Dan Gosling

Gosling and the like are on shaky ground

January was great. It was by far one of the best transfer windows in recent times and it came when we needed it most.

The new signings who have featured have made an instant impact while some are still waiting for the chance to make their own impression. Happy days.

Naturally attention will undoubtedly turn towards the summer recruitment drive. Perhaps not fully, not yet anyway, but I have already seen a few comments about positions we need to strengthen in during the next transfer window and I have my own thoughts on where we need to strengthen next.

The problem is that we are carrying a squad at the moment which doesn’t leave us much room for improvement unless we manage to shed some players over the summer. It’s going to have to be a case of selling (or getting rid) before we buy if we are to comply with the 25-man squad rule imposed by the Premier League.

Recently we announced a 24-man squad which will see us through to the end of the season. That squad list looks as follows.

Goalkeeper: Tim Krul, Rob Elliot, Steve Harper

Defence: Danny Simpson, Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Steven Taylor

Midfield: Romain Amalfitano, Vurnon Anita, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye, Dan Gosling, Jonas Gutierrez, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan, James Perch, Moussa Sissoko, Ryan Taylor, Cheick Tiote

Attack: Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran, Shola Ameobi

Obviously players like Davide Santon and Massadio Haidara aren’t mentioned in this list as they don’t need registering just yet. However Davide Santon will need registering in the summer as he only sneaked missing registration by one day (his birthday is January 2nd and rules state that players born after January 1st 1991 don’t need to be registered). In fact if you look a bit deeper (cheers to Chris G!) Santon isn’t the only player who escapes registration this season but won’t be so lucky next time around.

Davide Santon – (2 Jan 1991)
Nile Ranger – (11 Apr 1991)
Shane Ferguson – (12 Jul 1991)
Paul Dummett – (26 Sep 1991)
Conor Newton – (17 Oct 1991)
James Tavernier – (31 Oct 1991)
Brad Inman – (10 Dec 1991)

For new players to be signed we need to free up space within the squad. Looking at the squad I believe Steve Harper will retire/be released, Fabricio Coloccini will leave and players like Dan Gosling plus a few of the young players who have failed to develop may be moved on freeing up space. Of course that is just my opinion…

What I’m trying to say is that before people start saying we need players here, here and here, think about the impact on the squad beforehand. We won’t go above 25 senior players because we can’t. The rules say so. So in that case common sense dictates that players need to move on before we add to what is already (and quite surprisingly) a large pool of players.

Then you have to look at the “home grown” ruling where eight registered players must been trained in England or Wales for three years before the age of 21. We should be fine on that score but remember, if we can muster only, say seven “home grown” players for arguments sake, then we lose a squad place so our 25-man squad could only be a 24-man squad.

Just some food for thought for your Friday morning…


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  1. 1
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    I leave the complicated stuff to Derek. As long as Marv plays, I don’t care.

  2. 2
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I think we’ll lose Simmo and not replace with Raylor/Tav providing Debuchy back up.
    I actually think Colo will end up staying. Surely the reasons for him not leaving now are going to be still present at the end of the year :?: The club aren’t going to let him go for free, so if he doesn’t get a big club offer he’s staying surely :???:
    Other than that defence is set – Willo 4th choice is a great 4th choice to have imo.
    Midfield is set, lose Gosling, possibly lose Tiote and use funds for an unknown player in his position and use the money for a striker. He’s too injury prone to count as a first XI player.
    One striker needed that is willing to bide time on the bench – someone young that has the potential to better Cisse if possible.
    Squad looks very healthy. My gut tells me we won’t lost any big guns except possibly Tiote.
    Without Europe to distract as we should be ready for a full onslaught on the CL :twisted:

  3. 3
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Shit. Touching so much wood here – IF we stay up :!:

  4. 4
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    B&B what is this current Marv obsession? He’s looked decent but he’s nowhere near our best first XI.
    Gouffran has looked much better. Marv goes missing for long periods.

