What is the root cause of our consistent failure?

Failure forever?
Failure forever?
Well it is safe to say that there has been more than a little discussion and debate around our current man in charge this season.

In a dramatic turn around, Alan Pardew has gone from being the EPL Manager of the Year to a manager bereft of confidence and ideas in the short space of 12 months.

It is no secret that we are playing well below par and that we are not playing any free flowing attacking football. I could bang out a myriad of excuses for our poor play but you have all heard them before, many of them right from the man in charge himself. Regretfully and probably more disappointingly, our current plight has me muttering the words “I’ve seen this all before” and “here we go again,” like others I guess.

So it got me thinking about our managers past and present and the task they have of actually managing a Newcastle side to some form of success. Below is a table of the managers that have tried to steer us to glory. Please note that I have shortened the list to the 1990’s to keep it slightly more compact and relevant with modern football.


As you can see (or if you can’t then click on the image to zoom!) there is a host of names that have taken up the challenge and it is surprising to see that the majority of managers over the past 20 years or so have been from the UK. Is this a bad thing? I am not too sure about that.

Our two non-British managers in Gullit and Ardiles didn’t really set the league alight with a huge amount of wins. But the interesting thing is that they only had roughly 12 months in charge before being replaced. Now I am not sure if that is enough time to really stamp your style of play on a team. Maybe given some time they might have gained some success?

We have tried big name managers, old players as managers and even managers that no one else would employ, but none have placed any significant silverware into our trophy cabinet. Sir Bobby gave it a good shot and was unlucky to be sacked when he was and Kevin Keegan also came close to glory the first time around.

Some of the problem stems from the trigger-fingers of our owners throughout the years. Quick to fire when results are not as they should be, we have seen many of our managers sacked with very little time clocked up at the helm. So many managers have tried and ultimately failed and you have to begin to wonder if something more sinister is in play. Surely they can’t ALL be bad?

In my opinion, there really seems to be a long standing culture of mediocrity surrounding Newcastle United. I have seen this type of thing in many sporting clubs from different codes; where no matter what is done to improve things, it ultimately doesn’t work out. I am not saying that it is a conscience thing, no one is deliberately trying to fail but it seems over a period of time everyone falls into a cadence of simply going through the motions.

Newcastle fans are renowned as passionate supporters but some have now begrudgingly succumbed to the fact that we may never win any real silverware of substance. A mid-table finish in the league could now almost be considered a good result. Not for one second do I think that this acceptable but it is hard to combat these sinister forces that are holding our beloved club down.

Look, I am being overly dramatic regarding the sinister forces line but I believe that until the culture of the club changes from the top down, we will be looking at repeating our poor performances for years to come. A winning culture is not born from sacking a manager after five losses in a row or buying lots of expensive players; it is about positive talk, actions and well delivered plans. Words like, “We will have to sell before we can buy” must be struck from our vernacular as it is a breeds a losing mentality. We may very well need to sell to buy but we don’t need it ringing through the players ears as the train and play.

Obviously I’m no sports psychologist but you don’t need to be one to see that everyone from the players to the MD, are not pulling in the same direction.

I am tired of the words “We are a big club”. We are not a big club, we are a Great Club!

Over the years, I am not sure that enough of our owners, managers, coaches and players have bought into this way of thinking to be honest. Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby apart, most of the managerial appointments have failed miserably. Is it entirely the manager fault when thing are bad? Probably not but I think there is a little more to our lack of success over the years than the managers in charge on game day.

I may very well be barking up the wrong tree so I would love to hear your views on what I have put forward.

Aussie Magpie Fan

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66 thoughts on “What is the root cause of our consistent failure?

  1. Nice one Aussie. Sports psychology of the club. Interesting concept and similar to the change management studies in more normal corporates that I have been involved in. Certainly in Risk Management setting Zero accident goals are more effective than aiming to reduce accidents by say 10%. I assume there are similarities in football and whilst I don’t see it as an acceptance of mediocrity it is more a sense of the inevitable. We have won nowt for decades even with SBR & KK we can’t expect Pards to do it. Personally I think that the fans have a massive presence changing 52,000 opinions must be much harder than changing the mentality of the players. mmm interesting.


