Decision time for Ashley

Decision time for Ashley

After a period of reflection since NUFC’s Premier League’s security was guaranteed I have been mulling over “where did it all go wrong” after such a promising year last year.

It was clear to most fans that NUFC and Alan Pardew got a great deal right in 2011/2012. They ground out results, were fit and hard to beat but were the signs already there of a difficult season this year?

Many fans point to the fact that we scored a number of wonder goals in games we weren’t dominating in ’11/12, when we would go on to take 3 points. I don’t object to that, there’s the old adage of the sign of a good team is not needing to play well to get a result, so were these the signs of a promising future?

The 2012/13 season has finished. Granted the lack of strengthening in the summer was a mistake, but this was quickly rectified and compensated for in the January ’13 appointments. The appointments of Gouffran, Sissoko, Debuchy, Mbiwa and Haidara means that in addition to the likes of Marveaux, Anita, HBA, Cabaye, Coloccini, Cisse etc that Mike Ashley, Graham Car, Derek Llambias and Lee Charnley have assembled a collection of some of the most skillful and hard working players I have seen at SJP in my lifetime – yet where has this taken us?

The tell-tale sign of problems to come this year during the ’11/12 season was the positioning and use of Hatem Ben Arfa. Last year Pardew was in the press telling the world Hatem needed to understand his responsibilities defensively, he was then playing him, in the main, in a restricted old fashioned right half position with a little bit of wing play interlaced. That ladies and gentlemen is not Hatem’s strong point. He is one of the world’s best with the ball at his feet going forward, his balance on the ball is incredible, yet Pardew was dumbing his game down and stifling his creativity to 30% of what it could and should have been.

That same tell-tale sign of 11/12 has been exacerbated this year because of the similar type of player we have signed; clever, skillful, hard-working, technical players. We have an abundance of them that Pardew coaches to his ideology, his ability (or lack of it). In any team, any walk of life a person should play to their strengths. Within a team the combination of collective strengths, each excelling at what they do best, makes for a great team all in tune with each other. A mismatch of personnel strengths versus your vision spells a longer term disaster.

Barcelona aren’t the most powerful team in the world but their players understand their ethos, their identity, they move forward and defend as a group who are incredibly hard to break down, they don’t sit deep all game, they break and defend like lightning and have players swarming and moving all over the field at all times creating a maelstrom of attacking and defending play.

Alan Pardew seemingly believes in sitting deep, a quick long ball up to a lone striker where he relies of individual acts of brilliance for goals, not teamwork. But do the players believe in this and is this how to make best use of the individuals that make up that team? Is this the defined identity, our blueprint for future success?

You can see during a match that there is no movement, no shape, no idea as to what to do, there is no support, belief, culture and ethos for each player. I think this highlights a clear problem that has only become apparent this year, a one I expect Ashley to address.

We are seemingly going backwards. Is the problem more fundamental; is it because these players came to this club having being sold the idea of creative attacking football only for the rug to be pulled from under them and the long ball game enforced upon them. Is the transfer policy out of kilter with the wishes of the manager? Or is the manager out of kilter with the clubs ethos and culture?

There is clearly an imbalance, are the recruitment team assembling a squad to play football a certain way, with a je ne sais quoi demanded by fans of NUFC; whereas the manager wants stronger defensively minded players such as those playing for Stoke and West Ham.

Gouffrana and Sissoko are a case in point, they arrived attacking with lightning speed, the opposition were scared senseless by the speed of our breaks and attacking play only for that element to be “coached” out of them once Pardew and his team got their hands on them. The players all now look miserable, playing to Pardew’s defensive belief, knowledge, weaknesses and inadequacies as opposed to their own individual strengths. He has proven this season he can not get the best out of skillful technical attacking players. I do not buy the injury excuses, the European excuses the myriad of other excuses that pour out of his mouth at every moment. If the players were as fit as Chris Houghton had them they’d be running through brick walls during the games and taking it easier out of them, the conditioning is obviously a problem.

For me, Mike Ashley has a simple decision that can resolve this problem either way, he has to choose what identity, what ethos and culture of football he wants NUFC want to have. He has correctly put right what he does best by strengthening the business and structural aspects of the club and now he has to decide on our football identity.

To this ends should he support Alan Pardew or Graham Carr. There is no point of another transfer window buying skillful hard-working players that Carr targets if Alan Pardew is here, as that’s not what he wants. Pardew will never get the best out of that type of player. Our current players and no doubt targets clearly play football at a level above his capability or understanding for him to get the best out of them.

Likewise if Ashley’s football blueprint is to be in line with Pardew’s then Carr will have to either totally re-evaluate what is a good player to him and find the “cloggers” or he, Carr, has to go. If Ashley decides Carr has to go, there should be a clear out of the skillful players to, and bring back the Barton’s, Nolan’s and Carrol’s of this world, but I had hoped we had moved on from that.

