The man of mystery.

Just who could it be?

It seems that Alan Pardew has past the point of no return with quite a large percentage of NUFC fans.

The fifth place finish last season has long been forgotten, after all it doesn’t help us this season where we are still yet to secure our top flight status for next season.

From experience, once anyone involved with United has the fans against them then the writing is usually on the wall and they tend not to last too long.

Sporadic good results may temper the frustration in the interim but generally speaking patience wears thinner and thinner as time goes on and each time it takes less and less for fans to get back into the train of thought of wanting whoever it is they want out of of the door.

This is not to say that I think he deserves the sack. I’m not in the “Pardew out” camp just yet, but just because I’m not calling for him to be booted it doesn’t mean that I’m happy about things. I too can see mistakes that are being made (in my opinion) and I can also see that our football isn’t exactly great (understatement) at the moment.

However we are struggling, for whatever reason you wish to pick, and the pressure is on us. Pressure doesn’t lend itself to fast-flowing pretty football like we saw at the tail end of last season. Not this kind of pressure anyway… Instead battling and getting us “over the line” is what is most important.

Pardew has taken some flak for suggesting that avoiding relegation will do for the season given where we are now. I don’t disagree with that and don’t see the problem if truth be told. Disappointing as it is, it’s all we have left to go for in reality and is the difference between 17th and, say 15th, really anything to be bragging about anyway?

Not for me it isn’t…

So it’s been a horrible season and lets say the popular wish is granted and Pardew does get the boot. Who do you replace with him? This is not YOUR choice, it is Mike Ashley’s choice, so try and put yourself in his shoes before rattling off managerial names like staccato bursts of gunfire.

I’m sure there will be someone out there willing to try their hand at managing Newcastle United, but that someone must also be happy with how the club is setup these days. They must be happy with the policies we have in place and must realise that we won’t just throw money at things. They must also make do with having decisions made about their team above their heads and must be willing to not have full control over things. Oh and don’t forget that Alan Pardew is currently the lowest paid manager in the Premier League so I doubt very much that a large pay-check would be guaranteed either…

Like I said, I’m sure there is someone out there who fits the bill perfectly, but realistically the options are a lot narrower than people think. Remember, Pardew himself was plucked out of thin air and I wouldn’t bet against his successor, whether it be sooner rather than later, being of the same kind of ilk.

Maybe it’s better the devil you? Maybe not?


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  1. 1
    Premandup says:

    It’s easier to say who I don’t want. I don’t want some young manager who has achieved nothing in the premier league. eg Poyet, Robinson etc. Nor do I want someone who has aquired a name but is currently out of work (for a good reason) MON, Curbs, Hughes. O’leary.

    What I want is for us to stand up and make a statement. Go for one of the top club managers in the world. Someone of whom it’s said, “he won’t come here”. If we are one of the top 20 clubs in Europe then that’s the level of manager we should be looking for. Beilsa or Krupp. I’m not interested in oh why should he want to come here. The answer is simple a chance to manage one of the biggest clubs in the EPL. Ashley needs to spend big on a amanager.

    Having said that I’m happy with Pards until we adopt that philosophy.

  2. 2
    Premandup says:

    As to who is out there now. Pellagrini

  3. 3
    Phileas Mole says:

    OK. Paris may not be the most electric manager ever BUT for the first time in living memory ( and I have been a supporter for 50 years or more) we have a stable club, sound finances, a decent squad and a fine backroom.. The Man has had to handle a horrific series of injuries and integrate new signings into the team. He wasn’t a bad manager last year and he’s not a bad manager now. Limited, perhaps, but not bad. Bit more talent over the summer and we’ll be fine next season. Calm Down, Dears, Xalm Down!!

  4. 4
    Len White says:

    Its time for Clarky to come home and manage his hometown club

  5. 5
    Jamie king says:


  6. 6
    Alex says:

    Lee Clark?? You need your heads examining.

  7. 7
    matt says:

    Why wouldn’t we go for Blanc? Maybe he didn’t achieve nothing in Premier Leauge, but he was champion with Bordeaux. In Champion Leuage his team was beating Bayern Munich, played very well and unforunally lost in quarter final against Lyon. He is young and very talented manager, he has been coach of France national team. He has everything to become sussesful manager at Newcastle. We need Frenchman for french squad. Period.

  8. 8
    Porciestreet says:

    I said Blanc weeks ago and I havn’t changed my mind yet. It would make so much sense, him being French and very capable of modern progressive football. I’m sure he would also jump at the chance to try his hand in the Prem. Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads .Toon 2- 1 at the weekend.

  9. 9
    Porciestreet says:

    Perhaps Lee Clarke in as an understudy ???

  10. 10
    DARREN says:

    Di Matteo FA Cup winner and Champions League ?

  11. 11
    raffo says:

    I think its far too soon for clarky. Why do people get hung up on the Geordie manager thing? We need someone who can get the best out of our players. Someone who isn’t afraid to change things and let certain players have a monopoly over them. Someone from Germany would be good, klopp would be the fantasy. I’d have blanc no problem. We will get linked to plums like Hughes and Mon as if they have a Devine right to manage again. Why are they out of work, not like they took a sabbatical like pep. Pellegrini is another I’d have. We need to be progressive and bold. Clarkey is not that for me

  12. 12
    Daniel Abela says:

    I really like pardew, but things this season really have been poor. In my opinion the best managers for us would be Laurent Blanc and Roberto Martinez. There is the Montpellier manager Girard aswell who will be avaialable aswell.

  13. 13
    raffo says:

    Good shout. The facts are we have a lot of continental players, so we need a continental manager to get best outa them

  14. 14
    Coutts says:

    Martinez if wigan go down maybe

  15. 15
    Andy says:

    I dont think Pardew should be sacked, I think they need to buy the players in the summer to build a team to compete for the top 6 (thats 2 strikers, 2 out and out wingers, a centre back and a right back minimum)

    If we were to go for a new manager there is only one in the world right now I’d go for and thats Jorge Jesus of Benfica. An astounding unbeaten run for his club and Benfica play passing attacking football, closest thing to keegans team I’ve seen in years, great to watch.

  16. 16
    Legendbigal says:

    Martinez or di matteo.

  17. 17
    Doug says:

    We don’t need to sack Pardew. He’s a decent enough manager for now. Apart from feeling the need to play people out of position, he’s done very well with what we’ve got.

    What we really need to do is sack the physios and medical staff. There has to be a reason why newcastle a injured 11 would finish higher than te scum every year!!!!

  18. 18
    Andymag says:

    Pretty sure he doesn’t like us after Pards’ comments. Definitely shows passion and looks a bit like Beethoven.

  19. 19
    Groucho says:

    I want someone who doesn’t play hoofball, who doesn’t use subs who shouldn’t be even on the bench, who doesn’t play players out of position, who is willing to give youngsters a decent chance, who is not totally defensively driven, but who would I like. I would willingly give Poyet a chance. Alright he is lower league but Moyes started his career with Preston in Division 2 and most people wouldn’t mind him at Newcastle. I hope Pardew can put it right but he does seem stubborn in his approach. I like us to win, of course, but I would like a better standard of football to watch.

  20. 20
    Stardust says:

    Want a manager who doesn’t put a terrible back room team together – making the team look noticeably more unfit. A modern manager who has players super fit instead of fat – (see Jonas)

    I want a manager who has an understanding of the type of football he wants to play, to be able to convey that to the players, to have them believe in it and it to be effective.

    I want a manager who doesn’t spout drivel and doesn’t come out with excuse after excuse after excuse.

    I want a manger who puts round pegs in round holes and plays players to their strengths.

    I want Steve Bruce

  21. 21
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Off topic…….
    It’s Anzac Day here in Australia & New Zealand

    They shall grow not old,
    As we that are left grow old,
    Age shall not weary them,
    Nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun,
    And in the morning
    We will remember them.

    Thanks :smile:

  22. 22
    Alex says:

    What about getting one of jurgen klopps assistants. Someone who coaches that philosiphy that you stop the other team playing, constantly pressing. With slick attacking football.

  23. 23
    mark says:

    Christian Gross or Big Ron, but I doubt they’d come here..

  24. 24
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Maybe there should be a second part to the “who do you want question”. The second part of the question should be ‘what would you do with your manager if it turns out that if he is not achieving any success on the park and we are playing poorly?” :???:

  25. 25
    Stardust says:

    Like your thought process Mark – on the same lines as me ;-)

  26. 26
    KIMTOON says:

    Aussie@21,Nice one mate.

    On topic ,not sure who we should get in if Pards goes but I’m leaning towards a continential guy as opposed to British mainly because they will get the best out of our current crop of players. That said I don’t fancy Martinez due to Wigan batteling relegation every year. I know they always survive but a good manager wouldn’t see them end up there year on year imo. Poyet would be interesting ,like what he’s doing at Brighton but unproven in PL so bit of a worry .Blanc may well work and what about Zola could he be worth a shout .