  5. 5
    Alan R says:

    Harper, Gosling, willo, colo, Simpson, tiote, Sammy, Ranger & R Taylor should all be moved on or will leave over the summer. That will generate cash and wages to further strengthen the squad.

  6. 6
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumpo – Marv is class. You know those times you say he goes missing for long periods. That’s when he’s on the bench.

    “he’s nowhere near our best first XI”. You will live to regret those words, my friend.

  7. 7
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Disagree 100% on willo Alan. Anyone who thinks we’re going to get better is crazy.
    Also think sammy has shown the odd good moment – enough for me to think he’s worth keeping for a couple of years.

  8. 8
    JJ says:

    Tim Krul, Rob Elliot, Steve Harper

    Defence: Danny Simpson, Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Steven Taylor

    From this lot I wouldn’t offload anyone. Perhaps give Willo one more season, then promote one of Good or Street. But I think Colo will leave.
    So we’ll need another quality defender. We should try and get some fee for Colo though.

    Midfield: Romain Amalfitano, Vurnon Anita, Hatem Ben Arfa, Yohan Cabaye, Dan Gosling, Jonas Gutierrez, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan, James Perch, Moussa Sissoko, Ryan Taylor, Cheick Tiote

    From this lot I’m happy for Amalfitano to go, as well as Gosling and Obertan. Probably only get in around 3mil for the lot but fair enough.

    Attack: Papiss Cisse, Yoan Gouffran, Shola Ameobi

    From here I’m MORE than happy to let Ameobi go. Then we need to bring in another quality striker.

    Then I’d let youngsters like Campbell, Good, Street, Tavenier, Inman, Ferguson all go out on loan.

    Means use the profit from sales to tie Ben Arfa and Cabaye up to new contracts. Then invest our budget on a new centre half and striker.

    I’m sure for around 20mil Carr will be able to get some quality players in.
    It really would leave us with a terrific squad. If Colo did have a turn around we wouldn’t need to get a centre half and then we’d only really need a striker and perhaps a young promising winger.

  9. 9
    JJ says:


    Sammi is another that NEEDS to go on loan. He isn’t that young. On current ability he’d probably a League One player at best.

  10. 10
    JJ says:

    Forgot about Simmo actually. But he’d leave on a free.

  11. 11
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Agree with B&B @ 1 (not the Marv part). It will be like guessing the lotto numbers for us fans.. Dekka and Pardz, over to you :-) :-)

  12. 12
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    One other factor to bear in mind is – what players will sold for silly money? It’s all very well saying who we will get rid of, we need to factor in that a star or two will go…

  13. 13
    EvilFranky says:

    Why Aussie? We haven’t sold any one for mega money for 2 years, so what makes you think it’ll happen? It’s not exactly some sort of given that this will happen and it would appear from recent comments that they do not want to do this if it can be helped.

  14. 14
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Evil, so you are saying it won’t happen?
    Silly money can make people do silly things.. :-)

  15. 15
    BIGPAPA says:

    Good Article. Good debate.

    This type of debate really does annoy me though, especially when people will list the players they want gone.
    People put Tiote on their list??!!

    I mean, come on, really … why have people just started to hate on Tiote?

    Pathetic, he has played this year with Cabaye 3 times.
    Then, Vuckic (once), Gosling, Bigi, Anita, Marv, Jonas, Perch and Abeid probably … Tiote needs a creative type next to him and apart from Marv, all those above are defensive players!

    People are unbelievable. I bet its these types of people who were crying oout for Danny Graham!!

    The same DG that only S’land and Norwich wanted ;)

  16. 16

    outs collo williamson simpson jonas shola and afra but only if we get carrol and a nice wedge for him and any1 wants to let tiote go is off there heads

  17. 17
    BIGPAPA says:

    I have read the Journal this morning and found myself day-dreaming away (at 945am lol) and thinkin what this would be like …

    “City-style investment wouldn’t be blocked” …

    Would love it to happen, we were not a viable buying option 3/4 years ago but Ashley and Llambias deserve more respect for the way the Club runs now, we’re are a well-run club, good stadium and fookin hellish fans!! :)

  18. 18
    BIGPAPA says:

    And … I have enjoyed reading what Llambias has to say … good on ye Del boy!

