Should he stay or should he go?

Another chance for Pardew or not?
Another chance for Pardew or not?
First off, I know the subject of whether Alan Pardew should be sacked or not has been well debated and discussed over recent weeks but I thought I would put finger to keyboard anyway and look at the various viewpoints everyone has put forward.

Go – Sack him now – This is pretty self-explanatory and really seems to be the popular choice from a large section of our fan base.

At this stage of the season, I would say that this is a very low risk option. It will give us plenty of time to find a new manager and would allow us to have a full pre-season under the new manager.

Stay – Give him another chance – Well this is a slightly less popular option but there is a small segment of fans that think he deserves another chance based on the exploits from his first full season in charge.

His record shows that he has had one good season and one bad, it is as simple as that. If you remove all the excuses both good and bad, the fact remains that both seasons have been the polar opposite when it comes to ladder positions and points. So if he is given a third season, he may turn things around and we see some improvement and some solid results. Who knows, stranger things have happened!

No one likes a managerial revolving door where managers are replaced as soon as things go bad. I think it is pretty safe to say that most fans like the idea that the club wants a long term manager and stability but it has to be the right man. Given our track record and the large amount of distrust of our owners, many fans fear that we will simply get another average manager in if Pardew is indeed sacked.

I must admit that I fall into this category and I really can’t see Newcastle United going after a top manager for the foreseeable future. To sack Pardew now and replace him with another manager that has not got an impressive CV and a proven track record would be a step backward as far as I am concerned.

What also concerns me is that Pardew retains his position and we start the 2013/14 season off poorly. If Mike Ashley then decides enough is enough and sacks Pardew ten games into the new campaign we will be in a disastrous position! I am not sure how many top flight managers will be available, the only ones around are generally the ones that have been out of work for some time. This thought hardly breeds confidence going forward.

A part of me really wants to stick with Pardew to see if he can turn things around but another part fears that if he is not removed now, we will miss out on a chance to recruit a manager of some repute. I would love to see our owners show some real desire to grow the club and move it forward. It is not just about buying more players it is about showing the fans that they are serious by putting a top man in the managers seat.

So summarise all of the above; the old jaded Newcastle fan in me says that we will stick with Pardew and if he is replaced it will be early into to next season when it is too late to get a good replacement. But the smaller wishful thinking part of me hopes that the owners of Newcastle will prove me wrong and sack Pardew and proactively look to bring a top new manager.

This all sounds a little cold and callous, Pardew is not a bad man but the past six months of football has really made me struggle to keep supporting him.

There will be interesting times going forward that is for sure! How do you think it will play out?

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591 thoughts on “Should he stay or should he go?

  1. [email protected] Ball and chain eh ,that’s refreshingly novel πŸ˜‰

    Bigpapa & Groucho , My main concern is that they could keep him and then he has a mare first 6-7 games and get’s hooked. Problem with that is there is no time for a new coach to settle in and get in his own players in place and experiment in pre season. Added to this is the fact that the likes of Benitez or any other decent coaches will be out of our clutches by then and we’ll be left to pick the bones of Hughes, curbs &co or god forbid MON or JFK ! .:(


  2. If they are to swing the axe it has to be now imo. The other option is stick with him but bring in some top coaches ,hope he’ll listen to advice from them and back him with good signings. Fail to do this and it will be another season of mediocrity for us imo .


  3. I just think that we are heading down a rocky road that everyone can see if they look down his career!

    Someone send a copy to Ashley maybe he doesn’t know!


  4. Seen another great point:

    If Pardew is still manager here then we all know what Ashley’s ambition is!


  5. So, I’ve been thinking about the other side of the argument. Here’s a case for sacking Pardew:

    1. The results this season were significantly below expectations. Finishing mid-table (even as low as 12th) would have been fine, but the club should not have been struggling against relegation.

    2. Pardew’s meticulous tactical preparation clearly doesn’t fit in with the rigors of European travel. There’s no point in having a manager who gets us into competitions he can’t handle.

    3. He plays a style of football that is unbecoming to the club’s traditions. (Not necessarily bad, it’s just not for us.)

    1 is more or less “casus belli” – it doesn’t tell us who to sign. But from 2 & 3, I conclude that the right man to take the reigns at SJP is Zdenek Zeman. πŸ™‚


  6. Wellington – I would prefer someone with English experience, rarely works otherwise.

    All we ask for is a manager capable of building something!