  27. 27
    Oxo42 says:

    The Newcastle board should accept any blame,as the summer lack of cover in attack, defense.Yes 4 new signings came in January,but adding to the difficult language problems,playing together, building team spirit is not the same as ordering new equipment.Players need time to adjust to each other,talk,shout instructions.To expect players to adapt in weeks,in another country as well as learn enough English overnight, is in itself a problem.Great season ahead next year.

  28. 28
    Toonraider says:

    Only one man for me, David Moyes. Will be available in the summer, has great ambition, is a good tactician and is used to working to a budget. Likes to play expansive football, only hindered by no cash at Everton.

  29. 29
    Sharpy17 says:

    I don’t think last season should be forgot about despite our terrible form this season. I accept we’ve struggled with injuries and Europa has given Pardew headaches with match preparation – fair enough, but I don’t like excuses after every game. Our away form has been atrocious and no goals from set plays isn’t good enough IMO.
    Hoofball isn’t acceptable and sticking with favourites (including Shola subs) isn’t on.
    If – and it’s a big IF Pardew gets another crack at it next season, he needs to make some big changes!.
    We have a large portion of a squad capable of reaching a high standard in the PL as well as being able to cope with the added demands of European football IMO, however they need a manager capable of getting them there and keeping them there.
    If Pardew wants to be that manager then I’d strongly suggest he review his coaching staff. Personally I don’t think there is enough experience behind Pardew, and I think if he stays he’d benefit from having someone like Ray Wilkins in his staff or someone with that kind of experience.
    If he stays then he needs to get the full backing from the board with the additions he wants to bring in. If they aren’t prepared to do that, get rid!. Once he has the players he wants he gets 10 games and if things aren’t going well then he’s gone!.

    If he’s not given that opportunity and the board choose to get rid in the summer, then I’d like to see Laurent Blanc or Rafa Benitez (which I know won’t be a popular choice, but he has experience of winning things in the PL and Europe).

  30. 30
    Stuart79 says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    How about a change in policy from our less than successful constant chopping and changing.

    He deserves next season, he had one great season and now he’s had one bad one – let next season be the decider…

  31. 31
    Sharpy17 says:

    Aussie – Happy Anzac day mate ;-)

  32. 32
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Cheers Sharpy!!

    I would love Guus Hiddink but he would be too pricey… very good tactically and very good at getting a good performance out of average players.

  33. 33
    KIMTOON says:

    Stuart I’m not against that train of thought@30 ,but I would only give him a set number of games next season to prove he can guide us on an upward path. If he gets reinforcements in the summer then he really has no more excuses especially given there is no European footie next season. I don’t just want to see us winning again ,I want to be entertained with free flowing exciting football again ,after all we have the personel to do it . Much of what’s been dished up this season has been dreadful to watch let alone all the losses and it doesn’t sit well with the fans when week on week out he pulls limitless excuses out the bag rather than take any blame for any tactical blunders on his part.

  34. 34
    KIMTOON says:

    Aussie ,aye wouldn’t mind him either.

  35. 35
    Stuart79 says:

    Kim – I agree, if we’re still in the bottom six in November/December then he can have no excuses and it will be clear there is something wrong. But lets be honest, we could be top six also but I guarantee if that happens it will be down to the players not the manager.

    It’s only when things are going bad it’s the managers fault, when it’s all going great it’s the players who are brilliant and the manager never gets a mention.

  36. 36
    KIMTOON says:

    Stuart ,I just want to see the talent we have utilised to it’s best effect and I don’t understand why he insist on playing unfit /slow players ,and puts players out of position ,it really is frustrating. I’m starting to think he has issues with certain players as it really makes no sense to me .

  37. 37
    Big Dave says:

    Toonsy very good read, but I just cant see the Regime getting shot of pards and getting a better manager in, or a good manager coming in to work within the constraints of the Regime as it is now.
    So for me Pards has to be given more time, as he has had a lot of shit to deal with this season.

  38. 38
    Sharpy17 says:

    I’ve also been giving some thought to players we could realistically recruit in the summer and I reckon 5-6 would do it – based on Colo and Simmo being the only leavers.

    CB – Sakho – £10m
    FB – Pieters – £2-3m
    AM – Ince – £7-8m
    AM – Sinclair – loan with option to buy
    ACM – De Jong – £9-10m
    CF – Carroll – £12-15m

    I’d go with Ince and Sinclair due to the injuries to Marv and Benny over the last 2 seasons and if we got them I’d let Obertan go. So, to show how I’d use those additions:

    ——————- Krul —————–
    Debuchy – Sakho – MYM – Santon
    — Cabaye – Sissoko – Anita —
    ————– De Jong ————-
    ——– Carroll — Cisse ———-


    ——————– Krul —————–
    Debuchy – Sakho – MYM – Santon
    ——– Cabaye — Sissoko ———
    — Ince —- De Jong — Sinclair —
    ———– Carroll or Cisse ———-

    I’m not saying that would be my starting 11 it’s just to show where they’d fit in. I know it’s a lot of money to spend but we will get a large sum handed to us from the TV deal if we stay up.
    Anyway, that’s what I’d like to see but know it won’t happen like that :roll: :sad: :razz:

  39. 39
    georgio says:

    Struggling to believe so many are willing to give the man another season. His team selections, tactics and subs have been terrible all season. Haven’t you noticed? We have some really talented players playing the worst football I’ve seen in many a year. God knows what the new boys think. He’s had two and a half years. It’s enough.

    The new man is a tough choice. If I was Ashley I’d go with Mr Carr’s choice.

  40. 40
    Big Dave says:

    I do think Pards will habe learnt some vital lessons this season, for me a major mistake was for him to give Ba his full support and faith in an attempt to get him to stay, to which Ba fuked off anyway at the first chance he got.
    For me that knocked the faith and confidence right out of Cisse which has cost us points, so I hope he learns and I will be interested in what way he handles Colo as there is noway he should get straight back in the team before he fuks of back to Argentina when the season is over. As i’m sure that would cost us a players loyalty when one of them have to make way for Colo.

  41. 41
    Sharpy17 says:

    Georgio – Carr scouts players not managers mate, I don’t suppose Ashley became a Billionaire through seeking advice from the buyers he employs SD.
    I think the reason that most people are willing to afford Pardew a further opportunity to start next season is that he’s had one good year and one bad year. Poyet, Clark, Martinez, Zola … none of these have more experience or are a proven improvement on Pardew. Most people, including myself are saying that if Pardew was to get that chance then he’d have big changes to make.

  42. 42
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    I am going out on a limb here but I reckon Toonsy wants me as the manager, have a look at the photo in the article, it looks exactly like me… :-) :-)

  43. 43
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Fuk it looks like Sharpy as well :-)

  44. 44
    John says:

    Oly Gunner, Gus Poyet, Zola are very good young managers, but hiring them would mean a period of transion and maybe a couple of steps backwards to go forward, id be shocked if AP got the door but my fear is the poor form we are in been brought into next season where will that leave us? So I think the best they can do is bring in a top coach and someone who can sort out the defence because lets face it thats where we have been woeful this season, I personally would like a Tony Adams as understudy or Denis Berkamp if hed come.

  45. 45
    JJ says:

    Aussie, the guy in the article is black. I’m thinking Toonsy wants Frank Rijkaard!

  46. 46
    Stuart79 says:

    Sharpy – That’s over £40m worth of players! Where have you been since May 2007?

  47. 47
    JJ says:

    Experience wise…
    Wouldn’t mind Martinez, not that I think he’s a million miles better than Pardew, but I would say he is slightly better tactically and his football is miles better.

    Communication wise…
    Blanc or Garcia wouldn’t be bad shouts… Both have won the French League with unfavoured teams. Both also played good football.

    Puyet looks like he has some talent but I wouldn’t judge him on the Championship alone. Would want a few more good seasons out of him. Although he has made Pardew look stupid with an inferior side twice.

    I just seen that Dortmund side first 11 only cost 29million!!! And we think we got some bargain buys. Just shows you what a top attacking manager adds to a squad.

  48. 48
    JJ says:

    Diego Simeone has impressed me in Spain, his team is full of talent but they were performing terribly until he took the hot seat.
    Watching them now, every single player at Atletico Madrid works their socks off. They give 110% and they all look so much fitter.

    Before they didn’t look like they could be arsed. A bit like our team do under Pards at the moment.

