Andy Carroll set for return as transfer rumours reignite?

Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll
Will he won’t he?
It’s all so easy being a journalist isn’t it? Picking on a player out of form, targeting him with rumours of former clubs, his boyhood club, coming in and ready to release him from his current plight.

Poor old Andy Carroll.

It seems though in this instance that it’s more than poor old Andy Carroll its ‘Andy Carroll we simply don’t want you’ is the stance from his current employers. Whilst this is particularly hard to grasp from any neutral onlooker for us Geordies it’s something we all may have secretly thought could happen.

For Liverpool to spend Β£35 million on a very young relatively unproven Premier League player (aside from the 11 goals) was madness. Liverpool justified it, stating he was young so much potential, future number 9, England centre forward for years to come etc etc etc.

We all watched on half hoping that the poor lad would live up to his tag but also hoping that he realised how big a mistake he was making. The rest is history, awful return of goals, out of form, injured, and Liverpool finish 3rd in the table. At least he got champions league. Oh wait…

All seemed lost until a spark of form reignited him towards the end of the season and off he went to the European Championships and gave a good account of himself. Brendan Rodgers comes in and does the inexplicable; he admits he may let him go. Incredible in my view bearing in mind that at Swansea he played with Graham as the pinnacle of his attack often.

Step in the brilliant, premeditated minds of new regime. We plump a loan bid in for his services and according to reports a Β£12m offer for our old home grown number nine. Take it or leave it. And finally I get to the point of the article – I think Andy Carroll will be in Newcastle Colours by 1st September.

Unwanted at Liverpool, unloved, potentially left to wallow in his own self pity after being shunned by the manager. Whereas the bright lights of Newcastle, 52,000 home crowd, welcoming back our home grown lad, the attraction will surely be too much.

Wages could be a stumbling block but if he accepts his mistake then I’m sure he will bite the bullet. Not as clear cut as that we all know but the one major aspect that could sway him is a return is Europe. I know Liverpool are in the Europa League too but I am talking about the potential for years to come and the chance of playing football at the highest level.

There’s nothing to say that Liverpool can’t gain Champions League football again but I am more confident that Newcastle will. The best players in our team are either reaching there peak or there best years are ahead of them. The regime have instilled a five year plan that the longer it goes the more I have faith in. We don’t spend big but we accumulate fantastic players. Carroll is no mug surely he can see this. Newcastle will appeal much like it appeals to bigger players all across the globe. Vurnon Anita won the double which he was instrumental in and gave up Champions League football to play for Newcastle. The trend is set.

Add Andy Carroll to our team and arguably our strike force is complete. Arguments will be made about our style with Carroll in the team but surely Shola Ameobi is similar in terms of key strengths? Carroll may not be guaranteed a start every game but what a player to bring on from the bench. It provides us with fantastic options and flexibility.

I for one am delighted with Pardew’s aim to play on the ground pretty football. However whilst Pardew knows the value of pretty football he knows that the way he is setting us up suits a fast counter attacking style; defend well break fast finish clinically. Carroll threatening up front with the likes of Ben Arfa, Marveaux, Jonas, Obertan, Amilfitano, Cabaye, Anita all supplying from midfield or from the wings surely will present Carroll with opportunities? Carroll can bully defences leaving more time for the deadly duo of Ba and Cisse. Who in the Premier League can afford to give Ba and Cisse more time?

If Andy Carroll returns to the Toon, not only will he be welcome, he will propel us further to our target of Champions League football. Surely Carroll knows the importance of this. What Carroll doesn’t know is that Newcastle with or without him will only get stronger whereas Liverpool are facing a difficult few years ahead.

Of Course this all depends on our owner releasing the purse strings, but if he does do you want him and will he be as much of a hit as he was previously?


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61 thoughts on “Andy Carroll set for return as transfer rumours reignite?

  1. There has been press speculation that Liverpool did not pay the full fee upfront. Does anyone know the truth of that as it could be hugely significant?


  2. What a disillusioned piece of drivel. Rodgers has never said he doesn’t want Carroll that’s just press twisting thing’s. He will listen to bids but won’t sell him on cheap especially not too Newcastle. He has just came out and publicly slammed you for trying to unsettle him and take him on the cheap. The fans want him to stay he wants to stay and unless anyone offers 20 million he will be at Liverpool come September. And since when has playing at Newcastle been playing at a higher level ha ha one Finnish higher and look at you all getting gidy. Silly Geordies.


