What can we expect from the next three league games?

Dirty Monkey Mackems

Dirty Monkey Mackems
Can we heap more misery on the Mackems?
Well we are seven games into the season and we have banked nine points along the way.

In short, the football we have played to date has really been disjointed and we are yet to fully hit our stride and play the way we know we can. On the flip side of this, we have only lost games to Manchester United and Chelsea so we can take some comfort in the fact that although we have not been playing at our best we have at least been hard to beat.

We have chewed over what has transpired in the first seven games to no end so I thought I would look to the future and what will be facing us in the next three games.


Played 6 – Won 1 – Drawn 4 – Lost 1 – Points = 7

Goals scored per game – 0.83

Goals conceded per game – 1.17

Longest unbeaten streak – 5

Percentage of clean sheet – 33 %

Sunderland currently sit in 13th place on 7 points, with one win, one loss and a bunch of drawn games. Like us, they have played some drab football at times and have not looked as sharp as they could be. Martin O’Neil seems to be struggling to some extent to really get his players fired up. They have relied heavily on Fletcher to bang in goals for them and they really do seem short of back up goal scorers. This will be a hard game as Sunderland will come out with all guns blazing in order to pick up a home win against their greatest foe. For me the players to watch will be Fletcher, Sessegnon and the set pieces of Larsson. They are a well drilled team and I think a point would be a good result.

West Bromwich Albion

Played 7 – Won 4 – Drawn 2 – Lost 1 – Points = 14

Goals scored per game – 1.57

Goals conceded per game – 1

Longest unbeaten streak – 3

Percentage of clean sheets – 43 %

The Baggies have started the season very well and have amassed 14 points along the way and currently sit 6th place. Steve Clarke has his team playing well and this will be a very tough game for us. We will be at home and this will give us some advantage but we will need to be at our best to collect the three points on offer. They have two very speedy forwards in Long and Odemwingie and they will be a handful for our bigger defenders. James Morrison has also been playing very well for them in the middle and his influence will need to be negated for us to get a stranglehold on the game. I still think that we can secure three points from this game but it will depend which Newcastle team turns up. If we give them a 45 minute head start, we may struggle for points.


Played 7 – Won 1 – Drawn 3 – Lost 3 – Points = 6

Goals scored per game – 1.29

Goals conceded per game – 1.71

Longest unbeaten streak – 2

Percentage of clean sheets – 14 %

Under the stewardship of Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have really had a poor start to the season with their only victory coming from a win over Norwich. They currently sit below us in 14th place with a disappointing points tally of 6. Recent poor form aside, Liverpool will be no pushover at Anfield. I expect them to have a large amount of the possession and they will try to break us down through a short passing game. Their greatest weakness is the lack of strike power but the player to watch out for will be Suarez. He always looks a threat and would have a lot more goals if his finishing wasn’t so poor. His strike partner Borini hasn’t even looked like scoring yet and is still finding his feet. We have not played well at Anfield in recent years and this game is a worry for me. If we play at our best I believe we are good for a point from this game.

So I think we can at least bank 5 points from our next 3 games? This is based on current form and from what I have seen from the teams we will play. I could have put a lot more statistical detail into all of the teams we will play but I want this to be a football discussion, not one around who will have the most possession in a game. I will leave that to NUFCStats as he does it better than anybody.

So how do you think we will fare? Do you think that we can secure more than 5 points or do you think we may struggle to even amass that amount?

By Aussie Magpie Fan

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300 thoughts on “What can we expect from the next three league games?

  1. Kim – just one final point on the U21s thing. I don’t like the idea of banning a nation from football tournaments because of a group of half wit fans. I think to overcome it you need to isolate those few, and have the FAs, players and real fans on board. To ban a nation would piss them all off and unite them in their punishment. But to ban the fans should keep the FAs and players on side and hopefully encourage the true ‘football’ fans to stand up against it in fear of future bans. It’s one theory anyway, but I just don’t see how an FA can be held responsible for every person that wears the replica shirt or goes to the games. It’s a really difficult one but a fine and or ban doesn’t hit the heart of the problem IMO.


  2. Sharpy ,you may be right ,but look at the statement by the Serbian FA today .They state no racist chants were made what so ever 😯 even in the face of damning evidence and lay all the blame at Danny rose and other England players feet for what happened last night . Given such a stance how can we begin to imagine you could ever hold a civilised forum with that mindset.


  3. Kim – I can only imagine it’s a clutching at straws mentality. Banning the fans is still punishing the Country though, through the loss of revenue on match days – ticket sales and such like. I think it needs to be an educated punishment rather than just the obvious fine and ban though.