  49. 49
    Sharpy17 says:

    Stu – granted, but we will get around £60m from this TV deal. It’s not often we get handed a windfall like that mate so I think we should – or we have to take advantage of that. That would leave £20m for their wages along with the 60k we save from getting rid of Xisco and around 80k when Colo leaves. It would depend on just how ambitious Ashley wants to be of course – which is why I concluded that particular post by saying I wouldn’t be holding my breath mate ;-)

  50. 50
    batty says:

    if pardew goes try to bring in benitez or redknap

  51. 51
    JJ says:

    Agree, Pardew could pull things right, but he’d have to swallow some pride and change a hell of a lot.
    If he remains stubborn and if Ashley doesn’t get in at least a couple more faces in the coaching department. Then I’m afraid I can’t see Pardew turning things around.
    He’ll have us between 8th and 15th season in season out. We should IMO at worst be finishing in the top 10 and challenging to get in the top five.

    I can understand people saying he’s had one good one bad so he deserves another season… He probably dose deserve another season. But my gut tells me he won’t get things right, so why waste the time.

    In a fair world, he’d get that season. But the world isn’t fair… And I don’t want another season of disappointment that I think will come under him.

  52. 52
    JJ says:


    Rednapp??? Are you on the wind up?

    Benitez would probably have us in the top half but I don’t enjoy his football either.

  53. 53
    batty says:

    jj no why ??

  54. 54
    roy's puffers says:

    kk & terry mac.

  55. 55
    batty says:

    jj but you enjoy the wigan managers football ? they have been fighting relegation for years now so it will get them no ware apart from relegation this season ;)

  56. 56
    Toon fan in Sunderland says:


    I suggested a foreign manager on here after the Benfica game. Their manager has got to be worth a shout. After Sunderland game well I’m bet you lot are glad you don’t live here.

    I want him gone never liked him likes the sound of his own voice and talks no sense at all.

  57. 57
    Sharpy17 says:

    JJ – I agree mate, the fair side of me says give him a chance with changes to coaching staff and additional playing staff.
    However, my concern is that we could and would loose out on available managers during the summer. With quality managers like Moyes, Benitez and Blanc out of work in the summer and costing nowt – at what price would it cost to buy a manager of that quality if Pardew is doing shite after 10 games.
    I just hope the board have had the sense to build a buy out clause into these 8 yr contracts so it doesn’t cost us a small fortune.

  58. 58
    batty says:

    sharpy i read some where pardew is 1 of the lowest paid managers in the prem 500k a year dont know how true it is

  59. 59
    roy's puffers says:


    he’s overpaid.

  60. 60
    Sharpy17 says:

    Batty – I remember reading that as well mate but I can’t remember if that was before his 8yr deal

  61. 61
    JJ says:

    Batty @55
    Like I said to Newkie.

    Wigan have done well to simply survive in this league. You cannot compare there squad to ours, yet their results have been more or less on par with ours.

    To me, that, along with the fact that they play good football. Is a sign that he is a decent manager.

  62. 62
    JJ says:

    He might be one of the lowest paid, but he’ll struggle to get more anywhere else. He knows it too…

  63. 63
    batty says:

    JJ what am saying is decent footy isnt always enough

  64. 64
    batty says:

    jj i never sed he would struggle to get more else where

  65. 65
    batty says:

    @ 59 :lol:

  66. 66
    Troy Stavers says:

    For me, those like Stardust want the perfect manager but don’t take into account the paltry salary Ashley pays to Pardew in comparison to decent managers.

    I’ve no doubt it was one of the reasons Hughton got the shove as he wanted an improved contract having got us promoted.

    I don’t understand why Ashley doesn’t pay top dollar for a top coach/manager. That position is the most important in the club.

    A top coach can get the best out of an average player and provide tactics to enable an average team to achieve good things.

    We spend £10m on Cisse, which is fair enough but spend £10m on a coach and the rewards are greater.

    I don’t believe Ashley believes that yet but he may in time. Wenger gets paid a fortune but he is self sufficient by his results.

  67. 67
    georgio says:

    I’d take it for a start Batty!

  68. 68
    batty says:

    woohoo wen did you come back troy ? :lol:

  69. 69
    batty says:

    georgio you would take what relegation ? cos thats where they are heading ,KK was the best ive ever seen for attacking footy martenez couldnt lace KKS boots

  70. 70
    batty says:

    spot on troy @66

  71. 71
    batty says:

    your not gonna get a top of the range bmw if your only paying 2k ,unless you get it of me of course :lol:

  72. 72
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy – dead right mate. Doesn’t Pardew owe Ashley money though, isn’t that the reason he’s paid so little or is that all aload of shite?

  73. 73
    Stuart79 says:

    Troy – I think Pardew is paid a basic salary of £500,000. Actually quite pitiful in the grand scheme of things.

  74. 74
    Troy Stavers says:


    B&B has hopefully closed the door behind him. So I’ve locked it and put draught excluder around the frame so the cold draught can’t get back in. ;-)

  75. 75
    Newkie says:

    Toonsy-good article mate, great journalism as always when you agree with me ;)

    It’s exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to these damn philistines, Ashley doesn’t give a hoot about bringing in a top manager, he wants his money back as fast as possible with as little outlay from NUFC as possible, with preferably as much success as he can wring out of his investment. I.E no good managers with expensive backroom staffs, nobody who is going to demand a purse and control of transfers.

    I said before, Poyet is imo the best we can hope for, anyone with a big name/reputation will want a contract to match, and I really don’t see Ash splashing out.

  76. 76
    Newkie says:

    Troy@66-Imo Ashley views it asset wise. Pay 10mil for Cisse and if things go well you can get 20mil for him and success in the interim…buy a coach though, who’s going to buy him out? They would have to be really top draw…and that rules them out from joining in the first place.

  77. 77
    batty says:

    mite as well bring back guilet sexy footy

  78. 78
    Nobby says:

    what if we get 4th-6th again next season?

    Will everyone then a gree that it was the Europa league that ruined us this season?

  79. 79
    Newkie says:

    Nobby-not that we will, but yes no doubt he would be lauded once again (although not by a large section of our fans)

    The rise and fall of managerial stock is quite funny, MON linked with the manu job years ago, now he’s not cut out for the Prem…

  80. 80
    Premandup says:

    Troy. One thing I credit Ashley with is that like all successful people he learns from his mistakes. So I would not rule out the possibility that he would pay top dollar for a proven world class coach. I also think that he is very decisive. Once he loses confidence in Parts he will be gone and cheapest won’t come into it.

    I don’t want Poyet. Not proven and has IMHO supported Beaver again in yet another fiasco.

  81. 81
    icedog says:

    KK and big AL would be a good team for me but nee chance that would ever happen,so i would go for someone with less brown stuff round his gob and likes to play footy the way it should rather than a silver big sam hoof ball

  82. 82
    Nobby says:

    This might sound crazy but after a few if’s

    – he doesn’t go to Chelsea
    – Ashley decides to pay top-buck for a manger
    – He doesn’t see us as too small

    I’d love Mourinho to come.

    Does any of those 3 hurdles seem jumpable? :???:

  83. 83
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Nobby, that does sound crazy :-) :-)

  84. 84
    Newkie says:

    Nobby-Not a chance pal :lol:

  85. 85
    KIMTOON says:

    Nobby @82 Blimey mate that would be nice . Actually if he really is that special then why not prove it with a real challenge like the Toon ,the bloke would be a legend if he did and won us silverware. It’s easy to proclaim yourself the special one with star players and millions at your disposal ,try doing it at the Toon I say . ;)

  86. 86
    KIMTOON says:

    Maybe his love of Sir Bob could tempt him lol

  87. 87
    Newkie says:

    Well, the other day commentators were saying Heynckes was still ****ed off with the Bayern board as he wanted another year in the game but is now being forcibly retired..Maybe we could sign him and also kidnap Gotze when the deal goes through towards his last few days, give young Mario and old Jupp the pick of the tyneside lasses as a signing on bonus..

  88. 88
    icedog says:

    KIM @85 great minds think a-like,i have always thought that about so called great managers,try it lower down and prove how good your are,thing is sadly its all about money

  89. 89
    southerngeordie says:

    Sadly Nobby, unless Jose made a promise to SBR on his death bed there is more of a chance of me taking over. Going back to the crux of what Toonsy said, if you’re thinking along the lines of who Ashley would appoint, it’s likely to make for a very depressing list. At the top i see names like Owen Coyle and Mark Hughes.

    I’m very much in the PardewOut camp but, like they say better the devil you know.

  90. 90
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice very true mate.

    Just seen an interview with Cisse in the Mail about his days driving an ambulance back in Senegal when he was just 15 . He left school to drive the ambulance and be able to give a little cash to his family. His charity is all about raising funds for an ambulance back home as his city is small with a not too good hospital and so they need one to take folk to dakar where care is better. He talks about seeing people die when he was 15 and how it upset him and how helping the people back home is so important to him .It is so refreshing to see this view on life from a footballer ,what a nice change from the me ,myself and I attitude so often witnessed .

