Past potential?

Past potential?

After our humiliating FA Cup defeat to Brighton, Alan Pardew said he was forced to put out youngsters that should really be in the ‘development team’. I don’t follow though…

Now Pardew has actually mentioned these players belonging to the ‘development squad’ a few times this season. One of the main pledges made by Derek Llambias and Mike Ashley since they joined the club was to build a youth set up that will carry the club moving forward – however I’m not seeing it.

Our line up on Saturday looked like this; Rob Elliot, Davide Santon, Mike Williamson, James Perch, James Tavernier, Vurnon Anita, Gael Bigirimana, Gabriel Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Mehdi Abeid and Shola Ameobi. Subs used were; Sylvain Marveaux, Paul Dummett and Nile Ranger.

Santon, Williamson, Perch, Anita, Obertan, Marveaux and Shola – even Elliot – are all part of our first team squad. That leaves Sammy, Ranger, Dummett, Abeid, Bigi and Tavernier.

Sammy Ameobi is supposed to be one of our brightest young talents. He’s 21 in May. He has played 14 times for the senior side this term, averaging 45 minutes per game. He’s only played twice for the U-21’S. Compare that to our 1st team squad player Gabriel Obertan, who has played 18 times averaging 54 minutes per game. Not a lot of difference really. So is Sammy in fact a First Team squad player?

I know what you may be thinking – ‘You’re missing the point Shamrock. Pardew said these players should be in the development squad. Meaning his hands are tied. Fine, but Sammy is no spring chicken anymore! He should be making inroads into our first team squad by now. Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke and Andreas Weimann are 22 and 21 respectively for example. They are well on their way. Davide Santon – our 1st choice left back has only just turned 22. Should he be in the ‘development squad?’

Look harder at these ‘youngsters’. Nile Ranger, Bradden Inman, James Tavernier, Shane Ferguson, Paul Dummett – all 22 this year. Dan Gosling is 23 this year. Romain Amalfitano is 24 this year! Is he a ‘development player?’ If that’s the case, lets throw Vernon Anita and Gabriel Obertan in there too. They are still 23.

Why oh why did we sign Amalfitano?! A complete waste of a place in our squad. If he’s not good enough for us at 23 years old, he never will be. Mehdi Abeid was awful the other day. No fight, no passion, no effort. Did nothing of note. He’s 20 years old. If he is not hungry for a cup match and chance to impress at this stage of his career, when will he ever be? I thought our scouts were meticulous when shopping abroad? What happened here then?!

The youngest of all of these is Gael Bigirimana, who is 19. He has 10 Premier League appearances to his name already this season, averaging about 36 minutes per game. He has 10 other appearances in our cup competitions, averaging 75 minutes per game. He has played for the U-21’S just once this season. Bearing all this mind, you would have to say he is actually part of the first team set up. In fact, take away Adam Campbell (18), Curtis Good (20 in March) and Remi Streete (18) and he is amongst the youngest genuine ‘talents’ on our books.

Look around the Premiership and you will find young examples of according to Pardew at least, development age players making huge strides all over the shop:

Age 22; Benteke, Ramsay, Gueye, Allen, Henderson, Ramirez, Rose, Kyle Walker, McCarthy, Miyaichi, Hazard, Moses, De Gea, Rafael, Welbeck, Balotelli.

Age 21; Wilshere, Weimann, Clyne, Caulker, Romeu, Oscar, Macheda.

20 or under; Oxlade-Chamberlaine, Barkley, Shelvey, Sterling, Lukaku, Phil Jones, Powell, Nastasic.

By the time you get to Dan Gosling’s age you should be a nailed on first time regular. The likes of Gibbs, Walcott, Bannan, Sturridge, Gunter, Rodriguez, McClean, Colback, Meyler, Neil Taylor, Sandro, Bale, Sigurdsson and Tomkins have pretty much all been around their respective first teams for a long time. Gosling was supposed to be a huge talent, but he has stagnated with us. I know he’s been unlucky with injuries – but he just does not look like he is capable of bringing an ‘A’ game to a match anymore.

I know the above list is not exactly massive, but almost every club in the league has better genuine squad depth than us – so they can afford to bring on the odd youth and it actually benefits them because they are good enough. We are playing a bunch of youngish pro’s that would likely struggle in League 1 because we have not invested in our squad – using catchphrases like ‘development squad’ and ‘youth strategy’ as a distraction technique.

Clearly if you are good enough, you play. Santon and Bigi demonstrate this, as do countless other players strutting their stuff in this league. The time for developing is in their teens. If they get to 21, 22 and 23 and have not made a serious impression, they are not good enough!

My perception of what a ‘development team’ should be is a bunch of under 20’s. Players like Streete and Campbell, who we should send off for a couple of years on loan at GOOD clubs before being eased into the first team – or shipped out. We’ll let Good off, who has only just joined from the other side of the world. Don’t waste them on loans to League 1 and 2, or pack them off to poor Scottish sides. If these are supposed to be future Premier League stars then put them in the Championship for a year, somewhere they get relevant experience playing alongside hungry, talented pro’s chomping at the bit to make the next step up and hit the big time. So Curtis Good aside, what excuse does anybody else from this group have? Where does Pardew get off calling them ‘development squad’ players?!

This club’s bigwigs have been working on our fantastic youth set up for five years now. Pardew has had two years overseeing it. What are the results? A bunch of ‘kids’ you can’t really call kids, who will never make it in the Premiership with the exception of Bigirimana and maybe Ferguson and Vuckic.

Whatever our club have been doing with our ‘youths’, it’s not working. They need to change their ways before they ruin the careers of of our actual development players such as Adam Campbell and Remi Streete. Stop pretending these are ‘development players’ and just admit they are squad players that are not good enough. Our youth strategy is still as poor as it ever was. What is the reason? Are they all lazy? I doubt it. Were they never good enough? A few of them, probably yes… Is it bad coaching? That might explain the general lethargy, lack of organisation and work ethic displayed by our entire squad this season. If our coaches are not getting the basics right in training with our senior pro’s, then how can the understudies possibly be learning anything?

Unfortunately these players are taking up spaces in our squad that should be given to players with real ability. They have had whatever raw talent they ever possessed ripped out of them and wasted by a board unwilling to invest properly in the squad and a manager that does not seem to know what player development actually means. Keeping them at the club playing in pointless reserve games well into their 20’s and dragging them out in high pressure top of the range games for the odd 30 minutes every few weeks is not how you nurture a young pro. They should be wheeled out a couple at a time on a regular basis if not on loan – playing alongside a near full strength side so that they actually learn something. They need continuity via regular competitive match practice at a high level.

The board and Pardew took a gamble on this lot to see us through this term instead of making signings and it backfired. In the meantime they have pretty much destroyed the careers of your Sammy Ameobi’s and James Taverniers. Pardew said at the beginning of the season he was happy with his squad and would be pushing for the top four. Was he lying? Did he actually believe the words coming out of his mouth? Now he is bleating on about how they are not ready and how we ‘undercooked’ it in the summer. Either he was happy with his squad in August or he wasn’t. If he was, like he said he was – then I worry for us. If he wasn’t, then he has willingly destroyed the careers of these young pro’s just to toe the line with the Board. Spineless if that’s the case.

Lets stop making excuses now Pardew and start producing results. Have a nice big clear out in the summer of all these players who have not ‘made it’ and give us a proper squad – then take more care developing the next batch of youngsters. Fair enough, you had no other options – but don’t dress them up as youngsters. Say it how it is – our squad is woefully short of genuine competition thanks to the results of a poor and wasted youth strategy combined with a board using it as an excuse to not invest in first team playing staff properly.


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  1. 1
    Liam Southern Toon says:

    Sham – I concur with all of that :lol:

  2. 2
    toonsy says:

    Some good thoughts and I agree that a lot of the kids/youth/reserve or whatever just haven’t cut the mustard, but I disagree about Pardew being wrong not to say how shite they are.

    I very much doubt he was happy with the squad coming into this season, but what does he do? Piss off his bosses by saying such? Piss off the players who he’ll need by saying that basically they aren’t good enough?

    I reckon it was more of an exercise in motivation. Trying to get the players believing. Obviously it hasn’t worked in hindsight but it was probably the better option at the time. The other option being saying that we have a load of kids who will never make it and are on’y playing because the squad is so weak.

  3. 3
    Liam Southern Toon says:

    Young players need games look at lualua. He suddenly looked like a proper player rather than ours who ran around not really sure what to do.
    Thats why loan deals are perfect for the kids as otherwise they have no chance of getting in first team to get the games they need

  4. 4
    JJ says:

    Sammi will never make it. In fact, I can’t think of any besides Bigirimana who will.

    None of them have improved since coming to us and most of the youngsters have in fact got worse. So clearly our coaching is of a disgustingly poor standard or these players just never had it!

    So either the coaches or scouts need to take the blame.

  5. 5
    Liam Southern Toon says:

    Amilfitano in the game I saw him play he showed better touches, control, pace and committment than I have ever seen with abeid, sameobi, etc.

    Why is he not given a go?? He must regret joining

  6. 6
    JJ says:

    Liam there was a stage Marvauex couldn’t get in the team ahead of Sammeobi. Its a joke.

  7. 7
    Big Dave says:

    Sham good read mate and I agree with a lot of what you say, as I listed the other night only 3 of the bench players were listed by the club as being in the reserve ( Development ) squad. All the rest are members of the 1st team, and why are they members of the 1st team if they are not good enough ???? simply because they want to fill the squad places and make the 1st team look stronger than what it really is.
    I agree with Toonsy aswell ie when people say why did Pards say he was happy with the squad he had ?? well he is hardly going to stat that he wasn’t happy as 1 he would probably got sacked for it 2 he was probably trying to big up the players that he knew he would have to count on.
    but for me the facts are that the squad is no where near strong enough and it’s a sin because the younguns that are in the 1st team squad that are no where near good enough are not getting what they need from the club and are just being used as squad numbers or fillers just to fool fans.
    Just go on the official site and have a look at some of the players that are in the 1st team and ask yourself are they ready or good enough to be there the chances are that some you won’t know the answer to because no one has seen enough of them to know if they are good enough.

  8. 8
    Chris says:

    Something is wrong, but it all boils down to one of the key points of this article, our lack of squad depth. The top clubs send their best youngsters out on loan to the championship as they have sufficient depth not to have to rely on them. Other clubs don’t have that depth but their youngsters are good enough to get in the first XI and so get game time. With the possible exception of bigirimana, we don’t have that luxury and lets be fair he had a good season in the championship last year so has the first team experience. Something is going wrong, and I agree something has to change before the likes of cambell and streete fizzle out and end up plying their trade in the lower leagues.

  9. 9
    georgio says:

    Seems like Tav, who I like and has had the loan time, Campbell and Streete are the only ones likely to make it. I thought Vuckic was but he’s had a serious long term injury every season we’ve had him. The rest are write offs.
    Seriously beginning to wonder about Pardew and the rest of the backroom staff. Pardew obviously doesn’t listen to Carver and it looks like Stone is just there cos he’s geordie. Players like Abeid have actually gone backwards since we signed them.
    And don’t get me started on the injuries situation . . .

  10. 10
    Liam Southern Toon says:

    JJ – I am actually starting to think that above all else Pardew is just thick. He dont come across as the brightest but to play sameobi over marv; fergie over marv just shows he aint got a clue in identifying a player good enough to start.

    He champions shola and jonas yet would leave out marv and cisse.

  11. 11
    ToonDarnSarf says:

    TOONSY – you’re spot on. I can’t believe that Pardew was happy with the squad this season and I bet he was going on at the board to allow him to spend, because the squad simply isn’t good enough for a top 6 finish. The first 11 could achieve that, but it’s not possible to go through a season without injuries and suspensions, not to mention transfers out or players off form.

    We all want Pardew to be completely honest with us, but he can’t come out and publically announce that all his development team are rubbish can he? That would reduce the pressure on the first team to perform, totally demotivate the development team to improving, and also reduce their value for any club who wants to buy them.

    There are early bloomers (like Rooney, Sterling), and there are players who need more time. There are 23/24 years olds in the Championship that Premier League teams are looking at to make the step up. Clearly not all of our will make it, but hopefully a few become Premier League players and hopefully some of the others will make us a few quid for transfers.

  12. 12
    georgio says:

    LST – not just thick but arrogantly thick!

  13. 13
    premandup says:

    Few facts that may put a bit of perspective on this.

    Is it 95% or 99% of academy players who are not in football by 23.

    An academy that produces 1 first team squad player per year is well above the norm.

    We have Krul. & Saylor.

    What we need is 18 purples, 7 squad players & Kids. What we have is 6 purples (Colo, Debuchey, Tiote, Anita, HBA & Cisse) eg full internationals and too many squad players eg Obertan, willo etc. Last year Raylor Guthrie Best etc raised their game and we came 5th. This year they haven’t and we are suffering because of it.

