’ us any different from you calling someone ‘a mong’…

    I might come from a rough neighbourhood but I don’t find either term overly vulgar… 😯

    I’ve called my best mates and Richie far worse… πŸ˜€


  4. lol I thought ‘mong’ wasnt so bad, his excuse for what he thought was a mong was even more insulting.. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  5. I also find it laughable how he took the morale high ground and then went on to call me a racist, amongst many other things…

    Also, you eventually did agree during our debate that you had misunderstood me because you had taken my statement about selling Ben Arfa out of context. I actually mentioned in the same comment that Id just finished my article giving my full opinion on the matter … The same article which later appeared on the site.

    You also agreed that nowhere had I ever called Ben Arfa useless or shocking as Stardust insisted I had…

    So I think we actually made some progess. It wasn’t all bad, like you say, we won’t agree all the time.


  6. JJ @75: I agree. What gets me is, as you put it, the “sarcastic pompous garbage ridicule” from Troy. I wouldn’t mind it if he had actually won the argument and done you like a kipper, but he deliberately or unintentionally misses the point. I think it must be a defence mechanism for him to hide his limitations. I have a theory that this whole blog thing must be him confronting his fears. Either that, or he is a frustrated Rumpole.

    He twists words, misquotes, gets himself in a knot, and bluffs, blusters and stonewalls when he’s nailed. His favourite tactic is to insist on sticking rigidly to his point, and accusing others of trying to duck the issue when they make a point and he doesn’t understand it or is not willing to see the relevance of it. He obviously sees himself safest when he does this. I don’t know how anyone dare do this and expect to have any credibility.

    I noticed yesterday you were showing how your views on Benny some months back were very similar to Troy’s but he deliberately wanted to make more of your conclusion that you would sell him in due course if he didn’t get his finger out. He will manufacture the most non-contentious point if he sees an opportunity to capitalise.

    He jumped on my comment that most, if not all, of the Carrol money had been spent and came out with some classic sweeping statements along the way that made him look more ridiculous. Such hypocrisy from the Sweeping Statement Police. Incidentally, I noted that after calling my appeal for support to fellow bloggers as cringeworthy, he said nowt when Stards did the same yesterday.

    I didn’t half get him munching the other day when he came out with his his self-righteous treatise on “Abuse on the Blog”; a thousand words of complete blather. He was in such an indignant rage, I thought I would re-name him “Troy Tempest” or “Storm Stavers”. The whole thing could have been avoided if he had come out like a man and answered the many substantive questions I put to him.

    As he failed to rise to the challenge, I have no choice but to rename him in accordance with the little man that he has shown himself to be. He was Humpty but from now on, he shall be known as little Vernon Troy, Chief of the Sweeping Statement Police.


  7. JJ I think Troy knows me well enough πŸ˜‰
    I will say in his defence there is a few on here that seem as if they go out of their way to try to get him to loss it, but I think he is wise to that ? actually I know he’s wise to it.
    IMO he is a decent lad but maybe thats because we share the same views on things πŸ˜† .
    But then at the other extreme I have a lot of time for Stardust who I don’t really share the same views with 😯 and I used find it a bit uncomfortable to watch some of the shit that used to get threw at him, but he knows how to stick up for himsel and will always give as much back without resorting to lowering himsel to foul and abusive stuff
    I did say yesterday that I thought you deserved a break because I felt uneasy at watching you get both barrels even after you tried to call a truce,
    But sure your a safa so you should be hard enough to take it πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    Here endeth my reading
    must get back and do a bit, be careful out there it can be a dangerous place πŸ˜€
    Howay the Lads


  8. BRISVEGAS @12

    The thing is though, Ba and Cisse have took some awful penalties recently, so I wouldn’t have had much confidence in them taking one. Or should that be ‘pelanties’ as Waddle the mackem would say. πŸ™‚


  9. “I think it must be a defence mechanism for him to hide his limitations” – bingo!

    The thing is it really isn’t nessessary. He’s a smart and funny man… But his exaggerated behavior only demonstrates insecurities…

    Don’t stress Troy, we love you! πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Honestly enjoy our debates. Win or lose… Just can’t handle the continuous trolling.