  91. 91
    icedog says:

    KIM aye saw that,nice to see him buy a full footy kit for a local under 12s team that are going through hard time too,good on yer son

  92. 92
    KIMTOON says:

    Also seen an interview with Haidara where he’s saying Liverpool won’t be as good without Suarez as he’s their focal point (ROLLS EYES ) When will our players and Pards learn to keep a low profile until after the game.

    It may just rally the Dippers to prove a point and’ do it for Luis ‘as it were ,they still have a lot of threats in that team and I really wish we would concentrate on beating them without all the pre gamesmanship that never effin works anyway.

  93. 93
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice ,Wow did he ,I didn’t know that like, that’s a nice touch .

  94. 94
    JJ says:

    Nobby @78
    If that happen’s then yes, I’d have to admit to being wrong. Highly doubt it’ll happen though.

    Spot on about paying big cash for a big manager. The most important position we could fill with quality would be a top manager.

  95. 95
    icedog says:

    KIM he also drove out to a small village to give a young disabled fan a bag of goodies for a welcome letter he got from him,thats the sort of guys we need imo,the young kid in the wheelchair was shocked at the surprise vist

  96. 96
    djebs9 says:

    just a manager playing modern football ( short pass and move) like every team today :!: no fuckin..long ball for 2 momie striker :sad: and the most important use players on they re POSITION :evil: HBA (who is just one of better creative player in europe !!!! ) he is a No 10 and he s 100x moore better BEHIND 1 or 2 a STRIKER :!: .so poyet..l.blanc …girard or zola will be a very very good news for the toons :!: but forget that …7 years contract is too expensive for a “coach casting ashley s mistack “and still pardew for 5 or 6 years again for sure….relagate or not…shit football or not… i remember a twitt from barton 2 years ago and an article news nolan…they re not to far….ridicul and stupid plan and ambition….

  97. 97
    djebs9 says:

    hard time :sad: mate

  98. 98
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice ,Yeah I knew about that ,it was not long after he came to us wasn’t it.
    Got to say I really like the guy ,even if his strike rate hasn’t hit last seasons dizzying heights ,he always gives 100% and you can’t ask anymore imo ,he’s a class act on and off the pitch .

  99. 99
    georgio says:

    Having read yesterday that Pardew wants to bring in a new coach, I read now that it’s a youth coach he wants. Speechless at the endless bollocks and empty promises coming out of the club.

    I would genuinely have no manager instead of Pardew. Anyone else up for that?

  100. 100
    Sharpy17 says:

    Ice/Kim – if only he could stay onside he’d be perfect! :lol: Agree with you both though, he seems a thoroughly decent human being ;-)

  101. 101
    Len White says:

    Pardews tactics are the same as fat sams. So why does Sam get sacked after six months and Pardew is given an 8 yr contract. I just say get someone who plays football and not hoofball.

  102. 102
    Sharpy17 says:

    I know some people have mentioned the likes of Shearer, KK and Clarkie and I don’t really buy into the fairy tale stuff of ex players – I think the KK era was a one off. But I think one ex toon player who I would have welcomed back would have been Gary Speed. I know it can’t happen now so we’d never know but I do think he had the potential to go on to be a good coach or manager.

  103. 103
    georgio says:

    Good, but wasted call Sharpy.

  104. 104
    Sharpy17 says:

    Georgio – no more wasted than the Mourhino shout I’d say mate ;-)
    I put my realistic choices forward earlier mate, Speedo just came to mind with people mentioning ex players

  105. 105
    georgio says:

    Sharpy – I really think there will be no changes. Pardew will be there come August with another couple of signings as effective as Anita and with another season of us moaning and groaning we’ll finish about 10th.

  106. 106
    Toby le Rhone says:

    Snippets of his press conference ahead of saturdays game getting released on twitter. He and his thoughts are a million miles from the fans

  107. 107
    KIMTOON says:

    It’s all so depressing thinking about all things that have gone wrong this season and it’s not over yet:( .At some point we must surely put in a brilliant performance ,so hopeing it’s this saturday ,lord knows we’ve waited long enough ,who knows we might even score from a corner /set piece!!.

  108. 108
    georgio says:

    Kim, I’m not the only one who won’t be holding their breath. Our record from restarts this season seems absolutely impossible.

  109. 109
    KIMTOON says:

    Georgio ,it’s mental mate ,I mean the laws of average say at some point you would score from at least one corner ,even sunday leaguers manage it.

  110. 110
    Toby le Rhone says:

    On the corners and set pieces i am sure i read this week Pardew says we don’t score or look dangerous because we only have two people who are a threat Saylor and Sissoko. Both are man marked he said. So why the hell do we persist with crossing the ball at every opportunity. Someone once said stupidity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results

  111. 111
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Lets put paid to this myth that “the options are a lot narrower than people think.” Why wouldn’t a potential candidate be happy with the policies we have in place? We can’t compete financially with the likes of City, Chelsea, PSG etc. They will have the first choice of managers. But, generally speaking, we will have the choice of almost all of the rest.

    “Oh and don’t forget that Alan Pardew is currently the lowest paid manager in the Premier League so I doubt very much that a large pay-check would be guaranteed either…” Why the doubt? Ashley wanted a particular manager but wasn’t simply prepared to paying the going rate for Premier League managers. Why should he when he knows he can get the man he wants for so much less? If he wanted a different manager tomorrow, he would pay what he needs to secure him and no more. Where does it follow that he would pay the same as he is paying Pardew?

    Prem rightly says, “One thing I credit Ashley with is that like all successful people he learns from his mistakes. So I would not rule out the possibility that he would pay top dollar for a proven world class coach.” “Once he loses confidence in Parts he will be gone and cheapest won’t come into it.” That point is obvious and common sense, but it seems it needs stating and re-stating on here.

  112. 112
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    I gather Pardew said before the West Brom match “no excuses” and then went on to complain about the bobbly pitch after another dire showing! After finishing fifth last season, he has set a target for next season (two years on) of top 10. Big Wowza!

    The next manager must not be the author of a book of excuses and must have some real ambition.

  113. 113
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    TLR @ 110 Exactly fella! Further proof he hasn’t got a clue. His answer is not to play to his team’s strengths, using what he has got, but to carry on regardless and rue the fact that he is missing Big Andy.

  114. 114
    icedog says:

    what the fk is going on at the toon,cissie has flown back out to france

  115. 115
    Santii says:

    Laurent Blanc really is the perfect choice and i think would be the right step for both club and manager.

    Rafa Benitez could do wonders at this club as well.

    Pardew OUT!!!

  116. 116
    TonyGreenSupreme says:

    It was 40yrs ago today that I went to my first match at SJP, we drew 0-0
    with Everton.
    Little did I know that I would suffer 40yrs of hurt.

    Re Pardew, he is doomed to failure if he persists with his inflexible 4-2-3-1
    formation and negative tactics.
    Get rid in the summer for me.

  117. 117
    icedog says:

    i know players need time to settle but how can players settle when they are played in four diff areas of the pitch as in anita case,but pardew prefers to by-pass m/f,pardew fails on many fronts imo

  118. 118
    GeordieTwo says:

    Happy ANZAC day AMF @21. Well done mate. As for the never ending Pardew debate I still think he deserves a few months next season to show what he can do. I haven’t been impressed with him for quite a while but unless Ashley grows a set all of a sudden it won’t help to sack him and bring in the owner’s brother-in-law or someone like that. As many of us have said though, next season will be the decider. If we play poorly for the first 3 months Pardew will have to go and it will be up to Ashley to hire someone of quality. How could it be otherwise? Would the supporters accept another poor season such as this one? Absolutely not.

  119. 119
    GeordieTwo says:

    I’ve read that Pardew wants to meet with the supporters after the season is over to explain the team’s poor performance. What would be the point to that? It would just be a case of listening to another endless list of excuses from the man. For me Pardew should just admit it has been a terrible season and then get to work making sure we are greatly improved for the next one. Is he capable of it though? I still think we will get to find out. Ashley will only sack him if things go poorly again next season. And I certainly hope Premand and others are correct when they say Ashley will learn from previous managerial mistakes and bring in someone of high quality. Surely it’s the only way to go?

  120. 120
    Newkie says:

    Laurent blanc doesn’t care about the training side of the game and wants complete control of transfers, don’t see how he will ever be considered by Ashley.

  121. 121
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice@114 ,He’s gone to get Laurent Blanc and bring him back to St James’s to show Pards what to do ;)

  122. 122
    icedog says:

    G2 @119 agree mate its pointless plus i think they will be set qes you can ask i bet there will be no off the cuff qes

  123. 123
    icedog says:

    KIM i wish @121

  124. 124
    GeordieTwo says:

    Kimtoon @121 :lol: Icedog @122 yes that sounds about right mate. We get enough of the Pardew view of the world with all the interviews. I think by now the supporters know what he will say. It won’t help improve the squad or improve the supporters’ mood. What would improve our mood would be to see some excellent performances in the last 4 games, then quick off the mark next season.

