Time to get rid of the January transfer window?

No more reaction like this?
The issue of Premier League spending has once again been highlighted with Financial Fair Play coming into force this season.

Many clubs have, perhaps for the sake of complying with UEFA’s rules, decided against spending outlandishly in order to keep their books balanced throughout the year.

It got me thinking, could we get rid of the January transfer window? Effectively placing a transfer embargo on the clubs until the summer window opened up again.

The January transfer window does have opportunities for clubs who decide to sign players in that period but it does cause hassle for other teams as they have to replace and integrate players if business is done.

What I’m suggesting here is that the clubs do their transfer work in the summer, they sign however many players they want as long as they keep their books in order.

At the end of the window they will no longer be able to buy players in the January transfer window but will have to work with what they’ve got until the summer window opens again.

The summer window would then become the priority for all clubs, they would have to make sure that they sign their targets in that given period.

It would perhaps cut down on players being tempted by other clubs during the season and ensure that they remained at the club they play for until the summer window opens up again.

This is only a suggestion but with the way the climate of transfer window’s operates then it would make sense for teams to do all of their business in the summer months, so that their team does not become disrupted with the thought of the January transfer window around the corner.

Perhaps it would see teams close the gap on each other? Of course, the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United would still spend big but it would see teams become more competitive and that they would have a chance against teams that in the past have spent big.

It is only a thought that popped into my mind, we all know the trouble that transfer windows can cause for a team such as Newcastle United. If the January transfer window was taken away it would see clubs having to complete their business in the summer window and making sure that they have enough players for the duration of the season.

What do you think? Should the January transfer window stay or go?

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114 thoughts on “Time to get rid of the January transfer window?

  1. Now there’s a Cisse goal…and people say Cisse is no good with the long ball…even Big Al would have beamed with that one.

    Feck sakes 😡


  2. Sidekick I think you’ll find that the club can’t do that, if a player wants out they can’t stop him just because it doesn’t suit our preferred time frame 😕


  3. Sidekick-As well as what Dave says, its not quite that simple, a player may not even want to leave before a certain time, or a club may still be debating selling a player. As was the case with Cisse I think, you wouldn’t have bought him if the club only considered selling him after the 20th of Jan?


  4. Only one year contracts should be allowed.
    Everyone is a free agent at the end of the year so that they can negotiate a new deal with their existing club or another club.
    Agents should only work on a fixed fee basis.

    Players would be playing for new contracts all the time. Good riddance to the likes of Ranger and Xisco.


  5. Right lads ,missed the second half as was eeing to lewis.Looks like it was a cracker ,what a scoreline in the end 😯


  6. Well, alls well in the end and Cisse is back scoring. Still we need to hope that Senegal don’t beat IC 3-0 in the second leg.


  7. Can’t believe Cisse goal!! 😯 How far out was he there man?! …. Here’s hoping he’s got the taste for it again.
    Genuinely I’m gutted for Ba and Cisse because playing for their country actually means something to them – but of course as a toon fans I’m delighted and relieved.
    On the other hand, I’m pleased for Tiote but gutted as a toon fan – regardless of Anita, we will miss Tiote.


  8. Sharpy im gutted that we are that weak that we have to hope that the Demba’s don’t get through and have a chance of doing their country proud and maybe coming back with an acon medal. as a Toon fan I would love to see our players play for their international team and win honors 😕


  9. To be fair, no matter who we brought in we’d miss those two. Equally I would love em to get a medal, but to be fair I think Tiote/the Ivory coast lot deserve it, was gutted for them last year even if it was brilliant to see Zambia win.


  10. newkie
    zambia’s coach was brilliant, didnt stop at the standard 2 shirt buttons unbuttoned, went for 4/5, managed to not look like a bellend aswell. he then proceeded to carry one of the wiining players in his arms around the pitch 😆


  11. MDS
    Well if Man U lost Rooney and VP they have welbeck and hernandez as backups and I cant even say who city’s best strikers are so they’d be fine. Other than them, yor right a club would be screwed.


  12. Man city almost doesn’t even count anymore.

    Your right though some teams could cope but not many. Last year we threw shola and best out there until cisse came and we survived


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