  7. BP – that’s not true, fans are asking for an attacking coach who doesn’t play direct. Nobody is more attacking than Zeman. And he is an expert at developing young players.

    It’d be like Mancini at City, but with youth development instead of megabucks and tactics that make Keegan look timid. What could be better? 😯


  8. Prem – in Italy, 4 years at a club is an eternity. When you’ve got a Director of Football to handle continuity, sacking the Manager is no big deal.


  9. Personally I’d prefer Bielsa but see your point. BTW keep on going mate, its good to see someone backing up their points with references. I’ve yet to see any of the anti pards do that.


  10. In the space of the next 4 – 5 months we’ll all know pretty soon what Pardew is made of…if we didn’t know already that is.

    I predict a revolution from the French speaking contingent, being led by a want-away Cabaye. One of the main issues will be the lack of investment in the team, despite the huge cash windfall being pocketed by the owner, and the purported “lack of ambition” being shown by the owner. This will either happen during the close season, or in the run up to Christmas. Players will become despondent with Pardew’s lack of tactical nous, and the sheer drearyness of our style of football.


  11. @BigPapa

    He got West Ham promoted and finished 9th in the premier league in their first season.

    He was sacked in December of the second season in the top flight.

    Was it another knee jerk reaction?

    I don’t know but if Ashley isn’t prepared to get a top manager in like Benitez then I look forward to seeing if Pards can turn things round.

    He will have no excuses if we aren’t fighting for Europa spot next season.


  12. What if we get humped three or four tomorrow, which is well possible. Fans streaming out before the end. Will any events tomorrow decide Pardew’s fate


  13. I can’t say I enjoyed watching Newcastle play this season, particularly compared to last season. I thought Pardew’s tactics were lacking and we certainly seemed to be trying to be more defensively minded which isn’t a lot of fun to watch and with Newcastle doesn’t pay off particularly well.
    But it is interesting to note that despite these negatives, Newcastle would have been in 9th position before going into the game against QPR if the refereeing decisions had been made correctly!
    So perhaps Pardew is better than he seems and he has had a lot of injuries to key players.


  14. @ 531 – Is that the best Michael Cox can come up with to make a case for Pardew’s sacking! Poor show for a man who loves column inches. πŸ˜›


  15. I’m no Pardew fan but I really believe we have a shit squad that has 9 or 10 decent players.

    2 of our best 3 have been out for most of the season.

    I accept and understand some of the criticism Pardew has received but I do believe some are totally blinkered and don’t recognise our squad is shit.


  16. [email protected], I think the fact that 6 points covers places 11 – 18 this season says a lot about the quality of the league. Those extra points would have come in handy, but I agree 100% with your opening statement. The football we played this season, especially up to the Christmas break, was really poor imo


  17. I wonder if Ferguson could get Willo, Simpson, Shola, Tiote, Perch, Sammi, Obertan, Jonas, & a few others to play possession football.


  18. [email protected], I agree with you. Our squad has shown itself to be weak, and the fringe players who Pardew accepted at the start of the season didn’t make the step up.

    However, in your last statement you accuse some of the fans as being “totally blinkered” 😯 😯 . At the same time Pardew is responsible for the squad. Obviously he made a MASSIVE mistake in overestimating absolutely AVERAGE squad players as good enough for the task. Ferguson, Shola, Sammi, Tavernier, Abeid, Gosling, Amalfitano are all players which I could see were plainly not good enough, and I don’t earn 500K per year.
    Surely he must take a huge portion of the blame for that ? He got it wrong BIG TIME, and we escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth.


  19. TROY you make some good points but for me his tactics of defend defend at all costs does nowt for me and sticking with players that are not up to it, jonas shola ect and has little idea how to change things on the pitch when its needed no plan B,and to keep trying to fit square pegs in round holes is upsetting players imo,last of all his gob is full of shit,as you see i dont rate him one bit,but if stuck with him we still have to at least back the players on the pitch


  20. B+B-Fair enough then, but genuinely I don’t think Pards has played that many players out of position. Cisse on the wing fair enough, but given his passing is poor anyway I can’t remember one instance where he has played a hospital ball and someone has been injured because of it.