Carr has been lauded for his ability to spot a player of talent, he has scouted for some of the biggest and best and I personally see great promise in the players he has found within our budgetary constraints. The status quo however can not prevail, either Pardew or Carr has to go – one of their positions is now untenable, and I hope and pray that its Pardew’s.

To that ends, bring a coach in to get the best out of the great players we do have, put a smile back on their faces by playing to their strengths. Sign more of the same with a similar ethos and we could end up seeing in the near future one of the greatest NUFC teams ever assembled. Or we could go forward to the “good ole days” of hoofball. I know which I find more appealing.

Pardew or Carr, our clubs playing culture, ethos and identity are in your hands Mike Ashley. Which style of football are you choosing and importantly; to achieve this – who is going to go?


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  1. 1
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Now that is a cracking article Stardy.
    Well done.
    Couldn’t agree more. However you assume that Ashley understands enough about football to make the right decision.
    I don’t think he knows what he wants. So will happily settle for mediocrity on the cheap.

  2. 2
    Troy Stavers says:

    Excellent article Dusty. A lot better since Toonsy tidied it up. :razz:

    Toonsy, did you get any sleep last night fella?! Dusty owes you a big favour. :razz:

    It is a good point and the answer is to sack Pardew, get a top manager in, as those who practice good football and are good at it are normally well known.

    The reality is, he’s just gave both 8 yr contracts and won’t sack any yet.

    Ashley has a good policy in recruiting players. Buy them young at low cost, on long contracts and hopefully they will keep their value or make a profit.

    Managers invariably are not successful. The few that get past a couple of years are the real minority. To sack Pards would require compensation to him and possibly compensation to another club for another manager. Or if he’s interested in a decent manager who is free then he faces competition from other other clubs and the wage demands increase.

    So the problem lies with Ashley. Ashley won’t change. Pardew is still here. Carr is still here and therefore the reality train steams on. :razz:

  3. 3
    I Love Mike says:

    Great article
    However neither will go, think we’ll have a busy summer, get a few aditions in, crack on and try to sort out why went wrong last season.

  4. 4
    BIGPAPA says:

    Best article I have read recently.

    Like you say though I hope it’s Pardew as the players do not look happy playing for this guy. One good thing, I can not see Carr leaving, Ashley likes to buy perceived players that are a ‘Bargain’, and as it’s proved, it’s Carr not Pardew that spots them.

  5. 5
    ian says:

    Brilliant article. Well reasoned and argued. And most of all true. This sums up exactly how i feel- “Our current players and no doubt targets clearly play football at a level above his capability.” i have said the same thing myself.

  6. 6
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    ILM @ 3 – epically failing in the long run :sad:

  7. 7

    Very good blog…. ta!
    I’m not sure it’s an either or however. Carr brought in Tiote (who didn’t perform this season until the West Ham game – who is more of a destroyer than a creator – so Carr can find the type of player asked for.
    What I hadn’t thought through before reading your blog were the key points you make about attacking and defending as a team.
    I noticed against Arsenal how on a few occasions we had the ball out wide with virtually nobody in the box….
    And yet getting players in the box has been the hallmark of all the top teams this season. AND… all we had to lose on Sunday was our pride.
    I’ve been an advocate of Pardew staying but your blog has persuaded me differently.
    I was reading a blog earlier about how frustrated Mourinho (when at Chelsea) was by the superiority of Bentitez’s tactics at Liverpool.
    To get someone of Benitez’s calibre Ashley would have to commit to investing far more heavily; to build a team capable of 4th place – why else would the likes Benitez want to come to Newcastle.
    Ashley has perhaps a more fundamental decision to make – a top 8 or a top 4 place and the gulf between the two is wide, f’in wide – talent-wise and money-wise.
    Furthermore if Ashely doesn’t match the aspirations of those of our players who are good enough to join Champions’ League contenders – then I suspect they’ll ask to leave.
    It’s gonna be a long summer.

  8. 8
    Newkie says:

    So why weren’t we the most long ball side last year when we had players more suited to that style, and less continental players?

  9. 9
    Bob says:

    That is spot on, last season we won so many games by a single goal and with last ditch blocks tackles, Krul saving all sorts of goal bound efforts or one-on ones and Ba scored a lots of goals, the rest coming from individual brilliance. The year no Ba, Cisse on the wing giving the ball away, when he doesn’t no one in the box etc etc. no Krul, loads of goals conceded. How many games we won by more than one goal in the past 2 years?

  10. 10
    Wellington says:

    The most telling remark is this,

    “If the players were as fit as Chris Houghton had them they’d be running through brick walls during the games and taking it easier out of them, the conditioning is obviously a problem.”

    Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be!

  11. 11
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    It is not a good idea to change the manager mid way thru the season imo
    so it is logical to change NOW, because by not doing so we will find ourselves in the bottom 3 by xmas.
    There is no way forward with the clown.
    I do not think the players have bought into his style of play, nor do I think they want to.
    Pardew must go NOW before it is too late.
    Come on Ashley, wake up and smell the coffee.

  12. 12
    Wellington says:

    Newkie – shh! Don’t you realise that this is a well-reasoned, thoughtful article with not a trace of cliche? :shock:

  13. 13
    Stuart79 says:

    Lots of good points, but one glaring miss… What if Ashley is happy with how things are going? I he really bothered if we’re challenging for trophies or challenging the top 6? Is he just happy that we remain in the league? That way he doesn’t have to put any money in and the club can be self reliant, selling a couple of players every now and again under the guise that the player wasnt happy so we had to sell etc…

    I expect neither to be sacked an I expect Ashley is happy as long as we stay in the league.

  14. 14
    I Love Mike says:

    Beardsleys boots
    Ahh you never know, I try to be a glass half full type person, however even the performances of this season have tested me!!

    But if we can get a couple of attackers/wingers in and just get it right tactically, we do have a starting 11 capable of pushing on imo

    Debuchy Colo M’biwa Santon
    Sissoko Cabaye
    Ben Arfa
    ? Cisse ?

  15. 15
    Craig says:

    Good article, our movement is awful and has been for some time. I also agree that last year it wasnt a case of battering teams to get wins and felt more like momentum and then belief from winning a lot of games saw us through many games where we weren’t the better side. Our defence while decent, still looked scarily inept at times but we got away with more. Arsenal was something of a case in point as regards Pardews lack of ability as i dont believe man for man that arteta, ramsay etc… are better than cabaye, ben arfa, gouffran etc.. but their movement and teamwork was streets ahead. They passed around us at will and always had at least a man on to take the pass while we struggled to keep hold of it beyond a few passes. More frustrating was still wedging balls in to cisse who was on his own, why has this not been stamped out for all but last minute hoofed clearances? Id love to see a Toon side that can actually keep possession and move a team around with clever passing, that will never happen under Pardew. The fans play a part as well though i might add, too many morons getting frustrated that we dont just pile forward every time we get the ball to the even stupider cry of ‘stick it in the box…’ when someones got it just inside the opposition half. That adds a pressure to attack but the real problem for me is the coaching and tactics.

    The only thing i will say for Pardew is that i think you have massively understated the impact of last summers transfer disaster. That had a massive effect in my opinion and probably demoralised the players as much as anything- as a fan i was so frustrated and annoyed particularly as it was another opportunity missed to kick on so how must the players have felt considering the hard work they had put in to get us to 5th? Players love to see new players, they’re always on about the need to strengthen. By the time January came around we were on a bad run and had suffered terribly with injuries to key players. It was near the end of Jan also for the majority of them and Wenger famously believes it takes a foreign player at least 6 months transition time to settle and get used to the premier league whereas our new lads had to do it straight away.

  16. 16
    KIMTOON says:

    Good article Stardust and yes Ashley has some thinking to do imo. It’s actually criminal what Pards has done to our more technical playing staff.When you think what they ARE capable of in the right hands it’s a no brainer that he’s not getting the best out of them . If Ashley intends on keeping Pards at the helm then it’s pointless Carr bringing in technically gifted players but it doesn’t mean Carr has to go it just means he needs to scout a different type of player a more direct traditional old fashioned english type. If he’s that good a scout it shouldn’t be a stretch for him to do that but by far and away the best option is to hook Pards and get in a better quality coach/manager. I guess we will soon see what way the wind blows ,I just hope we ain’t heading for a hurricane next season.

  17. 17
    BIGPAPA says:

    Stuart – that’s the only reason why Pardew will stay if there is any justice in the world!

    I agree we may struggle to get Benitez atm, but there are many more managers out there better than Pardew, that will do the same job just with better football, even if he doesnt want to invest surely he couldn’t of enjoyed sitting through some of our performances this season.

  18. 18
    Troy Stavers says:


    Tut! Tut! :shock:

    What did you base you logic on? Years of watching shit and understanding Ashley’s business plan.

    You’ll be accused of second guessing. :razz:

  19. 19
    stevep says:

    Excellent article but unfortunately I think Ashley has Carr scouting to get us bargains that we can sell on at a profit rather than to actually play fast flowing football

  20. 20
    Michael12 says:

    The signs were there even last season. Losing 3 of our last four. 4-0 to Wigan, 3-1 to Everton.

    In the season 5-2 to fulham
    5-0 to Spurs
    4-2 to Norwich.

    It really was the 6 game winning streak that elevated us to 5th place. We pretty much continued from the last 4 games.

