Hold on! Transfer deadline approaches

Cabaye rumoured with Arsenal switch
With transfer deadline rapidly approaching, the underlying message from all Newcastle fans to the club is that we must hold onto our key players if we are to stand any chance of success this season.

I for one must say I would much prefer us to hold onto the likes of Cabaye and Tiote rather than sell them on for big money, but then have to wait until January to spend the money or panic buy on the final day of the window.

It is clear that we have to improve our own squad before the deadline on Friday, so to lose players would just be utterly mind-boggling and not practical at all as we would have no time to find a suitable replacement for any player that is sold.

For example the rumours making the rounds at the moment are that Arsenal are interested in Yohan Cabaye for a reported £15 million. Yes that is a huge profit from the £4.8 million we paid for him last year, but finding a replacement in time is almost impossible. Pardew recently said:

“All my players are important, and they are hard to replace now. You lose a big player now and you try and take someone out from somewhere else and they want a replacement and time is suddenly running down. You can’t get anyone in and we want to avoid that.”

This definitely makes me feel better seeing that as I know he and Mike Ashley will force a club out of bidding for one of our players by over pricing them, just like what happened with Andy Carroll although Liverpool were stupid enough to cough up £35 million and, well, the rest is history.

So I think if Arsenal really do want Cabaye they are going to have to pay well over £15 million for him, especially when you look at the likes of Jack Rodwell going to Manchester City for the same kind of fee.

So yes, I actually think we can stop worrying about outgoings and, despite the words of Alan Pardew yesterday, I still think there could be a twist in the tail regarding incomings at some before the 11pm deadline tomorrow evening.

However as for who we might bring in, that is anyone’s guess. The Debuchy deal seems dead, as does the Carroll one,or perhaps they aren’t as dead as is being made out? Who knows?

Fingers crossed it all goes well for Newcastle!

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61 thoughts on “Hold on! Transfer deadline approaches

  1. Bris
    It’ll be like with Russia, they can buy our players but we can’t buy from their league as our deadline has passed.


  2. 15m for Cabaye is about what he is worth, so, given the markup required to get Carroll, I would think it would take a bid of about 40m to get Ashley to accept it. I’d say the same sort of markup applies for Tiote and Ben Arfa.

    Mind you, nobody can second guess what our Mike will do.


  3. Cabaye could go for 20-25 mill i think and with the cost of Anita and cabaye himself, then we could get 4-5 replacements.

    Cabaye is important, but i dont value him as much as Tiote(30+ mill)

    Hope we get someone in before the window closes..


  4. Same shit, different transfer window.
    We’re all such mugs. We never learn.
    Shafted yet again by the fat fooker.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    Meh. Bring on the villains.


  5. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that Andy has been a cover player for us,” Rodgers told reporters.

    “He has been excellent in terms of his attitude and his acceptance of where he is at but, for us as a football club, and I am talking generically here, I’m not sure we are in a position to have £35m players as third-choice strikers or wingers who might be on £5m-£6m a year. I don’t think the football club is in that position.

    From the above comments it is like Rodgers is putting Carroll in the shop window even more than before. He seems desperate to get rid. Why? So that he can bring in Walcott and Dempsey (or equivalent). We don’t really need Carroll so why not leave him there til Jan or next summer, where his value will be even less and also not facilitate a move for two good players to one of our top 6 rivals?


  6. I actually feel sorry for Andy Carroll .It would of been better if Buck had said nowt from the start . It must be shattering his confidence knowing his manager doesn’t rate him and they have priced him out of a move to anyone other than West HAM .He’s now in the position where he’ll have to go to West Ham and probably end up in a relegation battle and lose out on playing for England in future .The other option of rotting on the bench won’t suit either party in truth,the whole situation is a mess and if I was Andy I would dig my heels in and refuse to leave and bleed em dry .The way they are now trying to offload him is thoroughly distasteful.


  7. Kim – I don’t feel sorry for Andy Carroll. If I were him, I’d be smoking my cheroot, supping a chilled lager, and getting scandily clad ladies to put prawn skewers on the bar-b. A transfer deadline day party to remember, topped off with a helicopter ride if I’m lucky.

    I think one of the problems with our transfer dealings is that Llambias and Mike can rub people up the wrong way. It ends up getting personal and becomes all about their machismo.


  8. B&B @9 ,I’m just a softie at heart ,don’t like to see people treated so badly. 😉 All joking aside there are plenty of Pool fans saying he’s been treated with no respect and not given a fair chance by Buck.


  9. KIM thing that gets my goat is Real/m getting the lille r/b for 1mil euros more than we bid,surely we could have gone that one little step more and moved simpson on to cover it as the way it looks he is going to do a guthrie and we get nowt 👿


  10. for me to lose smith, best and lovenkrands, and replace them with the three young uns was a good result for us and good business in this window 3 out 3 in for the bit part players with the the 3 new ones certainly having more potential

    the likes of sammy etc should be stronger this year for their experience last year and europe will help this so again improvement expected from squad players

    anita in and nobody out would not be the best window ever but not the disaster some are saying on other forums

    like it or not we might not be as storong as we would like when this window ends but even without anyone else as long as everyone stays we would be in a better position in my view,

    marveaux and S taylor are also two we had to do without last year

    lets hope for two quick home wins to settle things, i still hate villa


  11. @ Ice

    Did Lille ever want to sell Debuchy to us though

    Their valuation increased a little every time we increased our bid. So while it looks as though Real Madrid might have got him for not much more than our top bid. That figure of 7mil euros is still less than what Lille supposedly wanted for him reported around 8.5 mill euros

    which contradicts what the Lille chairman said yesterday

    “If we fail to qualify for the Champions League would I be forced to accept Newcastle’s proposal? You know that I am not very flexible when it comes to business.”