    Totally agree with the article. They are not kids they are poor squad players. Oh well Carr must need a sight test.

  14. 14
    ToonDarnSarf says:

    PREMANDUP – Need???

    We don’t need “18 purples”. Sure, we’d all like to have 18 international stars at our club and be challenging for the title, but given where we are, we don’t need them, and neither could we afford them. Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool all have significantly more money than us, and more pulling power to attract players. Spurs are currently ahead of us in that respect too, meaning that realistically, we’re playing for 7th at best.

    Thankfully football isn’t like that, and there’s the opportunity to spring a surprise like last season.

    What we really need to do is to get the club generating more profit, develop more youngsters (either to play in the first team, or sell for a profit), and continue to pick up good deals in the transfer market. All this while balancing good performances in the Premier League and hopefully an above par season to get into Europe again in the near future. All of those things go together to giving us a realistic chance to challenge for the Champions League again in a few years.

  15. 15
    stevo says:

    Here we go again the term “made it” tavernier and sammy have been given big contracts so have made it in my eyes they need a loan spell in chanp and that will. Happen they will get back next season and play regularly and that’s how it is folks . Made it

  16. 16
    blip says:

    Premandup… 6 purples?

    Krul, Colo, Debuchy, Anita, Tiote, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Cisse… You can likely add Santon to that list (certainly the board will), so that’s 8 or 9.

    But, yes, agreed in principle. We should be looking to end this window with 10+ purples and extend that to 15ish ASAP. Then add some more promising players that are closer to purples than kids.

    Then some kids.

  17. 17
    blip says:

    Also think we need some striking and defensive cover so that we can give Campbell & Streete a spell in the Fizzy League immediately.

  18. 18
    blip says:

    Off topic, this video’s good for a laugh…

    For all his gangster credentials, Nile Ranger still gets beaten up by Bestie!

  19. 19
    bkemp247 says:

    I have heard from the reserve players themselves that they are pushing to go out on loan but Pards is keepng them in the club for cover. Chicken and egg. It would make sense if he actually played them.

  20. 20
    roy cropper says:

    canny read that like & agree with it.

    looks like the – chatty man’s fatha – has been over-hyped a wee bit.

    – it’s back to the drawing board they go for another try.

    well they’ve all got 8 year contracts – so there’s plenty time.

  21. 21
    Stuart79 says:

    More complete and utter shite regarding Ashley’s ‘super doopa’ business model!

    How many young kids have we produced who have made an impact since he arrived? Diddly squat!

    Add that to a net transfer gain of circa £30m he’s not done too bad himself has he…

  22. 22
    icedog says:

    ROY didnt you know we are going for a new new new 5yr plan,we just need to know when it starts :grin:

  23. 23
    roy cropper says:

    aye dog – it makes you laugh.

  24. 24
    icedog says:

    TOONSY good read,of coarse the board are to blame for lack of investment,but whose is it that really says “right”we will bring this kid in cannot be down to one guy, or the coaching of these kids is just not up to it because of all the kids i have seen apart from maybe 3 they are just not going to make anywhere near the pl or ccc,div 2 at the very best with a lot of luck

  25. 25
    KIMTOON says:

    Shamrock ,Good read . Got to agree with you ,our whole approach to developing players is wrong and it seems when we do sign a lad with real promise (Abied, amifitano) they go backwards or lose interest in playing for us. Is this because our coaches have less technical ability than their charges :!: makes you wonder . Quite what Benny ,Marv ,Cabaye et al make of our current hoofball is anyones guess. IMO if a lad is 21 or older I don’t consider that developmental age range as by then it should be clear if they will make it or not . There is the occasional late bloomer but not often, the biggest favor the club can do for the likes of Remy Street and Campbell now is send them out on loan to a Championship club to hone their skills as hanging around having the odd reserve game is no good to them what so ever. We have around 8 to 9 1st class players when all on form ,clearly not enough depth in any way ,the back up isn’t PL worthy from what I have seen ,Sammi ameobi on saturday was so out the game he was almost on strike appalling display and Oba wasn’t much better which was really dissapointing as he’d had two good displays previously :roll: .Too many inconsistant performances from lots of players this season and a sense of low moral and fight has wrecked the season so far and the worst part is there IS NO backups good enough to threaten players spots to give them the shake up they need.

  26. 26
    craig chisholm says:

    stu, the only good one was carroll we sold him as quick as we could…. we have a mid championship side at best. thats it. Ba has been gone over a week and no replacement. we have 1 striker as stroller is banned.. its a joke.. or nightmare and we are going down..i will put money on norwich trashing us proper.

  27. 27
    icedog says:

    SHAMROCK sorry mate i know its your thread :sad:

  28. 28
    icedog says:

    ROY kna mate makes you cry :cry:

  29. 29
    KIMTOON says:

    You wouldn’t mind them being shite if they dug in and battled ,but no they hide all game ,it’s criminal what happened on saturday and to think Toon fans had to get up at 1.00am in the morning to travel 7/8 hours to witness that . :evil:

  30. 30
    craig chisholm says:

    Toonsy… he should spoken the truth as no matter what, it will always come out in the end, as sure as shit.. look at it now.. would it have been better to say it at the start of the season when the fans were all saying it, all the pundits, ex players, newspapers, everyone OR wait til we are total shit, going down, loose your best player and the man that has scored half our teams goals on his own.. then say when the heads are down… we are crap, we dont have enough good players blah blah.. he has said it at the worst time possible… he should have said all that back in the summer.. cos now it looks like he is just full of shit as contradicting himself and lost credability. it was obvious to a blind man that we needed more top draw players… why cant the so called experts see it… i know why and so do we all.. its cos they do know.. ashley does not want to spend a penny on nufc palyer outlay.. not now and not ever again.

  31. 31
    GeordieTwo says:

    It seems from the first team on down the ownership is failing the club. We have a weak first team with several players who aren’t good enough. We have a fairly weak reserve side who have been badly beaten several times this season. We have several so-called development players who are probably too old now to really benefit from playing reserve games or being loaned out to poor teams in weak divisions. We have only 2 teenagers who can potentially make the grade: Campbell and Bigi. We have several players in their early twenties who just can’t stop getting injured: most notably Gosling, Vuckic and yes even Saylor. Where does that leave us after 5 years with this owner? As far as young players are concerned, no further ahead than we were several years ago even after the reserve team clearout last season. Spot on Shamrock for pointing it out.

  32. 32
    GeordieTwo says:

    Excellent comments all through the posting. Maybe Ash/Llam should read it and weep. They haven’t got a set of plums between them. That is our biggest problem. A gutless billionaire pauper owner.

  33. 33
    GeordieTwo says:

    This whole Remy story doesn’t add up. It seems clear he doesn’t want to go to QPR (who would?) yet we have made no formal offer. What are we waiting for? Is it possible we do have to sell someone before we make an offer for him? Thinking about Craig Chisholm’s comments (and my own pauper billionaire statement) I fear this is the case. No money in, no money out. The Ba fee nearly covered the cost of Debuchy. We are a balance the books club now and it appears Ashley is still willing to take chances with our Prem status. The lack of fight in the team at times is very disturbing and we just sit here with only Cisse as a true first team striker. Madness but not if the only thing you care about is balancing the books. How well will the books balance if we are in the Championship next season Ashley? After a season of piss poor play will our players go for record transfer fees do you think?

  34. 34
    Sharpy17 says:

    Shamrock – really well written mate, it could have easily read that you were just slagging our young players off, but you have used great examples of other younger players from other clubs to make the point well.
    I completely agree with you. Isn’t there a saying “if you’re good enough, you’re old enough”.
    I can understand Pardew not sending Tav out on loan when Raylor got injured coz we’d have had no RB if Simmo go injured. But players like Sammi, Fergie, Abied and Campbell could all have gone out on loan.
    I know Dummett has just come back from loan at St Mirren, but with all due respect, if that’s the standard of club he’s getting loaned to, is that really preparation for the EPL?. If our late teen/early twenties ‘development’ players aren’t good enough to be getting regular(ish) games for Championship sides, then are they ever going to be good enough to develop into EPL players?.
    You can’t tell me teams like Barnsley, Bristol City or Huddersfield – bottom end of the Championship, couldn’t do with a few extra players in their squads. Clubs like this don’t have loads of money, so we say to them, play these players X amount of games and we pay their wages!.
    Surely it has to be that easy?!, then, if they are not good enough, we let them go!.

  35. 35
    premandup says:

    You quite right we don’t need and cant afford 18 purples, however as we grow financially we should be moving in that direction.

    You are right, I forgot Cabaye. However neither Krul nor Santon are regular starters at full international level, and whether the board think of them as Purples is irrelevant. They could well become Purples. I fully expect them to. Possibly one or two others with luck.

    I still think that the contribution made by squad players upping their game is a major factor in our current plight because the squad players who are available are not producing. The Kids as Shamrock rightly points out are neither kids nor producing.

  36. 36
    KIMTOON says:

    I’m starting to see a theme with our aquisitions ,we seem to make it obvious we are interested in a player put out some feelers and sit back and let the press have a field day with it ,towards the end of the window we go in with a lowball offer ,refuse to budge and end up with nowt ,the old couldn’t get him over the line thing .End result is an unsettled player who we go back in for in the next window and usually get cheaper. All this wheeling and dealing is fine in a world where your business doesn’t get relegated but it’s one hell of a gamble in football terms as there is always the prospect of losing out on the original target or he may change his mind about joining us . It’s amazing that Debuchy still signed given our precarious position.

  37. 37
    chuck says:

    We have been subjected to a lot of bullshit from the PR dept.
    We have the best scout in the PL, our coaches are terrific, as is our manager.
    So good in fact we awarded him to an eight year deal (which turns out to be, if fired, one years pay ? Whaaat ?, yes it’s only an eight year deal for Ashley)
    Some may disagree, but from my perspective, we can lay the entire blame on Ashley, who from day one has had the final say on everything that has happened.
    The man is some egotist, refusing to hire the very people that could make his club successfu, a good GM and a manager.
    I mean what does Llambias know about football, or for that matter Pardew?
    But evryone wants a job and no one is willing to tell the king he has no clothes.
    Ah well, perhaps the learning curve will take a change in direction., but dont count on it.

  38. 38
    Shamrock says:

    Cheers for feedback and giod comments from all. Sharpy I’d agree with that. Toonsy I know what you are saying, but not only did Pards say he was happy, he said he was so happy with the squad we’d be pushing the Top 4!

    I think he should have said we are slightly understrength, but this is youngsters chance – and if they take it we might make Top 6… Then he should have used the ‘youths’ in a more structured way. You know, just been a bit more honest about it without totally p***ing off the board.

    Hey ho, hopefully they will learn from this…

  39. 39
    KIMTOON says:

    Sharpy@34 ,That’s a great point mate ,my hometown club Bristol City are desperate for some fresh faces to inject some impetus into the squad ,Someone like Campbell would become a hero overnight if he could bring the goals.

  40. 40
  41. 41
    KIMTOON says:

    Shamrock ,That’s the trouble with Pards though ,he opens his gob before engageing his brain :roll:

  42. 42
    GeordieTwo says:

    There is one piece of good news I can think of. We can finally shed ourselves of Xisco in the summer. What a waste of 5 years wages he has been. While we’re at it with letting go of Xisco next summer let’s sell/clear out a few more. I think time will be up on Gosling, Simpson (he will leave on a free), Abeid, Amalfitano (the signings of these 2 are a complete mystery to me), and if possible Ranger. Bring in 5 or 6 decent replacements (not young development players!!!) for them and we will have some real competition for first team spots. If not we will have more of the same dross we have had this season. How would we ever mount a decent cup run with the squad we have. That was supposed to be one of Pardew’s big priorities when he came to us. Premandup has it right. We have to have a much better squad of players to choose from.

  43. 43
    premandup says:

    JJ good read. Can’t disagree with it.

  44. 44
    Sharpy17 says:

    Incidentally, I agree with Pardew when he said that short of Krul and Marveaux, that team was the strongest he had available to him. I heard a couple of theories that Pard played that team to make a point to the board about lack of strength in depth to our squad. Whilst it was highlighted, I don’t believe that was Pardews intention, and he probably thought (as I did) that that team would have turned on a far better performance than they did – whether they got beat or not.

  45. 45
    KIMTOON says:

    JJ@40 ,That’s a well researched /written article that.

  46. 46
    Stardust says:

    Batty – Big S – Toonsy – drop me an email fellas – monumental!

  47. 47
    Stardust says:

    Big D even!

  48. 48
  49. 49
    GeordieTwo says:

    They’re harsh but funny BLIP. Still he scores goals doesn’t he? Isn’t that what strikers are supposed to do? We should ask Shola about that. He might have a different opinion. Or perhaps we should ask the owner. He seems to think top goal scorers should accept low wages. That theory has worked out well so far hasn’t it?