  125. 125
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Pardew has said on the Cisse injury: “I don’t know where that rumour came from, he has trained all week and he has trained well all week.”

  126. 126
    3hourswasted says:

    @indykaila: #NUFC officials have made early enquires on Rafael Benítez according to club sources. Alan Pardew future unclear and talks are planned.

  127. 127
    KIMTOON says:

    3HOURS , That indkaila is a wum ,no way that’s true.

  128. 128
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    The Johnstone Paints Trophy winner is hoping to have his much heralded book of hilarious excuses on general sale in time for Christmas. He’s already started on the Liverpool chapter with this early classic for Saturday: “For us, he doesn’t play and I suppose that is helpful, but I’m sure it will only enthuse Liverpool’s players to show that they can play without him.” :razz:

  129. 129
    GeordieTwo says:

    An interesting rumour 3HW @126. It doesn’t sound that unrealistic. Benitez has a proven track record, he can definitely manage at this level, and he knows how to manage players of all nationalities. Would he get a fair chance with us? I would have to think so. It actually makes some sense so I wouldn’t completely dismiss it. Still it could just be wishful thinking.

  130. 130
    GeordieTwo says:

    Sounds like you’ve seen some rumours from indykaila before Kimtoon. What do you think of Benitez as a manager? I’m not sure how he would take to Newcastle but surely his record is better than Pardew’s? I’m probably grasping at straws here. I’m very frustrated with Pardew by this stage of the season and sick of his sound bites. He’s looked like a ghost standing there, frozen with a grim look many times.

  131. 131
    3hourswasted says:

    GeordieTwo . This fella is an independent journalist (unlike our chum Warris) he has called a lot right and like all journos also gets a lot wrong. You pay your money and take your choice. It may be just putting two and two together – Pardew under pressure, Benitez definitely leaving Chelsea.

    IF it happens it will be very quick I expect and I would think Ashley may see it as an opportunity to step up and bag a proven Premier League manager that’s won stuff. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was something in it but whether Ashely will she’ll out the wages necessary and whether Benitez would be tempted is another matter.

  132. 132
    KIMTOON says:

    G2 ,Yeah he’s always tweeting bollocks mate. As for Rafa I’m not totally sure he’s right for us and not sure he’d like not having control over who gets signed either.

  133. 133
    GeordieTwo says:

    Rafa Benitez: overall winning percentage, 52.5%; Liverpool winning percentage, 56%. Not too shabby compared to Pardew. Surely a step up for us? If Ashley is willing to spend tens of millions per year on players wages surely he’ll peg out for a proper manager? We had better hope so at some point.

  134. 134
    GeordieTwo says:

    That would be my biggest fear Kimtoon @132, that Rafa would insist on greater control over the club than Ashley would be willing to give him. But no top manager is going to agree to just be a glorified coach. Ashley will have to learn that and adjust to it. He can still sack any manager if he’s not happy with the way things are going and he always has control of the purse strings as well so what is the problem?

  135. 135
    Toon fan in Sunderland says:

    Wouldn’t say no to Benitez but we would end up with the French replaced by the Spanish.

    Looks more of a tactician than Pards but who doesn’t.

    Blanc would do for me or Moyes if we could get him.

  136. 136
    Newkie says:

    Benitez’s worse aspect is transfers. Keep him away from those and he might be ok. Not really sure how that would work either.

    Pretty bad timing to release that when we’re not even safe. What does pards care now? He will get his payout one way or another, in fact he will get it sooner and for certain if he gets us relegated…

  137. 137
    Toon fan in Sunderland says:

    At Newcastle Ashley and Carr have main say on transfers so Benitez in the main wouldn’t get involved in spotting the players at least .

    The one thing we don’t want is waiting until Xmas and then Benitez, Moyes if he moves all have jobs and we will then get someone in no better than Pardew

    I’m past caring about who we get at the minute I just want Pardew gone to start with.

  138. 138
    Santii says:

    Rafa Bentez said before he took the Chelsea Job, He wanted to get back into management at a team that will be a project. Then Chelsea offered him a good pay day no doubt :D

  139. 139
    Troy Stavers says:

    B&B The cold draught has appeared again. Must go until he disappears. Enjoy his craic folks. :roll:

  140. 140
    Santii says:

    Grown Man everybody :roll: :oops: :lol:

  141. 141
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    TFIS: “At Newcastle Ashley and Carr have main say on transfers …” How do you know that and what do you mean by “main say”? Surely Ashley’s not going to sign a player the manager doesn’t want? There was a brouhaha over Xisco a few years ago, and so everybody now thinks that’s what happens.

  142. 142
    Newkie says:

    Troy, don’t run off man, even your back and forth essay posts with B+B would be a welcome change to all the morbid posts around these days. ;)

  143. 143
    djebs9 says:

    b&b.. what do you think about hatem ben arfa postion on wings ? and about his potential impact on a free creative work behind cisse ?

  144. 144
    GeordieTwo says:

    I think it’s going to be an interesting summer. I hope Ashley doesn’t approach it like last summer but surely he has learned his lesson? I’m never sure with him but if he can’t see we need another quality striker I think most of us will only get more frustrated. Some big questions for the summer: what to do with Tiote? Keep him, sell him? What to do with Shola? Send him to the glue factory? What to do if we get big offers for players like Cabaye or Krul? How to get more out of Cisse? How to keep Ben Arfa (and keep him fit)? Who among the youngsters will develop enough to make the bench? I hope Ashley doesn’t disappoint us.

  145. 145
    MDS says:

    KIMTOON says:
    April 25, 2013 at 18:36
    As for Rafa I’m not totally sure he’s right for us and not sure he’d like not having control over who gets signed either.
    I agree. I’m sick of the drama and you know Rafa and DL/MA would have a very public row at some point during the first transfer window.

  146. 146
    djebs9 says:

    re b&b : last news …”hba pushing hard and well for start against liverpool” …says “mr his majesty tactician special zero alan pardew” …

  147. 147
    djebs9 says:

    gordietwo…i m afraid ashley and pards be quiet this summer…i think they re going to keeping all players … maybe changing medical staff …but shola and tiote should be stay … it s the plan i m afraid :oops:

  148. 148
    GeordieTwo says:

    DJEBS9 if you’re right and very little happens this summer then it will only get more difficult for Pardew to hang on. If he gets 2 or 3 more decent players and still fails to improve our performances he is also sure to be sacked. Pardew had better hope he can motivate the players next season no matter what.

  149. 149
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    DJEBS9 – The Johnstone Paints Trophy winner says, “Every day Ben Arfa’s getting closer.” “He’s worked a lot better this week.” “And we’re hopeful that he’s going to make more of an impact, whether he starts or whether he comes off the bench, than he has in previous games.”

    I don’t understand why Pardew was surprised to see Benny had got himself unfit? It wasn’t the first time Pardew’s raised questions over his fitness. It is Pardew’s job as the manager to manage such things so that Benny maintains his fitness, especially as he is the club’s star player. Managers are meant to manage.

    Anyway, what does he mean “make more of an impact”? He has made an impact when Pardew’s allowed him on the pitch and when he’s been supplied the ball. He can’t make an impact on the bench.

    Pardew doesn’t know whether Benny’s going to start or come off the bench. He should have started every game and put in 100% for as long as possible. That way he would have been fitter, quicker. You certainly don’t put him on the bench and then put Shola on ahead of him in the biggest game of the season.

    I’d play Benny wherever he considers is his best position. For me, it’s down the left but with a freedom to roam.

  150. 150
    GeordieTwo says:

    It’s a good point about the drama MDS @145. Still in order to improve we need a better manager. I think it’s going to come down to that. And that means Ashley will have to recognize a good manager when he sees one and not just someone who will keep his mouth shut and do what he’s told. It’s not ideal for us is it?

  151. 151
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    DJEBS9 – Our great manager can’t even make his mind up about how the injuries are caused or what, if anything, he’s going to do about it:

    “We have got a good medical team here. In all seasons, there are one or two [injuries] perhaps you could have prevented by holding them back, and maybe that’s something we will look at.”

  152. 152
    Newkie says:

    MDS-Ah yes, but it seems drama is what 85% of our fans want ;)

  153. 153
    GeordieTwo says:

    I don’t want drama, I want better performances game in, game out Newkie @152. I’m sure all of us can agree on that. Give us decent tactics, a real attacking plan and some defensive solidity as well. If Colo isn’t keen out he goes, but someone as good or better must come in to replace him. Clearly Cisse can’t handle the solitary striker role. Ben Arfa must play. In order to keep players like Cabaye, Krul, Ben Arfa and even Gouffran and Debuchy they will want to see a strengthened united squad next season. It’s up to Ashley, Llambias and Pardew to provide the basis for all of that.