  3. Yeah I think he is better off at the cesspool racists picking up his Β£4M a year wages and keeping the bench warm.
    NUFC can do better and most likely cheaper. ha ha.
    LFC mugs.


  4. READ MY LIPS: This tripe has been cut and pasted from the Mail who’ve been running this crap for months. Stick to the VIZ if you can’t write serious stories.

    Brendan Rodgers has hit out at Newcastle and accused them of trying to take liberties with their loan bid for Andy Carroll.

    With a week to go before the transfer window closes the England striker’s future remains uncertain and a move away from Anfield is still possible but he is unlikely to get his wish to rejoin Newcastle.
    Rodgers has made it clear he will not sell unless he has a replacement ready to come in and definitely not to Newcastle in a cut price deal.
    “To even consider wanting to take him on loan is a liberty,” Rodgers said.
    “Absolutely no chance – and certainly not Newcastle, Newcastle got Β£35m for this player last year.
    “I need a minimum of three strikers. Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got Luis Suarez, Fabio Borini and Andy Carroll.
    “I would need to be a nutcase to even consider at this moment to let Andy Carroll go.”


  5. Rossired – whilst your on here whats your view on your transfer policy?
    Your chances of champs league, not just now but in future?

    Have you ever seen a rodgers interview? He contradicts himself at every turn gets red when questioned and babbles when hes annoyed. Hes changing his mind on carroll more times than suarez can miss the back of the net


  6. Bill this was written before yesterdays news admittedly but the mail wish they could write as well as this blog 😎


  7. rossired – You’re team is rubbish, you manager is out of his depth and your fans are only happy when you’re having a minutes silence for some event nobody else in the world gives a damn about. Jog on!


  8. Didn’t think it would take the bindippers long to jump all over this one like πŸ˜†
    Rodgers has got himself all excited about this Carroll situation, and I think he’s let Carroll down badly since he took over at Lpool. Even at the weekend, being 3-0 down and putting Cole on before Carroll was a kick in the teeth for the lad.

    The fact is that Lpool want Β£20m and Carroll isn’t worth that – Rodgers knows that. The trouble is that you have the likes of the mackems paying Β£12m for Fletcher – Carroll is better than Fletcher – but Cisse is better than both and we only paid Β£8m for him. So IMO we are right to stick to our guns on this one. If we rate Carroll Β£12m, offer no more, if Lpool accept that great and welcome home Carroll – if not, Rodgers is left with a player who he doesn’t want and doesn’t fit his style of play.


  9. Blaydonson – I don’t recall the accounts having any notes to that effect. They declared a small loss before player transfers and around a 30mn profit after player transfers.

    Llambias is on record of saying they had to pay it all up front too. I do believe however we have a sell on clause of 25 percent and performance enhancements up to another 5mn (England appearances etc)

    No wonder Liverpool are gutted πŸ˜†


  10. Stardust – what is carrolesque football? Just because he can head doesnt mean fast wingers supply crosses is boring football…keegan loved it


  11. Fsg want young talented players wasn’t happy with majority of Kenny’s acquisitions hence why he was sacked. However we have young squad with some world class player’s and can see us pushing for champ league place but gonna be tough year as it’s best league in world at moment. On Carroll he wasn’t worth 35 million but we had 50 and one day to spend it. I for one am a big fan of his and hope he stays.


  12. @Bill – you missed the last (and most important) line off that quotation:

    “I need a minimum of three strikers. Once the window shuts, that is it until January. I have got (Luis) Suarez, Fabio Borini, and Andy Carroll. I would need to be a nutcase even to consider at this moment to let Carroll go out, UNLESS THERE ARE OTHER SOLUTIONS FOR THAT.”

    That’s hardly gonna make Carroll feel wanted is it. It’s clear that he wants shot of him, but he can’t until he gets a replacement.

    P.S. don’t have a go at people here for not writing “serious stories” when you deliberately change a quote to suit your own argument.


  13. Dave – with respect mate, the Hillsborough disaster is worth remembering. My uncle was there that day as a kid and it still effects him now.