    For me Pardew needs to go. His results at Newcastle reflect his record at former clubs. It is not singular or unusual.

  21. 21
    Troy Stavers says:

    The only thing that will get Pards sacked in the short term is a rebellion by the players. They are the only ones who can force Ashley’s hand.

    So far, I’ve never seen any real problems surfacing.

  22. 22
    greg says:

    That is spot on and well argued. Pardew and Carr are mismatched, Carr finds players who can play with the ball at their feet but Pardew plays hoofball. I know what I prefer to watch and who I would keep.
    I don’t see how the likes of Cabaye, Marveux and Ben Arfa can stay with the sort of football they are being forced to play. There are of course more than these two not played to their full potential and I can see more players that would benefit a change of club or a change of manager.
    It would be better to find a manager that can play the players we have at their full potential than to keep the manager we have and force the to play down to his level. If pardew stays we need hoofball players to play the long ball game but frankly I have seen enough of that this` last season, it might be good enough for Stoke but it is not good enough for me.
    In Carr we trust

  23. 23
    Newkie says:

    Wellington-every article is well thought out and reasoned, when it reinforces the readers POV ;)

    At the end of the day, if there is no communication between our chief scout and our manager and our managing director about players there are serious, serious issues at the club. If any of these individuals have not worked out that that is a problem then we have far bigger things to worry about than how stylish we look on the pitch.

  24. 24
    Troy Stavers says:


    Are you surprised there’s no communication between Car, Pardew, Llambias & Ashley.

    Do you realise how nasty they can be. :lol:

  25. 25
    evans says:

    Most goals conceded in a Premier League season for NUFC.
    Most long balls in a Premier League season for NUFC
    Biggest home defeat in a Premier League season for NUFC
    Biggest home derby defeat in a Premier League season for NUFC
    Defeat against Arsenal means the most losses ever in a Premier League season for NUFC
    Worst run of form over a 10 game period in the Premier League for NUFC ever
    No goals scored from a corner which again is the worst in a Premier League season ever for NUFC
    Statistically the worst manager to have 50+ games in charge of NUFC in the Premier League .
    Add to the record the first time we have lost 3 home games in a row for the first time since the last relegation season in 2008/09

    Just found the above on news now, i’m guessing its all spot on. How anyone in a position of power at the club can read this and stand by Pardew is completely beyond me.

  26. 26
    BIGPAPA says:

    Troy – look through last dozen games then. Cabaye vs WH, Cisse recently, Sissoko recently, Colo in January, Gouffran when he is constantly subbed, Debuchy gettin red carded, all signs of a growing frustration in the squad that they are in this mess.

  27. 27
    John Charlton says:

    I think the anti-Ashley, anti-Pardew stuff is incorrect. Ashley may have made some mistakes early on(Kinnear-Wise-Keegan) but from end of the relegation season his policy has been pretty sound. Financial security, wage caps, and young talented players makes sense. Seven new players this season is not evidence of stinginess. What about Pardew? I can’t truly calculate what mistakes he may have made but whatever they may have been the real problems have been out of his control. Europe may have come a season too early in the process of building a good squad. It resulted in an inexperienced squad playing too many matches. I don’t think you can underestimate the effect of injuries which is what too many critics are doing. Remember that nearly every member of the squad has had considerable injury breaks: Krul, Simpson, Debuchy,Santon, Haidara, Coloccini, Williamson, Perch,Ryan Taylor, Steven Taylor, Tiote, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Marveux, Gosling, Sissoko, Ferguson, both Ameobis and Vukic. That’s 20 players! How could any manager/Coach build a sold stable team out of that? If we add the Coloccini situation and the loss of Demba Ba I think Alan Pardew deserves a decent breathing space. The obsession among fans about on field tactics is really wide of the mark. It just seems really obvious to me.

  28. 28
    Wellington says:

    Craig @ 15

    “Arsenal was something of a case in point as regards Pardews lack of ability as i dont believe man for man that arteta, ramsay etc… are better than cabaye, ben arfa, gouffran etc.. but their movement and teamwork was streets ahead. They passed around us at will and always had at least a man on to take the pass while we struggled to keep hold of it beyond a few passes.”

    It’s interesting that you say that, because it’s not really what happened.

    We played more passes than Arsenal, and had the same average streak. Arsenal only had 4 attempts on goal from open play – the bulk of their chances were from set pieces.

    “More frustrating was still wedging balls in to cisse who was on his own, why has this not been stamped out for all but last minute hoofed clearances? Id love to see a Toon side that can actually keep possession and move a team around with clever passing, that will never happen under Pardew. ”

    If you look at the average positioning, Cisse really wasn’t that isolated. Although this is somewhat deceptive – Ben Arfa didn’t make any effort to link up with the striker – Gouffran was certainly making runs in support of Cisse. We also edged possession (51%), and were significantly better at completing passes (85% to 79%). Arsenal’s superiority was in the air (they won 63% of the headers) and, as mentioned before, at set pieces.