  50. 50
    Big Dave says:

    Geordietwo just wondered why you say Xisco is a waste ?? is it just that he hasn’t played or that he is shit etc etc ???

  51. 51
  52. 52
    GeordieTwo says:

    Big Dave I just mean we haven’t seen goals from him (except 1 hat trick for the reserves). Surely if he was playing well he would have gotten a chance by now? With our current striker situation he isn’t even considered. I would have to think Pardew has watched him and doesn’t rate him. If he does have something to offer then it makes even less sense that we haven’t given him a chance. I believe he had 2 goals in over 20 appearances during his last loan. If Shola is our second choice striker and Ranger is third where does that put Xisco? And after 5 years with us we can’t see we haven’t had time to assess him. Such a mess. It just points to chaos within the club.

  53. 53
    GeordieTwo says:

    Sorry that should read we can’t say we haven’t had time to assess him. :oops:

  54. 54
    Stardust says:

    Hasn’t came through Dave not sure what add you have for me ? asked Troy to FB you with it – it’s 100 percent correct

  55. 55
    Big Dave says:

    Geordietwo I think it’s something to do with his contract , ie once he plays over a certain amount of games his old club gets more money.
    As I said to Kim the other night Xisco has played 300 mins in the prem for us and has scored 1 goal Strolla has played 426 mins in the prem this season and he has a grand total of ???? you guessed it 1 goal

  56. 56
    GeordieTwo says:

    JJ @40. Yes that’s well written. It’s another theory about our troubles which makes a lot of sense. And again it comes down to a lack of spending by the owner. Even coaches cost money and we don’t have any. Why have 20 experienced competent people helping the team to compete well when you can perform poorly with 3?

  57. 57
    Big Dave says:

    Stardy check again me old bean

  58. 58
    Shamrock says:

    Yesh JJ good write up that. Blip, funny but harsh :lol:

  59. 59
    GeordieTwo says:

    It’s a sad situation Big Dave. People fall over themselves to praise Shola after 1 decent game every now and then but still he goes out there most of the time and looks like a tree planted on the pitch. 31 now and only getting slower yet I know he has been a good servant of the club as well. Pardew clearly loves him no matter how poorly he plays, just as with Jonas this season. More fingers pointed at Pardew I would think.

  60. 60
    Sharpy17 says:

    Kim – I really don’t understand why we don’t get in touch with newly promoted teams to the Championship and offer them players on loan. That would get at least 2-3 out and playing to a decent standard, and as I say, if they give them say 20 plus games in the season, we will pay their wages – it’s a player for free.
    Ranger done ok at Shef Wed last season and Vuckic had a good spell at Cardiff I seem to remember. I think players like Fergie, Abied and Campbell could progress loads playing regular games in the Championship.
    Mind in saying that, I would only do that with players Pardew sees fitting into his long term plans and not just coz we haven’t got the balls to say to a player – you’re not good enough.

    Geordie Two – yeah mate, said a similar thing yesterday. There will be a number of players available on a free transfer in the summer that could replace our ‘deadwood’ players.

  61. 61
    Big Dave says:

    GEORDIETWO I always felt a bit sorry for Xisco as he has never got a real chance and was basically blamed for the KK fiasco

  62. 62
    Stardust says:

    Got it and replied!

  63. 63
    Shamrock says:

    I dont feel bad for Xisco. His form on loan has been aweful and several Toon managers have not rated him. Mix all that together and you get the consistency of brown poo. :shock:

  64. 64
    Sharpy17 says:

    Kim – I really don’t understand why we don’t get in touch with newly promoted teams to the Championship and offer them players on loan. That would get at least 2-3 out and playing to a decent standard, and as I say, if they give them say 20 plus games in the season, we will pay their wages – it’s a player for free.
    Ranger done ok at Shef Wed last season and Vuckic had a good spell at Cardiff I seem to remember. I think players like Fergie, Abied and Campbell could progress loads playing regular games in the Championship.
    Mind in saying that, I would only do that with players Pardew sees fitting into his long term plans and not just coz we haven’t got the balls to say to a player – you’re not good enough.

    Geordie Two – yeah mate, said a similar thing yesterday. There will be a number of players available on a free transfer in the summer that could replace our ‘deadwood’ players.
    For me, if we get in a CF and CB this Jan, our 1st team is taken care of – subject to no/few injuries of course. That would allow Pardew to sort out the rest of the squad, without having to spend a fortune – if he and Carr are smart and know who’s coming available.

  65. 65
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Don’t entirely agree. Ba was a late bloomer true? i think you’re focusing too much on age and not on whether they are improving or not. points.valid on gosling, fair. people like sammi have improved this year, they deserve time. did we ever think perch would become a squad player?

  66. 66
    Sharpy17 says:

    :lol: :lol: I have nee idea what happened with me posts there like :oops:

  67. 67
    Big Dave says:

    ST do you really think Sammi has improved :?: as I can’t see any improvement and I would go as far as to say a few times last year he was roughly the same only he run around a lot more than he does now

  68. 68
    Shamrock says:

    I see where you are coming from ST. I dont think any of them, except Fergie and Bigi, have shown improvement. They are not good enough for the PL and never will be in my opinion. Campbell & Streete should be on season long loans at decent clubs so that they can learn in a ‘real’ environment. I think our youth set up has been badly managed gor years and now we are seing a set of emerging fringe players that once were promising youths, who are now set for careers in League 1
    Or St bloody Mirren.

  69. 69
    Troy Stavers says:


    Shamrock – good read mate and a bit of research gone into it.

    I agree with most of it. The youths in the main seem a country mile off breaking through.

    For me, Sammi who is one of our main hopes, will never make a premiership player.

  70. 70
    Shamrock says:

    Demba Ba hit the ground running at lower level clubs at 20, only to get a nasty injury before his move to hoffenheim at 22, where he did well.

    I appreciate you occasionally get a late bloomer but in the main, if they are not pushing 1st team as a genuine squad player by 21,22 then they dont make the step up.

  71. 71
    Big Dave says:

    Troy I agree on Sammi if he gets away for some real footie he might become a decent championship player, but he’ll need to hurry

  72. 72
    Big Dave says:

    Sham @ 70 I agree 100% with that

  73. 73
    Sharpy17 says:

    Shamrock – yeah I agree. I think if you look at the likes of Evans, Cleverley and Welbeck at Man U – they are around 23-24yrs but have pretty much nailed down a first team squad place now – ie starting 11 or bench. I use those 3 as examples as they have had stiff competition ahead of them, but still been good enough to come through.
    Tav isn’t trying to replace a Vidic or Ferdinand, Gosling isn’t trying to replace a Giggs or Scholes and Ranger or Vuckic aren’t trying to replace a Rooney or Henandez.

  74. 74
    Alex says:

    The thing is though how can you expect our younger players to be any good playing in a team that cant string 5 passes together, I thought tav looked quite good at cb and for me he should be in there now ahead of williamson, then you have ameobi and ranger playing in front of Campbell and sammy getting a game before the likes of Amalfitano. Its fucking mental i think the likes of abeid amalfiano tav and campbell look like good little technical footballers but for whatever reason our coaching and management team pick the physical thick players instead.

  75. 75
    Alex says:

    curtis Good starts for bradford tonight so we have a chance to look at him and decide if hes also better than williamson :razz:

  76. 76
    JJ says:

    Ye Shamrock,

    And generally those late bloomers come from lower league clubs and have always been good just not well known until the side makes it to the Premier League.

  77. 77
    MDS says:

    Alex @75- I don’t need to see him to know it’s true ;-)

  78. 78
    Sharpy17 says:

    Does anyone know what stage we are at with new recruits coming in?
    Thought we might have heard something back from the France trip at the weekend by now like :roll: :sad:

  79. 79
    JJ says:

    Sharpy Remy quotes as saying he favours a move to Germany despite knowing about our interest.

    So don’t see that one happening.

  80. 80
    mark says:


    same goes. we seem to make an effort at dragging these things out. The last I heard was we were going to make a bid in the next few days for Remy, probably around 6mill, then we’ll haggle until they tell us hes gone somewhere else lol

  81. 81
    Alex says:


    Aye haha as soon as the whistle blows and we see his posture we will know haha

  82. 82
    mark says:


    where did u read that m8

  83. 83
    JJ says:


  84. 84
    Big Dave says:

    Sharpy @ 78 aye mate they all got blocked and Lambastad done a strip

  85. 85
    JJ says:

    Wonder what ever happened to Andre Ayew at OM. He was an incredible talent in 2010. He’s only 23. If we had a coach that could get the best out of him he is supremely talented.

  86. 86
    Munich Mag says:

    Bradford 1 Villa 0

    Curtis Good is by far our most sucessful player this season when it comes down to cup runs … :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Let’s be honest, if he has a good game against Villa maybe we should consider him perhaps good enough for the first team squad ? While we are at it we can take his centre defense partner from Bradford as well .. :lol:

  87. 87
    Munich Mag says:

    Shay Given, N’Zogbia and Steven Ireland all part of the Villa side this evening facing Bradford.. …. thank god they are all nowhere near the toon…and costing Villa a canny packet too.

    Funny old game football….

  88. 88
    Sharpy17 says:

    JJ – typical, similar to the Dutch trip in the summer then?!. Can hardly blame the kid like, far more chance of winning things with either German club than the toon.
    Aye all I heard today was that Pard had ruled out Danny Graham as he wasn’t the type of player he was looking for, a goal evey 3 games – yip defo not for us Al. Far better chase players who are highly unlikely to ever sign for us.
    I haven’t even heard any CB rumours yet, which is also quite worrying.
    I know it’s still very early in the window but the summers failings has left me very nervy and paranoid

  89. 89
    Sharpy17 says:

    MM – don’t speak too soon mate, if Remy doesn’t come off Zog is a Frenchie who can play wide left – just the type of player Pards is after :shock:

  90. 90
    KIMTOON says:

    No signings yet then :roll: I’m not counting Debuchy as we should of had him in the summer.

  91. 91
    Munich Mag says:

    FC Bayern just battered FC Schalke 04 5-0 in Dubai, I reckon Schalke are crazy enough to pay the money for Remy, they have the Champions League next round to look forward to as well.

    Remember we played the game of “chasing” Luc De Jong for ages before he made the big money move to Borussia… Dodged a bullet there like ;-)

    I’m totally despondent with our lot when it comes to making things move in the transfer market.

  92. 92
    Axel says:

    Why do we look only to the SPL and lower leagues to loan our young players out too ? Would it not be an idea to loan the young lads out to teams in the top divisions of France , Belgium ,Holland or even Germany ?these leagues are better than the SPL or lower divisions in England and they would learn European Football that is far more technical than English and Scottish football .Other teams do it so why not us ?

  93. 93
    Munich Mag says:

    Sharpy17@89, I didn’t like that one bit matey… :sad:

  94. 94
    Sharpy17 says:

    Axel – fair point mate, would probably suit players like Amalfitano and Abied to go abroad.

    MM – I said it tongue in cheek but thinking about it, I wouldn’t put it past this shower of shite

  95. 95
    Axel says:

    Talking of Defensive Targets i saw today that Eric Pieters played a full game today for PSV for the first time in 8 months against a team in Thailand , Wonder if Tim Krul has already phoned him to ask when he is coming . :grin: could be one that happens.

  96. 96
    Stuart79 says:

    Good to see our development squad playing well again…

  97. 97
    Big Dave says:

    Former #NUFC Reserve Mark Doninger puts Bedlington in front with a lob from 30 yards – @BTFCOfficial 2 Newcastle U21s 1

  98. 98
    KIMTOON says:

    Bent just came on and scored for Villa .

  99. 99
    Munich Mag says:

    Axel@95, no jokes, I’m sure that that one will come off. We have been waiting in the wings for ages for Pieters. :roll:

  100. 100
    Munich Mag says:

    Sharpy 17… I know mate … ;-)

  101. 101
    Sharpy17 says:

    Axel – I agree with Munich, if Pieters can keep himself fit for 3 weeks – firstly it’ll be a miracle, then I reckon Pard will look to get him in, especially if we can get him £2-3m which I think is pretty likely.

  102. 102
    Axel says:

    MM i reckon between the 3.5 & 4.5 m euros will get him .

  103. 103
    Axel says:

    SHARPY 17 i think your spot on mate , it would be a miracle .and i think both PSV and Pieters would take about 2 minutes too say done deal .