    As for the Carroll arguement. I think we have spent the money. But were deceived by Lambase’ wording as to how we would spend the money.

    Honestly though, that debate is dead now.


  10. DJG – I was mouch more relaxed about Benny rather than Ba stepping up to take it. Your gut instinct tells you.


  11. Dave
    “JJ I think Troy knows me well enough I will say in his defence there is a few on here that seem as if they go out of their way to try to get him to loss it, but I think he is wise to that ? actually I know he’s wise to it. IMO he is a decent lad”

    I agree, he does get unfounded stick as well. And I do think he is decent… Don’t really care what he thinks of me, it doesn’t mean I dislike him at all…
    Just think he over does the whole trolling thing and goes on a bit much with the pompous ridicule…

    I can take it… But some can’t and it can chase some bloggers away. Which is a pity. We need all sorts of characters.


  12. JJ – you say the Carroll debate is dead now, but you haven’t got to live with little Vernon in the real world. I just hope he’s gone to the time and effort to print off our exchanges if he does bring it up.

    The thing is that he lectures others about vulgarity and abuse. However, his form of abuse is different; its more subtle and far more insidious. IT MAKES YOU WANT TO SWEAR.


  13. What about the spurs lads that have been on here? Cheeky little bighters.

    I’ve always said the cockneys are salt of the earth, and would much rather have a pint with one than a scouser, generally speaking. However, they failed to mention how shite their support was. To be fair, they were great for five minutes. Yes five minutes, and then sat like goldfish the rest of the time. I don’t know what started them off, but their chant of “where’s your famous atmosphere?” was ironic to say the least.

    If you’re going to travel that far, bring your voices.


  14. B&B,
    Correct, you can be just as insulting and condescending without swearing, but it doesn’t make it any better.
    I’ve alway been blunt, no point flowering it up and being subtle when you mean the same thing… But that’s just me… I guess it makes some people feel more intelligent. I actually find it more abrasive than swearing because its sole purpose is to intimidate and be condescending.

    I do feel very sorry for you living with him… But I bet you are close. Would love meet some of the characters on here in person.



    Well well well. Look what the cat dragged in Bumbling Boris comes out of his rage. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I take this opportunity to declare my allegiance to the upper class on this blog and my war of terror on the under class! πŸ‘Ώ

    JJ & Bumbling Boris you are on the precipice of defeat. Declare your weapon you little toads.

    Pen or pencil? πŸ˜‰


  16. @Bumbling Boris

    The Spuds atmosphere was the best I’ve seen from an away following all this season. 😯

    Seriously though, they absolutely outsang us until we scored.

    It was embarrassing how loud they were and how quiet we were.


  17. Troy,
    Let me make a couple of points very clear mate. I was not in a huff at all. The moment you chose to ignore the point in question last night and go off on one of your usual rants, the conversation was dead to me. You see over the years I have seen how you debate & handle criticism. When someone calls you to task it normally results in you going off topic to try and cover your arse. In a typical, the best form of defence is attack fashion, you go overboard with irrelevant points and start name calling etc. Just have a look at your posts last night for example, and I must say I loved the careful editing you did with the grasshopper post. All you managed to mention was the smiley faces and the next post where you stated you were only joking. There was no mention of your abusive language at all – funny that. Now let me make this clear also so you can’t twist my words. I do not/did not have a issue with that post or call you to task on it. I have never had issues with language used on this site. But you “had issues” with me telling someone to “fuck off” (which I didn’t) and JJ calling someone a prick. Now that is really rich coming from someone that has hurled more abuse than most on here, but woo hoo hoo, you were only joking I guess.
    So back to my original point last night. YOU were the one that dragged my name into this aurguement and then when I called you to task over it, you tell me to move on get over it.
    You are a hypocrite and there is no escaping that fact, but unfortunately your ignorant nature does not allow you to see that within yourself.
    So it is time for your next online persona – RIP Bobby – RIP Troy – maybe your new blog name can be Harry the Hypocrite πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    I am happy to discuss this with you if you are willing or able to stay on point but I fear that this will be impossible for you if history is anything to go by.