    If this is the case in point, then the case is completely empty.

  29. 29
    Stuart79 says:

    Troy – Pretty much. I think one top ten finish in six years is about the gist of it. I don’t see the urgency from Ashley to improve that stat so the only conclusion is he’s happy just to be in the PL.

    But don’t forget he’s not a fan – so where is his ambition? He doesn’t need it to be honest as I think he would gladly sell if he could. Hence the club just ticking over. The only time we ever saw urgency/ambition from Ashley was when we looked like being relegated – so his ambition is to sty in the league.

  30. 30

    the difference with barca and us, is they have 2 quick cbs that can cover the ground, so there def and line up along the halfway line,were as we have donkeys in collo and williamson, so have to sit deep to stop them geting shown up though there lack of pace

  31. 31
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Big Papa

    Its only my observations about the team spirit. I may be wrong, but I don’t see anything that suggests there’s anything wrong with the team spirit.

    If the players weren’t grumbling and looking unhappy when they are in a relegation battle then I would be worried. Those actions are perfectly natural. They can’t be happy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its with Pardew. They might sympathise with him. We don’t know but I see nothing to suggest he’s lost the dressing room.

  32. 32
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Thanks for the up Stardy :-) I think we are stuck with Pardz so hopefully he can get the lads up and about next season.there will be no excuse to be lacking confidence at the start of the season..

    Also really looking forward to Welly’s first article. I am saving all my snide remarks for the day it is posted..

  33. 33
    Troy Stavers says:

    There’s a lot more differences between Barca and ourselves but I agree with your point. Its comical the amount of times I’ve seen Colos golden locks chasing a striker and never catch him. They have to sit on the edge of the box or they get exposed.

  34. 34
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    John Charlton – there must be an explanation for WHY 20 players have managed to succumb to injuries in one season. :?:
    The players all started the season unfit and out of condition and that has just gotten worse the longer the season went on.
    WHY :?:

  35. 35
    Newkie says:

    Troy-Aye :)


    Shh younng grasshopper. You clearly were not *watching* in the true, inner football sense of the word. You have the evidence, but you do not SEE!

  36. 36
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    You answered your own question B&B :-) :-) unfit and out of conditin :-) :-)

  37. 37
    toonsy says:

    Good point about pace at centre back. As good as Colo is, pace isn’t a strong point of his. I’m hopeful Yanga-Mbiwa will help in that regard. Or rearguard I guess :lol:

  38. 38
    Newkie says:

    Aussie-you will do well to hold them all in until then, you bloody bread thief :razz:

  39. 39
    Big Dave says:

    Stardy very good read and a lot of excellent points made but the main one is what will your spiritual leader do ? I think he will stick with what we have because he is happy with what we have and I don’t think he has any real ambition for our club, which has the potential to be so much more.

  40. 40
    Premandup says:

    My take is very simple. Financially we are 7th in the Premier League. Therefore we are the best of the rest cahsing the top 6. To catch 6th Spurs we would need to be 40% bigger than we are. This is not going to happen overnight unless Ashley starts subsidising us to the tune of £50m+ per year. Not going to happen. Therefore what we can reasonably achieve is 6th to 8th with the occassional cup run and trip into Europe. If that is the ambition that we have then the question is who can deliver the 55+ points per season to achieve that. Looking at Pardews career stats he should achieve that consistantly, especially if backed up by Carr and so long as we don’t get slaughtered by injuries etc. Replacing him with another competent EPL manager wont make much difference. There is an argument that by getting a world class manager and overachieving for a few seasons will grow the club. It is probably the best way to go. However, that depends upon Ashleys ambition. We would need to strengthen the squad as well. Personally I think that will be his next move if he gets disillusioned by Pardew. I can’t see that happening for another 12 months though.

  41. 41
    Troy Stavers says:

    Christ! Aussies ganna be asking to be on the train shortly. He’s finally accepted Pards is here to stay and a top manager is not em route. :razz:

    All those with the same street cred as Aussie, jump in the cattle cart :razz: :razz:

  42. 42
    Mattoon says:

    It’s all good and well saying Ashley’s just happy with us being in the prem and us only buying young skilful players to sell them on at a higher rate and not denote the way we want to play.

    However ask yourself this, why would Ashley be happy for us to spend money on players for them to be used out of position and have their skills stifled? His idea is to buy young and on long contracts and sell on at a higher rate, if they’re not being utilised properly then they’re only going to devalue and Ashley will only lose money on them.

  43. 43
    Premandup says:

    Toonsy did you get my article OK?