    Dave – amen to that buddy 🙁


  4. Kim-Yeah, there’s still a long way to go before humanity even fully realises it’s own failures let alone atones for them and properly moves on. I don’t think we’ll ever get there, just lie Roy’s little anecdote about the scorpion and the frog a few weeks back “it’s in our nature” 😕

    Dave-Agreed, then we can stop all this philosophical shit that seems to be creeping in to good footie talk… 😆


  5. Newkie
    You mean the footie talk like we’ve been having the last few days
    “well water is purified…bla bla bla”
    “On my Duke of Edinburgh expedition…”
    That kind of footie talk? 😉 😆


  6. Sheesh,
    Can’t stand international breaks. I suppose at least these fixtures had some meaning. My goodness, what a mess.
    Don’t know what happened in Serbia. Haven’t read about it. And the nonsense with the Ivory Coast vs Senegal game.

    My only thoughts on racism in football is that the punishments, as they are with footballers who cheat and dive are an absolute joke.
    What does a fine and ban do to these players who earn ridiculous wages.
    A ban just means they get to sit on their arse and play xbox for a couple weeks.

    Its a bit like the South African government when they find politicians guilty of corruption. They put them on full pay suspension and give them another cushy job when it all blows over.

    If a player is caught cheating. He should be fined a months pay and given a four game suspension.
    If a fan, a specific club/nation are caught and adjusted to be displaying racial behaviour, they should have a crowd freeze out of three months and be fined a substantial amount. If problems persist, sanction them, like South Africa was sanctioned during Apartheid.

    There should also be no double standards, however, racism works both ways, white towards black, black towards white, religious against religion etc.

    Some people seem to feel there is only white on black racism.

    It takes people with balls to sort these issues out. People with ethics who aren’t driven by profits but by the spirit of the game itself. By passion and sportsmanship. Whether we’ll ever find those kind of leaders again, is doubtful.


  7. I guess their is also a fine line in abuse. Which makes it hard to control. At the end of the day we should have competitive but friendly rivalry,

    Say we are playing Sunderland (the Scum) and a group of our supporters started shouting that James McClean was an inbred scum – it would get shrugged off.
    If those same chants were directed at Titus Bramble for instance, then accusations of racism would arise.

    Obviously there are times when racial abuse is far genuine and far more serious, in which case greater punishment can be applied but where do you draw the line.

    The solution – cut out that kind of abuse. Chants should be sung in jest and and in a clean and fun manner. Doubt this will ever happen in the near future but until it does, we as supporters are only making it hard for football associations to cut out abusive behaviour towards players.


  8. JJ-There’s also white on white racism/abuse, and black on black no doubt. An area often overlooked I suppose because it just doesn’t seem as “offensive.” Whilst it’s probably not as damaging, it’s still an integral issue, some are quite happy to appear “non racist” because they accept other colours, but then get them started on eastern europeans…. 🙄

    One will beget the other really..


  9. JJ/Newkie – was watch SSN yesterday and they gave a great comparison on fines yesterday.

    They said the last time Serbia were fined for racist chants it was £16.5k. Nicholas Bentnar showed off his sponsored underwear in the Euros and was fined £80k! 😯


  10. Newkie,

    Ye mate, I don’t think its ever been a problem accepting other colours. The issue is accepting other cultures.
    Its not really a colour thing. If a black South African adopts a Western culture and accent, he is called a “coconut” black on the outside and white on the inside.
    Imagine if I decided to live a Zulu culture and marry five or six wives or even more controversial… slaughter an animal before a football game outside the change room as a gift to the gods for luck… I would have the SPCA and several news networks calling for my head. Yet this is a culture that has existed for hundreds of years.

    In the United States a white person calling a mixed race person “coloured” is considered offensive. Whereas in South Africa, mixed race people are proud to be referred to as coloureds – its an entirely unique culture and heritage.
    Steven Pienaar for instance, is a coloured. He would be offended to be referred to as anything else.
    Yet if I made the statement. “Steven Pienaar is the best coloured player South Africa has produced” – I would have accusations of racism flying at me from the rest of the world.

    I guess, who ever said it was an educational thing is very correct. We have to understand before we make judgement.

    We live in a very very diverse world. Sometimes its hard to accept each other. If there is one place, however, that we should find unity it is in sport.
    We all live by the same rules. The only culture is football itself.


  11. Sharpy 239
    Exactly my point mate. Its just ridiculous.
    There should be laws in place with punishments according to severity. It isn’t exactly rocket science to work out what needs to be done, but why is it that NOTHING ever gets done.
    Most of the world can see it. Most of the world can see we need goal line technology. What takes so long for these systems and regulations to get into place.
    I can only think its the top dogs trying to work out how they can pocket the most cash from whatever changes are made. 😕


  12. We need to set an example.

    Much like the cycling world is now doing to regain some credibility for their sport.
    Lifetime bans and titles stripped.