  2. The best way to start the climb to invincibility is to start getting results right and moving up the table.
    We don’t need anyone to try and change the midset at the club by telling us we are a great club, we have Pardew for that.


  3. Whilst I constantly read everything going on at nufc over a host of websites. I rarely rarely comment on any of them, when I do comment it tends to be on the prospect of a fantastic transfer or after a shocking performance. But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where this club is on so many levels, and the foundations are there for a GREAT club. One of very few premier league clubs turning a profit, big stadium, great support, good squad. But I fear that whilst the squad only need 4/5 shrewd quality acquisitions to have a modern, attacking, technically gifted team, i feel like there is a much better chance of this team bit by bit being dismantled and sold off, we have the players, it’s just the use of them, the tactics, the footballing philosophy (or lack of one). Players like Ben Arfa, Cabaye, MYB, Sissoko joined the club on the premise of playing good football, how can that be so when if we’re leading 1-0 we would rather see a game out than go for more, the best teams always look for more and have confidence in their abilities to add to the scoreline. And Pardew relentlessly pushing this 4-2-3-1 on the team week in, week out, which after 5 minutes of every Game turns into 4-4-1-1 which incorporates a CDM playing CAM.. Sissoko is a box to box player not an attacking midfielder, and the favouritism shown to the rapidly declining pair that is Jonas and Tiote.. A footballers career is too short to waste, and could be ended in the rash stupidity of a Callum McManaman type challenge. Footballers don’t have years to waste, and whilst football is religion on tyneside, whilst the stadium is full week in, week out, this doesn’t excuse the fact there are no trophies, no nice football and the club is definitely going backwards under the management of the George Bush of football.

    I am not calling for Pardew to be fired right now, I am just saying his position should be under review in the summer, and if it is looked at with logic and reason and a better candidate is suggested, then we all win right? Name one other club where the most senior footballing man at the club is the manager? Who a lot of people would argue knows very little about football. We need some footballing men on the board, sharpish.

    Even those of you that want Pardew to stay, its because you fear the devil you don’t know. You fear the replacement might not be a step up. In fairness it would be hard to find a step down? Most managers never get to manage a club of this stature and would kill for the opportunity. And for this squad to be fighting a relegation battle, to have declined in league position since the french lads came in in january is nothing short of a disgrace! A blind, deaf, mute Labrador could guide the toon to at least 10th. And if any blind Labrador’s out there are offended… wait their blind and animals in which case I can say what I want.. Its been over 250 corners since we scored one, now the laws of probability say put 250 balls into the box you’ll score a few surely? Fans want two things for their clubs, Wins and attractive football, now one can be sacrificed as long as you get the other, defensive football last season got us fifth, and whilst Liverpool aren’t exactly winning anything, nice football makes up for it and they are on the rise (slowly). Now we aren’t getting either. Pardew favours defensive play, our defending is shocking? The standing off, no pressure on the ball, awful positioning. All our goals come from an individual piece of brilliance, or either a ball from Marveux or Cabaye to Cisse. When was the last time we played the ball about, 1,2’s and it led to a goal?

    I would hate to see bit by bit players leaving the club, maybe Santon and Krul to AC Milan this year, next year Cabaye to PSG and Ben Arfa to Liverpool.. And while you may say awh that won’t happen, why not? Much better chance of success at those respective clubs, even Ben Arfa. If I was foreign and didn’t support Newcastle, and I had the opportunity to play under Pardew, and after being out for four months he brought me back early to play out of position on a frozen plastic pitch in Russia, and week in week out suffer from negative tactics, or go to Liverpool, and play nice football (granted they are inconsistant but it’s a better project than ours at the minute) and play with Coutinho, Gerrard, Sterling, Suarez and it’s lookin likely Christian Erkison no question I’d pick Liverpool, and so would you.