    The fitness I agree with. I think this year he and the coaching staff fucked up royally with it, in part down to the Europa league. I think the midweek fixtures might have meant that they focused more on tactics and the opposition rather than getting our own players fit-maybe asssuming if they did the same level of fitness as last year our players would burn out from the extra matches?

    The reason I think that rather than Pardew just being a shit fitness coach is due to last year….Cabaye and Tiote were the hardest working partnership for a fair while, Ryan Taylor had covered the most ground of any player and Jonas was unbelievable. Most of the squad worked very very hard. So why has that changed πŸ˜•


  21. @MM

    Totally agree and as I stated some of the criticism is fair and needed. However, for some its never mentioned. Its simply Pardew plays shit football.

    On reflection he underestimated badly the skill level of the fringe players and consequently he can shuffle his team as much as he wants, I genuinely believe you couldn’t get that squad of players to play attractive football.

    Many will disagree and that is their right but you’ll never convince me.


  22. [email protected]….

    “I accept and understand some of the criticism Pardew has received but I do believe some are totally blinkered and don’t recognise our squad is shit.”…

    That’s got to be one of the best Pardew defence statements ever mate πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† I thought you had played football yourself mate ?. We recognised it, but Pardew didn’t … πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  23. Alan Pardew at NUFC, and Lee Ryder at the Chronicle. Man oh man, what a media friendly dream team. πŸ‘Ώ


  24. @Ice

    You couldn’t fit half those players in any holes. They are simply poor and no matter how you jig the team around, if the players aren’t good enough to keep possession of the ball then its inevitable you will end up defending.


  25. One job harder than being a manager at NUFC when things are going badly – writing for the Chronicle and trying to convince the average toon punter what he is watching week in week out is something different.. πŸ‘Ώ


  26. If our squad is “shit”, it can’t be Pardew’s fault. He must be completely exonerated.

    How does VICKY POLLARD describe other clubs’ squads if ours is shit? Calling it “shit” is just typical exaggeration.

    Whatever anyone thinks of it, it’s all comparative. Was it a bottom half squad at the start of the season? Was it a bottom half squad with the addition of five players in January? Go compare.

    Some people just can’t make their minds up about Pardew. Funny how when they do “GO COMPARE” on managers, the only person they can think of in the whole world is BENITEZ. πŸ˜›


  27. Munich – A French Revolution at NUFC? You just want Ashley to get the chop. πŸ˜‰

    Prem – Bielsa’s in contract, though.


  28. @MM

    As I have said, Pards is an average manager and I’m not his fan.
    My point is regarding some, who continually criticise the team for playing shit football but seem to think we can. I don’t believe that squad is capable of playing possession football.

    How much say does Pards have in who arrives at the club? Pards is as much to blame for the shit squad as Carr, Llambias and Ashley. I’m sure he sanctions most buys.

    I believe Pardew bought into the whole Ashley philosophy. We’ll always be mediocre with Ashley and if he gets shot of Pardew it will be another cheap option arriving who has to buy into the same format.

    We may flirt with trying to get a Europa spot every other season but that will be it.

    Ashley has to set out his stall this summer and bring in at least 8 players of similar quality to what we’ve been bringing in.
    There is simply not enough quality in depth.

    Pards has to take some blame, a lot, but in equal measures as the owner. But don’t anyone try and convince me that playing players in different positions and tactics this season would have made much difference.

    The squad is simply not good enough.


  29. TROY in that case its worse then because a lot of the players he bought so what does that say then???


  30. B&B @556, “Vicky Pollard” ….you old keyboard warrior you…the eternal diplomat πŸ™‚

    Troy mentioned himself that he thought our squad was shit. It was the bit where he thought Pardew had nowt to do with it that made me wonder.


  31. @B&B

    You haven’t got the decency to speak to me away from this blog so don’t do it on here.


  32. Pardew wouldn’t play my man MARVO for far too long. He was there but Pardew wouldn’t use him. He thought he had better players in his shit squad.

    Adam Campbell must be “shit” too because he rarely got a look in. Yet he was good enough to play. In fact some people who say our squad is shit were urging Pardew to play him. The few times he did get on, Pardew used him as a square peg in a round hole. Those same people defend Pardew by saying he was protecting him. πŸ˜›


  33. [email protected] ….”My point is regarding some, who continually criticise the team for playing shit football but seem to think we can.” … me no understand mate πŸ™ Are you perhaps targeting certain persons in particular ?