    Who would be Lance Armstrong right now? Talk about hero to zero. If that doesn’t discourage cycling youths from cheating then nothing will.


  13. JJ – I think the UEFA set up is all wrong. The likes of Plattini and Blatter have too much power and have worked themselves into a position where they are almost unmovable. I mean, didn’t Blatter make some dodgy comments last year that were quickly swept under the carpet – again, in comparison to one of our politicals calling a copper a ‘pleb’ and their still calling for him to be sacked.
    The UEFA set up needs to be changed so that important decisions aren’t being made by 1 or 2 people.


  14. does anybody know if the england goalkeeping coach who got nutted is the same Martin Thomas that used to be wor goalie?


  15. Afternoon all. I must apologise for the lack of articles. My internet has been playing up and I can’t get online to write something. I’m out in Europe at the moment so will be at a hotel which has internet tonight so will definitely get something fresh up then.

    Cheers for the patience guys and gals 🙂


  16. its strange that Martin Thomas should have anything to do with the England set up – i always thought he was welsh?

    he looks like he’s put on 4 stone and he’s bald as well

    oops – me too


  17. “Franky – listen mate, if the shops can display Xmas selection boxes, we can start think Jan transfer windows 😉 :lol:”

    Haha, just seen this Sharpy, you may have a point :mrgreen:


  18. On a lighter note, just been sat next to Seb Larsson in Wagamama’s in the Metrocentre.

    I was tempted to launch myself knee high into him as he left and take one for the team…his lass was a belter mind, thought I’d recognised her from somewhere. Any one know if she’s a celeb of some sort?


  19. I see Ranger still can’t show up for practice on time. The look on his face when he makes it into print (for various legal offences not football related of course) is enough to put anyone off including Pardew. What to do with this lad? Loan him to a third division Scottish team perhaps? Or give him to Joey Barton to act as his boot black? I think a nice stay in one of Her Majesty’s fine accomodations would do him a world of good (or possibly make him even worse). Andy Carroll seems to have turned his life around. Perhaps he could have a few words with wor Nile (or give him a thick ear if that doesn’t work).


  20. Franky 😆

    In all seriousness, I’ve no idea who she is, but then, without being racist, all Swedish blondes look the same to me…. 😛


  21. Whumpie-Funny article. Personally I quite like most of his/those antics. I would question those glasses, but if it resulted in me being stalked by some lush German bird then I’d willingly sell out and look like a twat to land her. Each to his own I guess 😛


  22. More fining madness I see!

    FA fine Ashley Cole £90k for calling them a bunch of tits ….. UEFA fine Lazio £32.5k for their fans making the same monkey chants against Spurs as Serbian fans made the other night!


  23. Shapy-You should know by now, the F.A’s personal feelings are tantamount to everything, they’re a sensitive bunch!


  24. Newkie – it’s a pity they aren’t as sensitive towards the black English players feeling like isn’t it. I mean, they haven’t really publicly supported them have they, nor does their punishment of John Terry show much support. Why is his ban less than what Suarez was for what he said to Evra.
    It’s a disgrace that Jason Roberts – Readings 3rd or 4th choice striker has been the only one to have really came out shouting about this.

    God I need football back man!, I’m sick of talking football politics now FFS!!!


  25. Guys been thinking all day about Sunday and who we should play , and i know the lad is young and untried at premiership level but would it not be good too play a 2 pronged attack of Campbell and the Mackem slayer . Imagine the bragging rights if those 2 played and both scored and we won 2-0 . 👿


  26. 🙄 fuk I hate international breaks, bring on Sun till we get footie back and get a bit of craic going, it’s been so quiet on here over the last couple of days where is everyone 🙄


  27. Sharpy-I think it was less because Terry somehow managed to get it round to questioning other players and “repeating” what they said-“f**king black c*nt”

    Whereas Suarez called evra nigarito several times throughout the match, and whilst that is tolerated in Uruguay you won’t get away with it here….for me, they should both have been banned for longer though. And considering Chelsea ban their fans for life after racist abuse, maybe they should do the same for tezza..


  28. Dave, I’m just watching a programme on C4 called my tattoo addiction ,god some of the stuff people have put on their bodies whilst drunk 😆


  29. BIG DAVE i was thinking the same this afternoon , hope Toonsy gets a new article up soon and kicks off a discussion .


  30. Yeah Newkie – I think it may have had more to do with the fact that the England Capt was being accused of being racist like.


  31. That’s Santon by the way if you can’t be bothered clicking the link. He’s just talking about the derby and how he thinks it’s better than the Milan derby.