    What we need is a winner, and yes I know Pardew is a winner, of a Johnstone Paint trophy, we need a winner of leagues and Champions leagues, someone who has done it on the pitch and is hungery to do it as a manager, someone young with the right ideals of how the game should be played. I was the first person on here to mention Gus Poyet, but I’ve since changed my vote. I am all for Ole Gunar Solskjaer. He’s 40 years old, spent 3 years with United’s reserves, winning them cups and priming Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverly for the first team, then he took a job in his home country of Norway with Molde, in their 100th season as a club, they had zero league titles.. Solsjkaer won it in his first attempt….. and second. Retaining titles is the hallmark of a special manager, and for one so inexperienced and young, it’s no wonder united fans think he could take over there when fergie retires. Solskjaer’s win record as a manager is 58% which is unbelieveable, regardless of what league it is. He has Molde in the Champions League, winning divisions, and playing the fast, free flowing, attacking football that he played at United. The kind of football that would bring success to this current squad here. As a player it is well documented Solskjaer used to ask to start on the bench, so he could see how the other team was playing, tactics, weakness, etc, etc.. When he came on he often made his impact right away. Even then it was evident he would become a special manager. If we wait until he takes another job for 2-3 years. We may miss our window of opportunity, as he could then land the United job. I feel like he is a Michel Laudrup breed of manager, regarded as a legend of a player, a proven winner and employs football that is a joy to behold. Last summer he was picked up by Randy Lerner’s private jet and flown in to Villa. He rejected the job in the end opting to win the title a second time with Molde, but with the current campaign four games in, and Molde having lost three of them, one could argue he’s taken them as far as they can go, if he was willing to go to Villa last year, I imagine he’d jump at the chance to manage us. It’s time to take a manager with these philosophies on the game, which match our squads strengths and abilities. And Mike Ashley should take a leaf out of Swansea’s book and continue to appoint managers with the same brand of football, hence no big change needed in the squad or tactics. Pick a brand of football, stick to it.

    Looking toward the summer if we are to have a clear out, which I think we should and will, the fringe players not up to it will be cut, the squad players declining will be cut loose too. But why stop there? There has to be a reason why year on year Newcastle is top of the injury list, and especially hamstrings. This is not a coinsidance and whilst I don’t like looking for someone to blame all the time being a man of reason and logic, there is someone at fault here, it’s either the surface at Benton, the way the lads are coached, the physios.. But someone has to tossed out and replaced, or this curse of injuries will live on indefinitely.

    Now if we consider for a moment the players we all agree will leave this summer are;
    Colo £6m
    Obertan £4m
    Gosling £2m
    Willo £2m
    Simpson free
    Harper free

    and if by some miracle we could get £10m for the liability that is Tiote, since he joined the premier league he is 7 yellow cards ahead of his nearest competitor, and that is the only chart he’s top of.

    But even without tiote going, that’s £14m in not including what we will get for certain fringe players not deemed up to standard.

    Now consider what we need to bring in and who they should be; (my in’s goes like this)

    Douglas free
    Sakho £7m
    Puncheon free (not the best, but when the injuries hit mid season, we’ll be glad of him)
    Windjelum £6m (Dutch ronaldinho, year on year improvement, he’s ready, and has been scouted by Sir Carr)
    Alan Ruiz (part of exchange with San Lorenzo for Colo Argentina u 20’s star, valued by his club at £1.6m, i think he has potential, and is continuously hacked down in his league, while many south americans fail in england, he is very much a premier league player)
    PEA £10m
    Remy £4m
    And if by some miracle we could attract Honda who is free this summer then him too.

    That all amounts to a grand total of £27 million.
    Now take away the £14 million we took in, it’s a net spend of £13m, or even better if some lunatic buys Tiote, its a net spend of £3m!!

    Then all we need is Solskjaer and I seriously think a great era would begin.