  14. Rossired. Β£20 mill πŸ˜† πŸ˜† do you think coz you paid stupid money anyone else is going to, nobody will ever pay that for him exept Dogleash, it was a stupid price then and its a stupid one now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


  15. Wev’e moved on from the Carroll and Enrique days and far better as a result.
    We have a young hungry inproving side and qite frankly look leap years ahead of Liverpool. Kenny the clown repaid his debt to us by giving us Β£35m for Carroll and helped build the team that so easily beat Liverpool last season. It’s time Liverpool fans stopped living in the past and accept they are nothing better than mid table challengers.
    I would have Carroll back but Β£12m to Β£15m is about the right valuation, any more would be a very unwise buy.
    Thanks Kenny again!


  16. Liam – whereas Ferdinand and Shearer’s runs were perfectly timed – they ran into holes, in front of the first defender, Carroll just runs. Its no good being big but having no intelligence.

    Nothing more beautiful than great wingers – Ginola’s still my favourite NUFC player. (Though Colo is approaching that status now)

    Heading aside is his general play is atrocious – his control and passing is hideous (I believe his pass completion rate last season was marginally above 50 percent.

    He is physical and very athletic his very presence encourages an early and easy release up field, yet when he gets it it all falls apart.

    Its why Rodgers wants shot, he knows it, Daglish knew it (at the end) so should we and stay clear.


  17. Rossired-Sorry mate but Newsflash, how much Carroll is sold for, or whom he is sold to, isn’t up to Brendan Rodgers.

    And are you sure Carroll wants to stay? If you gave him the option of repeating his previous year at Liverpool under a manager who clearly has no immediate plans to include him regularly in his starting lineup, or return to Newcastle, a club he knows, to be around his family and friends in the surroundings he grew up in again…what do you think he’d choose?

    As for Rodgers turning round and claiming he wants Carroll to stay, thats just a move to try and save face. One of the first things he did was claim he’d consider letting him leave which was a hilariously poor move to make.

    I like how Carroll won’t be making a move and “certainly not to Newcastle”-Here mate, it’s not our fault you idiots turned round and hoyed 35 million at us for a player that clearly isn’t worth that! Carroll is worth 12-15. Liverpool shouldn’t even get 20 for him.


  18. Rossired, you are an idiot. Why would you think that you are going to challenge for Champions League?! You constantly over pay for bad players. Cisse, Ba, Cabaye, Tiote for one Jordan Henderson?! oh dear.
    Your ‘keeper is vastly overrated and always has a mistake in him. Your defence isn’t bad to be fair and I thought Johnson was good at the Euro’s. Your midfield is awful. Adam, Henderson, Spearing, Downing, Allen….rubbish. Gerrard is past it, tries hollywood passes constantly, 1/10 come off and everyone thinks he is still amazing.
    Suarez is the most overrated player in the league. Borini is out of his depth and Carroll is coming home.


  19. Rossired – I’d be interested to know which of your players you class as world class 😯
    Gerrard may have fallen into that category once but he’s passed his best now like. Suarez is a talent but can’t hit a barn door – a world class player would have finished at least 1 or 2 of the many chances he had at the weekend. After those 2 I’m struggling mate.


  20. Surely if the Bindippers want Β£20M for Mandy and we have a sell on clause of 25% I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that means we could get him for Β£15M. Whats with the Scousers awake early and posting on here anyways? I would have thought being up all night robbing sheds and cross breeding that you would all be asleep as the dole office is open all day or are you watching your friends and family on Jeremy Kyle??


  21. Stardust – I think thats an overcritical view; the lad was unstoppable when he played for us. As for lack of intelligence hes still in premier league terms young.

    Some people want him back some dont i just think with him in the team it upsets defences and means that cisse, ba, hba all have more time and if they have more time we have already seen they are clinical


  22. This is another deluded Newcastle supporter, who said big Andy wont have a more sucessful career at Liverpool? I think its all in your tiny little mind, nearly all LFC supporters want Andy too stay at Anfield, so it looks like hes here for the long haul. When have, or ever will Newcastle be has big a club as Liverpool? are you sure you haven`t been taken any illegal substances, when you decided too write this utter drivel. If i were you i would look back at your history? A couple of minutes it should take, then go have a look at the History, of the most, successful british team ever, It should take you a couple of days, then you will understand, the difference between a big club and a mino? and I will bet you will still think, Newcastle after that history lesson, are still the bigger club? thats where the delusion is “dream on” mate. LFC will always be, the most successful club “EVER” on these shores, and who can argue with that. RedManFor43YearsAndCounting. ::


  23. I would take him back for Β£12~15mil for him after all that would be like the Dippers paying us Β£20~23mil for loaning him for a yr πŸ˜† πŸ˜† .
    He would be a handy player to have when we need to change tactics, and im sure he would do well if the Dembas go to acon. I do think he’s a better player than some make him out to be. πŸ˜‰


  24. The fact is that even if we could get Carroll back for Β£12m (which I accept is highly unlikely), I still think there are striker out there who would be better value for money to be honest. I don’t dislike Carroll and he can certainly preform a role that few other strikers can.
    But I think you Lpool fans have to get your heads around something. Brendan Rodgers has made no secret about Carroll being available and despite Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd all needing or getting new CFs, and all of the football clubs across the globe … The only club to show fresh interest in the lad is West Ham – surely that tells you something?!