  32. Sharpy-Aye, I’ve no doubt there was a bit of “protect our own” going on. Which shows the reasoning in our F.A being quiet on the Serbian F.A. Whilst the Serbian F.A are completely out of touch it seems, our own F.A have little real legitimacy either and can’t go mouthing off at other countries for clamping down on racism because of the sheer hypocrisy…

    And yes, bring on Sunday! Playing some footie myself tomorrow at lunch in between work, the first time i’ve kicked a ball around “competetively” in a while…hopefully I don’t break the boss’s leg or summit now… 🙄


  33. Axel yeah mate there is fuk all news wise about 👿 well not that I have seen anyway as I have been flat out this week

    Kim yeah im watching it while im drawing some stuff up, yeah they do get some shit done while drinking, but the ones that do them should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror, but then it’s just money to them so they don’t give a shit, and it keeps me busy covering them


  34. Andy-“Sunday we have to win 100%, but it’s OK because if we put Shola Ameobi on the pitch, he scores,” Santon said”

    I second that. Come on Sholaz! :mrgreen:


  35. Dave ,I have to agree ,it’s money driven with the ones abroad but as they say – A fool and their money are soon parted . 🙄 Especially when drunk 😉 .


  36. Kim your right, although it’s not always drunks, we get all sorts of knobs asking for shit thing’s but thankfully we don’t entertain them, but I know when they leave us they go to another place about 3-4 miles from us and get what they were after


  37. Never understood people who get tats when drunk, or who just walk into a studio and pick something off the wall, stupid idea if you ask me. Putting thought and effort in fair enough, but otherwise… 😕

    Dave-Is your place called Big Dave’s? Should be a biker bar or something 😆 😉


  38. My sister and I had a pact when I was 12 (she was 21) that when I turned 18 we’d both get a tattoo, we both designed what we wanted aswell (Spartan helmet with swords crossed across it 😎 ). Three years ago or so though we found out that generally tattoos cost a ridiculous amount, so put the idea on hold. What do you usually charge Dave?


  39. Andy-Yeah mate, if you want a good one done by a decent artist (not Dave’s sort 😉 ) it will set you back, been trying to save up but not actually getting anywhere….know a couple of lads who have spent into the thousands, and they were mainly just for sleeves…


  40. ANDYMAG what do you call a ridiculous amount ? the thing is for a quality tat you have too pay , my first tat was cheap the bloke that did it was recomended by a work mate . Got it done and it was shite the bloke did not know what he was doing . The cover up cost me 3 times the price i payed the first guy , but at least i can now show it off with pride . The bloke that did the cover up then did my arms both arms are sleeved at a cost of 900 euros per arm but they look great and dont forget a tattoo is for life 😉


  41. Andy I normally charge £80 per hr and generally only work by the hour on on-going stuff, the guy that owns the studio does some walk ins and can make a fortune doing walk ins but i’ve no real interest in them.
    As for most ridiculous one 😕 was probably a demon down below on a girl. funny one was prob a big fat smiling Buddha on my bro inlaw’s belly and the buddha’s belly button is his, it is as cool as fuk and funny.
    But I generally don’t really do crazy funny type stuff as I normally stick to serious type Japanese stuff


  42. Axel funny you say that I spent 6hr’s on a guy the day that came in to see me about 4 mths ago and he was told it would take about 4 hrs, so he booked in and paid his deposit then cancelled it about a week after saying he decided against it, but he had went somewhere else to get the same design done and got it done for £200 so after the 6hrs today he still has to comeback for a couple of hrs to finish it off, so he’ll know in future good tattoo’s arn’t cheap and cheap tattoo’s arn’t good


  43. As long as BD sticks to pictures you will be fine.. don’t get any words tattoo’d, have you seen his spelling 🙂 🙂 🙂


  44. Dave
    £80ph, how long would it take to do an upper arm tattoo? Demon down below 😕 , was she attractive at least? 😉
    Aye 😆
    Ridiculous as in a couple of thousand pounds. 😕


  45. Andy-Think you’d have to send Dave a drawing of it, detailing the size and the colouring/shading for him to make a judgement. If you wanted upper arm as in, elbow to shoulder then i’d guess it would be three hours or so…but i’m not a professional so I’ve no idea really…

    Depends how man enough you are too like, you might want breaks and such… 😉 😆


  46. Newkie
    Aye I’d be crying before the needle/pen-thingy touched me 😆 . Nah I think I could cope with that, wouldn’t want me hole arm covered just the size of a drink coaster, though would want it pretty detailed. Don’t know if I have to design it myself or describe it to the tattoo artist to create a design for me. My sister used to watch LA/Miami Ink so the former is what happens in those shows.
    Right I’m off now, night all, though most off you are prob already off 😕 .


  47. Andy it’s impossible to give you a rough price without seeing something, if you want i’ll help you sort a design out later, but only get one if its really what you want 😉
    Aussie sending love letters 😆


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