The Kids Are Not Alright!

Mehdi is nowhere near ready!
Mehdi is nowhere near ready!
Currently we find our beloved club in a state of flux.

Injuries are in abundance, confidence is low and there is something in the air which isn’t exactly suggesting unity and commitment to the cause. This is the time for battles, hard work and endeavour.

Newcastle took to the field on the weekend to play Brighton with a fairly inexperienced team it has to be said. James Tavernier, Sammy Ameobi, Medhi Abeid, are not first team players we admit but the response from such players I felt was nothing short of ridiculous. Lazy, incompetent, disinterested and the swagger of players who think they have made it. No pride, and worse no effort.

We can’t blame them completely however. For one the senior players let the young lads down. How can you play when they aren’t leading from the front? When you are a young player you need games, practise no matter how much talent you have. A former NUFC graduate Kazenga Lua Lua came on for Brighton and looked sharp hungry and quite frankly made Davide Santon look silly on more than one occasion. Something then is wrong with most of the youngsters at the Club. Not all, Paul Dummett looked as though he wanted to play badly, he was eager and assured, you could tell he had been playing regularly. Ranger huffs and puffs but we don’t need to revisit the areas in which he has let NUFC down.

The concern for Alan Pardew is that this meant to be the year they would all step up gain more experience, cover when necessary. Shane Ferguson is 21 not 19 yet he shows the occasional glimmer but cant reproduce it regularly. He needs game time. Its such a vicious cycle for the youngsters but they have to grasp their chance. Abeid hadn’t had a chance for a long time before the game against Brighton. He looked like he would rather be anywhere else but on the pitch.

This article hasn’t been written to target our youngsters as they are vulnerable and not experienced. But it’s time for them to get thick skinned, pull their socks up and play. You cannot imagine a NUFC youth player not having pride in wearing the famous shirt. Any fan would die to play in the black and white. It is unthinkable that these youngsters don’t take their chance. It only comes around once. Soon they could be playing in League Two and thinking what might have been.

For all Alan Pardew’s faults he is right when he says;

“I thought we had inconsistencies from the players because they’re young. Sammy Ameobi did some good things, but some naive things.”

“Young Dummett came in, and we had to call him in as an emergency. He shouldn’t be with us. He should be gaining experience in Scotland.”

“We have Nile Ranger, who shouldn’t be playing. We had James Tavernier at centre-half.”

The youth maybe shouldn’t have been playing, but they did and they sure need to show more urgency, pride and commitment when, or perhaps if, they get their next chance.

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Toon Fan. Aspiring Writer. Related to one of the NUFC ex players.

193 thoughts on “The Kids Are Not Alright!

  1. My only worry with Colo is if he does indeed want to leave and we make him stay will his head /form suffer . What is the point of a player who isn’t with us in spirit on the field ,we have all seen his form is below par along with many others. Obviously a real moral problem has been long standing all season, is it the boards lack of backing ,no faith in Pards or what. 😕



    I’d rather have a depressed Collo with a broken ankle than rely on Perch / Saylor and Willo to get us out of this mess.

    Hopefully its a load of poop


  3. Well what news to wake up to. If Collo goes, and whilst it would be a shame I dont think he is irreplacable, we will then need 2 cb’s at least. Time for the board to back pards and give him some decent players. Id like Lescott if possible for the experience and a younger CB too, and thats with Collo staying. IF he goes I want an additional first choice CB as Willo is not good enough, Perchinio is a decent CDM, and Saylor is too error prone. I also wonder if its more creativity in midfield rather than strikers, but a replacement for Judas Ba is a must, and for me Graham would be decent enough, as HBA and Cabaye have to fit into the team along with Anita and Tiote. I think we need a replacement for Jonas/Obercrap more.

    As ever the window is promising much and will deliver little, although I am over the moon with Debuchy




    The same thing will happen over and over again whilst Ashley is in charge. I’m sure with Laudrup that we would do well for a season or so but because of fans expectations then he will also be doomed to failure due to the lack of investment by Ashley.

    Players get disillusioned when a club aren’t ambitious no matter who the manager is.

    Got to stick with Pards for me at this moment in time and give him our full support.


  5. Mark if Colo doesn’t want to be nere and his head isn’t in it then you can’t rely on him, so I would prefer to have a lower quality player giving their all


  6. Troy – Spot on! Changing the manager isn’t the answer – it’s the people above him that’s the problem.

    You can put Lemonade in a champagne bottle, but it will still be lemonade.


  7. Can’t help but think if Colo does want to go I really can’t blame him after seeing the Regimes ambitions.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our other top players will be wanting out aswell.