  19. 19
    Stuart79 says:

    I have to say I am a little concerned about Llambias’ comments about no Purples this summer. I really don’t think Strolla, Goufrran and Cisse is enough to have us challenging the top 6.

  20. 20
    Big Dave says:

    I think we need to have a clear out at the end of the season.
    We have some players that arn’t good enough and imo never will be for a club that will be challenging for top 6 ;-) .
    I think Colo and Simmo will be away for sure.

  21. 21
    Coutts says:

    Harper rayler gosling ranger- sell
    Give tiote another season to prove himself a say

  22. 22
    Coutts says:

    Amafiltano to sell pile

  23. 23
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, who are the players that are not good enough in your opinion?

  24. 24
    Johno Toon says:

    I say get rid of the lot of them. Sell every last one of them. Then sign everyone up from this blog, we’d be competeing for champions league footie in now time :)

    Aussie-mag Big Dave Big Papa Coutts

    SolanosTrumpet Toonarmylite JJ Stuart 79

    Blackley and Brownlie Johno Toon

    What a team!!!!

    If I left anyone out its casue they havent contriuted to this article and I dont have a good memory for names :) And if you did contribute on this artilce and I have left you out your on the bench :)

  25. 25
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Johno :-) :-) Right back was atually my spot when I was chasing a silly round thing around a park… Due to the good fomation, you must be the player/manager (I notice how you have put yourself as a striker :-) :-) )

  26. 26

    lmao what toonarmyelite likes to see 2 big lumps at the centre of defence :shock:

  27. 27
    Johno Toon says:

    Well Aussie , Im not going to lie Im a lazy shit on the football park. Chasing balls is something I dont do. But get me in the box with no defenders and no keeper in I might just score :)

  28. 28
    BIGPAPA says:

    Johno –

    that CB pairing of Big Dave and myself sounds frigtening.

    Definitely a pair of Purples. lol

  29. 29
    Johno Toon says:

    Thats is BigPapa , two big lads in centre of defense , might even nick the odd goal at a set piece!

  30. 30
    BIGPAPA says:

    Stuart – yeah i thought that was a strange thing to say, especially given yesterday he said that we lost out on 2 players in Jan, which was at least one striker … maybe it was just emphasised that we will recruit some younguns in Summer.

    Pardews also said he’ll be looking for a Striker in the summer and Big Al knows better than to lie … ;)

  31. 31
    Coutts says:

    Im happy at left back. Could be the new oliver bernard me legs are that chunky

  32. 32
    Big Dave says:

    Aussie Sammy, gosling and Rager are the main ones that come to mind, I don’t think Strolla is or ever has been good enough but I can’t see him going, lots of the younguns need to be sent out for proper 1st team footie. The likes of Amilfitano I don’t know as I haven’t seen enough of him

  33. 33
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Johno :-) :-)

  34. 34
    BIGPAPA says:

    I would like Benteke but he will cost a lot. Or PEA. He looks like a good player that has the attributes to play in the Prem.

    Striker wishlist : Bony / Benteke / PEA.

    Not in that order like. that order is back to front lol.

  35. 35
    BIGPAPA says:

    Also somethinh that hasnt got many peoples attention is Debuchy being excluded from Europe?

    I’m appalled that we have left him out. Surely you would leave someone else out, considering all our injuries its unlikely we have more than 25 players to choose from.

  36. 36
    JJ says:

    That’s uncanny. How’d you know I played box-to-box midfielder?

  37. 37
    JJ says:

    I think Benteke will be going to Man U or Man City. Great player.

    He’s the complete striker that some people “think” Carroll can be but never will be.

  38. 38
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, I would add Fergie to that list and take gosling off.. Injuries have f*cked with his progress big time..