  44. 44
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    I’m worshipable Troy but there no need to refer to me as Christ! :-) Aussie will be fine.. Troy can you please not change your train to suit your current belief, it seems to change daily based on your mood :-) :-)

    Newkie :-) that’s racist, Toonsy ban that fecker for me!! :-) :-) :-)

  45. 45
    toonsy says:

    Prem – Oddly enough check your e-mails as I was just mailing you :lol:

  46. 46
    Newkie says:

    Prem@40-Yeah, would go along with that.That’s how I see it as well.

  47. 47
    Troy Stavers says:


    The reality train has been firmly attached to the rails throughout. Only 1% of me dreamed of me having rafa at the helm and 99% of me knew Ashley would do the only thing he’s always had in his mind. A cheap mediocre manager at our club for the new season. :razz:

    I hate to say it, but the cattle cart is filling up and you might have to launch the old boomerang :razz:

  48. 48
    Troy Stavers says:


    Very good post fella ;-)

  49. 49
    Sharpy17 says:

    Stardy – cracking article mate.

    Have I missed something here though?!, didn’t Pardew suggest after Ashleys visit to the training ground that his job was safe?!. Now instead of reading who were signing this summer the NUFC news is still ‘Ashley has a big decision to make’.
    Well get on and make it you fat plank!!.
    We’ve been shite all season, you’ve had plenty of time to make your bloody mind up!.
    Sack him or back him but get on with it otherwise you’ll piss about for that long well miss out on players!.

    As for Carr, I think he’s done a brilliant job and we’d be crazy to let him go. Foreign players generally take time to settle in, but Haidara, Debuchy, MYM, Gouffran and Sissoko all started well enough. Cisse is arguably a very good CF.
    It could be argued that because of injury and the fact most were only signed in Jan, that our strongest 11 haven’t had time to gel yet.
    But in my opinion Carr should absolutely stay.

  50. 50
    Premandup says:

    Toonsy. Got it. Totally agree.

  51. 51
    Newkie says:

    Aussie, I’m an Australian national as well pal (minus the years of hereditary stealing) so it’s not racist ;)

  52. 52
    Wellington says:


    Your current handle makes it difficult to avoid racial abuse. (

  53. 53
    Troy Stavers says:

    To be fair Newkie.

    This line made me laugh. :lol:

    Well get on and make it you fat plank!!.


    I haven’t heard fat plank for years. :lol:

  54. 54
    Newkie says:

    Wellie, you’re even backing me up with semi-racism, you really are a top lad.


  55. 55
    toonsy says:

    Troy – I have :-( :lol:

  56. 56
    Beardsleys Boots says:
    A bit of good news to cheer us all up.
    Courtesy of Wonga. :lol:

  57. 57
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Oh, lets all have a laugh at the poor Aussie fella…. you are just as much bullies as Big Dave :-)

    Troy, the problem with your train is that no one knows its destination and no one knows where the fuk it left from. :-) :-)

  58. 58
    georgio says:

    Nice article Stardy. I sort of agree with what you’re saying but it’s a bit too clear for me. Life and especially NUFC is never as linear as that. For example we have really been hampered by bad injuries this season. If we hadn’t we may have finished top 8. There’s not much between where we are and top 8.

    Personally though I just want rid of Pardew. I want a manager who speaks good english even if he isn’t. Seriously though Pardew is 1980s football. Anything else he tries is just a wild guess.

  59. 59
    Sharpy17 says:

    Prem – I think the point you make is one that is lost on people sometimes mate. People shout on about lack of ambition, but it’s worth remembering that ambition is very different from realistic achievement.

    If Pardews position is still in doubt, I’d be worried if I were him. The French league ends this weekend and I’d wonder if Ashley is holding out for Rene Girard.

  60. 60
    Newkie says:

    Troy, but poor Ash has been working so hard on his appearance, if he reads this it could set him back to comfort eating.

    He has no idea how nasty we can be :lol:

    Aussie-agree about the train!

    Sharpy-Bang on.

  61. 61
    Newkie says:

    Crikey I think I’ve cracked it. The train journey. It’s going to nowhere. Max (Maxiumum WUM-Troy) and Paddy’s (Dave, obviously) road (line) to nowhere.

    Although the reality train is probably funnier than that show at least.