    So not flexible when it comes to us but more so with Jose

    Same could be said with Twente over Douglas

    Not so much with De Jong because Germany was always where he favoured playing mainly because of Champions League ( think BMG went out last night lol )and his dad had already held talks with BMG before our interest was known


  12. Morning Kim 🙂 I can imagine that it would be… I’m sure Big Mike will pull a rabbit out of the hat 😯 well kind of sure….. well a tiny bit sure… actually, I am not sure at all :mrgreen:


  13. Bb which of the 3 younguns is going to replace Best and Loven if / when the Dembas go to ACON ?.
    The sooner the window closes the better, it used to be you looked forward to the window to see who we might bring in, but now its more about trying to hold on to our own players, 👿


  14. best and loven havent been replaced and if we sell 1 of cabaye or tiote niether has guthrie been replaced ,i dont expect any incomings but reckon some 1 will defo leave ,Fat fcker ashley 👿


  15. “We know the players we’re looking out for, and if they move, that might trigger us.” Anybody worked out what the *%^* this Pardew quote means?

    It would be interesting to hear views on which game is more important, the game tonight to qualify for the group stages of the European competition or the game on Sunday against Villa?


  16. the chubby wankers puppet – shortly after the window shuts.

    “we tried, but just couldn’t get them over the line”


  17. Well I ain’t counting any chickens yet.

    I’m not writing anyone coming in off, and not ruling out any ins. 😕

    A lot of people seem to of the understanding that it’d take a huge offer to take away one of our big guns, I’m not so sure.

    Yeah, we took 35m for AC, but they were desperate to replace Torres at the death of the transfer window and had 50m burning a hole in their pocket; all this after making a 30m profit on him. They effectively bought Carroll for 5m by that reckoning.

    I can’t think of any other player (under Fatty or later) who we’ve overcharged a seller for. Off the top of my head Given (7m), Milner (10m), Enrique (6.5m), Beye (2.5m), Bassong (8m)….All of these players were very important members of our squad too.

    So despite Pardew saying “it’ll take big money offers”, I’m not so sure we should feel as comfortable with that as some are.

    I do think we have a strong squad, and as I stated on the last thread we’ve effectively gained 7 extra players this season through returns from injuries and youngsters stepping up. What rankles me though, is our apparent pussyfooting and pissing about over a million quid when it come to signing our alleged targets. It also does my head in because I know how badly a few injuries will affect us. It’s so obvious to all, and has been for the last 2 or 3 years, we need defensive back-up.

    What would piss me off more than anything else (apart from selling a big name) would be the fact that the team have fought so hard to finish in 5th spot to play in Europe, and Fatty tight-arse appears to be gambling AGAIN on us not getting any injuries. What kind of reward do the club/squad/fans get for earning a European place? Providing we get a result tonight, we’ll have far more fixtures this season and fatigue/injuries will be a major hurdle. I just don’t want us to throw it all away after going through so much shite for the last 5 years.

    …actually, I just gave myself a clue there. I wonder if Fatty has the lid on his pot of gold until we qualify for the group stages ❓ 😯

    …after all, if we fuck up tonight there’s much less of an urgency to strengthen.


  18. Just a thought on Carroll

    Buck needs to get shot ASAP so surely you would take a chance to put him in shop window tonight against on paper a lesser quality team no disrespect to Hearts

    But he has dropped him from squad
    Not like West Ham would be fussed about him being cup tied


  19. BATTY what am i to do with all these boxes of hankerchiefs are you sure they are all to go to dave 😀 😀


  20. …by the way, what’s the deal with tonight’s game? Do away goals count I.E. 0-0 we go through, 1-1 penalties, 2-2 they go through? Or have they scrapped that rule?

    Excuse my ignorance, it’s been a while like……


  21. NUFC have bid £15m for Andy Carroll, €8m for Debuchy and €8m for Yanga Mbwia…..

    …. Carlsberg dont post on blogs but if they did, they’d be the best posts in the world! 😎

    Morning fuckers 😉


  22. Oswaldo 😆 …I think it’s obvious when I’m pissed because I type less posh like yenar worra mean. 😉 I also tend to ignore commenting on football matters and concentrate on not concentrating. 😉

    Good morning Roy, you big knacker. 😎


  23. Hey Roy, although I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to (blame it on alcohol blackout) I do currently have two wrinkly old pink ladies in the kitchen. I’m sure they’ll go down a treat later anyway. 😉 🙂 😆


  24. Rule 9 and 10 from Soccernomics:

    9. Sell any player when another club offers more than he is worth.

    10. Replace your best players even before you sell them.

    I won’t be surprised if they let somebody go, but it’ll cost silly money. I’m worried they won’t follow #10 though, as they’ve done that before.


  25. ahhh, carry on ignoring my [email protected] A quick Google led me to Toonsy’s preview of the first leg. Away goals do count.

    Dunno about anyone else but I’m shitting it. Heart says 4 nil, head says 😕 😳 😯

    FSOTC, you and yer Soccernomics. You’re starting to sound like a religious extremist quoting the 10 commandments 😆

    Rule 1. Thou shalt not gamble on thy squad not suffering injuries. 😎


  26. Yup, seems like we’ve missed the chance to kick on this window and close the ground or even out do transitional clubs like arsenal and spurs. 4th place may even have been a possibility…Not anymore though 😕


  27. Newks, still time mate……. 😎

    …big amen shout going out to FSOTC 😎

    New thread ➡ ➡ ➡



  28. If we get knocked out of Europa tonight it will be gods way of punishing us for having no ambition in the transfer window!!!!!!!!!! 😈 😆 😆


  29. Ice, yeah mate saw the hand bag fight 🙂 🙂 I can only imagine how many nails were chipped in the ensuing melee’ 🙂 🙂


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