  39. 39
    Johno Toon says:

    JJ its all about been a good manager , knowing my players strength’s and weakness is so important for me

  40. 40
    Andymag says:

    Big papa
    I’m of the understanding that we had to choose between Mbiwa and Debuchy for the Europa as both have played in Europe, we don’t get to play Gouffran as he played with Bordeaux.
    Well upset I’m not included ;-)

  41. 41
    Johno Toon says:

    Back to all seriousness and another great article, I think Ferguson and Sammy need to go out on loan, they need a regular run of games before we can rule them in or out as long term players.

    I would prob try move on Gosling Obertan and Ranger, Simpson is going so no real issue there. We are light upfront so another striker is a must. If Colo goes a replacemnt for him and we would have a good squad next season.

  42. 42
    Johno Toon says:

    Andy I can understand at been upset been left out of the team , but I have always seen as you as my long term replacement. Im not going to last 90 mins so far now you will be first off the bench. Keep your head down train hard and you can achieve all you want in this game under myself. Good lad , keep your chin up :)

  43. 43
    The Kid says:

    I see Loic Remy has made a miraculous return to fitness after QPR gave no update on how his tests went on Monday.

    Hmm, funny that. Injections anyone?


  44. 44
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    The Kid @ 43 – yes please. Johno’s putting a lot of faith in me.

  45. 45

    <<<<<<<<< is perfect for the tiote role broken noses and knees will be the order of the day for any1 thats has the sheer gaul to step into our half :shock: opps did i really say that meant is perfect for breaking up play lol :roll:

  46. 46
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    @JJ agree he does need some loan time.
    Really don’t understand why people would want Shola or Willo gone – so we are going to be in the market for a 3rd choice striker (hopefully if we sign someone to be 2nd) and a 4th choice CB, that are on low wages, and happy to be way back in the pecking order :???:
    Doesn’t make any sense unless Campbell/Good were able to fill the roles.

  47. 47
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Tiote only makes 50% of games. You can hardly name your best starting line up with him in it as he misses too many games.

  48. 48
    JJ says:

    Lambias says that our current wage structure means that payments of 64% of total turnover.
    Can the maths experts work out from that what our current average wage is at the club?

  49. 49
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Interested to know why so many people feel Colo will be off.
    His contract runs until 2016. He’ll have to pay a hell of a lot to cancel it.
    So where do you think he’s going to go to?

  50. 50
    JJ says:


    I would keep Shola and Willo for one more season. sending the youngsters out on loan for a season. Then replacing them with those youngsters the following season if they prove themselves.

  51. 51
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    @Big Papa – we have Raylor/Tav/Simmo for Europe. We only have 3 CB’s
    Makes perfect sense if you have limited changes imo.

  52. 52
    JJ says:

    I think the board are hoping that Colo can sort out his issues during the summer. He may even be given extended leave.
    If he still wants to go, they will tell him he has to be bought and transfer lis him or he must buy out his contract.

  53. 53

    <<<<<<<<< thinks collos contract will be riped up in the summer think hes allready agree deal with club for that as long as he leads us to prem footie next season. SOLANOSTRUMPET
    what on earth makes he think he will be here after the summer as every thing points to he wont be

  54. 54
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Do you really think the board will rip up his contract? That means as soon as his personal issues clear he’ll be free to join anyone.
    He has all summer off to repent for his sins with his missus.
    The same reasons he didn’t leave in January still apply in the summer.

  55. 55
    Newkie says:

    Are any of our young lads good enough I wonder? It’s only now we’re actually in a comfortable position to put them out on loan, but with so many nearing 22-and only a year younger than Sissoko, it does make you think…

    Did we pick up Amalfitano for the sake of numbers and becaue he was free? He doesn’t seem to have impressed anyone and he’s had what, three appearances?

  56. 56
    Newkie says:

    ST@2-Said the same thing a few days ago. I can’t see why its certain he will leave, why would we let him go for free? Nonsense, he will have to contribute and pay his way out if he is that desperate.