    Debuchy Sakho Yanga Mbiwa Santon
    Sissoko Cabaye
    Remy Benny PEA

    The width being provided by Debuchy and Santon, Remy and PEA are more Right and Left Forwards, not so much wingers as players given a role of finding those pockets of space, and exploiting them, Whether they find 10 yards on the touchline, or between the midfield four and backline, constantly dragging players out of position, they would be a nightmare to play against, Sissoko tidying up, Cabaye spraying the ball about, dictating games like he was born to do. Anita can come into midfield and tie everything up. That centre back pairing would be the most beautiful and modern in the premier league, hands down. and whilst Sakho has a lot to learn.. he has a lot of potential.

    Just imagine what a forward thinking, positive attack minded manager would do with that eleven?
    And what makes it all the more exciting is that we have all but three of the players in that eleven. And more still,
    one is our top target this summer (PEA), one is earmarked as Colocini’s replacement (Sakho) and we will almost certainly go back in or Remy should QPR in all probability say bye bye to the premier league. So it is all so, so possible. The future could be so bright for this club.

    I started writing, waiting on a movie to load in another tab. Got a bit carried away, but if anyone read this all (doubt it) thanks for reading, would love your opinion. Sound.


  4. A good read Cuda, we often seem to blow it when it comes to the crunch, the 12 points clear in the league, FA Cup finals, Uefa and FA cup semis spring to mind so maybe you have a point with the “mindset” thing…or maybe it’s just a “usually crap ” choice of manager 😉

    Glenn, a good read and agree with alot of it, doubt we’ll get as much for Colo if indeed we get anything, also I hope we don’t get Douglas as I don’t rate him much at all(just my opinion) and I think Remy will cost more than £4m and I think he’ll have more attractive options than us.
    You should comment more often…just please keep it shorter 😉 😆


  5. The thread is about the cause of our consistent failure? Which is something I think most passionate toon supporters have an opinion on, and also a solution. There is my solution. You offered no response other than to say it was irrelevant. It has been great conversing with you Sir.


  6. haha thanks Richie, got carried away!
    Remy does have a clause in his contract should in all inevitability QPR go down.
    Sakho would obviously be the main man coming in at centre back,
    Douglas was more for squad dept. 🙂
    Yeah it’s probably wishful thinking getting that much for Colo.
    Check out that young lad Alan Ruiz star in the making.


  7. AUSSIE your lass has done a canny job,but for many yrs,BUT WAIT FOR NEXT YR was always my cry,getting thin now like


  8. Just started off as another anti pards blame it on the tactics essay which we all had enough of on the previous thread. A detailed this is who I would buy and sell in the summer analysis if I were the manager might make a decent thread, but I fail to see how it addresses the idea of the thread which is the club psychology.

    Always happy to see a new post, but reading it on my phone takes forever.


  9. I think it is the negative football we play. Always looking to play on the counter with everyone behind the ball. Defending 1-0 leads no matter when we take the lead. Cisse is always isolated. Any time a cross comes into the box there is nearly always just one guy in the box. Just look at the goal difference to see how much are defensive set up has failed.


  10. Glenn – With all disrespect that was just too long for me to be bothered to read…

    But I think this season has been a culmination of a few things. I think injuries have obviously had a major impact – especially to key players. I also think teams had worked us out from last season and also worked out some of our better players. The manager must take some of the blame too without doubt – I think sometimes we are very defensive and in fairness I believe we are a little predictable at times with far too many long balls. God only knows what would happen with Carroll!

    But the reality is that only the very, very top clubs who can afford to continuously invest and bring in better players every year always go forward. The rest of us just have pockets of failure and success (both relative).

    Think next season is a watershed season for us. We have the makings of a really impressive squad – lets see us add to it and make progress. If we’re struggling come Christmas then I think Ashley has the right to ask why and act if he see’s fit.


