Campbell makes history

Adam Campbell went down in Newcastle history tonight as he became the youngest ever player to play in the black and white in Europe, Andy Carroll is the man that Campbell knocked out the history books.

Campbell has caught the eye with recent performances for the reserves and last week scored a hat-trick against Les Ferdinand’s Tottenham reserves which booked his place on the flight to Greece.  On the night Campbell came on for Cisse with about 10 minutes to go, he showed good movement and a fantastic first touch.

Alan Pardew said after the match:

“I wanted to give Adam Campbell the tag of youngest player(in Euro history) he is such a nice lad and he deserves it”

I think Pardew will weave Campbell into the squad during the course of this season with a highly populated schedule for Newcastle,It looks like he has fitted into the squad nicely as team mate Danny Simpson gave Campbell a shoutout on twitter calling Campbell a ‘Good lad’   

Overall it looks like Adam Campbell is going to be a regular in squad rotation from now on for Newcastle, so lets get used to seeing that bright hair more often and him banging them in the back of the net.

Best of luck Campbell!

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50 thoughts on “Campbell makes history

  1. Looked like he had real promise, had cabaye or benny been on and a one of them had sent him a decent throughball he would have been away at goal. Hopefully he’ll get more minutes next week.


  2. The short period of time he was on the pitch he showed great control with his back to the goal, and great awareness for someone so young…and small.

    Good luck to the lad, hope he carry’s on developing.


  3. I must say, I thought he showed good awareness, close control and pace when he came on. I think he may be closer to the first team than previously thought.


  4. Yup, good enough for Cup/Europe appearances for me….maybe even a super sub role in the league…once we’re winning comfortably like 😉


  5. This kids gonna be something else ,he looked very bright in that short spell of time. As much as he’s young ,sometimes if the talent is there it don’t matter,look at Owen ,Rooney even Big Al all early bloomers ,manage him right and he could be first team sooner rather than later imo.


  6. Yeah good luck to young Adam he has a lot of potential and was always finding spaces to move into and his speed a control are all good I just hope we the fans don’t put too much pressure on him as the media have already started it.


  7. Good on Pards for giving him some game time.
    Hope he’s a sensible lad and can take it all in his stride and realise that he’s still young and it will take time.
    I’d hate to think he turns into a Ranger and buys into his own hype and spoils it all. He certainly doesn’t seem to be that way and it looks like we have a very talented young lad in our ranks.
    Congrats Adam .. enjoy it bonnylad 😉


  8. good on the kid,i remember when i was a kid,dave told me about a little no9 he used to watch at sjp called little hughie,hope he turns out as good 😀 😀


  9. I like the way he managed to get in front of the defender when a long ball was played to him which he managed to hold up.

    Enjoy tonight mate but remember no alco pops 😀


  10. DAVE in answer to your comment on last thread
    whats the point of other players wanting to come here because we are in europe,your forgetting we have to get jabba and owlheed to open the purse strings a bit which up to now they havent unless you call 3mil a good spend,lets keep dreaming mate it might help 😉


  11. Ice yeah I did think that when I wrote it that there isn’t much point in quality players ie Debuchy etc wanting to come unless Jabba and co start to loosen the purse strings 👿


  12. Too many articles today like, keep getting confused which is the most recent and posting questions and answers on the wrong bloody one!


  13. Well, after wetching the game in glorious pause-vision, here are my pearls of wisdom:

    1. Cisse seems to walk at an unusual angle. At a guess I’d say he leans forward approximately 9 degrees more than the average ambulater.