  25. Mick the kidder – You are a mug ill tell you why when in the article does it drag up history or who the bigger club is? I believe it points to the fact NUFC have a far far brighter future as it stands.

    Your just a boring LFC who is clearly insecure with how crap you are so constantly have to drag up how many trophies you have etc blah blah blah to make yourselves feel better.

    Its okay we understand your insecurities who wouldnt your in debt the mugs of the transfer market; swansea the latest to laugh and laugh at you. Its sad I used to respect liverpool for the tradition but nowadays its a shambles


  26. mick the kidder.

    Ow nob head – most successful British team, till Man u win the league again.

    LFC’s History may look good but their future is looking abysmal.

    Good luck getting rid of the overpaid sh*te that you have bought.

    Not gonna qualify for CL with Downing Adam and Henderson, they’re relegation fodder.

    Borini Allen Assaidi – not quite what you idiots hoped for is it. But that’s your level, wake up and smell the coffee.


  27. Mick – did you take illegal substances when you were typing that out, or did you just not go to school?

    Can you show me one place in this article or posts where an NUFC supporter has said we are a “bigger club”? You’ve banged on about it for 12 lines, but no one has even said it πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    No one is denying you have won more trophies over the years, and have a bigger worldwide fan-base. But that does not change the fact that Liverpool is currently up shit creek. Your club is being poorly run, you have overpaid overrated players, and you have no chance of getting in the CL. Maybe if your fans weren’t such a bunch of arrogant wankers, maybe people wouldn’t be so happy to pile on the misery πŸ˜‰


  28. Dave you Idiot, anyone with half a brain cell, wouldn`t come up with a statement like that, even your own fellow gordies would feel ashamed of that pathetic disgusting piece. I hope you get the time to see your kids, grow up, you vulger piece of uneducated shit, please ban him from all sites. im fuming how dare he!!!!!!


  29. Rodgers is a fool.

    Rodgers “especially not NUFC” “They got 35mill for a player….”

    How embarrassing, slating his fee in public and taking cheap shots at NUFC because we accepted it in the 1st place! HA

    I bet you wish that you had hired Laudrup – took Rodgers 5 months to win away from home, even with your superstar Allen – Swansea never played as well as Saturday with Rodgers…..



  30. Mick the kid – ‘History’
    1.Β the branch of knowledge dealing with past events.
    2.Β a continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person, etc., usually written as a chronological account; chronicle: a history of France; a medical history of the patient.
    3.Β the aggregate of past events.

    In short – it’s in the past mate. No toon fan would argue that in terms of revenue, global support and all the other bollocks – yeah, Lpool are a bigger club. But that’s business mate, as fans it’s about the squad of players and the points we finish on each season. Now, go on tell me that yous are so much better than us on that scale and prove to everyone just how much of a mug you really are.


  31. August 23, 2012 at 09:41
    rossired – You’re team is rubbish, you manager is out of his depth and your fans are only happy when you’re having a minutes silence for some event nobody else in the world gives a damn about. Jog on!

    That was unnecessary Dave – I have respect and sympathy for those involved in tragedies such as Hillsborough.


  32. So going by a few on here the dippers will be fuming when Carroll comes back πŸ˜† , but I bet they’ll try to put the ‘he was shite and we didn’t want him’ front on.