  11. Aussie tell the Lass she has done well again and produced a good read, I think one of our biggest problems have been changing managers far too often, I have always thought we lack the winning mentality in that you have no experience in how to do it until by chance you do do it, as I believe if we had of won the Prem we would a continued to be a top 34 club and consistant CL club, but that just what I think, your first one is always the hardest.

    Glenn interesting read I don’t agree with all of it but you have made a few good points


  12. I think the idea that a winning mentality has to come from the top is absolutely correct. Setting reasonable goals each season is one way to hopefully improve the club but mainly it comes down to the hiring practices of the owner. I think Ashley clearly has strengths and weaknesses which show up in his hiring. He’s now very careful not to hire a powerful personality as manager. I don’t think we’ll see the likes of Keegan again with Ashley as owner. Ashley will prefer a man who slots into a position in the organization and quietly does the job very well. Is Pardew that man? He fits some of Ashley’s requirements but I’ve yet to see the doing the job well part consistently. We have a similar problem with Llambias. He won’t act until pushed by Ashley and really relies on Carr to provide targets as he has no football knowledge himself. So what are our chances for any sort of success? I would say they sit somewhere in the unlikely but not impossible category. To improve the odds significantly we would need a more aggressive approach from the owner and the courage to bring in the right manager and let him have true control over football matters. All of us can decide whether we think that is likely to happen for ourselves.


  13. Thanks Big Dave. I hope we do see big improvement next season though. The groundwork has been laid to make us a decent team and most of us are only asking for a level of success which is closer to most people’s expectations. Surely we should aim for somewhere between this season and last for point totals next season (I would like to see us aim for more than 50 points), hopefully closer to fifth than 13th and with some decent performances in cups as there will be no Europe.


  14. Aussie, you just copied what I said the other day when we’re only any good as the underdogs. Dave, bully this fool for me!

    Nah, an interesting concept. I guess I hadn’t really thought about sell to buy mentality…it might also prove something for Arsenal as that has certainly been their mentality lately..


  15. Aussie ,nice one .Got to agree we do chop and change managers too often but it has to be said we are playing far too negativly given the players we have and it’s time for Pards to be a little braver imo. That’s our problem no real self belief it seems ,I couldn’t believe how quickly heads dropped on sunday which is odd given it was at home with the crowd behind them. I keep saying we need to get forward more and let the opposition worry about us especially at home, get a bit of the KK mentality back ,even if we lost 4.3 at least we gave it a go and entertained. It is a puzzle that we havn’t won owt for years and we were so close with KK and with SBR too. We did do amazing with that record haul of points in he fizzy pop league aswell so are capable of going on winning runs so it’s not like the club is jinxed or cursed despite what Gullit thought .

    Glen @3 Always nice to see new post ,I enjoyed it ,some good points ,though I wouldn’t have Douglas here tbh. I do agree we arn’t far away from a good team and that our injuries are worryingly frequent and yes I do wonder about our Training methods ,medical care management and all that .Having said that maybe we need to see how next season goes play and injury wise befor we cast out Pards & co,though tbh my patience is wearing thin.


  16. GEORDIETWO I honestly believed that with a bit of building in the summer we could have matched last yr, but with lack of strengthening and the injuries I think things just got completely out of control, I know there is some that say all teams get injuries, but I don’t think they have had as many of their best player out of so many games.
    Spuds are flying high but where would they be without Bale ? well for me Benny is our answer to Bale so just with him alone missing for near the whole season does make a big difference, yeah there is plenty of times Pards cocks up but I think he just doesn’t have the experience of how to cope with the shit he has had to cope with and for me that is down to the fact he has never had the experience of dragging a team out of the shit simply because he would normally have got the boot, so i’m hoping this will make him a better manager


  17. Glenn, took the time to read your post and found it a bloody good read. Interesting views on the current management and your case for OGS, is quite compelling. Going back to the root of the article my personal opinion is a big part of our, for better words, consistent failures lie, with our coaching setting up.

    As a club we’ve largely kept very traditional, particuarly to our English roots – 18 of the last 20 coaches have been British, coming with a very British way of playing.