  104. 104
    Big Dave says:

    3-1 now to Bedlington :shock:

  105. 105
    Axel says:

    BIG DAVE this is beyond a effing joke ,how the hell can Bedlington Terriers be doing our reserve team 3-1 . :sad:

  106. 106
    KIMTOON says:

    Dave@104 says it all really :oops:

  107. 107
    Munich Mag says:

    Big D @ 104, what do you expect mate, we are playing our kids and Bedlington are no minnows after all… :oops:

    It doesn’t rain but it pours. Absolutely bizarre that ALL of our teams are gash… :evil: :evil:

    Axel, no messing about, I reckon Pieters is an absolutely nailed on for the summer. Just watch, you heard it here first. I’m sure he’s out of contract in the summer, if not we’ll splash 2 – 3 mill for a cloggy international. Hope he doesn’t mind playing in the Championship though. :evil: :evil:

  108. 108
    KIMTOON says:

    Why are Villa 2.0 down :???: 5 LIVE said Bent had scored

  109. 109
    Munich Mag says:

    Some of of our young players shouldn’t be in the first team squad they should be with the kids playing against …er…. Bedlington….

    Seriously, someone needs a serious rocket somewhere. It seems as if a malaise of lethargy has settled itself into the whole club this season. I really cannot believe it is all a coincidence. Performance wise there hasn’t been one ray of light so far this season. Even the great white hope young Campbell has suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth.

  110. 110
    Axel says:

    MUNICH MAG i think he could well be in before this transfer window slams shut , seriously . He can play LB & CB and wil cost less than Debuchy cost .

  111. 111
    Sharpy17 says:

    I do think if Pieters comes in and can stay fit, with a run of games he’d be a good buy for that kinda money. But if Pieters is the only other defensive addition this window then he and the rest will be playing Championship football next season.

  112. 112
    Munich Mag says:

    Axel, I’m also being serious mate, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he arrived, though this tranny window would be a bit to pronto… In the summer though.

    What do you reckon, do you rate him at all ?

  113. 113
    Big Dave says:

    3-2 now Hopper pulled one back from a Fergie assist, so atleast Fergie seems to be doing ok

  114. 114
    Munich Mag says:

    AArgh, is Fergie playing and we’re still getting cuffed by Bedlington.

    No wonder Fergie isn’t developing … :shock:

  115. 115
    Stuart79 says:

    Curtis Goode looks a million miles better than Williamson. Why is he on loan and not in the team instead of Williamson?

  116. 116
    Munich Mag says:

    Stuart79, for the betterment of his development we should leave Good where he is. Whatever it is he is doing right will be coached out of him if he returned to Newcastle :evil:

    In all seriousness, dare we think that Good may turn out to be a good aquisition ?

  117. 117
    Axel says:

    MUNICH MAG he is a solid defender that , Defends .He is no Santon or Debuchy but he would do a good job for us in the centre of defence imo . Its not for nothing that he is a dutch international . Today Dick Advocaat was quoted before the game as saying he wanted too pick his strongest side and he picked Pieters and that for a friendly against the champions of Thailand after the lad has been injured for 8 months.

  118. 118
    MDS says:

    Abeid, Amlfitano, Ranger, Campbell, Streete and Fergie all played. :shock:

  119. 119
    MDS says:

    @116- exactly right. they’d bring him back from loan and tell him to shadow Williamson….

    Axel- was Pieters pretty much ours a few windows back before he started getting hurt all the time?

  120. 120
    Axel says:

    MDS he even took in a game of ours at SJP with his mate Krul ,they are best mates .It looked a done deal then , i think Krul was injured at the time but i could be wrong on that .

  121. 121
    Andymag says:

    Only saw the second half of the brad v villa game, but what a game :mrgreen: , that young Irish CB needs to be signed up, can actually score from a set-piece and defended pretty well. Good played well, especially considering he’s a CB that was thrown out at LB.

  122. 122
    GeordieTwo says:

    Some important games this coming weekend for us. Villa v Southampton and Fulham v Wigan. We could easily be in 17th place by the end of next Saturday’s games. Villa were poor in the Bradford game but we didn’t exactly do ourselves proud against Brighton. Very difficult times we’re in lads and lasses. I’m not feeling the love from Ash/Llam either.

  123. 123
    Axel says:

    Well we are all pissed off at the minute ,but we lost too a championship side . What must Villa fans be thinking now ? the same as me probably , that Villa are even more shite than we are :grin: :evil: i will enjoy waving bye bye too them when they are relegated :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  124. 124
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Ah finally I’ve caught up.
    Great article Shamrock. Thanks for the effort mate.
    How long have I been saying our coaching set up is flawed. Not just the first team, but the ressies and the youth set up too.
    There is something rotten running thru the whole establishment. and has been for a good few yrs now.
    We are rapidly becoming a laughing stock at every level. No longer feared or respected, but looked down upon as the whipping boys.
    And rightly so, because that is what we are becoming.
    People say we need a clearout of the dead wood, but I say the clearout needs to be in the clubs coaching infrastructure.
    We need a head coach that can SEE what is happening and take the necessary action. But he is clueless and has his hands tied anyway.
    Next up the chain is the MD who doesn’t understand that its all going pearshaped and why, because he knows nowt about football. Period.
    Finally we have an owner who is more bothered about balancing the books or infact making a profit, and cant see the wood for the trees.
    Well if he’s not careful, the whole lot will go to rat shit, and then it will be too late.
    We need a coach with footballing pedigree, who understands the modern game and can deliver the coaching necessary to progress the club.
    We need a MD who has a clue about running a football club, buying and selling of players, wages, contracts etc etc
    Finally we need an owner who understands, there is no money to be made in football. Never has and never will. Ask abramovich how much he has made at chelsea.
    Its about the love of the club passion, and the inevitable dream of one day winning something, anything. Basically its a toy, a plaything, an indulgence if you will. Not a marketing tool for your other trampy business.
    Rant over :lol:

  125. 125
    KIMTOON says:

    Axel ,I really hope it’s them and not us this time ,I’m desperate for some karma for that particular set of fans. :twisted:

  126. 126
    GeordieTwo says:

    So the reserves lost to Bedlington Terriers 3-2. This is the same reserve side that was going to be much improved this season with the cleanout of players last summer? So this is an example of much improved I guess. Hmmm.

  127. 127
    Sharpy17 says:

    First things first people – we get a point or better at Carrow Rd and I’m happy. Norwich are a real threat, but a win there could really change the mood. Player and formation selection for Norwich is going to be massively important.

  128. 128
    GeordieTwo says:

    Spot on Axel and Kimtoon. We have a tough away game but surely Villa are deep in the brown stuff as well. But both Southampton and Wigan can go ahead of us. Luckily (I suppose) Fulham are fairly decent at home. This is pathetic. We have to take our future into our own hands with an away win. Two goals for Cisse and a 1-2 win to us. There I go predicting again which I’m hopeless at. :oops:

  129. 129
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    As for Remy. He’s aware of our interest but is interested in German football. Fine no problem. But a good MD would have had a few irons in the fire all at the same time. No problem 2nd target sorted anyway.
    Not Limpbastad tho. Effing clueless.
    Its quite simple, there is no excuse NOT to have a replacement striker in at the club already. Should have happened the day after Ba was gone.
    Jokers the lot of them :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  130. 130
    Andymag says:

    Just a thought, how about this for a team
    ————Ben Arfa—–Cabaye—–Marveaux——-

  131. 131
    KIMTOON says:

    At some point our luck must change and are players will hit form surely . I refuse to believe we will be shite for an entire season :roll:

  132. 132
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Sharpy – I think we will be lucky to get even a point away to Norwich.
    They are at home. There manager has a massive point to prove to Fatty and Limpbastad. Plus he will have his team fired up in the proper manner.
    I fully expect us to come out plodding along, trying to slow the game down and punting the ball long in hope that Cisse will score a wonder goal.
    Its pathetic really it is.

  133. 133
    mark says:

    Norwich away will be very tough. I’d be very happy with a point.

    Man City conceded 3 there the other week but scored 4 and chelsea just beat them 1-0.

    I’d go for a 2-1 loss.

  134. 134
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Kim lass, divnt ye gan howlding ya breath mind hinny. :lol:
    We’ve been pish poor all season, why should you be so confident it will change so suddenly. Dont be getting deluded now.
    Remind me please how many away wins we have this season, I’ve lost count. Or even better, how many away points we have come home with.

  135. 135
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Andymag – I like that team mate. I honestly think we could do no worse with only 3 at the back, but with two wing backs aswell, sorted
    It also sorts the midfield, and allows the attackers to move further up the field of play.
    Far to intelligent a sugestion for Pardew to figure out tho.
    No I guarrantee we line up 4-4-2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :evil:

  136. 136
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – Colo will spend most of the season on his tod in that back 3 buddy. On paper it looks spot on though.

    BB – yip, that’s my concern mate. I just don’t know what team he’s likely to select either. It’s crazy to think this was as good as a bank last season, now I can’t even see luck getting us a win :sad:

  137. 137
    GeordieTwo says:

    It’s a nice lineup Andymag if we get Pieters and all the others are healthy. Until then we are much weaker than that sad to say. Unlikely now that either Cabaye or Saylor will play against Norwich. I see no sign that Ben Arfa is ready either. I realize your lineup is for the future but we need points asap. What about a lineup for Nowich mate?

  138. 138
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Anyhoo I think that Aubameyang fella looks a better option than Remy.
    He’s younger, fitter and seems more motivated than Remy. Cant understand why we haven’t gone in for him already.
    To me it seems we are Remy’s last choice. So eff him. He will only bring a bad attitude with him anyway.
    No doubt we will hang on til the 30th and sign him then.
    Utter madness

  139. 139
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    G2 – for the line up v Norwich, have a look at the line up v Brighton. Wont be many changes from that

  140. 140
    KIMTOON says:

    BB@134 ,I’m just trying to hold on to my new years resolution to be a glass half full person instead of the miserable ratbag I normally am ;-)

    Andy ,that looks good ,I said months ago we should try 3 at the back ,we can’t be any worse and our midfield wouldn’t get over run .

  141. 141
    KIMTOON says:

    BB@138 ,AGREE

  142. 142
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Have to hope that villa are our saving grace this season.
    as the bottom 3 will do nicely
    I dont see us finishing much higer than 15th at best

  143. 143
    GeordieTwo says:

    BB that’s a horrible thought. At least we have Cisse and Colo to come back.

  144. 144
    Sharpy17 says:

    BB – I reckon he’ll go something similar to this for Norwich:

    ————— Krul ————-
    — Perch – Anita – Bigi —
    —– Oba – Cisse – Marv —–

    Or similar. I do think if Saylor, Cabaye or Jonas are 80% plus fit then they will be in.

  145. 145
    KIMTOON says:

    Sharpy I wouldn’t want anyone back who isn’t 100% ,we got some tough teams in feb and can’t afford anyone breaking down cause they was rushed back. Hey here’s a novel thought, why don’t we get some reinforcments in so we don’t have to rush em back ;-)

  146. 146
    DJG says:

    Good ‘blog Shamrock. I agree mostly with this. There are players that are making a big impression at the age of 16-17 even if you look at the likes of Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen. Other players in other positions (like CB and GK) can take until their mid-twenties before they show anything more than just potential. In the case of our team, and I agree with you on this point, I don’t know how any of these players from Sat can be called ‘development squad’ players. They are the likes of Street and Satka and Campbell, but even he should maybe be getting a few minutes of a cup game now. Most of our younger players are just not at a high enough level and will never make the first team here. The only players in our first team who have come through the ranks are Tim Krul, Steven Taylor and Shola. (I won’t include players like Ferguson who have never started regularly). All the rest have been bought in the transfer market. The current exception is Bigirimana who looks at this stage like he can make it. Is he a development player that has made it at our club even? He had played quite a number of first team games at a good level at Coventry city, so he is more like a very young player that we have poached really. Going back to what seem to be the point of this ‘blog, I would say that although you have mentioned quite a few young players in the premier league, all of the clubs will have many more players that are not regulars and are unheard of to us at the age of 20-22. Don’t forget a lot of these players will move around and find their level elsewhere, like Simpson came to us :sad: , and there will be player like the Grant Holt’s that play in the lower leagues and work their way out to the top in their late twenties. There are many problems with the club at the moment but this was an interesting one to bring up.

  147. 147
    Shamrock says:

    BB @ 124, cheers mate. It’s been a while since my last one!

    Re; your post – I agree 85%. You lose 15% for saying period. :shock: period. :lol:

  148. 148
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    :roll: :shock: :mrgreen: :lol:

  149. 149
    Shamrock says:

    Fair points DJG, I have no doubt there are plenty of lads that will step ip from the lower leagues in their mid 20’s – you might notice them passing our lads going the other way :mrgreen:

    It’s our coaching and development strategy combined with not enough signings that is destroying these poor lads’ careers. Our board should be ashamed of themselves and so should Pardew for being so complicit in it & not having half a backbone. :twisted:

    BB – You make a really good point about owning football clubs. There is a difference between being enthusiastic and losing a bit of money every now & then as opposed to putting yourself in huge debt. You dont have to plunge a club into financial meltdown to be positive & try to win things…

    Ashley dont give a flying f@@k about our club over and beyond being a worthwhile advertising opportunity for his own business interests. He has totally missed the point and now we are all suffering for it. Ah well…/ give jt another 3 or 4 years and he’d have sold up to someone who actually gives a damn with a bit of luck – well we can dream can’t we?!