  62. 62
    Troy Stavers says:

    @ Aussie

    You won’t if your in the cattle cart. Everyone in first class has a clear view. :razz:

    I’m sorry but you will remain in there until I feel its safe for the other passengers. That won’t be until you acknowledge that Ashley was never going to sack Pards for a better manager. :razz:

    We all saw it but you struggled until you announced it today. Well done, recovery is a long process but you’ll get there with the help of the Reality Train. :razz:

    Poor Aussie. :oops:

  63. 63
    Troy Stavers says:


    The Expectation Express that Aussie was never gonna leave the station to reach fantasy island. :shock:

    The Reality Train is filling up and is full steam ahead to Mediocre City. :razz:

    All aboard! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  64. 64
    Geordie Deb says:

    Great article Stardy, my thoughts entirely. With the horrific stats, the pathetic dross served up masquerading as football, the inane drivel spouting from Pardew’s mouth at every opportunity deflecting blame for his gross mismanagement on to everything and everyone, should be a ‘no case to answer’ scenario that results in him clearing his desk post haste.
    I don’t buy into the sit on the fence ideology that some fans state ‘ we may as well keep him unless we get a top class manager to replace him’. We don’t need a top class manager, just a vaguely competent one who is not a negative 80’s throwback, destroying the confidence and technical skills of some great players. I know I just don’t want to watch this dross and i don’t want to see a mass exodus of good skilful players when they realise that the world cup dreams will go up in smoke if they continue to play for this non entity of a manager. Come on Ashley do the right thing and get rid of him. He is not fit for purpose.

  65. 65
    Troy Stavers says:

    @Geordie Deb

    We all want a cheap manager who plays good football and would enhance the continentals football style. Who do you suggest is cheap and does that?

  66. 66
    Sharpy17 says:

    Troy/Newkie – it’s bloody madness that there is still uncertainty as to who will lead us into next season tho. Despite all of his other business interests, surely Ashley should be making this his absolute priority.
    My fear is that while we fanny around with this, we loose ground on other clubs who will also be looking to sign players like PEA or Carroll or whoever else may be our summer transfer targets.

  67. 67
    Newkie says:

    Troy-Troy :lol: poor Aussie, he lost his way..

  68. 68
    JJ says:

    It was a much improved performance against Arsenal, but still the same underlying cracks were there.

    Mainly the fact that we were too deep and that set pieces were aweful.

    Cisse, was totally isolated when Gouffran went off.

    Look at the support the Arsenal no.9 has around him in comparison to Cisse.

    Also note, that despite the slightly superior possession and more passes. We have eight people sitting in our own half for most of the game (ave positions), while Arsenal have just five.

    To me, it tells me that although we finally, kept the ball on the deck and played better football, that we still played with our midfield far too deep and that left us short of attacking options in the final third.

    So despite the improvement. We were still too negative. Especially considering we went even more negative when we where a goal DOWN!

  69. 69
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Troy :-) :-) your train should be call ‘the back track express. 1 forward geàr and 5 reverse. Always quick to back away from a past comment and head to a new one with no log of where it’s been :-) :-) :-)

  70. 70
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:


  71. 71
    toonsy says:

    What’s wrong with being an 80’s throwback?

    I’m having loads of fun here playing with my Rubik’s cube and I’m typing this on my Spectrum whilst applying my eyeliner. What’s up with the 80’s? :lol:

  72. 72
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Are you expecting a statement? For me, Ashley is sticking by Pardew until November (unless results/performances are genuinely that shocking) However he will not publically back him because that would make him look stupid (he should be used to it by now, he can do that himself) if and when he does sack him sooner rather than later.

    As for the summer, we are always pathetically slow to act on it, we need troops in BEFORE pre season starts, let alone the season, but will it happen? I have my doubts, Pardew won’t get a great chance to try and right his wrongs, we will struggle in pre season, bids will come in for players, we’ll have a shite start and the ****storm will be rampant after the first few weeks before sacking pardew after two months and bringing in steve keane.

    Well, glad I got my gloomy prediction off my back :lol:

  73. 73
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Neggar Newkie :-) :-)

  74. 74
    Newkie says:

    Toonsy-it’s just the hair mate :???: :grin:

  75. 75
    Newkie says:

    Aussie, you damn sniper! :lol:

    You can only stay on here so long before being dragged into the feelings of doom..we should be happy that last season is gone but the mood hasn’t changed much :cry:

  76. 76
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Aussie @ 69 Spot on. I’m pleased to note some folk are seeing and smelling the BS too.

  77. 77
    Big Dave says:

    Troy did you see poor Mark fluttering above the cattle cart and as soon as he tried to land a gust of wind blew him away :lol: :lol: he’ll be franticly trying to catch us now but will have to wait till we stop .

  78. 78
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – I don’t expect the club to release a statement but when I’m picking up a paper and reading news other clubs are chasing players, but Alan Pardew will learn his fate in the next 48hrs (Telegraph), or SSN where Pardew is saying he hopes the stars stay rather than which stars we are buying. Lets be right, our big players are more likely to stay if we are adding quality to our squad.
    You’re right that we usually start slow, although Jan was pretty rapid with those 5 in in a week.
    But if its about learning lessons, then surely one of those is to apply a bit of urgency to recruitment.