    Traditional 4-4-2 formations, with largely defensive minded step up. Keegan and SBR obviously played more acting style with SBR bringing a fairly European approach however, there is a case to argue we are and have always been stuck in the past and largely set in our ways. People talk about our famed style for fast, free flowing attacking football but apart from KK and SBR, who else has brought this? BFS? Roeder? Souness? Pardew?

    Taking the current setup for example, the over inflated British market means we will most likely, under MA, stick to our blueprint of scouring Europe for unearthed talent at fraction of the cost. All fine and happy with this, however, once they are on board they are coming into a set up with a coaching back room consisting of the likes of Stonie, Carv’s, Beardo – now no offence to these guys but what experience do they have of coaching and training these guys? The likes of HBA have been raised in these famed French academies where they’ve been taught how to approach and play football in a particular way which have allowed them to become the players they are today. Under our current set up – with the staff we have in place how do you expect to enhance that??

    The same could be said for Keegan with the likes of Terry Mac, Souness and Saunders, Pearson, Hughton, Calderwood, whoever really.

    Bottom line is if we continue to embrace European footballers, we need to change our coaching methods to accommodate this. The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal, and even Utd have done this and we need to follow suit.


  18. I have to agree with you @25 Big Dave. It partly will come down to whether Pardew can re-establish confidence in the squad quickly. He will know himself that his time at the club is not unlimited. Ashley will be watching with some impatience by now I would think. The summer is important for signings but I would think Ashley will go conservative again after signing 5 in January. Ben Arfa is a big key to the team’s success but can he stay fit for long stretches to help us enough? It remains to be seen. The sell to buy mentality is also dangerous as AMF and Newkie both pointed out. There won’t be any more windfalls like the Carroll sale because everyone is much more careful now. So what can we really accomplish selling off our best players? I would say very little as it will lead to loss of morale with the supporters and the team and very unlikely to greatly improve the team as Ashley watches his pennies very carefully.


  19. Glenn @3 it took me a while to read your post but thanks for writing it. A lot of good ideas especially Solskjaer (did I spell that right). It sounds like a very aggressive but excellent strategy to sell a few who are on the decline and bring in players like PEA and Sakho. Does Ashley have the stones for it? I’m not sure but I doubt it sadly. I hope I’m wrong. We need to look to a younger manager with more of an attack mentality with the squad we have now. Some of them are clearly no longer sure of their roles with Pardew. Pardew himself often seems hesitant on the sidelines and caught trying to react to other team’s changes. I hope you continue to add your thoughts on here.


  20. As far as what mentality the players approach next season in will be down to what Ashley does in the summer .As far as I can see we need 2 good CB one to replace Colo and another to cover Saylor who seemingly can’t stay injury free ,then we need a forward to replace Ba unless we put Goofy more central? .Obertan has to go end of and a replacement of better quality to replace him .Simmo is gonna go and Harper and Willo? so they need replacing too .Question is will Ash get adequate cover in , with the fact we can’t offer European football next year we have to show ambition in the transfer market or it will likely effect player moral. We saw early this season a lot of what looked to me like disgruntled players and I believe that was solely down to the board not showing ambition .Now I know they still arn’t sparking on all cylinders but the fact we have gotten into a rut with results and injuries would seem to be effecting them mentally . Add into the mix a manager seemingly terrified to push players forward and intent on defending then frustration is bound to set in . If they could just play with a little more freedom I’m sure moral and results would greatly improve.


  21. What I don’t get is…If Pardew loves long ball and that was his plan all along, why did he sign technical players in Ben Arfa, Anita, Cabaye, Gouffran and Sissoko. Are people suggesting he has that little understanding of the game that he bought these players to play long ball when he could quite simply have gone out and bought Carroll or loaned him at least, with other similar strikers. Probably could have brought barton back after qpr too!


  22. @Newkie

    I don’t think he does play long ball football it just ends up resorting to that alot 😀 He plays counter which needs fast fit players to work at its best.