  18. @aussie

    Off to work but will respond later do keep an eye out.

    Utter piffle above though. πŸ˜‰


  19. But before I go, to say you weren’t in the huff is not putting you in a good light.

    That was the huff of all huffs, bigger than Trumpets. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    I will respond this morning hopefully if things are quiet at work. πŸ˜‰

    If not later. πŸ˜‰




    Your first point about not being in the huff needs no explaining. 9 out of 10 cats preferred to believe you were. πŸ˜‰ and clearly are still purring like a pussy. πŸ˜‰

    Your second pointer you make was about me ignoring your original point.

    You didn’t have a point? The debate had nothing to do with you. You butted in mine and JJ’s discussion. We were having a healthy debate, ( stardust and JJ’s may have been more messy) and you jumped in and advised him to tell us to Fuck off.

    Your third point is about me ranting as I normally do if someone brings me to task. Unfortunately, your head must be spinning like your boomerang.
    It’s me that brings others to task only for using foul and abusive language. It’s at that point I ridicule them relentlessly and it normally ends up that the perpetrator (you in this case) cries victim. πŸ˜‰

    This brings me nicely onto your third point.
    You state I was the one dragging your name into the argument.

    You need to reflect on this. It was YOU that brought yourself into a debate that had nothing to do with you by advising JJ to tell me to fuck off.
    You need to learn in future if you wish to join a debate you do it civily. πŸ˜‰

    Your fourth point is about me carefully editing my posts.
    Au contrare my little Aussie friend. It was you who taunted me asking if i wanted you to troll thru previous posts and discuss the grasshopper one.

    On my way thru trawling the blog to find it I never realised how abusive you’ve actually been and I’ve laughed every remark off.

    I finally found the thread and noticed you are calling me Chicken shit Stavers prior to my grasshopper one.

    Again I laughed that off as I saw it as a piss take.
    I looked at my grasshopper post and you can clearly see it was a piss take.
    Within 1 minute and the very next post I stated only jokin Aussie with a smiley.

    Every man and his dog could see that thread was littered with humour.

    YOU chose to bring that up yesterday and I encouraged you to print it for all to see.

    You then disappeared and came back with an almighty hissy fit.

    I was not the one who was going to print it. I was egging you on cos I wanted to see you fall down the bog into your own faeces.

    You knew you had gaffed when I kept asking you to print it. You wouldn’t dare cos it showed you up as being a scurrilous hypocrite yourself. πŸ˜‰

    Finally, there are so many bloggers on this site that I don’t have an issue with. They blog without swearing, name calling or misquoting.

    If you analyse my debates then you will quickly notice that whoever I am debating with, other little terriers are biting my ankles trying to goad me into a bite. I never bite as I take the whole thing with a pinch of salt. I have no fear of being shown up or ridiculed. It’s part of the banter.

    But whenever someone tries it then they better be prepared to take me on in the ridicule game. Unfortunately I always seem to make you and others bite like snappers and go off and play the victim.

    There are dozens on this site that I don’t ridicule at all. I don’t need to, they don’t swear or be abusive or twist words.

    I fail to see where I’ve deviated away from any point and I implore you to give me an example where I’ve done that with you.

    Regarding getting banned, 9 times as Bobby Shinton and Troy, it was thru people like yourself getting upset because they started their ridiculing and when I responded they ran off to Toonsy.

    It was quite noticeable that whenever I was banned there were many on the site supporting me and I was reinstated. Many came out and recognise the situation I repeatedly find myself in.

    I suggest you change your name as you surely can’t comeback after your humongous hissy fit . πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    The only alternative;
    An apology from you will draw a line under it for me and we start afteash.


  21. Troy Stavers says:
    August 21, 2012 at 12:00
    @JJ , & Trumpet & Aussie if he’s out there
    Let’s move on and lets disagree with each other civily instead calling some one a prick or to fuck off.
    That was my only issue yesterday.

    You didn’t have a point? The debate had nothing to do with you. You butted in mine and JJ’s discussion. We were having a healthy debate, ( stardust and JJ’s may have been more messy) and you jumped in and advised him to tell us to Fuck off. This brings me nicely onto your third point.