  150. 150
    DJG says:

    Sharpy- I think not having Steven Taylor and Cabaye has made a hell of a difference. If they come back and can get anywhere near their best it would help enormously. Taylor adds real determination at the back and for corners and this rubs off on the others. Cabaye oozes class with his passing and that helps breed more confidence in midfield. Debuchy will help as well. Just getting some top players in improves the whole team as football is a team game.

  151. 151
    Shamrock says:

    We are £30m in the black on transfers since A$hley took over the club. Lets have that spent on 3 good players this January please and get on with being a football club again.

  152. 152
    Shamrock says:

    Actually make that 4 or 5 good players. If our scouting is that awesome then they should manage 5 good players easily on £30m. Try and make a couple of good British signings amongst that lot too. TBH I have no issue with Championship players as long as they are good enough. They dont have to be pedigree names – just effective.

  153. 153
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    The fat one did say he would spend £20M a year on player reinforcements, but seems to have renaged on that promise.
    To a billionaire owner of a football club, thats little more than my season tkt renewal is to me.
    I dont expect to watch for free. Thats my commitment to the club. He has a similar resposibility imo, but is short changing each and every one of us.
    Its not my fault he got his fingers burnt with our debt. He should have done his homework. Just as I would do when buying a 2nd hand car.
    I also understand it costs me money to run it every year. I dont expect to get that money back when I sell the car in a few yrs time.
    I dont say that I have spent £x thousands keeping the car on the road and the car owes me. But I wont charge it any interest.
    Its barmy, but typical of a clueless owner like ashley.

  154. 154
    Sharpy17 says:

    DJG – agreed mate, just getting those 2 back would make a big difference – add Benny to that and who knows, we might even win a game or 2.

    Shamrock – yeah, there’s reports that Lpool are after Tom Ince. Bpool want £6m but Lpool will only offer £4m – let’s go meet the £6m for a 20yr old English player who can win games of football. While we’re there, pick Matt Phillips up aswell, then move down to Bham and take Nathan Redmond. There’s about £12-15m of young British talent added in 3 players.

  155. 155
    DJG says:

    I mainly blame the coaches and the management. Look at Nile Ranger, maybe a bad example, but any ‘potential’ he had has gone. Apart from that decent goal he scored for the reserves once and the championship games where he held the ball up a bit he has done nothing. He actually looks worse now that he did when we got him. He couldn’t control the ball on Sat and flicked it up in the air instead of bringing it down. In contrast look at LuaLua and what Brighton have done with him. I can remember Hughton flirting with bringing him on in a few games and trying him out and he had potential but wasn’t good enough to play in the big games. I remember him playing on the left wing in the Carlisle friendly and he was like one of our typical wingers trying to play the obvious all the time and not being good enough for that. Look at him since he has left to play regularly at a decent level and with a young talented coaching team. His control looked better, he tried different moves, sometimes inside, sometimes outside, sometimes dropping off. He practically tore Santon a new backside. Says it all for me. :|

  156. 156
    Shamrock says:

    Yep Sharpy – Get it done. Phillips in particular for me.

    BB after 5 years I’m getting really sick of this shite. What else is there to say?!

    Good comments from all today, thanks for all your contributions. I look forward to reading other people’s work in the coming days :grin:

  157. 157
    Shamrock says:

    DJG – I mainly blame Pards & his coaches too. They backed the board this summer by publicly declaring they were happy with the squad and Pards said we’d challenge the top 4. There is a difference between being positive for morale purposes and blatantly over the top lying.

    Right from our youth team to the 1st team we have been flat, lacked a plan and got the basics wrong all season – before the injuries struck. That comes down to Pardew and his staff. It’s no coincedence that 90 percent of our players have suddenly lost their mojo and regularly get the bread & butter stuff wrong. I reckon they are confused by whatever Pardew is trying to make them do? :???:

    Anyway, Goodnight. :grin:

  158. 158
    Newkie says:

    Our youngsters are of an average PL standard, and Ashley seems confused as he plans to run a club on a youth policy that will only buy players over 18?

    If the right player is found, get him in. I think that’s what they’ll do, I just don’t know why they put out these soundbites as it makes them look stupid when they inevitably, and usually rightly go back on it.

  159. 159
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Good point DJG, our coaching standard is horrendous. It’s shown by the set pieces and our apparent lack of fitness.
    Curtis flipping Good, he’s going to win a trophy before us isn’t he, the bastard.
    Good luck to him though. I think.

  160. 160
    JJ says:

    I actually find it sad that we put so much effort into finding these “gems” at cut price and “potentials” only for us to ruin their careers by employing coaches from the bottom level up who clearly don’t have a fecking clue what they are doing!

  161. 161
    JJ says:

    Really wish they would sort of this striker now so that can concentrate 100% on a defender.

    Both Loic Remy and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would be massive improvements to what we currently have and both are capable of playing on the right wing if needed.

    A front three of Ben Arfa, Cisse, and Aubameyang is very exciting. Marvaeux could compete with Ben Arfa or Aubameyang, and Obertan is decent cover. Still think we’d need another striker in the summer but it’d do us till then.

    Cabaye, Anita, TIote and Bigirimana can fill the defensive midfield positions behinds them and with Santon and Debuchy we have good width and balance. Its amazing what difference on player can make. IF WE GET HIM IN…

  162. 162
    Stuart79 says:

    The major problem we’re going to have with this transfer window is that we can not wait for players to drag out their transfer. We cannot afford for players to be making decisions in the last week of the window and then actually not choosing us. For that reason I don’t believe we’ll get Remy. He will want to take his time and drag it out – we will need to give him an ultimatum probably next week but he’ll want to wait for other clubs also.

    The other issue is that the selling clubs know we need players and will add a couple of mil onto the price – we of course will not pay then. A major issue.

    Our board/owner only seem to be bothered about saving ££’s rather than improving the team – they understand money but not football. A big problem.

  163. 163
    Whumpie says:

    Marnin’ all. Just thought I’d jump in… out of sheer procrastination from doing any work. Agree with the stuff above about getting players in, but can’t really see what the club can do to improve things. They’ve clearly relaxed their constraints on age and money already – but good striker transfers in January are like penguin tusks.

    Going all the way back to the article, while I kind of get Shamrock’s point, I think it’s very one-sided. First of all, let go the idea that they didn’t recruit enough in the summer to compete in Europe. Nobody disagrees with that. So that’s led us to this point where players are breaking down and we end up with a field full of kids. Shamrock says they should be good enough by now.

    Two counter-points:

    1. Santon and Bigi are good enough NOW but neither was until they’d had a big run in the side, with senior players all around them. The Brighton match really was a 2nd string, with no experienced core to provide the structure and stability for the younguns to work within.

    2. Out of about 10 young players mentioned, you could argue that Santon, Bigi, Ober and possibly Fergie and Sammy have delivered or look like doing so. I’d argue that to be a pretty good return. Shamrock cherry-picks the best young players from across the prem as if that proves that ALL young players make the grade. That’s meaningless unless you then compare it to those from the same clubs that DIDN’T make it.

    If NUFC could reliably recruit young players that go on to become first-teamers, we’d be the richest club on earth. Slagging off a youth system that’s probably better than most is, IMHO, counter-productive and missing the point.

    There’s one glaring reason for the problems, and every one agrees on it: too small a squad for a team competing in 4 competitions. Ashley gambled, and for the first time in years it’s gone bad. Simple as.

  164. 164
    kev says:

    Newcastle United: Alnwick, Logan (Riley), Streete, Satka, Ferguson, Miele, Abeid, Maddison (Hooper), Ranger, Campbell, Amalifitano. Subs not used: Kitchen, Mitchell, Knight.

    Well thats the development side which lost to Bedlington last night. including Ranger and Campbell up front and backed by Abeid, Amalifitano and Ferguson, so thats 5 fringe 1st XI players, who are not good enough to beat bedlington, no dispect to bedlington. But the main point is that they were beaten by players who’d previously been let go as not good enough. Ranger and Campbell are probably on the Bench on Sat and they didn’t manage to score against Richard Pell, (again no disrespect pelly, but you’re no spring Chicken)…

    perhaps we should ring Bradford and offer a swap deal, our whole development squad for your 1st team + 10m, at least they put some effort in when they are on the pitch. Our kids act as if they are superstars and just have to turn up to earn their money, we should stop giving them our money and find some other mugs to pay the wages.

  165. 165
    mark says:

    So now Remy wants to wait, meaning he doesnt quite fancy us…even if we managed to put in a bid..

    So much for “identifying players’ which was a year ago.. why didnt we start sounding out these players last year when interest regarding Ba first started. We’ve knew for ages this could of happened. Same at centerhalf. we always react too late despite Carr being here, there and everywhere..

  166. 166
    Whumpie says:

    Hang on – everyone’s suddenly a recruitment expert. We know NUFC have been after Remy for ages and probably sounded him out years ago as per Carr’s normal approach. The stuff that’s causing problems now – basically other clubs coming in – is what happens, and there’s nowt you can do to stop it. Remy is being sensible in taking a bit of time – but I hope he realises that this club won’t wait around for long.
    There is only so much a recruitment team can do in advance – like it or not, the intentions of agents and other clubs only come to light once the window opens, and then all the familiar shite starts up. Inevitably the only consistent winners are the agents.

  167. 167
    kev says:

    ok, we identified Remy when ?, Ba left when ? and reports that we have still not made an offer or we are expected to in the near future.
    You cant blame agents, other clubs, the player. If we’ve not put in an offer there is only one place to blame, thats us.
    If we put in a “serious” offer (not £3m) and its turned down or he wants to consider options, fair enough, but we have still not actually got round to deciding if we want him yet.
    Perhaps there is another meeting planned for next week where we will decide if we are going to put an offer in or not, then the week after it will be passed to Mike for signoff then on the final day of the window we will make and offer, it will be turned down and then we will get the “we tried, but just couldn’t get it over the line”. reports.

    took 2 days for Chelsea to get Ba if you believe Ba saying he only got the call on the morning of the Everton game.

  168. 168
    Johno Toon says:

    Whumpie at 166 agree , the biggest winners in the transfer windows are the agents. I think until players pay their own agent fees there will always be this type of circus. Players can get their union the PFA to neogitate on their behalf for free.
    In regards to the article , think its will written and makes some good points. However I do think Ashley has improved our youth set up. But like a lot of things under his stewardship it could be better. I think we do need more coaches but you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink it. Players do need to take responsibilty for their development too. You can have all the tools to be a good player but be a dickhead and not do anything with it. Ala Nile Ranger. No matter how much coaching you give him he doesnt have the right attitude for it and wont make it.

  169. 169
    georgio says:

    The silence from the club and even the lack of journo info is becoming deafening. I’m starting to believe that when Pardew said we’d sign one player he actually meant it. Then he said if we lost one he’d make that two. Probably end up saying well we tried but (whatever).
    My blood has stopped boiling at the disarray we’re in but my god it’s been a depressing couple of months.

  170. 170
    Whumpie says:

    Agree on Ranger. I was actually hoping he’d not score to keep us in the FA Cup. It would just be wrong.

    It took Chelski 2 days to get Ba because they’re the European Champions and he knew nobody was going to top their offer. As he said himself: no-brainer.

    With Remy he has options, and in case nobody’s noticed, the other clubs haven’t signed him either. An offer at too early a stage is meaningless; there are a lot of thing that have to happen beforehand, and you don’t show your hand too early. Right now the club will be studying the rival clubs, their finances and squad, and trying to guess what they’re likely to run to, what terms they can offer and so on. Hopefully those clubs will blink first and make an offer so they know what they’re up against.

    The idea of just making a massive offer to a club and player right from the off (thereby losing millions on each player) are the preserve of clubs run by blood money, oil money, or both. Hopefully the FFP rules wil cut it down too.

  171. 171
    Whumpie says:

    Georgio – agree that Pardew’s rhetoric has been worrying. I’m just hoping it’s BS to help in negotiations. Spouting about how desperate they are is hardly going to keep prices down.

    (That’s my rose-tinted theory and I’m sticking to it for the sake of my sanity…)

  172. 172
    Stuart79 says:

    Whumpie – How you can think Ameobi and Fergie have delivered is beyond me! Santon was bought as a 1st team player, not a development player. Bigi is debatable too.

    Obertan? HaHaHaHa!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  173. 173
    georgio says:

    Whumpie – Pardew, Ashley, us, the team, . . . sanity? My rose tinted specs are fogged up!

  174. 174
    georgio says:

    I’m also surprised Debuchy came so quick. If we’d been top 6 then Remy would be here now.