    To be honest as well i don’t think he has much say in the transfers or very minimal at most.


  23. Santii-Aye…this is why I don’t understand the longball stuff in general. I maintain that our players just aren’t moving and offering options enough-now fairly that too may be labelled as a criticism of Pardew and his coaching/fitness coaching, but the claims he sets out to boot the ball up the pitch? I don’t buy it. Counter attack football is fine-IF YOU GET THE RESULTS-perfectly plausible, worked for Arsenal, Spurs and uh….Mourinho.at all his clubs? Nowt wrong with the philosophy. Didn’t we score the most quick breaks last PL season?…Stats stats stats.


  24. The difference between us and them we are one dimensional, they are not. I’m not sure about them stats though I’m sure you can look it up.


  25. The only two men running the club with the vision and belief to think we could be the best were Stan Seymour and John Hall. I have been going to SJP since 1951. We have had four good managers – Seymour (who managed and directed), Joe Harvey, KK (mark 1) and SBR. The rest have varied from canny (Hughton) to abominable – take your pick. We have had a string of marvellous players, and now have the best stadium and loyalest fans in the country, bar none. It is a disgrace that yet again we are scrabbling around at the foot of the league. I cannot be the only Geordie who thinks that second best is neewhere. I am interested in only one thing – winning, – not just the odd good result against a so-called bigger club. Until we get people running and managing this club who share this view, then we will continue to fail. Liverpool were ne better than us before Shankly, ManU were nowt before Busby and Ferguson. Why can’t the owners turn us into the best team in the land? Personally I will never settle until such time as the results against the makems become nothing more than local pride, because we are going for gold. Some of the other views on here are the equivalent of re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I would give Pardew one more season maximum. Silverware or oot!


  26. Santii-We weren’t last year…I wouldn’t even say we’ve been that one dimensional this year. We’ve just been shit in general 😆


  27. Big Dave & Ice, my missus says thanks for your kind words about her article. 🙂 🙂
    I believe our lack of success over the decades is hanging over the club like a black cloud. Dave touched on ît earlier, we have almost forgotten how to win and be winners. Thanks for the feedback everyone, except Newkie 🙂 🙂


  28. <<<<<<<<< thinks its nothing to do with the manager,we need players who can stay fit thats the prob


  29. From Ed’s blog…

    No Plain Saylor // Apr 19, 2013 at 12:04 AM

    Whilst I read every story, every day on this blog, I rarely rarely comment, when I do comment it tends to be on the prospect of a fantastic transfer or after a shocking performance. But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where this club is on so many levels, and the foundations are there for a GREAT club. One of very few premier league clubs turning a profit, big stadium, great support, good squad. But I fear that whilst the …….

    Glen, I think someone is stealing your material mate 😉 😛


  30. me too TAE 😉 I wrote the article more around the culture of the club and how it needs to be changed (in my opinion). It is not about swapping players about etc… but each too there own…


  31. thats got to be a record for the longest post i ever saw on a blog anything that takes me more than 5 mins to read i lose intrest lmao


  32. I think for a club to be successful it has to start with the owners then down from there. Enough money has to be spent on players to give strength and depth to the squad. You have to have scouts who can spot talent and owners with enough money to bring them in. Then you have to have a manager that is a good man manager and can get the best out of every player and who is tactically aware. You have to have good coaches and physios. You have to either have enough strength and depth so that with 8-12 injuries you can still field a premiership side or you have to find a way to stop 8-12 players being injured at the same time! When all our top players are fit then we have a decent side, but how often does that happen? We seem to either be solid in defense but have no good strikers, or we have strikers and no midfield to supply them or we have no defense. Seems like we can never get it all together at the same time due to key players being injured or sold. I’ve never been sure if we have just been incredibly unlucky with the amount of injured players we have or if something is wrong with the way our players train. I suspect not just unlucky because it seems to be a permanent state.