  8. Dave , I agree it’s obvious to me things ain’t been right from the get go this season.

    Mark @154 , Hopefully we’d replace him with simular quality ,in fact we’d need two CB’s as we are still waiting on the original one needed. I can’t agree with you mate sorry ,I don’t want an uncommitted head all over the shot player anywhere near our squad . Would you go into battle with a guy who’s head ain’t in the right place ? ,and we are in a battle make no mistake. No I would rather we get a grafter in who will fight for us with a clear committed mindset.


  9. Spot on Big Dave,it really does come down to ambition,and sadly the regime we have at the moment has non,other than making money and hoping like hell we stay in the Premier League and pick up the money that is on offer.Of course we are going to plead poverty just like we always do under these two clowns, and their little puppet will do all the posturing and excuse making they tell him to.

    Pointless sacking him as nobody worth a shit will take the job as its no fun if the owner only cares about cash.All owners want to make money and that is fair enough,but at least they can see when the business is needing an injection of new blood to preserve your status at the top table,sadly our regime dont seem to get this principle so the fans suffer but they get loads of cash to buy more shit stores to sell there cheap n nasty gear.

    Im sick of dragging my old fat arse up to level 7 to watch players that are not giving a 100% and a manager that looks lost and clueless,its not all down to injuries,and if he cant get a team thats getting wages that we can only dream about to put a shift in then its time he either left are put a rocket up their arses
    Get ya cash out Ashley,protect your investment and make it quick of we are off to the fizzy yet again


  10. Lee Ryder ‏@lee_ryder
    Sources close to Coloccini have confirmed to the Chronicle that he wants to leave the club in the January window #NUFC

    Lee Ryder ‏@lee_ryder
    #nufc will decide today if Coloccini will be on the trip to #norwich


  11. Going off Colo’s performances this season we could do more harm than good keeping him. I am sure we’d get better performances out of a couple of new younger players brought in.

    Don’t rate him as a captain either – hardly a leader is he?


  12. Troy if your about theres a guy is going to get intouch with you before lunchtime, he can get his hands on two carriages cheap as I think well need more seats for the reality train, as it looks like a lot more people will be wanting on.


  13. Dunno what to make of this Colo news. On one hand it could be true but at same time could be bullshit. Just like any transfer rumor ill wait and see if its true before making a judgment. Would be a massive blow to lose Colo but no player bigger than the club. And if we believe everything in the press we are signing 10 players before September.


  14. My sentiments exactly Stuart,you need a captain with balls and leadership qualities and from what im seeing is the lack of the above,might as well have a French captain as most of our team are french speaking,Your spot on about us imploding Kim,its what we do,we never ever build on our success,we always ride our luck and sadly it never pays off.Like your posts by the way Kim,some great posters on here


  15. Aussie ,@168 , screw that ,that ship has long sailed mate , I’m much happier not being hopefull ,I don’t get so dissapointed that way 😉


  16. Oh and if he goes home to Argentina i would say its more a personal decision than financial or professional reasons. Colo is class and still has 2-4 years at top level and could go to champions league team.


  17. Hope is not something Toon fans should ever have,its always dashed by the regime more often than not,sad but very true


  18. Who would we have as the next skipper then? I vote for Cabaye.

    Good god we now need a CB pairing. Lescott and Richards would be grand


  19. Aye, if he goes to Argie then not probs on him as family and such is much more important. Will be a sad loss if its true. Also means its Willo and Perch for the CB berths, didnt we have that last year down at Carrow road, or did simmo play in there at cb? Either way we will have a hard time winning now I think.


  20. @174 Look forward to seeing which Champions League team wants to sign him,if he is class then why is the team he is Captaining so disjointed?If its a personal decision then that fine,just go and ask to have your contract cancelled and leave,but will that ever happen?,nope,he will want to get more money in the bank,he wont walk away without getting a pay off,thats not what players do is it mate.


  21. @GG63 As I see it, there’s no hope of Colo getting a pay-off. He’s one of the most expensive signings of Jabba’s reign and he’s on the biggest wedge.

    The fat controller’s not just going to let him walk – he may leave this January, but it’ll be for some sort of fee. Either that or he’ll buy out his contract. Otherwise he’s going nowhere.


  22. Blip,Id go along with that,if I was unhappy and wanted to go back to Argentina to with my family then I would happily buy out my contract,lets face it ,its not like he will be a poor guy if he is our highest wage earner.Just dont be blaming shit form because hand on heart,and this is my own personal feeling,he has been crap this season and ive never seen him have the leadership qualities needed to be Captain of this football club,im assuming he has a good grasp of the language by now,of course I could be wrong and if so then whats he doing as our captain?


