“Coming to Liverpool was one of the best decisions in my life, in terms of football,”- Jose Enrique.

Old Fullback Vs New Fullback.
Old Fullback Vs New Fullback.
Jose Enrique has spoken today of his decision to quit Newcastle for Liverpool two seasons ago. The Spaniard has described that decision as ‘The best of my life’

There is no doubting that Jose was a huge fans favorite at Newcastle and his departure left a bit of a sour taste. It was well documented that Alan Pardew did his very best to keep the left back at Newcastle and was desperate to hold on to one of our stand out performers. It wasn’t meant to be as Jose ignored the contract extension on the table from the club and headed for Merseyside.

It was with a very heavy heart that Newcastle sold the classy full back, but it was clear that Jose’s heart was set on a move and his head was no longer in Newcastle United Football Club. I think the player played his part in getting us back to The Premier League following the disastrous relegation, he then stuck around and helped us maintain Premier League status the next season. As unpopular as it may be, I didn’t begrudge Enrique for his move. We had sold Andy Carroll the previous window and the player felt disillusioned. I felt he was our most consistent player up until that point and had given the club his best, which is all I want from any player.

Jose however made himself quite unpopular with Newcastle fans following his departure,claimed that Newcastle would never compete for the top 6 again. He questioned the Club’s ambition under owner Mike Ashley and insisted that he always wanted to join a club like Liverpool. Of course Newcastle went on to have a brilliant season last year exceeding everyone’s expectations with a top 5 finish, with the Club even battling for 4th spot on the final day of the season.

Unsurprisingly Newcastle fans were very vocal about the success we were enjoying and often liked to remind Jose where we were in the League. Chants of ‘Jose Enrique were in the top 6′ would often be belted around football stadiums as a reminder of the parting shot which turned out to be a slightly premature comment from the player. The crowd particularly got on Enrique’s back during the 2-0 home win over Liverpool last season. This being a fixture that saw the player end the afternoon in goal following Reina’s red card.

Jose was part of a more successful visiting Liverpool team on Saturday, I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone of the humiliation we suffered at St James’ Park last weekend. Following the fixture Enrique spoke to Liverpool TV about his switch from Newcastle to Liverpool, here’s what the left back had to say:

“Coming to Liverpool was one of the best decisions in my life, in terms of football,”

“Of course, I already played for a good club at Newcastle, but you can’t compare one club with the other in terms of history.

“I’m really happy with my decision to be here; it’s my second season and I’m playing a lot, like last year. I’m improving a lot as a player and a person as well.”

There has been a bit of debate on social network whether his comments are justified or not. Some would argue that he’s entitled to bring it up following the dog’s abuse the player has received since leaving Tyneside. Other’s would feel the player has no need to bring up the whole ‘I play for a bigger club’ comment, he got his move and he should keep his comments to himself. Jose had a great spell at Newcastle and was adored by the fans, yes there has been some banter but he should embrace the time he had here.

Of course there will be a third opinion on this which would be I couldn’t care less what a former player has to say, let’s concentrate on the game on Saturday-We certainly have to hope that’s where the current player’s heads are!!!

As always comments welcome.

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95 thoughts on ““Coming to Liverpool was one of the best decisions in my life, in terms of football,”- Jose Enrique.

  1. BB – I reckon there’s a lot of shit made up by little no-marks, particularly Makems, to undermine the club and to wind us up. They’re finding fertile ground at the moment.

    I disagree that it’s justified to wear another club’s shirt when your own club is paying you millions a year to wear and promote their colours. I don’t reckon Ferguson would put up with something like that because it shows a lack of respect and poor standards.


  2. No not for manager 😯

    The latest name mentioned to replace Pards is James “Smithy” Corden. Don’t dismiss it out of hand. Couldn’t do any worse! 😛


  3. Ice – I think there’s a good chance you’re right mate. I wouldn’t love to see 4-3-1-2 with Carroll alongside Cisse and Siem De Jong behind them. I think in that formation with those players, Carroll could be a target man without having to play hoof ball.