    2. Really not sure about Gosling

    3. Alfie Tanner is ace 😎 – I like him.

    4. Young Adam Campbell has pace to burn. Full of confidence and fears none. The latter as to be expected being a Shields lad. GO ON SON! 😎

    5. Marveaux. What the fuck is the deal with chewing gum for a full game? I don’t get it 😕 ….now I’m not one for nit-picking, but he was chewing fuck out of a Wrigleys (all proceeds payable to Toonsy) for the whole of the time he was on the pitch. Yeah I know it’s petty, but for fuck’s sake. I chew gum from time to time, but I’ll gob it out when the shit hits the fan. His molar vanity suggests a somewhat lackadaisical attitude to me. 👿

    Spit it out eh?

    (he was shit too, the sulky fucker)


  14. …and to be ‘on-thread’.

    Well done to young Adam. Never lose faith in your ability lad 😎
    …keep it up!


  15. ….just got to add though, I thought Vuckic played brilliantly tonight.

    I had to pause and rewind that 50yd dribble at least 3 times before I realised he wasn’t even playing.


  16. The Muffin Man is seated at the table…

    In the laboratory of the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, reaching for an oversized chrome spoon; he gathers an intimate quantity of dried muffin remnants. And brushing his scapular aside, proceeds to dump these inside of his shirt. . .
    He turns to us and speaks:
    “Some people like cupcakes better. I for one, care less for them”…


  17. Well I set the alarm for 3am, found a live stream and propped myself up in bed and watched the game. Some perceptions:

    Watching games on the internet is shite. I feel sorry for those of you who do this regularly. It didn’t help that it wasn’t a very entertaining game.

    Impressed by Bigi. Thought Anita was good. Perch, Willo and Raylor were fine. Amal and Campbell did ok. And Jonas. Harper didn’t have much to do – I think he was a bit slow to get down to the ball for the goal, and his kicking was a bit wayward at times, but he did what he had to do.

    The rest left a lot to be desired. Obertan was awful (tho he got better later on) and Gosling seems aptly named. Tavs is a long way from premier league quality. Marv was somewhere else and Cisse was anonymous.

    Still think we need a couple more in before the window closes. Preferably 5. 😆

    Still, a draw should be enough. I can’t see Atromitos having much of a look in at St James’ Park.


  18. It was a horrible stream tonight, usually its not so bad. Thank christ the chelsea match is televised though…


  19. When I say I was impressed by Bigi, I should point out that I mean the pixelated blur that I think was Bigi played well, but it could well have been Anita that I was seeing half the time, so I should have referred to them as one person. BigirAnita had a good game.


  20. Bris, Anita is fkn tiny mate. I never realised he was that small (shorter than Marveaux)…he seems sharp though. Harried a lot, looked keen. Shop window.


  21. Bris-yeah, I was bordering on making a similar comment but didn’t want to be accused of being a racist. Seems a lot of that goes on footie blogs these days…u

    I managed to get a decent stream and could tell them apart, they both played ze best though.

    Cheers Rod, you cunt.


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    For a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice.”

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  23. Sorry Connor, I did attempt to spark intelligent debate on this thread but there’s always one to spoil it 🙄

    Incidentally, how does one go about making history?

    Now I’m no geo-physicist, nor am I a Telepod ™ manufacturer, but, call me a twat, I can’t quite work out how someone can make history in such a short space of time.

    I’ve been making a week out of matchsticks since April12th 1931, and haven’t got to !949 yet. 😯

    ..and I’m French. 😯


  24. Howman Toonsy, a thought Oswaldo was meant te be on the door from 3?

    …ye not paying is propli here like. Av hoyed Troy oot 3 times alriddy.


  25. …a want extra coin for this like Toons. Multilateral Disarmament wasn’t in the contract. I’ll see you in court. 😈


  26. Newkie @ 34 I could hardly tell anybody from anybody. It was only because of the position on the field, really, that I presumed it must be so and so (and the commentator helped). I could tell Obertan throughout by the orange pixels on his feet, and he was the guy in our shirt passing to the opposition.

    I found the whole streamwatching experience to be bollox, which may well be because ‘Stralia has a shite broadband speed compared to most of the Western world. I’m used to wide screen high definition viewing.


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