  23. If he goes and it looks more likely with every passing day we need to spend massive to replace him and that wont happen .Our cb’s in the championship next season will be Good and Dummet i reckon with Streete as first back up . Wasn’t it Malcom Mcdonald that stated a few week s ago that their was a split in the camp between the french speaking players and the spanish speaking . Looks like it was true what he said and that explains why both Arggies have been way under par this season . Jonas is going to share the taxi to the airport i think .


  24. I think they will sit him down and say “right collo, this is how it is. You can leave in the summer but until then your the club captain. Get your arse out onto that pitch and play your heart out for the fans who sing your name week in, week out!”

    Or they could just let him go in this window Taylor will get injured on his comeback and we recall Good as cover for Willow and Perch….. 🙁


  25. Disastrous news re Collo. Can only think it’s for personal reasons to want to leave mid season. Read last night his wife and kids have already left for Argentina so it seems that’s the issue. Maybe Colo has been given an ultimatum and wants to save his family. We’re not privvy to that stuff but I think that’s more the case rather than just fancying a change of club mid season when we’re in a relegation scrap. He’s always struck me as being a real pro, first into training, very proud of being el capitano and can’t believe he would not be up for the fight to help keep us in this division knowing the situation we’re in unless something even more important to him was at stake.


  26. Maybe the way Colo see’s it is that he was happy enough to sign a new contract last season thinking we were on the up and thought that after going through relegation with us that it was starting to all come together, he was handed the armband as a sweetner and was convinced that we would strengthen in the summer and build on what we done last season.
    Only to find out that rather than building on last season we decided to get shoot of a few players and they were then expected to give more than last season just to try to match last season.
    I habe no doubts that he is fuked off with the club and lack of ambition bevause im sure if most fans see it that way then the players see it better.
    So for that reason I don’t really blame him because I wish I could walk away from the club. I just hope that the club can bring a couple of quality players in and that will convince our other top players to stick around, otherwise were well and truly fuked


  27. Gg63 Are you saying Colo wouldn’t get passed Johny Evans or Rio at man u? Lescott at man city? The whole back 4 at arsenal? A game at chelsea? We don’t have many players who would walk into a top side but Colo would imo. Our defensive facilities haven’t been down to Colo this season.


  28. Dave it just doesn’t seem to add up, but think Collo or the club need to come out and either confirm or pour cold water on these rumours.
    If it’s not personal stuff and behind the scenes are so bad in the dressing room, maybe this is Collo’s way of drawing attention to it and trying to force some action from the regime. Something not right that he stayed and fought during releagtion season and also while we were in the fizzy and yet being stated he wants to leave the ship while it’s under bombardement half way through the season and he is captain, after just buying a new house three months ago, so clearly had plans to stay here. Just seems really strange. Also when he had his alleged ‘small tiff’ with Pardew a month or so ago, I’m sure Pardew completely down played that.


  29. So if Collo this window goes we need. 2 CB 1 ST/LF and that’s just to stand still. I just can’t see it happening….. 😕

    Going forward in the summer we still need a LB another ST a RW/LW at the least and that’s before replacing anyone who goes….. 😯

    Isn’t it fun supporting the toon?? 😆


  30. I see that the sky is still falling.

    Anyway, Captain Cabaye sounds about right, so long as he’s recommending the place to his mates.


  31. Colo’s going nowhere. we’ll promise him he can leave in 4mths once the season owa. that’ll cheer him up.

    Have some faith man as Big Dave says, a cpl of signings and we’ll be ok.

    Apparently Ashley has sanctioned the purchase of 10 players…

    we’ve got 3weeks left yet man 😀


  32. Maybe he would walk into a top team Johno but not if he continues to show the form he is in at the moment,which lets be honest is not good,if he is the leader everybody seems to think he is then he needs to dig deep and get the rest of his team to pick up their collective games,If he cant rally the troops to play for the Toon and give there all then we are in deeper shite than I thought.Owner…Manager…Captain …Players,the first 3 dont run across the white line,managers dont score goals,players do.I think Pardew has let the personalities get on top of him and he needs to sort it out and get them to focus on the job ahead of us because on this form we are going to be in the mix for relegation and none of us wants that again.


  33. Collo was one of the merry bunch who took us down last time. When he first arrived at the club, he was useless, remember at the time when he arrived he was a 10 million pound defender, that was a load of money in those days….still is in fact.

    Then we got relegated…

    He probably thinks he has done his bit by getting us back in the big league. Perhaps he has….

    Now he can see it all happening all over again, and his sphincter isn’t up to the task.

    Loyalty looks different from where I am standing, and people call Ba a Judas !?. Are you really telling me that you cannot sit tight until the end of the season at least and to do his bit to safeguard our place in the big league before heading off to Argentina. Is he so much of a leader ?


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