  175. 175
    blip says:

    Good posts, Whumpie. I largely agree on most fronts.

    I think we could do with a few more coaches but you can cite failed youth players at every premier league club. None of us know how many players are signed at 16-18 for our rivals, hyped by fans and promptly fall short.

    I can’t think of anyone at Chelsea or Man Utd recently that have really broken through that weren’t bought at a similar stage in their development to Bigi. Josh McEachran at CFC maybe looks the most promising, and even he’s only really proved so far that he can hack it as a regular in the fizzies.

    For every Cleverley at Man U there’s at least 5 Obertans, Bebes and Machedas. I think Sammeobi is a write-off, but Vuckic has a chance if he can shake off the injuries, and that would give us as good a recent return as Manure. The only difference is that their first team and bought reserves are of a higher standard than ours. Their ‘development’ squad seems just as prone to donkeys as ours.

  176. 176
    Johno Toon says:

    Think its very harsh to write off Sammy just yet. IM not saying he has set the world on fire ( or is going too ) but still too early to write off his whole career just yet.

  177. 177
    Whumpie says:

    Don’t get me wrong – I think it needs to improve, but judging our youth output by comparing only to the very few good individuals and ignoring the others – plus judging performances in a ‘youth’ starting 11 versus the like of Wilshere when he’s playing with 10 first-teamers – is just trying too hard to be pessimistic.

    Incidentally, I do think Sammy may yet come good (50/50), and I’m pretty sure Fergie will. Tav needs playing time with a more experienced back 4, but could be ok. The rest? Too early to tell.

  178. 178
    Johno Toon says:

    Whumpie if we got 3 players from our current set up such as Sammy Fergie and Tav , we would been doing very well. I think you could add Vuckic to that list ( if he stayed injury free ) and we look like we have 4 decent prospects.

  179. 179
    JJ says:

    Johnno Toon

    Sammi has looked like a terrible prospect. He just doesn’t have it.

  180. 180
    Stuart79 says:

    Whumpie – I think Ameobi and Ferguson will come good and be good players but at the moment they are looking way out of their depth. They should be playing regular for a Championship side but due to the inadequances of the regime they are being forced to play in the PL and not looking up to it.

  181. 181
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    How’s everyone else feeling at the moment?? I’m pretty much fucked off with everything as it stands.

  182. 182
    Big Dave says:

    :shock: Aussie whats up with you mate , its not like you to be fuked off your normally the cheery one :roll:

  183. 183
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, I know mate, what is that telling you? :-)

  184. 184
    Big Dave says:

    Aussie but what has got you that way ?

  185. 185
    stevep says:

    Totally agree – if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.
    If you can’t nail down a regular spot at 23 we should be shipping them out

  186. 186
    Troy Stavers says:



    Even those that criticised us for being neggars are now more negative than us. :razz:

    I’m surprised people are surprised that we haven’t done anything more than, one in one out.

    I believe that those who think we will spend more than £3m -£5m after all the trading has finished at the end of the window, will be shocked.

    I expect to see a couple of cheap buys and if we do splash out on Remy then we will offload.

  187. 187
    mark says:

    @Aussie Magpie Fan

    me too… same old shit. we identify, we visit, we wait, we miss out…

    other teams secure players straight away without having a billionaire chairman, club in the black and 52k fans every week…

  188. 188
    mark says:

    @Troy Stavers

    u said at the start of the season you were content as we didnt lose anyone, same as most ppl really..

  189. 189
    MDS says:

    I think I’m ready to jump back on the Erik Pieters bandwagon. Obviously his injury history is a concern but that should lower the price, especially since he only has a year and ahalf left on his contract. I’m willing to take the chance for a 24 year old dutch int’l.

  190. 190
    mark says:

    lets just kick out Pardew and tap-up Laudrup :shock: . Not many fans enjoy Pardews football so lets get sexy football back on the menu… he’d bring the best out of or French stars and can work on a shoestring…

  191. 191
    Moreno says:

    I like it how everyone speculates WHO we will sign on tweeter etc…haha!!

    For me the question is WILL we sign ANYONE?

    I personally believe no. We will rely on the players coming back from injury to lift us out. They’ve done this before and the fans wrath has been water off a ducks. Expect it again I say. Hope I’m wrong mind.

    (I am not counting Debuchy in this by the way before some clever un pipes up :lol: )

  192. 192
    Big Dave says:

    Mark @ 188 or 189 I cant remember Troy saying that as I thought he was in the same neggar camp as me and a few others :roll:

    Troy yeah they are just a bit slower to see what some of us seen back in the summer :lol: :lol: :lol:

  193. 193
    MDS says:

    Mark @188. I was “OK” with the summer business at the time if I’m honest. Had we gotten debuchy over the line then plus signed a CB I would have given the window a very high grade indeed. The lack of a CB was my only real concern because I have never rated Willo even a little bit, but hoped the return of STaylor would see us through. Obviosuly that wasn’t the case….

  194. 194
    georgio says:

    Aussie – pleased (is that even the right word) to see I’m not the only one the situation’s getting down. That Brighton performance was truly awful. Anyone notice that Lua Lua was way better than Sammy and Obertan?
    Dummett looked a great improvement on Willo too.
    Sick as a parrot with every thing to do with the club even down to Lee Ryder who can’t even compose a headline in correct English. Jesus.

  195. 195
    KIMTOON says:

    Still no CB in then :roll:

  196. 196
    MDS says:

    I’d love to see dummett get a league start over williamson. Might as well see what he’s got- nothing to lose

  197. 197
    KIMTOON says:

    The utter silence from the club and press is deafening. Mark my words Debuchy is our lot as we obviously have to sell to buy . Sorry state of affairs for such a big club.

  198. 198
    Big Dave says:

    Kim calm down and have a bit of faith in the club, you know they won’t let us down :lol:

  199. 199
    Whumpie says:

    I think we’ll see one more, but that’s probably it. 2 fewer than we need, but probably all that we’ll get. That’s still 2 players more than most clubs will get, I suppose – but most clubs haven’t gone from 5th to relegation fodder.
    No complaints about Debuchy, btw – it was quick, decisive, and showed flexibility and realism in recruitment. Just need the same done for a striker and a CB.

  200. 200
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    The BS Pardew will spout, will be along the lines of “I’m happy we have kept our great squad together and not lost anyone”
    “I’m happy to finish the season with what we have got”
    “We just need to get a couple of our crocks back and we’ll have more quality on the pitch”
    “Mikes supported me very well in this transfer window, I cant thank him enough”
    “Dereks tried so hard to get a striker and Defender over the line, but it just wasn’t that easy”
    “we will have another look at it in the summer”
    “once we start winning a few matches we’ll be fine”
    Blah Blah Blah.

  201. 201
    KIMTOON says:

    Dave @ 198 ,aye, good old Jabba ,never lets us down. :roll:

    Whumpie @ 199 ,Debuchy should of come in ,in the summer and I honestly think we’d still be waiting on him until next summer if it wasn’t for the fact we are stareing down the barrel now. It’s also interesting he wasn’t comfirmed until Ba was comfirmed as a Chelsea player ,which shows we have a one out one in policy which is madness as it still leaves us woefully short at the back and up front as we were in the summer .

  202. 202
    KIMTOON says:

    If we are to get our FWD and CB we may well end up losing Benny or Cabaye to fund it. :sad:

  203. 203
    GeordieTwo says:

    It seems we’re desperately short of both attackers and defenders for the Norwich game. Shola is suspended so it’s probably Cisse to start with Ranger on the bench? Perch, Saylor, and Simpson all injured and Colo has a slight knock. So Colo may be in there with Willo but no bench depth. Very underwhelming. Rumours we’re looking for a CB but any real bids in? No. So in other words we’re approaching clubs with hand out looking for a cheap bargain CB. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it. Really our defence has been a shambles for some time. Thank god we should have Debuchy to start. Weak in the midfield as well with both Cabaye and Ben Arfa still out and a poor performance from the Reserves with 5 players with first team experience in the lineup. Other than that everything’s rosy.

  204. 204
    KIMTOON says:

    Without Saylor ,Benny and Cabaye and god forbid Colo too ,we will get nowt at Norwich and quite honestly if the club don’t get a shift on with these signings it’s no less than the lot of em deserve. How many whippings we got to get befor those brainless f*@$s sort us out . :evil:

  205. 205
    GeordieTwo says:

    Except we haven’t kept our great squad together BB, we’ve lost our best striker Ba. We probably will bring someone in but will the replacement give us the goals we need or at least supply them for Cisse? I hope so or we are really in deep. And if we spend on a striker there will be nothing in the kitty for a CB in all likelihood. It’s a dicey game we’re playing but Ashley has always been up for a gamble. What he will do if it fails is another question. Can anyone see him wanting another battle in the Championship with half the squad gone (the good half no doubt)?

  206. 206
    Stuart79 says:

    Good to see the reality train getting busier.

  207. 207
    Shamrock says:

    Whumpie, Santon was a 1st teamer in his teens. Bigi was at Coventry when he was a youth, he’s still only 19. Younger than pretty much all of our own ‘youth’ products and better than them.

    Obertan was not developed by us and he’s rubbish anyway. Santon was not deleloled by us either, so you cannot count them.

    Will Ameobi ever be able to score, tackle or cross consistently? I doubt it. You cannot argue that he is there or there abouts. He would struggle in the Championship.

    Fergie & Vuckic might make it, but they are not there yet and are in their 20’s. we do not have 1 current player from our youth set up that is a 1st teamer. That’s why I compare to all of those names above, who are all streets ahead of anybody we have moulded ourselves.

    That said, this is only mynopinion at the end of the day and we all see things differently :grin:

  208. 208
    premandup says:

    Did Krul & Saylor bot come through our youth system?

  209. 209
    GeordieTwo says:

    So with no true development prospects that we actually brought through our own system except perhaps Campbell, Dummett and possibly Vuckic if he could ever stay fit (which is looking increasingly unlikely) what have our reserve and junior coaches been doing exactly? We have brought a few more younguns in like Good, and Hooper but is it enough to give good competition for senior places in the future? I can’t see it and now I worry that we actually impede the progress of many young players. Is that why we needed a cleanout last season? Is it because we actually ruined several young players then had to get rid? It’s a horrible thought but what evidence do we have to the contrary? Good seems to be prospering but he is out on loan as was Dummett. What use is our Reserve team? All it seems to be good for is injuring players.

  210. 210
    GeordieTwo says:

    Aye Premand it’s good to mention the few positives like Saylor and Krul. The jury is still out to some extent on Saylor though with all the injuries and many seasons already ruined for him. But at least there’s Krul. But will they be the only ones for years to come unless Good, Dummett or Campbell make it?

  211. 211
    KIMTOON says:

    Krul and our other keepers have a seperate coach from the outfield players .

  212. 212
    GeordieTwo says:

    Why have we never seen Brad Inman even on the bench? He is in his twenties now and from all accounts has been a very handy player over the last few years. What is going on there? Is he not getting good comments from the reserve coaches? If not why is he still with us? He has been relatively injury free compared with Vuckic and Gosling yet no first team opportunities at all that I can remember. We need someone in the press to start asking questions.

  213. 213
    Shamrock says:

    To be fair, Krul was developed by the current set up – I’ll give them that. Saylor was developed prior to Ashley.

  214. 214
    GeordieTwo says:

    So disappointed with Sameobi over the last few appearances. To me he has regressed quite a bit. Another worry is whether Fergie will ever be big and strong enough to be a decent Prem player. I don’t know what to think of Ranger either. Has he finally turned over a new leaf as far as behaviour is concerned and is it too late for him with us? We have a lot of big question marks for a team who were supposedly going to build a great squad for the future.

  215. 215
    MDS says:

    GeordieTwo says:
    January 9, 2013 at 17:20
    But will they be the only ones for years to come unless Good, Dummett or Campbell make it?

    Spme people seem to be high on Streete as well….

  216. 216
    Whumpie says:

    I’ll be impressed if anyone can name a significantly more successful youth setup than ours over the last three years. Carroll and Krul alone speak volumes, and if just one of the ones we’ve been discussing above make it, that has to put us on a par with the best.
    What’s not appropriate is judging these players by a game when they all played together; you have to do what we’ve done with Bigi and surround them with experience – otherwise of course you’ll get reserves standard; it’s a team game.

  217. 217
    Whumpie says:

    GeordieTwo – agree on Sammy; has gone backwards a fair bit. But the ability’s there. Perhaps he is more susceptible to squad mood than others?

  218. 218
    GeordieTwo says:

    I don’t think we have enough information on Streete MDS but would love to hear more from others about him. We have seen a fair bit of Tavernier and I haven’t been impressed so far. Whumpie @216 I’m not sure what to respond there. Carroll isn’t exactly a great success however. The only real standout is Krul and he represents several years of the entire development side of things. Is that really that impressive? Not so sure. We seem to turn over a huge number of players without success. I know a very good success rate is considered to be 1 player a year but I don’t really think we are achieving that at the moment. It’s always better to ask questions and strive to improve anyway and if I were in the club I would be asking questions.