    Like you always say Troy – It said that (get fucked) in jest….. I couldn’t have cared less about the arguement that you had butted into as well.

    You state I was the one dragging your name into the argument.
    You need to reflect on this. It was YOU that brought yourself into a debate that had nothing to do with you by advising JJ to tell me to fuck off.

    See top of post…… Yep univited….

    And as far as getting you banned….. I have never once complained to anyone about you and Toonsy can back this up… I never mentioned anything about you getting banned but I guess that it is everyone elses fault that you did get banned 9 times. It was never your fault I guess.. Like I said that had nothing to do with me…

    Once again you have skirted the point nicely… You have been abusive in the past (when I get home I can troll back on my computer if you like) and yet you take the moral high ground and have issues with things I write…
    Typical, it’s like the gaffs you make and yet you jump down everyones else throat when they make one. You seem like a good lad but by f*ck you have serious short term memory losses and I don’t like people that bully others when they are far from perfect themselves…
    And to reconfirm, I was not in a huff…. Part of my job is dealing with difficult characters and I have dealt with way harder and bader than you mate… As soon as you ranted you lost my attention… I just couldn’t be bothered…




    I’m yet to see the gaffs you claim I have made. πŸ˜‰

    The only issues I called wrong were the source info of players leaving which I have been humble about and put my hands up. Please list the gaffs and don’t make excuses. We will go thru them one by one. No gaffs fella;-)

    You have failed to answer why you didn’t print the grasshopper post only to say it was in jest as was your post when you told JJ to tell me to fuck off.

    Big big difference. Mine was clarified immediately with a clear statement it was a joke. Yours wasn’t.

    There were times during my discussion where we were debating and it was getting heated. You then jumped in. You need to learn when and how to join a discussion.

    You have been in a humongous huff of mega proportions and to deny it makes you look more foolish.

    I await your reply with excitement. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  23. Look how you two are playing so nicely again… πŸ˜†

    In all honesty, do you really think “pr#ck” was that bad? I really didn’t feel it was that offensive. You think its just my lack of class that I don’t personally find these things offensive? πŸ˜†


  24. Troy, I generally work off a tablet and it is a mongrel to navigate. If you know the post in question please tell me the date and I will post it.. Or feel free to post it yourself, go for it.. Or when I get a chance to get on my PC I can go back even further and pull out a few more of your verbal gems.. I used the grass hopper post because it came readily to mind.. In response to when I should join a discusion… I posted that comment when no one else was online due to it being early am over your way.. didn’t seem like the wrong time to me… maybe you were arguing with JJ in your dreams…

    Just admit you were hypocrtical with your post and apologise to me, and JJ for that matter and we can get on with our lives..




    I love it πŸ˜‰

    Just admit you are hypocritical with your post and apologise. Woo hoo hoo hoo πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Let’s move on and rip the piss out of each other.

    Is your ute ok now since you’ve finished battering it with your bush? πŸ˜†




    I still think calling someone a prick on a blog is wrong. I’m the least sensitive person on here it seems but when I first started on here a few years ago it was full of people doing exactly that.

    It’s took a long time to get it cleaned up and I won’t allow you or Aussie to spoil it. πŸ˜‰


  27. Troy @108

    Well thank goodness we have upstanding citizens like you on here to keep things clean.
    I agree the blog would turn to trash if we had people on here using profanatory languague like “prick” and “you absolute mong”. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

    Also thankful despite my name calling someone didn’t resort to any retaliation and held the moral higher ground…

    God forbid they had gone on to false and unfounded accusations of racism without any proof or reason what so ever… Or resorted to childish condescending name calling like rotter, toad, rapscallion and other such speech which hasn’t been heard since the queen lost her virginity in 1562 πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› …
    Could you imagine if we had people then resorting to completely fabricated statements that someone had called a certain player useless and shocking, simply to strengthen a pathetically weak arguement…

    That would be shameful 😯 πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    I congratulate you sir, protector of the peace. You are the standard for which all blog morality is set… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I applaud you ❗ ❗ ❗


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