    It sounds to me as if you are laying ALL the blame at Ashley’s door. Pardew knew he had a shite squad, and Ashley convinced him that he didn’t ? …or something along those lines ?


  34. @Icedog

    The players he is bringing in are decent. Not world beaters but decent. Some will prove to be shit and have but the difference has been, we aren’t losing many millions on big transfer flops.

    That’s Ashley’s plans. Buying young players in with a sell on value. Many will fail at the club but equally, many will succeed.

    But if you go down that line then you have get the numbers up quickly cos the results have been seen this season.


  35. TROY STAVERS – You’re talking complete BS on a public forum. Get over it. I don’t care who is talking BS. If it stinks, I’m going to point it out.

    As for not speaking to you, you’re so boorish and hissy fitty that it’s impossible. As you well know, however, I am happy to communicate but you won’t. There is a letter on the table because you have always said it’s a godsend that everything is written down on this blog. You boast that you have replied to that letter but that I haven’t read it. What you failed to mention is that neither I or your many independent adjudicators have read it because it has never left your house. WOOO HOOOO! πŸ˜›

    Don’t start crying about anyone commenting on your posts. Grow up. The bloggers don’t like it. If you don’t want me to show you up, go and join Ed’s blog where you went the last time you went in a huff and couldn’t cope. πŸ˜›


  36. Munich @ 560 – You’re spot on about Pardew being happy that the transfer window had shut without losing his big players who had served him so well. He didn’t need to say he was happy with his squad. The most people were saying at the time was that we need a quality CB to push on. They never once said this squad is shit and is in danger of relegation. If they didn’t, why do they expect Ashley to recognise it? The duumvirate rely on Pardew to make those calls. When Llambias says we made mistakes in the summer, he uses “we” to spare Pardew’s blushes. Pardew’s rick will not be lost on them.


  37. @B&B

    For the sake of the bloggers I won’t get in a war of words with you.
    You’ve made more disappearances and comebacks then anyone and were on the precipice of a bridge before MM saved you last time.

    Please don’t put yourself thru another cringeworthy show. Woo hoo hoo hoo

    You fail to see that you told me you wouldnt speak to me again by text. The letter arrived some time later after you realised you had gone into a full blown hissy fit. You aren’t speaking to me over a blog issue.

    Woo hoo hoo hoo.

    Now, if the bloggers want me to pull you apart on this forum then I will. If you want to refer play name calling then I can take over this whole blog immediately.

    I know the bloggers don’t want that and you’ve been warned about sniping.

    I will refrain from doing it for the sake of the blog.

    Now if you haven’t got the decency of not speaking to me over a blog issue I suggest you don’t speak to me on the blog.


  38. I think the biggest challenge this close season will be getting B&B and Troy to cut out the bitch slapping and start speaking to one another again πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  39. TROY i just do not trust his judgement of players or where to play them he will play shola,jonas at all costs,he sold rout to swansea who is now on the verge of england call up and brought in oba in his place,at w/ham he had two top players and left them on the bench to fit his favs in the team when he did play them he made a pigs ear of it even the players themsevles said he didnt have a clue,and now it seems our french players are saying the same,something isnt right mate imo


  40. How did our “shit” squad deal with the Europa League before Christmas? Where’s Michael Cox BSc, PhD (first class degree with honours in all matters football) when you need him? πŸ˜›


  41. – lettergate –

    troy – do us a favour.

    arrange to meet your laddo in the pub (with letter) & talk it through over a few ales.



  42. @MM

    You have to understand it was B&B who has refused to speak to me and wrote a 25 thesis on the subject solely based on blog issues.

    I find it staggering and embarrassing to the family name.

    No one understands him. I left the blog in January to let him burn his own bridges. He cried on his keyboard and was forced off.

    I then came back on and sure enough he appeared again. Hilarious.

    Anyway. As I say. I would love to start a war of ridicule but I mustn’t. I had to respond to his sniping this morning.


  43. VICKY – You said, “You haven’t got the decency to speak to me away from this blog so don’t do it on here.”

    I’m not speaking to you on this blog. I’m commenting on any BS posted by anyone. It just so happens your the biggest culprit, although Michael Cox took over yesterday and is still out there in the lead. I didn’t believe it was possible, as much as I didn’t believe it was possible for Pardew to take his January signings and still make a hash of it all.