  154. 154
    djebs9 says:

    gordietwo…i hope i m wrong but :| …pards use always excuse of injury bla bla..use never complete type team bla bla…he said fews weeks ago some think like…”next year i hope to use and keep all players fit bla bla for better chalenge and finish top ten .. bla… bla…”that is why the way of my reflection…you know some manacer prefer go die with they re ideas …same stupid ideas….

  155. 155
    Newkie says:

    G2-I think we can all agree we want better football and more wins, every side in the league wants that but obviously we want it more because of our current shite.

    But people who say “i don’t care who comes in” or “anyone is better than pards” “its all down to him” blah blah, its a load of shite quite frankly. Classic hysteria that only ever seems to damage our club.

  156. 156
    GeordieTwo says:

    For me the loss to Sunderland was the worst of all. We were shown what a team approach to the game can do even with lesser players than we have. It was a case of some excellent players on our side against a team which on paper would have looked second best every time. Yet we lost 3-0 at home. It just can’t be explained away the Pardew wants to do it. We were horribly exposed in that game as short of ideas and fighting spirit. I don’t think Pardew can ever receive enough criticism for that game alone but there have been many others like it. Still with an owner like Ashley we’re in a position where we don’t know whether we can trust Ashley to go out and get the right sort of football man in. I still wait hopefully for a change for the better if next season starts off poorly.

  157. 157
    GeordieTwo says:

    Aye Newkie you’re spot on @155 mate.

  158. 158
    djebs9 says:

    thankfully b&b …you put your finger on what i hate so mush on pards speech…he used some words and a mecanik of reflection so stupid and iritable …when i read or heard him …it is so incredible a manager of a big club today have communicate team news to media and fans like that…he is a novice and a poor manager…. :???:

  159. 159
    GeordieTwo says:

    I’m off for a bit mates. Very interesting article to discuss.

  160. 160
    djebs9 says:

    b&b …hba was great on wings …but on. this position . he must be careful defence and use his energy to help simpson or haidara ….it is great waste..i think if he played in central free role no 10 with sissoko and cabaye behind him .the is more equilbrate and ..he can make massive hot attak in heart of defence adverse …wi. free kick. penalty or score…he is the key and the factor x..of the team..we must enjoy for that …i m sure you know the better defencive tactic is massive attak… ;-)

  161. 161
    djebs9 says:

    sorry. :mrgreen: ..the team is more equlibrated…with v
    hba free. central role..(4 1 2 1 2) like ac milan : 4 back line ti0te or anita…
    .moussa and. cabs….hba. behind cisse and gouf… ;-) i m not a tactician..but some think …sometimes are so clear..perhaps pards can try this team. before the end of season… :| when safe… no …i don t think so…i .hope new a coach for that…

  162. 162
    Andymag says:

    For me Sissoko needs to play through the centre, none of this on the wing bull shit, Toure doesn’t play there because it would be ineffective, if Benny does start then it should be on the right.
    ——-Ben Arfa——-Sissoko——Gouffran——-

    Marv has worked best as an impact sub so can come on for Ben Arfa later as Benny shouldn’t play the full 90 just yet.

  163. 163
    Big Dave says:

    Andy I would be ok with your team but I would maybe try 4-3-2-1 with Sissoke in the middle of the MF3 as that is his favoured position, with Benny and Goofy in the 2 behind Cisse ? has there been any word on Santon yet

  164. 164
    Andymag says:

    Could work but its a bit withdrawn, we need him in or around the box, where he’s most deadly.
    Pardew says Santon has a chance for Arsenal (last game) but is unlikely.

  165. 165
    MDS says:

    GeordieTwo says:
    April 25, 2013 at 20:10
    It’s a good point about the drama MDS @145. Still in order to improve we need a better manager. I think it’s going to come down to that.
    We are in agreement there. I don’t have any names to suggest but a cool, calculating techncial continental type would be my wish.

  166. 166
    Big Dave says:

    Andy a bit like this


    ——-Ben Arfa——-——Gouffran——-

  167. 167
    MDS says:

    “calculating techncial continental type would be my wish.”

    Actually, scratch that. I dated one of those once during my time abroad and let’s the experience didn’t live up to expectaitons…. ;-)

  168. 168
    Big Dave says:

    Andy that never cameout the way I wanted it more of Sissoko sitting infront of Cabs and Jonas but behind Benny and Goofy

  169. 169
    Big Dave says:

    MDS @ 167 yeah mate theres nowt as bad as a calculating continental type

  170. 170
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    DJEBS9: I said down the left; I meant down the right.

    Pardew made such a great deal last season of Benny having to learn to do defensive duties. You know how he likes to get 11 men behind the ball. I love his new tactic of getting Cisse back to defend corners. :razz:

  171. 171
    KIMTOON says:

    I’m with dave I agree Sissoko further back Andy.

  172. 172
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I rate Martinez but don’t think Ashley would go for him or Poyet or someone like that. He’ll either stick with Ashley or decide to adapt his cheap manager strategy and splash.
    There are a lot of great potentials available this summer. I do think Pardew deserves another season, but he’s a bit of a Williamson/Simpson, performed admirably last year and when we sold Carroll, but we all know his talent is limited.
    I can see Ashley being tempted by Moyes as he has experience of working under tight finances (though he has had a few expensive flops in his time)
    Benitez is happy to work under Abramovich so would possibly come, wages would be enormous though so again depends on Ashley.
    I was backing Blanc but didn’t know about his approach to training and desire for transfer control
    We need Carr out in France to scout a good manager!

  173. 173
    Andymag says:

    Yeah or even the advanced midfielder in a 4-3-3. 4-3-3 would leave the defence a bit exposed though, Jonas would have to help Haidara out leaving space in the centre for the opposition to press.

  174. 174
    GeordieTwo says:

    I would like to see something like Andymag’s formation but with Tiote in for Jonas to start and with Sissoko and Cabaye switched around. I think Sissoko likes to play from a deeper postion and Cabaye has a wonderful touch on through balls to the wings or the CF. It’s a risk with Tiote but Jonas has gotten terribly slow and his passing has been terrible lately. Still between all of us I think we would come up with a better use of players than Pardew has!

  175. 175
    icedog says:

    i have always said the manager has a better idea than us as hes sees them every day training,but imo its doesnt work in pardews case from what we see on the pitch wk in wk out maybe its who can hoof the ball the best

  176. 176
    Andymag says:

    Maybe it’s just me who thinks Sissoko’s attacking power is wasted at CDM. He reminds me of Yaya who whilst at Barça was put at holding midfield to break up play and then pass it to someone who could attack, when man city signed him they put him further him and he scared the living shit out of defences, a similar story with Fellaini.

  177. 177
    icedog says:

    ANDY thats true mate from what i have seen as well

  178. 178
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Yeah I agree, we just aren’t really utilising him at the minute.
    I actually think Cabaye enjoys, and suits, the deeper lying role. If we play him as the slightly more attacking defensive mid then he’ll still get chances outside the box, it doesn’t alwayswork when he plays attacking mid as he rarely makes “the Nolan run” into the opposition area.
    It’s no wonder he’s knackered though as some games he’s our best defensive midfielder, and our best attacking midfielder.

  179. 179
    icedog says:

    ST i see what your saying the trouble is pardew plays him that deep hes on the toes of the defenders which leaves such a gap its un-real

  180. 180
    Andymag says:

    Think that was why Cabs and toto made a great duo, Tiote held the middle of the pitch breaking up attacks meaning Cabaye didn’t have the bulk of defensive work and so could create chances. When both were on form (ala last season) then they were without a doubt the best CM pair in the league and one of the best in Europe. Tiote’s fall from any kind of form has hindered Cabaye’s game and thusly the team as a while has suffered. Tiote either has to get out of this rut or we’ll need someone who could do his job effectively and consistently. I hear Capoue is this type of player.

  181. 181
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Yeah it can get frustrating. It shows Cabaye doesn’t have confidence in the defence to bring the ball out imo.
    How long is Tiote’s contract? If he’s got another few years I would give him a make or break year. He can phenomenal, but niggly injuries constantly break him out of any form. Same goes for Saylor. For me to even consider him when naming any “this is how our XI should look” line ups he needs to play 30 league games a year.

  182. 182
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    If Ashley is only allowing us 11 purples we can’t have people that are forever picking up injuries taking up the slots!Do you know one player who has gone basically 3 years without any injuries keeping out of action… Ol’ Knees up himself ;-)

  183. 183
    Newkie says:

    ST-This is the quote I got that impression from anyway

    He now subscribes to what he calls “the Anglo-Saxon management mode”. This means he craves control over tactics and, most of all, transfers, and plays little direct role in training, which he finds unchallenging because “these days anyone can pick up training ­manuals in a high-street bookshop”. Instead he delegates training to his coaches, including his experienced assistant Jean-Louis Gasset, who 24 years ago was Blanc’s manager at Montpellier. “I will discuss training with the coaches,” says Blanc, “but my main role in that regard is to supervise and pre-empt any negative reactions players might have to what’s being done.”