    B&B – I’m sure Rooney has been pictured wearing an Everton shirt, or maybe it was his kid. But personally I’m more annoyed with Bennys timing of it rather than the wearing of it. The thing is though, if he was in a toon training top (which I’m sure he has been issued with plenty) nobody would have looked at him and thought – wow that’s a sign of his commitment and loyalty to Newcastle – it would just be expected. But I agree with you, he could have easily worn a non football related top to go the gym in. Maybe a sign Pardew has a point about Bennys attitude or maybe he’s just a duck egg


  4. Sharpy just read on another forum, a french journo has claimed to have spoken to Ben Arfa today who denies both wearing the top and being at the gym – sounds like some shit stirring going on to further upset the apple cart


  5. Sharpy – Pardew’s job is to set the standards and so these things shouldn’t be happening if they are.

    To be clear, I’m not saying, because we pay these kids millions, that they should always be seen in club kit. Just that they should not be wearing, and hence promoting, other clubs and their merchandise. It’s the sort of slovenliness that sets the wrong tone and leads to a slippage of professional standards.


  6. Debs – if that’s the case I hope it and the questions being placed over our French players commitment really pisses them off and stirs a fire in their bellies for the weekend. I hope they go out determined to prove a point.


  7. Sharpy I agree. I hope someone plasters all the press cuttings slagging them all off (especially the french) over the dressing room on Saturday and they get their gander up. Think this over reaction of the club to the dressing room split article in the Daily Telegraph means it’s more likely to be true and they are trying to keep everything under wraps.
    Hell they can use whatever methods they like to get the bloody players going and up for winning 3 points on Saturday. 😯



    No the story in the sun about Benny wearing a PSG shirt is completely untrue. But the rumours of him linked to Tottenham are true.

    One french journalist just twitted that today.

    Julien Laurens ‏@LaurensJulien 4 h
    Just spoken to Hatem Ben Arfa. He denies completely the story abt him today. He was NOT wearing a PSG shirt in a health club on Monday #nufc
    tfBettsy1892 ‏@tfBettsy1892 4 h
    @LaurensJulien probably more worried about him going to Tottenham than the colour of his t shirt in the gym, to be honest
    Julien Laurens ‏@LaurensJulien 1 h
    @tfBettsy1892 ha ha!! And unfortunately, i think you should be
    Masquer la conversation Répondre Retweeter Favori Plus
    2:04 PM – 1 Mai, 13 · Détail


  9. 100% with BB on the HBA rumours, any “sightings” in 2013 are bollocks if there’s no photographic evidence. It’s made transfer windows less exciting mind.
    If there are and it’s true, I’m not too fazed, do we know what day this happened? Didn’t PSG have a title deciding game at the weekend? If the toon were playing in important game I would struggle not to don the shirt, it would be hard not to if I was playing in the same league, let alone a team in a different league, that aren’t in the slightest way rivals. He gives his all every time he plays, so I don’t care about anything else.
    What Clarky did was so much worse


  10. aye I’m sure Ben Arfa will be away somewhere at the end of the season, regardless of our league status.
    I’m sure he has already told his agent to start the ball rolling.
    The only good thing is we should recoup some good cash to spend elsewhere.
    Perhaps 😕


  11. Jose tainted himself for me when his head dropped the last few months here. I was more annoyed by him having a go when he left the club unnecessarily basically an attempt to pander to us, regardless of whether the fans may have agreed, him stirring the shit was only going to make the club look bad.
    Don’t mind these comments, the interview was on Liverpool TV, he’s complimentary about us if anything.


  12. I am not happy with the links to jay spearing, he’s shit and is an ugly bastard (not important I know but is a side note).


  13. Couldn’t give a toss about Jose to be honest (thanks for the read tho Mark). 😉


  14. Jay Spearing 😯 id rather get amady Faye back 😛

    Biggest game of the season for me is next Tues, live on sky Wigan v Swansea.. might be unbearable..

    Hopefully Wigan will get beat away to WBrom on Sat. After that theyre away to MCity and Arsenal.

    I’m hoping on a draw v Aston villa at home too. I’m not even thinking what we can do as we’re too unreliable and cant win away so all my faith is in other teams beating Wigan..

    I do fear for the worst though


  15. Yeah I agree with you there Mark
    Lose the next two and the unflushables are surely down. Definitely not expecting much from our fixtures like. At least QPR are down, hopefully Arsenal will have sewn up the CL places by the final game as well.


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