It’s time for plan B!

Tim Krul and Fabricio Coloccini Well there is no denying it now. Our defensive unit is in shambles after conceding 11 goals in the past two games.

I use the words “defensive” and “unit” in the loosest of terms as I am not really sure what else there is to say about it. Certainly nothing nice comes to mind.

To make matters worse we have scored six goals during the same period and have come away with no points. On most occasions when you put three in the back of the opposition net, you will come away with some points as a reward. No not Newcastle, we seem to find a way to stuff things up! My Grandmothers fine bone china tea set is less fragile than our backline; maybe I could put a couple of cups and saucers in front of goal and see how they go at stopping the opposition from scoring?

I’ll stop ranting now and get to my point of this piece. As bad as this has been to watch and absorb, maybe the timing of these defeats is a good thing. We have all heard Derek Llambias bang on about our purple players and how he thinks that we have ample cover in most positions. Well if he still holds this opinion after the past two games, then I would be surprised. I also have a feeling that Alan Pardew will be pressing him even harder for reinforcements.

I am hoping that these losses will give Derek the evidence needed to see that we are struggling and we will continue to struggle unless we get a fresh injection of players. No one is asking for marquee signings, just players that are an improvement over what we currently have. This is the only way forward.

Below is what is called a business S curve. I believe it applies to football clubs as much as it applies to business in general. Just change the “Growth” column to “Points” and you’ll get the idea.


As you can see, in the Inception stage there is debt as you build your team and invest. As you build upon your sound investments you see growth and improvement but over time there is a need to continually assess where your club is at. This should be done before you reach the peak of your powers. If you don’t keep improving your processes, or in this case playing stock, you will eventually see a decline in performance.

I am sure that all the bloggers out there with business degrees can explain this better than I can but I think that it shows how sitting on your hands in business can really be hurtful in the long run. Sure you may have a great product but if you do not keep ahead of the game, you will fall behind.

And that ladies and gentleman is where we are at as this moment. We now have a chance to right the wrongs of the past couple of windows and salvage this season while there is time. I hope that common sense will prevail but hey, this is Newcastle United…

By Aussie Magpie Fan

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542 thoughts on “It’s time for plan B!

  1. Dave @514 ,yeah I hear what you are saying ,but it does seem to be a reaccuring theme with the African lads ,they let the team around them do it all and just seem to go where they are told πŸ˜• Cisse was the same I believe .The money men just seem to take over ,I wouldn’t be surprised if Ba never even got to speak with Chelsea or QPR .Can you imagine Big Al letting his advisors do all the talking ,he met with Sir Alex and KK in person to talk before he let his agents take over ,but these lads just don’t seem to do that, it’s very odd to let someone totally dictate your’e life in that way. Having said that I do believe he should of told them to stfu on more than one occasion and he’s been plenty vocal about the club as has his brother so it’s probs best all round he goes now. πŸ˜‰


  2. Not much to do with us, but Fellaini has announced that he’s moving (*) to Manchester to escape the women of Liverpool. πŸ˜†

    *: Moving house. He’s going to play for Everton until 2016.


  3. Hey get the Swansea – Villa game on if you can. Routledge has been clean through on goal twice already. πŸ™‚


  4. The Kid ,It can only be cause it was 3rd game of the season and they wern’t yet in the shite ,now everyone is able to pick them off cause the confidence is shot .Having said that I see they are now level πŸ˜‰


  5. Honestly, even with our injuries you have to look at the side Swansea put out and the style they play and wonder how we are doing so badly. You could substitute every player with one of ours that is FIT NOW of similar quality. Graham = Cisse. Michu =Ba Routledge = Obertan. Britton = Anita. De Guzman = Marveaux. All the rest are of similar or better quality as well. We have a good team already we are just being coached to play in an out of date, unimaginative way. When Swansea go forward they hunt in a pack and Routledge moved across the front all the time, they didn’t know how to pick him up. When we play it’s like, ‘right Ben Arfa you are on the right but don’t forget to defend’. FFS what a joke we are Pardew.


  6. The Kid every week i ask myself why did we not buy a couple of defenders , then i see who is running the club πŸ˜†


  7. DJG

    Agreed. It is very frustrating and we definitely need to address the lack of continental coaching staff at the club. Pardew’s idea of having all of these English, local lads for the banter is a nonsense as our team is now filled with European talent that our coaches just aren’t good enough to coach. What can the likes of Marveaux learn from John Carver etc? It’s stupid and we need to revamp the backroom staff.


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