  33. Rocky…Seymour Jr sprang to mind when I started reading your post and thought you must have been on the hard stuff, good post though and agree with it.

    Agree with mst of that too Jill but ref the injuries, it seems to have happened which ever manager we’ve had so surely can’t be down to the way they train as each manager would have his own methods. Maybe over the years we haven’t had more injuries than other clubs and it’s just more the fact that we know and read more about our own injuries than we do other teams, especially when it’s rammed down our throats year after year as a pathetic excuse for our constant failure.


  34. Richie, I think you are right with the injury comment there cuda. Who takes any notice of all the other teams injuries??
    Maybe that is one thing that the club can look to change going forward… No more excuses!!!
    Sick of hearing them even if they are valid.


  35. Aussie…Aye, it’s only a valid excuse for a manager if the board leave him with a threadbare squad, our wasn’t a great squad but not terrible and should have done better against the likes of Reading, Swansea, West Ham, Stoke etc etc…imo


  36. True, we certainly don’t do well at making the best out of a bad situation, that is for sure. We seem to simply reflect the current situation in our performances.


  37. Glenn
    I think you’re spot on mate. I agree that injuries have hit us as well, however, that begs the question of why the new recruits have been under performing. Clearly a lack of any tactical nous. I say we put it to vote mid-season, as by then, there will be no room for excuses. Solksjaer is an excellent shout though…


  38. Aussie @ 45 Too right. Not easy, you know, stapling water to a tree. RAZZ

    Glenn @ 3 Take no notice of Prem. Look at his avatar. He’s a grumpy owld git! I’m looking forward to reading your abridged version, fella, when it comes out in paperback.

    Rocky @ 37 Kindly regale us with tales of yore, of the heady days in the early fifties when we won the FA Cup three times. Share your memories before you die and they are lost forever.


  39. Rocky – Keep it brief though FFS! I know how you owld gits can go on a bit.


  40. Re ,injuries we are currently joint top with Villa ,Scum and Spuds with 6 significant injuries to players. Last season we finished in top 3 with27 significant injuries in total over the season of which 1,258 days were lost to injured players .Only Arsenal ,Manure and Spurs above us last season for injuries but we all achieved good league finishes ,very interesting as it brings into question can we really blame injuries on our poor league position.


  41. Kim-Yes because those injuries last year were to raylor, staylor and benny up til the new year (he hadn’t really played for us before that season anyway so wasn’t exactly a key player..) Willo came in and did well for the majority, despite the fact people blamed us not gettig CL footie on him (:lol:) Others injured were ferguson, gosling, vuckic..assuming they add to the stats and lets be hoest, they didn’t add anything to the squad anyway.

    This year it has consistently been our best players-krul, colo, cabaye, benny. Every team deals with injuries but it has certainly had an effect, but obviously its not the only reason.


  42. Oh and marv last season, but that was when everyone said he was a crock and a pointless signing i think..again he had hardly played.

    I see Jonas is saying the defeat was worse than the relegation feeling…It really wasn’t. Get your act together or we’ll feel both!


  43. Where is JJ with his daily update on how shit Pardew is? 😆
    Sorry, that was spiteful, it’s been a long week 😎


  44. Aussie @ 55 I was going to give you a laughter man there but he’s stuck there with the others behind Toonsy’s patio window.

    Toonsy, when you do eventually get a man in to fix the lock on the patio doors, ask him to leave you a good more variety, man. If need be, do a few swaps. That right arrow’s about as much use as Gabriel Obertan!


  45. Aussie that was a bit rough on JJ 😯 whats up has Richie been annoying you again 😕
    In JJ’s defence he has only started getting like that over the last week or so.


  46. I see Dave is spreading his bets so he can join whichever crowd come the summer…Fickle, just as B+B said! 😆


  47. BD, Richie is always annoying, just ask the staff at kfc when he refuses to leave until he has sampled the whole menu 🙂 🙂 it’s not Monday is it 🙂 🙂


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