    So if that’s still the case, do you see Ashley bringing him in? I don’t. Then again, this was 2009 when he was being linked with the manchester united job (lol) and yoann gourcouff being linked with the top sides in europe (again, lol)

    Just more evidence for the fickle nature of football I suppose.

  184. 184
    Newkie says:

    Perhaps that might change a few opinions of Laurent Blanc’s rear end being the holy grail for Newcastle United among some people, although I doubt it. Anyone can teach professional footballers with a book…yes, i’m sure that’s exactly how Ferguson works as well…

  185. 185
    brisvegas says:

    I wouldn’t complain one bit if we got Benitez.

  186. 186
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Benitez… meh, not fussed by him.. He has turned in to a journey man that can’t settle at a club.. hardly what we would need if Pardz left.. :???:

  187. 187
    JJ says:

    I wish Pards would pick up a book… ;-)

  188. 188
    Oblong says:

    Said it before and I will say it again.

    My choice would be Gus Poyet simply for the type of football he tries to play and i think it would suit our players.

    I’m not in the changing the manager camp usually but Pards seems to have lost it. I’m happy for him to prove me wrong though!

  189. 189
    Oblong says:

    Never been a Benitez fan and as much as Di Matteo won the FA cup and Champs league I’m not a fan of his negative tactics either.

  190. 190
    Andymag says:

    Agree with oblong, neither fits the bill for me IMO. Would love Moyes but he’ll be off to a bigger club with big money. If I was a romantic then I’d say Mourinho would come to us for bobby and we would be his ultimate challenge to finally prove whether he is ‘the special one’.

  191. 191
    Andymag says:

    *sir bobby

  192. 192
    JJ says:

    Said the same of Benitez yesterday. He’d have us up in the top 10 but for me, I don’t like the type of football he players. I think he’s becoming “out dated” if that makes sense.

    There is a new breed of attacking young fresh minded managers that are taking clubs to the next level. I think we need to step up and find ourself someone who fits in that category.

    If Dortmund can put together a Champions League winning team with a starting eleven that cost 29 million pounds and an enthusiastic modern attacking exciting mananger. Then that would be the perfect “mould” to try follow…

    Even if we achieved 1/8th of their success I’d be over the moon.

    Heck, if we’d done what Swansea has this year I’d be happy for the next five years.

  193. 193
    JJ says:

    People also comment that clubs with the League Cup and then get relegated… Is that what we want?

    Well its better than winning feck all, playing shit football and then getting relegated anyway. Incase they forget, that’s what happened to us and we’re on course for it to happen again.

    Need to get through this season and start taking on a fresh, modern, positive, passionate approach.

  194. 194
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I think this discussion shows that replacing Pardew isn’t as easy as it sounds. Christ we can barely even get 50%of us to agree on who we would even just like to see in the seat.
    That’s before even taking into account wages, whether they’d work for the board etc!

  195. 195
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Heck, if we’d done what Swansea has this year I’d be happy for the next five years

    We came 5th last year and you weren’t even happy for 12 months :lol: :lol: :lol:

  196. 196
    Newkie says:

    JJ, wondered who might pick up on that :lol:

  197. 197
    Newkie says:

    ST-We can’t even agree on what is wrong, other than Pardew+team in general. People are now coming around to Sissoko in the middle, I remember suggesting as much when we first signed him but got shot down by a few for suggesting as much “because it wasn’t his natural position.” People are asking more often for short corners, but when we did that earlier this season people criticised them (I belive B+B did?)

    Fans always like to think they know better or have some elixer that will bring the team to life, I include myself in that because otherwise discussing footie is boring. The bulk of the noise is simply results based, but I agree with Toonsy, I think even if Pards did turn it around next season people would only hide their daggers, not drop them. It’s only a matter of time now.

    Aussie@195 :lol:

  198. 198
    JJ says:

    Swansea won a trophy.

  199. 199
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Another Pardew classic: “I haven’t got to the end of this season yet and you’ve got to get to the end to understand exactly what has gone on.” “When you throw a blanket across the division, there’s not a lot of difference between clubs that have been described as having great seasons and us.” I don’t know what he’s smoking but I’ve a fair idea where he’s drinking: the last chance saloon. :razz:

  200. 200
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Newkie – You’re right. I did criticise short corners. I still do. Countless times, they’re taken short, the vital second is lost and the ball’s not delivered at all. There’s no logical reason why a player cannot get a dangerous ball into the box from a corner.

    I’d like to see it blasted hard and low into the box with someone on the near post looking to get a flick on or to dummy it through their legs. Not once have we seen any sort of ingenuity.

    I don’t get this “blame the coaches” line. The manager is there to identify problems and come up with solutions with the help of his coaches. The Johnstone Paints Trophy winner is failing to manage.

  201. 201
    CC says:

    He will only be sacked if we get relegated which would pretty much rule everyone suggested out bar Clarky.

    Personally think Pardew deserves another season, He had a half season stablising after Hughton, A fantastic 5th place finish, manager of the season some inspired signings followed by a dreadful season caused by the club pulling the rug from under him by not strengthening in the summer.

    The first few months of next season will make or break him, If we start well he will be flavour of the month again, If we start badly and are still scraping around where we are currently come october/november time his position is untenable…

  202. 202
    Newkie says:

    B+B-Aye, I wasn’t criticisng you for blasting them just saying the fans do not agree on the tactics. Imo when Benny is playing and in form, giving it short and letting him run at someone is fine. I get the low blast you are after. Personally I want an inswinging one that will keep it out of the reach of the keeper, but I just see the same thing, i.e a straight ball aimed to drop into the keepers hands every time.

    Is it coaches? Not sure. I still maintain cabs isnt good for deadballs unless he is shooting. Free kick deliveries from Anita and Marv have been better from the little I have seen, although corners again…meh..

    Anyone remember if cabs used to take corners for Lille? Pretty sure Ribery takes them for les bleus?..

  203. 203
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    We have no one that can head the feckin ball, that is the issue. And please don’t say Saylor can.. there is no comparison between attacking a ball delivered from a corner and getting it on target and heading it back down the park from a goal kick or set piece.

    JJ, so did we…

  204. 204
    Big Dave says:

    Aussie your anti Saylor stuff is starting to sound like all the other anti Pards shit we have to listen to :shock: . I take it you have never seen Saylor score from a corner :???:

  205. 205
    Groucho says:

    Newkie Surely an outswinging corner gives goalkeepers most trouble and moves towards the oncoming forwards.

  206. 206
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, settle down mate.. I have seen him score but it was a couple of years ago, what does that tell you… we have no one that is a real threat, that incudes everyone, I just pre-empted the Saylor calls. It was not an attack on him..

  207. 207
    Newkie says:

    Aussie..agree with that too, but there is still a problem with delivery imo. I think Saylors 3 goals in 3 games 3 years ago might have everyone fooled still…But pretty sure Raylor and Barton delivered those..pretty sure 2 were corner goals at least?

  208. 208
    CC says:

    Saylor used to get quite a few, The delivery is the problem and it stems back to Barton being taken off free kicks away to dirty leeds pre season last year. That was when he started to slag the club on his twatter and the beginning of the end for him at NUFC and us as a force from set pieces weve been worse than shite ever since.

    16 goals from set pieces 2010-11, 1 in 2011-12 and 0 so far in 2012-13… :roll:

  209. 209
    Newkie says:

    Groucho-Yeah mate, I think outswingers are easier for planks to score as well because all it has to do is hit your face, but Im under the impression that we’re vaguely attempting that nowadays only we’re absolutely terrible at it..I don’t think the players we have possess the tequnique to make it work properly without it swinging out to the edge of the box.

    Inswingers just seem more likely to cause more fumbles in the box more often, maybe someone can toe poke it in because nobody seems able to power a header in.

  210. 210
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Newkie, yep, he had just come back from injury from memory.. I always thought Big Dave was open to people having an opinion :-) :-)

  211. 211
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Newkie, agree. Especially with some that refuse to give Pardew credit for last year. I don’t think he’s immensely talented but however terrible he’s been this year is almost equally matched by how well he did last year.
    What really annoys me is that:
    Pre 11/12 season chat: We have no proven striker, the squad has been weakened, Mike Williamson all the passion will be gone without Barton/Nolan, we have no left back, right back is dire, we need another centre back, couple of injuries and we’ll struggle.
    Pre 12/13 season chat: We need a centre back, the squad has been weakened, we need another back up striker, Mike Williamson we have so many more games and not enough strength in depth.
    These people want to have their cake, and eat it too. If you go on their predictions we would have been lucky to get 50 points each. So their conclusion “should” be: Pardew performed incredibly well last year. And he has marginally underperformed this year, the squad (before Jan) in their view is weaker than the season we came up. In another words, like you said, fans know shit all and thank god the opinions of any of us on this blog are never listened to!