  219. 219
    Whumpie says:

    Hmm – maybe that’s true and we are underperfoming. It needs to improve, that’s for sure. Need the players!

  220. 220
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    I see we are being linked with Mevlut Erdinc again
    Seems like the Regime are getting desperate now.
    Or maybe its just the press regurgitating any old news/targets from years ago

  221. 221
    GeordieTwo says:

    Aye Whumpie mate we need first team players now and we need to know the development side of things is under proper management. This is a time for questions with us sitting 15th and the reserve and youth sides underperforming by all accounts. Silence from Ash/Llam and the board isn’t exactly reassuring at this point either.

  222. 222
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Why are we being linked with Tomkins again, when he isn’t wanted by Wet Spam. Are we really that desperate. ffs

  223. 223
  224. 224
  225. 225
    Shamrock says:

    Dont click on 223. We’ve seen that one!

  226. 226
    Alex says:

    Mick Lowes on total sport just said we are in serious negotions with 2 players and are going for 3 or 4, he said we dont mind paying abit more money for good players but wont be taken for mugs, sounded very confident as well. went on to say expect a signing in the next 5 days.

    Any one know serious mick lowes can be taken.

  227. 227
    KIMTOON says:

    Going for 3 or 4 ,yeah right ,my arse. :lol:

  228. 228
    KIMTOON says:

    Sorry Alex ,not getting at you by the way ;-)

  229. 229
    GeordieTwo says:

    Talk of 3 or 4 players means nothing at this point. Let’s see some forma bids and actual discussions with players before we get excited. This has happened all too often in the past and lead to nothing. Don’t even bother starting up the helicopter stories Llambias. :evil:

  230. 230
    GeordieTwo says:

    Should read formal bids. Sorry.

  231. 231
    UTD111 says:

    Alex – I wouldn’t take Mick Lowes’ statements too seriously….

    He’s been fed a line by a so-called source – but the fans have been fed bullshit for at lest the last 2 transfer windows too

    No difference really – he knows as much or as little as we do – which is nowt!

  232. 232
    Alex says:

    Just telling you what he said i dont have a clue who he is, is he close to the club haha

  233. 233
    Alex says:

    He said he heard direct from nufc player and non- player source and we are quite far dowl the line with 2 players but loic remy is early stage discussions at this stage.

    He said the sources said we wil definitely DEFINITELY be signing players and he said more than people may think

    He expected movement in the next 5-6 days.

    Being honest he sounded really confident. like he wanted to throw names but he couldnt.

    Anyway we shall see :shock:

  234. 234
    GeordieTwo says:

    It sounds interesting Alex but again until we see some real offers and players coming in for medicals I won’t get too excited. If we lose to Norwich perhaps that will add some urgency to whatever negotiations are actually happening? I would hope so.

  235. 235
    Alex says:


    I agree mate lets wait and see but you dont usually hear some one sound so confident about signings

  236. 236
    richietoon says:

    Alex…He does the toon matchday commentary for BBC Newcastle but no idea how “ITK” he is, probably a bit more than we are……but not much more ;-)

  237. 237
    premandup says:

    Yher will definitely be lots of signings this window he said confidently. unfortunately not by us. :mrgreen:

  238. 238
  239. 239
    Troy Stavers says:



    I did say I was happy we kept all our players in the summer but I also stated it was a disgrace we didn’t get a CB.

    We’ve needed one for several seasons.

  240. 240
    GeordieTwo says:

    Beautiful Michu goal. What a player. Swansea ahead now.

  241. 241
    GeordieTwo says:

    I like Laudrup as a manager. Has a very organized side who know how to defend and attack. How would he compare with Pardew? I would have to say Laudrup looks good right now but let’s give it another season. Will Pardew still be here to compare him to though?

  242. 242
    mark says:

    I can’t believe there was a list of players up here the other night of all the usual suspects but nobody fancied Laudrup.

  243. 243
    GeordieTwo says:

    Aye Mark he’s looking to be a canny manager so far in the Prem.

  244. 244
    GeordieTwo says:

    Chelsea not having much success breaking down Swansea so far. Lampard is in for Ramires now.

  245. 245
    mark says:

    Considering there’s not many decent managers around that would come to Newcastle I think we should take a look at him before someone like West Ham start sniffing.

    Swansea are really well organised. Always look to pass out of trouble and have a great team ethos..

  246. 246
    mark says:

    here’s Demba…

  247. 247
    Munich Mag says:

    Actually I think Swansea are just sitting deep and defending with two banks of 4 and 5 in defence, and just letting Chelsea have the ball. It’s not pretty, it’s just getting men behind the ball, and clearing it when it comes in. It’s not particularly pretty, and not particularly difficult I would imagine. Swansea mark zonally whenever anyone comes ino the zone. We were doing something similar last season, and we had Demba Ba to sniff out the goals on the break. I would not go overboard about Laudrup’s tactics on this occassion, he’s not doing anything that Pardew wasn’t doing last season.

  248. 248
    mark says:


    I never mentioned this game. I meant in general when i said well organised etc

  249. 249
    mark says:

    Swansea have played the least long balls in the Premier League this season. I think we were at the top.. :shock:

  250. 250
    GeordieTwo says:

    Yes so far this season Laudrup has done well. I do think we need to see a bit more of him. Michu’s goal gives him the opportunity to play a defensive game and they are doing it well away from home. No panic in that defense unlike ours several times this season. Interesting debate on here today again as usual.

  251. 251
    mark says:

    lol Demba booked for a dive in the last min. he didnt really dive, LOL


    nice goal…

    terrible back pass by Chelsea..

  252. 252
    GeordieTwo says:

    Another goal from a Chelsea mistake. Graham scores in extra time. Tremendous poise from Swansea.

  253. 253
    funkyjesus says:

    We can kiss goodbye to a cheap deal for Danny Graham.

  254. 254
    Munich Mag says:

    Mark@248, no problem mate, I wasn’t having a pop at you. I just watched 25 minutes of the Chelsea Swansea game, and although Swansea are winning they haven’t been out of there own half, and haven’t seen much of the ball. It is obviously effective but not particularly attractive.

  255. 255
    mark says:

    why arent we going after ppl like Danny Graham??? Why is it always France we visit when players are right under our nose?

    Graham set to join Sunderland for £4m once Swansea agree deal for Stoke striker Jones

  256. 256
    Sharpy17 says:

    What if Mick Lowe is right? – what if we do get 2-3 quality players in this window?
    Would people give the board credit, or would it be a case of too little too late and this should have been done in the summer?

    I’m not deluding myself here, I’m just interested to know how people feel?

    And before everyone posts “it’s irrelevant coz its not gonna happen anyway” – just entertain me please.

  257. 257
    mark says:

    ah just realised.. he’s 27.. far too old, even at 3mill. not much sell-on value at 27 :roll:

  258. 258
    Andymag says:

    Graham scored again tonight and held the ball well when he was on, do we want him?

  259. 259
    mark says:


    Yes m8 I would be happy. I’m just stuck in a pissed-off rut at the minute lol

    Hopefully a cpl of players and some of our purples coming back is enough and Pardews tactics can take us forward.. i do have my doubts tho..

  260. 260
    Big Dave says:

    3-4 players :shock: we must be selling a few 1st then maybe thats what the hold up is

    Troy I didn’t know you were in the Happy camp last summer ? there was me thinking you were the inspector on the reality train :roll:

  261. 261
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – I’d take him tomorrow. He’s exactly the type of player we need and would improve our CF options hugely. Would he get him before Shola, Ranger and Xisco? – absolutely! Is he scoring more than Cisse – Yip!. Forget his age, Debuchy is 27!!, if we could get Graham in for £3-4m I’d take him without question.

  262. 262
    mark says:

    what does Ronaldo see in her :roll:

    Ive seen better looking women in wor local greggs

  263. 263
    mark says:

    @Big Dave

    aye see, Troy made a few comments that tickled me, you took your eye off the ball m8 ;-) woooo hooooo :lol:

  264. 264
    Big Dave says:

    Mark my fault I haven’t been about too much so have missed out on things :lol: So are you still a happy clappy member or are you back on the fence ? did you say you were happy with the summer window :?: :?:

  265. 265
    mark says:

    @Big Dave..

    Lol ahhhh didums..

    I call Troy, u step in to defend him as usual and Troy admits he said he was happy :lol: , now you have a dig with the fence talk lol

    woooo hoooo

  266. 266
    mark says:

    Is Danny Graham just having a good season or is he worth a bid?

    He is 27. looks a good player tho and is different to what we’ve got..?

  267. 267
    Alex says:

    Theres a link to Mick Lowes on total sport if you want a listen

  268. 268
    Big Dave says:

    Mark I didn’t defend him :shock: I just stated that I thought he was on the reality train :!: where or how did I defend him :?:
    As for having a dig at you how I just asked if you were still a member of the happy clappy club or were you back on the fence ;-)
    Jez you are paranoid

  269. 269
    Alex says:

    about 18 minutes in

  270. 270
    Sharpy17 says:

    Mark – Graham had a canny season last season as well to be fair. He’s really hard working IMO, not the quickest but gets into good positions and can finish. Like I said before, he’s a better player to those we currently have backing Cisse up.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d want others in aswell, but if we are loosing Ranger and Xisco in the summer, Graham would be a good replacement.

  271. 271
    mark says:

    @BD. u did m8 @192. jumped straight in like batfink with your protective wings of steel after I said Troy was happy.. ;-)

  272. 272
    mark says:


    for us to even mention Ranger and Xisco in our squad of forwards is embarrassing. They should be long gone. Take out Shola who can be dangerous but can’t play every game we are desperately short of quality.

    Even Shane Long would give us a different option. Lets get the center-halves sorted first tho lol

  273. 273
    Big Dave says:

    Mark :shock: is that what you call defending :lol: :lol: ok

    So are you going to tell me are you still happy with the clubs summer window ? :?: or is that a touchy subject :lol: as you seem very defensive tonight

  274. 274
    Sharpy17 says:

    Mark – I think Long is also a very hard working and very good CF who also has pace. But I reckon WBA would want close to £10m for him I reckon.
    I’d even look at someone like Charlie Austin from Burnley 23 and can score goals.

  275. 275
    KIMTOON says:

    Re Danny Graham, Has been at Boro, loaned to Darlington, Derby ,Leeds ,Blackpool, and( Carlisle both as loanee and player . ) Scored 11 times in 56 appearences on his loan spells but since then , 2007 has gotten more prolific Carlisle 89 apps 29 goals

    Watford 91 apps 38goals

    Swansea 51 apps 15goals to date and been at Swansea since 2011.

    If anyones interested.

  276. 276
    mark says:


    Aye, I was pretty happy with the window for not selling but not as happy with the one purchase. I was led to believe that we would sell sell sell by some neggers infiltrating my simple little brain :lol: So I was over the moon we kept out better players, this obviously wasnt enough tho.

    we should of definitely strengthened as our squad was thin. I’m more concerned now with Pardew and his tactics /excuses/ team selections.

    We’re you happy with the window?

  277. 277
    mark says:

    sorry were u happy?

    I think Troy said we’d finish 6th again :razz:

  278. 278
    KIMTOON says:

    Going by those figures ,he’s o.k and could do a great squad job but he’s no Shearer like ;-) so best not to go overboard in our desperation ,but yes I would be happy to see him arrive.

  279. 279
  280. 280
    Big Dave says:

    Mark no I wasn’t happy with the window it’s a disgrace that we weakened the team rather than strengthen it especially with the Europa lge.
    As for the rest of this season I am sure once we get a few players in and our other players back we’ll be ok , but we need players in

  281. 281
    Big Dave says:

    Reet Lads and Lasses thats me outta here Mark let us know if you want a seat booked on the reality train

  282. 282
    Newkie says:

    Well, congratulations to Swansea. Can only think we missed a real trick by forcing Carr to stay in France and ignoring the certainly more talented and at the time, better value for money La Liga players…Michu would have been a steal.

    Funny, I don’t hear the Swansea chairman being a smarmy c*nt about getting deals doen either..

  283. 283
    Troy Stavers says:


    @mark & Dave

    I did state I was happy with keeping the main players in the summer. In fact I was blown away by it. I was certain Jabba would sell at least one.
    I do believe that was good fortune that nobody came in for them tho. ;-)

    As far as the squad went, I consistently stated we should have built on our strong position. We should have strengthened.

    I was disappointed we didn’t as I wanted us to try and push on from 5th.

    I was openly critical of the board about this and in particular the CB which we failed to get again.

    Due to the lack of strengthening of the other clubs around us I felt we could still get 6 th place.

    However, as we’ve seen, no one could have predicted this slump just like we never predicted 5th last year.