    There is an open letter on the table. It’s been there for months. You have replied but your reply has never left your house. I’m rolling on the floor. πŸ˜›

    I suggest you ignore my blog comments like you ignore my open letter to you. Now shut up and take the ridicule like a man.


  44. Ice – most people – including you – were pretty happy with Routledge going. Swansea managed to make something of him, and well done them, but he wasn’t making progress with us.


  45. Roy Cropper – I’m prepared to meet in front of all of his independent adjudicators that he has already appointed and go through it point by point. That would put it to bed. He won’t because he’s frit. His reply to my 25 page letter, which aniolates me, hasn’t left his house. πŸ˜›


  46. WELLINGTON i dont think i made any comment on him,he wasnt making progress with us i agree what does that say about pardew and our coachs then??? and then replace him with oba


  47. TROY STAVERS – I was here before you went in your months long hissy fit, I was here during it and I was here when you got back. More misrepresentation of the facts and more BS. Classic. πŸ˜›


  48. B & B,
    Let it go, you are ruining this blog with your constant point scoring.
    Your like a dog with a bone,


  49. @B&B

    You need to understand. I left the blog cos I could not stand being in the same space as a weasel who doesn’t speak to his brother over a blog issue.

    I knew if I let you on the blog alone you would fall out with all and sundry. I had more laughs reading the hammering you got and true to form you were crying over your keyboard and sniffled off.

    I then came back on. No misrepresentation. You then came back on and you snivelled off again the other week.

    I can’t abide being on the blog alongside a weasel and I’m more than happy to disappear for a lengthy time.

    You crack on with your interesting patter.

    I would rather stick pins in my eyes than be on this blog with a weasel.


  50. TGS – You’re Troy’s big mate though, fella. You would say that. His appeal to other bloggers like you is cringeworthy.

    He complained because he couldn’t answer the arguments or take the ridicule. He cried so much a week ago and created such fuss, it was embarrassing. I had to keep a low profile because he was embroiling me in an embarrassing situation.

    He’s just done the same now after I challenged the remark that our squad is “shit”. The last time he called it “crap”. If he wants to post such BS on a public blog, he should be man enough to take the ridicule that comes with it. It has nothing to do with point scoring. This about issues, but he wants to make it about personalities.


  51. It just doesn’t sink in with you does it. Its worrying. I could stay and ridicule you into the ground. Are you not understanding what people are saying. ? They find it boring.

    I’m more than happy to bow out for the sake of the blog.

    I can’t stand weasels. Woo hoo hoo hoo


  52. Ice – in the prior link, you are approving of Zoe’s view that Routledge for Obertan is good business. See for the QPR comment. If you scroll up to what Whumpie says in that thread, he’s actually claiming that Routledge could come right – Roy Cropper rubbishes that and you are in firm agreement.

    These were pretty orthodox, sensible views at the time. Pardew apparently thought the same, or else moved the player on because he couldn’t get him the first team opportunities to develop. It wasn’t a bad decision, even if Swansea have been able to profit from the move.


  53. TROY STAVERS @ 583 –

    You re-write history as much as you like, but its all written down and you can’t escape.

    My 25 page letter to your own independent adjudicators is replete with your quotes, which, thankfully, were all written down. It’s a pity you can’t face your own words.

    You trumpet that your reply aniolates me. The only trouble is it has never left your house. Classic πŸ˜›


  54. Troy Stavers – Leave your grudge behind and deal with issues not personalities. Stay like a man, take the gentle teasing, and support your argument that the squad is “shit”. No need to create a brouhaha becauses you can’t answer, and use it as a smokescreen to disappear in another hissy fit.


  55. To call our squad “shit” is another typical STAVERS misrepresentation and wild exagerration.

    Shouldn’t Pardew be exonerated if our squad is shit?

    How come the fringe players dealt with some decent European teams when called upon?

    An embarrassing cup exit and Pardew sought to blame his players. Just like he blamed “the other guy” when things went wrong.


  56. We have B&B openly bitch slapping each other in public. Now we have Welly taking Icedog to task over posts he made in 2011.

    Fooking hell. I’m not going to post on here anymore without my lawyer first proof-reading my posts πŸ™„ πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


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