  212. 212
    Newkie says:



  213. 213
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    It was the feared trio – Carroll – Nolan – Barton. Fat Sam should honestly try and sign Barton, 16 goals from set pieces is just obscenely good.
    One thing I will say is that last year we scored the same number of goals with Barton etc here as the season he left, so was it a shift away from the type of players (Nolan/Carroll) to more technical footballers that saw a lot of the drop?
    Doesn’t excuse how bad we’ve been, but we aren’t going to reach those peaks with the players we want to play for us.

  214. 214
    Newkie says:

    Aussie-aye, and ranger assisted. We had big strong players then and everyone seemed a threat…Colo used to cause trouble as well, i recall him hitting the bar a few times and for a CB he could be relied on to get a shot away in the box…which is why I keep going to delivery..CC makes excellent points, I recall even being annoyed with set pieces in that leeds game alongside laughing at Forster…what does that tell you. (You should know better of Dave… :lol: )

    Solano…Aye agreed, I thought Stuarts stats the other about the points picked up since Jan were very interesting and this was after having to battle the rot pre-jan, if we’d had the lot in the summer, we would not have been reliant on Ba and we wouldnt have had to develop an entirely new style (because it essentially is) halfway through a season. But apparently those things shouldnt be considered, and players who barely speak the same languages as the coaches should walk into our team and we should be playing champagne football…

  215. 215
    Big Dave says:

    Aussie I have no problem with opinions but if I want yours i’ll give it to you first :grin: .
    I just don’t want you going the same stuck record way as some of the anti Pards crew ;-)
    But I have seen Saylor attack many corners but yeah your right not in the last 2 seasons but you can hardly ignore the fact that he has been out injuried or the fact no one can deliver a corner

  216. 216
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, I will forgive you for that old opinion joke.. because you are old too :-) :-)
    I wouldn’t call a couple of comments on two threads being a stuck record. I let the anti Pardz comments go for a couple of months before I cracked! :-) :-)
    As far as corners, it is a lucky dip as to where the ball goes and we seem to end up with the booby prize every time :-) :-)

  217. 217
    Newkie says:

    Solano-aye..But Ameobi racked up the assists and some goals from set pieces too, as well as the fact WILLO and colo even got involved. Delivery just has to be an issue. Whether its coached or not…

  218. 218
    Sharpy17 says:

    Oblong/Andy/JJ – regarding Rafa, look at his CV and what he has won as a manager, even during his time at Valencia.
    I understand what you’re saying about style of football and whilst it isn’t the free flowing, quality passing of Barca, it also isn’t the ugly hoofball we play now. What it could be though, based on the fact that he’s won trophies at 6 different clubs, won a Don Balon award and UEFA manager of the year award twice.
    It may not be the most attractive football but if its successive, hell I could live with that compromise like.
    I could argue that Man Utd don’t play the type of football that Barca, Bayern Munich or even Dortmund play – but they’ve won the league by 15 points. Success doesn’t always come pretty.

  219. 219
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Aye…am much happier with a win than a good looking loss. It’s what man u have built themselves on to be fair.

  220. 220
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    @Newkie – True but we wouldn’t consider Ameobi/Willo as part of the first team. If Stoke wanted a shift away from their hoofball play they would inevitably score less set piece goals as they wouldn’t be playing the same giant players.
    @Sharpy, I wouldn’t bring up the awards Rafa has won, Pardew has made it so Newcastle fans now don’t rate them in the slightest

  221. 221
    georgio says:

    One of the problems we have at set pieces is simple ability in the air. For me, and I expected this, Saylor just can’t jump as high as he did before his achilles injury. Mbiwa can’t jump hardly at all, Sissoko’s hardly known for his heading and the rest of them are dwarves unless you count threepenny piece head Shola or Cisse.

  222. 222
    CC says:


    Id like to see plenty of outstanding technical players scoring from open play with the added threat of nicking a cheap goal or two from set pieces when were under the cosh particularly away from home not too much to ask considering how good Cabaye is shooting from free kicks for him to beat the first man and put it into an area for players to attack.

    I know plenty cant stand Barton but it would have been intersting to see how last season would have panned out with him. Obertan played on the right for the majority before Pardew finally trusted Ben Arfa to start. Barton with that set piece ratio, 7 other assists and 5 goals the previous season from the right may well have made the difference between 3rd and 5th…

  223. 223
    Sharpy17 says:

    Dave/Andy – I know it’s a while ago now but re your comments about formation and where Sissoko should play I favour the 4-3-1-2 formation that worked so well for Pardew last season:

    ——————- Elliott —————-
    Debuchy – Saylor – MYM – Haidara
    —– Cabaye — Tiote — Anita ——-
    —————- Sissoko —————-
    ———- Cisse — Gouffran ———–

    Debuchy and Haidara can provide width and Cabaye and Anita can get forward too when we have to ball. More importantly Sissoko and Gouffran can offer support to an injured Cisse and obviously look to help him out in the goals department as well.
    Equally as important though, this formation offers better defensive support.
    It can’t be any worse than what he’s playing now.

  224. 224
    Big Dave says:

    Aussie I don’t really agree with it being a lucky dip where the ball goes, I tattoo a guy that plays in the irish league and he says that they practise corners and 9 times out of 10 the ball is put into a 5ft by 5 area, I just don’t think we practise them.
    Right may go do a bit of work

  225. 225
    Newkie says:

    Solano-I know mate, but they weren’t even part of the first team in that season, although Shola gradually broke in and Staylor was out when injured etc. I just meant that, times past, everyone looked dangerous, or could do something with the delivery…now, nothing

  226. 226
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – I think alot of people want the entertainers football back at SJP and I can understand why!, but as attractive as it was, we still didn’t win anything.
    I also understand people’s concerns re Rafas transfers, but he didn’t have Graham Carr helping him out then.
    I don’t know mate, I could be wrong but to discount Rafa for his style of football for someone like Poyet who has had a couple of seasons playing half decent football at Brighton but still sit 4th in the Championship just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  227. 227
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I know it would be nice to hope there’s even a vague threats, always gives me a wry smile when commentators say “and here come Newcastle hoping to capitalise on this corner” etc !
    Yeah it’s a shame on Barton, he was great the year previous, even last year – there’s no telling the impact he had on our season. He basically forced the 0-0 draw against Arsenal by getting Gervinho sent off, and he was good in the 1-0 derby win if I recall. If we’d have lost either of those games we may not have gone on to have that terrific start.
    Unfortunately he screamed his way out the club, no way we could have kept him.

  228. 228
    Sharpy17 says:

    ST – I know what you mean and I think Pardews PL manager of the year last season is the last thread that’s keeping him in a job at the moment.
    I only mention Rafas because those are awards won over ALL managers across Europe rather than just in our league. I will accept that they were won 10yrs ago though.

  229. 229
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-I agree with you, I wouldn’t turn down Benitez because of style reasons. Look we all loved the entertainers, but that good football we played was all it was, we didn’t win owt. As the saying goes, you show me a good looser and i’ll show you a looser. I wouldnt chose Poyet over Benitez, my reasoning simply is that benitez will not come to us. Even if Benitez rates Carr, will he really go with the flow? I’m not sure…Ashley might stump up the wages for Benitez and his team, but will he get the cash out if Benitez wants a Spanish superstar? Highly unlikely, and if Benitez then decides to walk we’re up **** creek again..

  230. 230
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Reading the article again what Toonsy fails to mention is that Pardew has had the fans against him at least 2/3 times already in the past yet survived. Can’t think of any other toon managers that have arrived to such immediate criticism.

  231. 231
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Big Dave, I’ve never seen pl players hitting a 5×5 areas over and over during a game.. training drills are always easier.. you should see how perfect my golf practice swing is :-) :-)

  232. 232
    Newkie says:

    Solano-Guess that is true actually, whilst the fans were split with hoots’s departure I would say everyone, myself included, were wholeheartedly underwhelmed and critical of Pards appointment.

    Then again, I did feel the same with Kinnear, and may have felt the same with Hoots (its hard to separate that feeling from that of relegation as a whole, I definitely doubted him but he won me over)

  233. 233
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Big Dave says: “Aussie your anti Saylor stuff is starting to sound like all the other anti Pards shit we have to listen to . I take it you have never seen Saylor score from a corner.”

    Whey! “anti Pards shit”. Dave’s getting emboldened now Troy’s dropped back with his words of encouragement. And from the man who beleives Pards is not the right man for the job too! Classic! :razz:

    Aussie, I agree: no one to head the ball so we should stop flogging a dead horse.

  234. 234
    FTM says:

    Paolo di canio paolo di canio paolo di canio pauolo di canio

    Sack the lot

  235. 235
    TERRY says:

    we can’t compete with the top 4. bring sousness back.

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