  57. 57

    the only way to get anywere near what we payed for him was to sell him last summer and yeah i could see them ripeing up his contract in the summer you aint ganna get a massive fee for him now simple as that

  58. 58
    Newkie says:

    Johno your team is terrible! Everyone knows Richie should be in goal to block all attempted shots. And where the hell is Ice? He played for the Heed man! Inter war years wasn’t it?… :lol:

  59. 59
    icedog says:

    NEWKIE ime watching you mind :x

  60. 60
    Johno Toon says:

    Newkie @ 58 Look its very easy trying to manage this team from a blog, Look im at the coal face and I pick the team I feel can win a game and I see the lads in training , now granted Richie is a great keeper but Toonsy has never let us down. Richie keeps Toonsy on his toes. Competition for places is firece. Ice is my assistant :lol:

  61. 61
    Newkie says:

    Johno :lol:

    Sorry gaffer. If you need someone to come in and break a leg or boot the ball up the pitch give me a shout, I’m faster than Cattermole but don’t have the cheerleading attributes of Alan Smith :cool:

  62. 62
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Newkie, you can clean my boots mate :-) :-) do ya bit for the team :-)

  63. 63
    alanthedog363 says:

    i hope colo resolves his issues, if not and he is to leave it’ll free up best part of ten million that would of been payed to him and we know longer have such a high earner on the books

    in the summer perch, gosling and shola will all have one year left on their contracts, i reckon shola will see his out, i would try and shift on perch and gosling, for whatever reason gosling just hasn’t worked out, perch is ok but we have so much in the middle his spot could be better used elsewhere

    guti has 2 years left, unlikely to get another big deal so may be a good time to shift on, let ferguson step into void behind marv, especially if colo does move on

  64. 64
    alanthedog363 says:

    we have have more than 25 we just can’t play them ourselves, ideally you don’t want to pay wages to players you can’t field, like mancity loaning out santa cruz, jo etc

    but our dilemma would be around young players like fergie, tav, inman, dummett, newton on small wages, i would be happy to see them go on season long loans to prove themself, even if they don’t look likely to be good enough it means we should be more likely to have interest in others buying them rather than ending up releasing them, even those that are in there last year would go to tribunal as long as we’d offered them a deal equal to there current one, try and get sell on fees aswell

  65. 65

    can see alot of our younger kids ganna to rangers meself help them fight there way back up the leagues :o

  66. 66
    alanthedog363 says:

    the flaw with the structure is that a lot of players don’t establish themselves before 21-24, many will have played senior games but would not be first choice

    i reckon over the next few years we’ll see an increase in the number of players that will be sold/released by prem teams, continue there development in lower leagues to be rebought by prem teams

  67. 67
    alanthedog363 says:

    i’d be happy with that toonarmyelite, but maybe younger ones, by the time rangers get back to spl they will have the money to pay for the ones that havn’t made the grade

  68. 68

    but for them to be loaned out i would want them to be play for there 1st team at least half there games

  69. 69
    alanthedog363 says:

    i wonder if dummett will get a new deal with his expring in the summer

    if not he’s the sort of lad we could let go with a sell on clause but would rather give him an extra couple of years and loan out again

  70. 70
    alanthedog363 says:

    Four away

    As previously mentioned, United have now confirmed the departure of a quartet of reserve team players, namely: JJ Hooper, Marcus Maddison, Michael Riley and Dennis Knight.

    Winger Maddison was offered the chance of a trial with Gateshead but opted instead to head for Scotland to train with SPL side St.Johnstone. He’s due to play for them against Dundee in a friendly match on Friday.

    Striker Hooper has been linked with a move to Conference side Tamworth after ending his loan spell at Workington, while there’s interest from League One Hartlepool United in full back Riley and midfielder Knight.

  71. 71
    alanthedog363 says:

    excerpt from nufc.com

    rather than release these players i feel we could make more of an active effort in moving them on rather than releasing them, for the benefit of the club and themselves

    along with the focus on recruiting the best youngsters we should look at how we deal with the ones that don’t make it, whether it be at the club or in football overall

  72. 72
    Newkie says:

    Fuck off Aussie you cheeky sod :lol:

  73. 73
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Newkie :-) :-) :-)

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