    Mark, your not accurate in your assessment. To clarify, I was not happy with our strengthening at all, but was satisfied we kept our star players.

    I stated if we don’t qualify for Europe this season then its been a failure by the board. I believe we should have gone out and bought extra players to ensure it.

    Don’t try and get me on your side with the regime.

    Dave, take no notice of him. He’s using Oz tactics of unfair play :-)

  284. 284
    Troy Stavers says:


    Aye. Since those days when I constructed the reality train with my bare hands, ( I knocked in every bolt and rivet, welded the iron framework during the night between work, collected the coal from seaton sluice beach and took my steam engine the far reaches of England.

    The train was put in storage for last season but I never stopped polishing it, knowing it would be back in service in the near future.

    There’s an old steam train museum in Tanfield on the borders of Sunniside, Gateshead, where I store it.

    I’m off up there now to get it out. All aboard. :razz:

    No credit to me mind Mark! It was my deceased grandma Baba Vanga who told me thru the spirits that I had to build the train.

    Grandma Baba RIP but keep in touch.

  285. 285
    Big Dave says:

    Troy Aye the sameway he was trying to accuse me in the wrong :shock: he must think we’re still wet behind the ears :lol:
    Although I don’t think he is on the Regimes side anymore I think he has got his head outta the sand and is probably sipping a coffee now thinking ” what a fool the Regime made of me ” ;-)

  286. 286
    Troy Stavers says:



    Ha! Love it! :razz: :razz:

    We did warn him. He worshipped the ground Jabba walked on and rumour has it he had a crush on Dekka. :razz: :oops:

  287. 287
    Big Dave says:

    Troy don’t be too hard on him, he’s maybe just young and foolish. But hopfully he has learnt a lesson now and knows that you cant trust the regime.

    I see Joey has tweeted that Remy is staying now in answer to a toon fan asking him to talk Remy into joining us.

  288. 288
    KIMTOON says:

    Dave @287 ,Did we ever think he was actually coming anyway? I know I didn’t/don’t. ;-) I’m not totally sold on him ,his form hasn’t been great but maybe a change is what he needs who knows.

    No CB in yet then I see :roll: I won’t hold me breath on that one either. :sad:

  289. 289
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Troy, I must say I laughed out loud in regards to this snippet in your reality train piece ” I never stop polishing it” :-) :-)

  290. 290
    Big Dave says:

    Kim I agree about Remy.

    Aussie are you still blanking me ? About what got you so pissed off ? Was it our season so far- the players, lack of signings, Ba or just a mix off them all ? You know Uncle Dave is here for ye ;-)

  291. 291
    KIMTOON says:

    Morning Aussie ,Did you see my news years resolution to be a glass half full type ? ,I been repeating my POSTIVE THOUGHTS mantra ,but the board have made it very hard for me to stay focused.Think I’m falling off the wagon mate. :sad:

  292. 292
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    I’d never blank you mate.. :-) I went to bed after my last post yesterday…. It’s just the lack of real effort and desire on the park mate. It boils my piss to be honest. I can take losses when effort has been applied but I struggle with losses when players are not giving it their all.. And the poor form and results snowballs and everything bad off the park gets magnified as a result. Shit stuff all round at the moment.

  293. 293
    KIMTOON says:

    Think Arry is losing his touch ,First he can’t land Remy now his £5M bid for Olsen has been rejected :lol:

  294. 294
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Kim :-) :-) I did see that. Those positive thoughts will be hard to maintain for a whole year, you have set yourself a tough resolution :-) :-)

  295. 295
    KIMTOON says:

    Ollson * even :roll:

  296. 296
    Big Dave says:

    Kim never mind you falling of the wagon, I just hope the wheels don’t fall off the Toon wagon as there is allready a few broken spokes.

    Aussie atleast you know now what its like for us being pissed off with the Regime.
    I honestly think with a few more signings (good ones ) and our best players back and we’ll be ok again.
    Fuk to think im normally classed as one of the neggaKim never mind you falling of the wagon, I just hope the wheels don’t fall off the Toon wagon as there is allready a few broken spokes.

    Aussie atleast you know now what its like for us being pissed off with the Regime.
    I honestly think with a few more signings (good ones ) and our best players back and we’ll be ok again.
    Fuk to think im normally classed as one of the neggaKim never mind you falling of the wagon, I just hope the wheels don’t fall off the Toon wagon as there is allready a few broken spokes.

    Aussie atleast you know now what its like for us being pissed off with the Regime.
    I honestly think with a few more signings (good ones ) and our best players back and we’ll be ok again.
    Fuk to think im normally classed as one of the neggaKim never mind you falling of the wagon, I just hope the wheels don’t fall off the Toon wagon as there is allready a few broken spokes.

    Aussie atleast you know now what its like for us being pissed off with the Regime.
    I honestly think with a few more signings (good ones ) and our best players back and we’ll be ok again.
    Fuk to think im normally classed as one of the neggas and here’s me trying to cheer you up :lol:

  297. 297
    KIMTOON says:

    Aussie ,aye ,harder than qutting cigs :lol:

    Off out cya ;-)

  298. 298
    KIMTOON says:

    Dave, Your PC or phone is having a seizure mate wtf :lol:

  299. 299
    Big Dave says:

    :shock: WTF happened my comment it looks like the needle is stuck :lol:

  300. 300
    Troy Stavers says:



    WTF was gannin on there?? :razz:

    WTF was gannin on there?? :razz:

    WTF was gannin on there?? :razz:

    WTF was gannin on there?? :razz:

  301. 301
    Johno Toon says:

    Is there an echo in here? :lol:

  302. 302
    Troy Stavers says:


    According to the dark side (other blog), Remy is stating that he is waiting til the end of the window to weigh up all his options.

    Big dilemma. Hope they have a plan B.

    Uh oh – I’ve just remembered. Plan B is always the same. Shola :shock: :shock: :shock:

  303. 303
    mark says:

    @BD ” I think he has got his head outta the sand and is probably sipping a coffee now thinking ” what a fool the Regime made of me”

    far from it mate, I’ve been drinking green tea for ages now :)

  304. 304
    mark says:

    So we identified players a good while ago. Interest in Ba started last year. We’ve sold him and stepped up our interest in some of the players we had identified..

    We let it be known we like Remy, we visit France and held talks Friday/Sat. now its Thurs… WHERES THE F**KING BID THEN YOU MUPPETS..

    it’ll be another week before a bid goes in @ around 6.5mill

    1/3 of the month gone.. tick tock tick tock

  305. 305
    mark says:

    @Troy 302 thats a week old that story m8. keep up yer auld fart.. ;-)

  306. 306
    richietoon says:

    Feckin hell Dave, we heard you the first time man :roll:

  307. 307
    mark says:

    who thinks if Pardew starts Jonas ahead of Marv when he returns from fitness, he should be sacked on the spot? :shock:

  308. 308
    icedog says:

    RICHIE you get on humping gear into your new abode,doesnt take much to stop dave working ;-)

  309. 309
    richietoon says:

    Not me, though I would think he was a c@nt :shock: ;-)

  310. 310
    mark says:

    whats plan C? give Ranger a new contract??

  311. 311
    richietoon says:

    Ice…Me??? manual labour?? :shock: the packers are grafting away now, I would have got Mark to do it but his rates are shocking! ;-) :lol:

  312. 312
    icedog says:

    MARK pardew has already hinted that jonas will play this morning mate,but surely he cannot drop marv,but who knows with pardew, ive lost the plot

  313. 313
    icedog says:

    RICHIE has anybody told you manual labour is “not”a spanish drink,aye i heard mark was owr the knot with his price he has a few quid but keeps it quiet in case batty short-arms him :grin: :grin:

  314. 314
    mark says:

    @icedog :cry:

    apparently he’s gonna reward Obertan after his sterling performance v Brighton with a start instead of Cisse :lol:

    get him out I say.. :grin:

  315. 315
    mark says:


    lol you have ppl packing for you. u lazy shit. remember to hide your rampant Rhino you have tucked under your pillow. :shock:

    I only charge £20 an hour m8. but one of my workers is blind and the other is an amputee. He struggles driving our 3wheeler Reliant never mind getting up the stairs :grin:

  316. 316
    mark says:



  317. 317
    richietoon says:

    Mark :lol: can’t be arsed with all that packing shit like….besides their insurance only covers the stuff if they pack, allegedly :roll:

    Ice…. :lol: .is “Juan Sheet” a drink then?

  318. 318
    mark says:

    @richietoon lol the removers oldest trick in the book @£100 an hour more.. whatever they move is covered m8. I have my Robin warming up if u change your mind :)

  319. 319
    richietoon says:

    Didnt gain him owt cos we’d already said we wanted the packing anyway…and we’re not paying by the hour……..fecking hope not anyway cos they aren’t dropping off until tomorrow :shock:

  320. 320
    blip says:

    To be fair, given the current injury plight & lack of strikers, I can’t see that Pards has much choice other than to start Jonas, Marv AND Obertan.

  321. 321
    mark says:


    lol we only charge average £250 for a full house move, all done in one day. you pay more for overnight storage. never mind, hope it goes well m8.

  322. 322
  323. 323
    richietoon says:

    Aye but Spain is more expensive generally, £400 with packing included and they’ll put shelves up etc if required and best of all they have 2 robins….though the movers have feck all knowledge of incoming NUFC transfers :evil: :lol:

  324. 324
    mark says:

    @richietoon lol

    aye, thats an excellent price for assembly too. They must be skinny as owt removing in the Sun :cool:

  325. 325
    blip says:

    Matt Spiro ‏@mattspiro

    #NUFC haggling with managerless Nancy over €4m-rated left-back Massadio Haidara (20). Great name, good prospect. Should get him for €3m

    13m Matthew Milne Matthew Milne ‏@21Milner

    @mattspiro Matt just heard that we have bid for the left back Bong? Which story is true? #nufc

    11m Matt Spiro Matt Spiro ‏@mattspiro

    @21Milner heard that as well. wouldn’t be surprised if they were looking at Bong as another option too

  326. 326
    blip says:

    Competition for Santon?

  327. 327
    icedog says:

    MARK whats your price for a move to Malta,just in case like,my dau is thinking about it :|

  328. 328
    Johno Toon says:

    About time we did Blip! Whens the last time we had two left backs at club?

  329. 329
    Newkie says:

    French football writer Matt Spiro on Twitter: “Toulouse confirm Moussa Sissoko can leave for €3.5m (contract up in summer). Hasn’t lived up to ‘new Essien’ tag, but that’s a real bargain.”

    From the Beeb. Surely get him in at that price.

  330. 330
    icedog says:

    NEWKIE i rate the player i know we need a c/h but also think it would could do with someone to protect the back four as we dont seem to have anyone doing that at the moment imo

  331. 331
    AngelOfDeath says:

    Is actually good to see english player performing well in foreign league. Sadly, if only barton control his “demon” well enough. I think france really suit him and calm him down.

    He won Player of the month. :shock:

  332. 332
    AngelOfDeath says:

    Reports in Italy are again claiming AC Milan are refusing to give up on their pursuit of Newcastle defender Davide Santon. It has been suggested Santon’s agent will travel to England to hold talks with Newcastle to discuss the full-back’s future. It is claimed that Milan want Santon to replace Ignazio Abate, who is being strongly linked with a move to Zenit.
    by skysportspeteo edited

    :roll: :roll:

  333. 333
    KIMTOON says:

    Aod ,that’ll be why we are looking at LB’s then :roll: :sad:

  334. 334
    KIMTOON says:

    I thought it was West Ham who were after Gaetan Bong not us :shock:

  335. 335
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Is it true Cabaye may be back at the weekend?

  336. 336
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    This window could put us in great stead for next season if it forces the board into action.
    Surely they will buy another striker and centre back.
    I know we thought the same re a centre back in the summer, but most of us thought we’d be comfortably top 10 with our squad regardless, the threat of relegation just has to force them into action. If only they thought logically :roll:

    Good vs Routledge in the final..

  337. 337
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    The more I look back on last season the more I begin to doubt Pardew’s abilities. I still think he’s the right man as I don’t believe anyone of note would work with Pardew.
    We had a superb defensive record clean sheets wise last year, but we effectively played 7 defensive outfield players in most games. So is it that impressive? The number of goals we got through luck or individual magic was very high.
    This season we haven’t had as many moments of magic, meaning we’ve had to play our midfielders more attacking, and we’ve conceded more as a result.
    Worse teams than us perform much better on the pitch regularly, and that is the main concern for me.

  338. 338
    KIMTOON says:

    Solano , No signings this window and we are down fact imo.

  339. 339
    mark says:


    I only go as far as Durham lol

    nah man, I only do the UK. Tell him to try Anyvan or Shiply. @Anyvan he’ll get a bargain..

  340. 340
    icedog says:

    MARK cheers mate,i will tell her

  341. 341

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