  33. Mick the kidder – do yourself a favour a fuck off back under the rock from which you came will you. This site has always welcomed comments from rival fans but we draw the line at morons!. Dont mind banter but just posting insults – well save those for ya missus will ya


  34. Over the year’s I’ve had many good debates and cracks with people from the north east. They where all from Middlesbrough or Sunderland m though. I’ve also met many a Liverpool fan from Newcastle Sunderland and the Boro who though u never find a scouser who supports you lot. Is there anymore ridiculous stereotype’s you can throw r way I mean it is hard eating out of bins being a racist(?) From a cesspit having to rob everynight having to collect dole money and relying on the Jeremy Kyle show for a holiday but I mean what’s a poor scouser to do. And I am sorry if us respecting our dead offends you we will try to forget about the thousands of lives that where ruined that day and still haven’t had justice we shall just put it behind us and move on as It’s affecting your poor wee Geordie senses. There was a reason we beat you guys to the capital of culture few year’s back It’s because we have some lad. And one final point there r 3 huge cities in North east in North West with only two big cities we’ve produced the countries no sorry the worlds greatest football team’s unlike you boys we know r footy. See your being a lot quieter about the cockney gangster and your general opinion on pardew seems a lot different after one season hey. Muppets.


  35. Dave – I hope we don’t sign him now. It would be far funnier watching Lpool loosing games week in week out and Rodgers leaving Carroll on the bench and not using him. Then all the Lpool fans can turn on Rodger coz hes not using their Β£35m man πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    CARROLL ON (the fucking bench!!)


  36. the drip that never dropped @ 18

    you should stop listening to everything them old ressies are telling you – but then again one of these days (fingers crossed) they might tell you to hoy ya’sel in the tyne.


  37. Sharpy17 im sorry if i offended you, or any other true Newcastle supporter, I did not intend too, your right i agree, it was`nt my intention too insult your team and i appologise! Newcastle without being funny our my second team, but obviously i was a bit pattronising,I can understand what you said in anger, and took it onboard, sorry again.


  38. Rossired why are you shit talking now about you’s respecting the dead ? And making it out as if it was more than one idiot that made the comment. Playing the victim now are you.
    As its a blog we don’t even know if it was one of ours made the comment, because I kniw there is no regulars on here would stoop so low to come of with a comment like that. That is the downside to having an open blog, you can get allsorts of muppets coming on, which you have just proved yersel by coming on here πŸ˜†
    As for the cockney gangster you let us worry about that and you can worry about buck rodgers and the champions lge πŸ˜†


  39. Rossired – please do not let one persons post on here leave you thinking that all Geordies have no respect for those affect by the Hillsborough disaster. 2 of us have already address that post and as I said, my Uncle was there – as a Forest fan like but obviously witnessed it all.
    Regarding the insults – it’s banter, but yeah I think we’ve covered them all today πŸ˜‰
    Of course our of Pardew has changed – he has been successful and deserves credit, but don’t kid yourself that our opinion has changed on the Cockney crew, tolerance does not equal acceptance.
    But finally – is that a scouser seriously jumping on the Manchester band wagon?!
    So the success has dried up in Lpool so now yous are the North West are you? … Unbelievable!!! 😳 πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  40. rossired @ 38

    Agreed OTT insults & stereotyping can be taken as offensive. Don’t mind a bit of banter eg Barcodes v Bindippers. Dave’s comments on Hillsborough were unacceptable but I doubt anybody else on here would seriously defend them.

    We have a poster on here that starts all his posts with a warning to the effect that if you can’t take a wind up and a slagging don’t engage with him. Don’t take it personal it’s not worth it.

    As to AC, you over paid for him, failed to manage him (no surprise there given KDs appalling management here), then employ a manager who has achieved little but built on the achievements of others, and who clearly does not want him. You have declined from being a top 4 team over the last few years due to poor management and a declining squad. This has coincided with our arising from the ashes of relegation to become contenders for European places. eg top 6. Personally I don’t see any signs at LFC of a stunning revival whereby you suddenly regain a top 4 place. I personally think you will remain the second team on Merseyside for the time being. I see signs that our place as European challengers (not title challengers) is being consolidated and it is unsurprising that our fans are happy bunnies. Good luck going forward. I hope that it does not take relegation to turn you round as it did us. Don’t be as arrogant as we were and think it can never happen to you, after all last season you finished closer to relegation than you did to Champions.


  41. oh and ps – cockney mafia are still cnuts. we just make do with them now as team and club seem to be pulling in one direction

    hopefully for better

    SDA thing is only think that kills me ery time i see it

    apart from that im ok

    focus on why lucas starts for your team πŸ˜•


  42. Mick the kidder – πŸ˜‰ no offence taken mate, transfer windows do stupid things to us fans πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰


  43. Sharpy17 im a scouser and i do wish Newcastle all the best for the coming season, but Liverpools my team, and im proud too be a scouser, If LFC cant Get into the champions league theirs no other team in the prem i`d rather see suceed than NUFC and thats true, Im not one of those fools who come on other teams sites too give them abuse, I love the banter with other supporters but I dont usualy take it over the top, but anyway ive said my piece now.


  44. Hey scouse lads, kairm down, kairm down, … don’t get your shell suits in a lather; they’ll take ages to dry oot when you never take them off.

    I have consistently said throughout my life that Geordies have a much greater affinity with cockneys, who are the salt of the earth, than with scousers, who have a massive chip on their shoulders.

    The best measure of a big club is the size of its attendances. We win, so take your ferry and Bootle off.

    β€œAbsolutely no chance – and certainly not Newcastle, Newcastle got Β£35m for this player last year.” This says it all about Rodgers; why certainly not Newcastle? Newcastle’s money is as good as, if not better than, anyone else’s as we pay up front. Petulant bairn! Another crap manager to sink you further. No more Shanks or Paisleys from up North to deliver trophies for the next fifty years.


  45. Capital of Culture? Pah! I have never seen an uglier city. That Albert Dock is run down and the Metro Tower is shite. Nee comparison to our quayside and Grey’s monument.
    And you’ve got the most irritating, squeeky accent!


  46. Mickthe [email protected] , There you go again with all your history πŸ™„ .How does that help you in the here and now mate?. I will give you a clue ,it doesn’t. Truth is the mighty Liverpool are in decline like it or not ,and Toon are improving , it’s nowt personal mate just a fact of life.You are nowhere near contenders for the title now anymore than we are, sad but true.
    P.S , I for one do not agree with Daves statement regarding respecting the dead ,Hillsborough was harrowing to witness and wish you luck in your fight for the truth of that day to come out.


  47. Mick – I respect that, and I’m an equally proud Geordie. I have plenty of respect for Lpool fans and some of your players but I’m afraid I can’t stand how your club is ran. Yous seem to have this nak of paying way over the odds for ridiculously average players which in turn drives to price of other players up because of it. I’m not jealous of the money the club has but it’s madness the way they seem to waste it. I can’t stand pundits like Lawro, Hansen and Thomo either but I’ve spoke to Lpool fans who have agreed that they do nowt for the reputation of LFC. Jan Molby was one of my favourite players growing up tho if that counts for anything πŸ™‚



    I’m sure a late bid of Β£15m or close will be submitted by the Toon for Carroll to secure him.

    I’m hoping anyway.


    You really have got a button mushroom for a brain. πŸ˜‰


  49. Fantastic thread Liam πŸ˜‰ 😎
    Some very interesting points and arguments.
    You had to expect some sort of verbal assault from our Scouse chums with that headline though (of course). πŸ˜†

    …nice to see Mick the Kidder come out of his initial red cloud of rage and act courteously, it’s appreciated. Shame the tools like Rossi Red couldn’t see through their venomous haze, but I suppose every club has its dickheads eh. πŸ˜‰

    I personally have a soft spot for Liverpool, and all Liverpool fans I’ve met in the past have been a decent bunch. It boils my fucking piss though when people stereotype NUFC and its Geordies from what they see on TV and read in the papers/internet.

    We are not deluded. The media and football world have always held us in high regard, it just so happens our trophy cabinet is barren, and this is used as a constant stick to beat us with as ‘deluded Geordies’ whenever we kick up a fuss or lose out on a player/tournament.

    I can’t recall us being referred to as deluded whenever we’ve been playing in Europe, so I just hope we win something soon, and cement ourselves back in the top 6 again for many years to come.

    Incidentally, and no insult intended to Liverpool fans, I think NUFC are heading in the right direction. I think Liverpool made bad decisions hiring Dalglish, sacking him so soon after building his team, overspending on over-rated players and hiring Rodgers. You’re doing the same type of shit we were doing leading up to our relegation.

    I’m not saying Liverpool are relegation fodder, but LFC and NUFC are currently going in opposite directions.

    Good Luck for the season. 😎


  50. “We all watched on half hoping that the poor lad would live up to his tag”..

    I didnt, Its turned out just as I hoped, a total disaster. I’d still take him for 12 mil tho, if not i won’t be too bothered. We have better strikers now just not much depth.

    Lol L’pool.. Champions league and world class players?? I nearly pee’d myself reading that..


  51. Rodgers wants Clint Dempsey.
    Rodgers has to sell Carroll before FSG allow him to buy Dempsey.
    Interesting week ahead.


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