  79. 79
    Troy Stavers says:

    Oh dear. I think Aussie is finding it tough in the cattle cart. :razz:

    Seems to me that quite a few, the minority have stuck to our guns and brought reality home to roost to many like Aussie. :razz:

    Reet. Off to work so the likes of Aussie will now try and say, we’ve said this along along. There will be so many back tracks from the Expectation Express it will gan into reverse and end up in a concertina ! :lol: :lol:

    Laters. Woo hoo hoo hoo :lol: toot! Toot! :lol:

  80. 80
    Peterlee Mag says:

    The problem is simple, too many square pegs being forced into round holes!
    Santon is right footed, yet plays lb. narrowing the field on overlaps.
    Marveaux is left footed and plays rm/ rw. Understandably wanting to check back onto left foot before crossing. Any link between this and cisse’s consistent offside play?
    You could continue down the squad and point to many others.
    Be by is crying out to be played in a free role/ number 10 position. Let him attack from anywhere so fullbacks aren’t exposed either. :idea: :idea:
    Pardew is probably correct in saying two or three quality additions but only if the shape and system will be consistent and works. Not sure that he is the man to do that job but he should be given a crack. Hopefully a good technical coach will be brought in to develop a system of football.

  81. 81
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    “Ashley was never going to sack Pards for a better manager. We all saw it but you struggled until you announced it today.”

    From VICKY POLLARD who has urged Ashley to stick with Pardew for months on end – until a month ago she declared a love for all things Rafa. Today we learn that that was only 1% of her. Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but … Woo Hoo. Choo Choo.

  82. 82
    Peterlee Mag says:

    Predictive text! :mrgreen: be by should be benny!

  83. 83
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Yeah, but I imagine the pards speculation will continue on from now until he is sacked, whenever that is. Hope you’re right about recruitment, I guess time will tell :???:

    Part of me thinks our summer budget was blown in January…definitely not the right approach. Imagine if we lost Colo with nobody in :shock: Having said that, signs suggest he is more likely to stay. I said back in Jan I just couldn’t see a situ where he would leave for a small club, no footballer would pay their way out of contract!

  84. 84
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Big Dave @ 77 – Have you put a time scale on how long Ashley will put up with Pards? I’ll wait for Troy to come back from work so you can ask him. :razz:

  85. 85
    CC says:

    No way carr will be off, He is a much bigger part of Ashleys nufc than an the manager. I think Pardew will get the summer and probably until crimbo to right the wrongs of this season…

  86. 86
    icedog says:

    enjoyed the read,ime in the camp that ashley will do nowt as long as you keep us in PL mate your jobs safe,would love to be shocked but doubt it very much.TROY has made two good points over the last week,1if the fans did not voice anything at the ground and keep turning up in numbers jabba is happy,2 is the only way out now in that the players must voice what they think to the club will that happen once again i doubt it,pity

  87. 87
    Craig says:

    Wellington – If we had a higher percentage general passing but didnt create any clear cut chances does that not support the view that it was ineffective? Also, If you look into the passes, while we had a higher percentage overall, Arsenal had a higher percentage pass accuracy in the opposition half and less long ball percentage. They also had more shots overall but less outside the box than us with the majority being inside. The fact that we conceded fouls around our box to stop their attack doesn’t mean they relied on winning aerial battles to win the game despite them being better than us in this area as well. Your pass completion statistic suggests that we were more successful in making a lot of passes in our own half as while our overall figure was higher their success in opposing half was still higher so i dont see how this disputes the fact that arsenals movement and passing was better where it counts.

    Gouffran made some excellent runs i agree and was a problem for them until he was subbed, incorrectly (again) in my opinion. What i should have maybe added was that i thought first half was fairly even but when they stepped it up in the second we couldnt live with them and they got their noses infront. Then they were happy to see the game out and contain us and break when they could which the tackling stats bear out if you want to focus on percentages. If they get in front, the onus is then on us to make the play to try and get back into it so id expect us to have more possession and play more passes which we did but it wasn’t effective, which was my point in the first place.

  88. 88
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – we’ve got £60m for staying in the PL mate so the money was spent in Jan thing wouldn’t stand up for me mate. Besides that, I don’t necessarily think we have to go out and spent £50m on players. It’s more important to get the right players in. 3 purples 3 squad players for me would do it like, with 4 leaving.
    Even if Colo stays I still think we should replace Willo with someone like Douglas or Alex Pearce who are available on free transfers. That would give us 4 good CBs, at little expense.

  89. 89
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Ashley has got Carr scouring the world (France) for good international players at competitive prices. The manager gives input as part of the recruitment team.

    A good manager demonstrates the skill and expertise to take any squad and make the whole represent more than the sum of the parts. We all know when we see it happening and when we don’t. We can all see an elephant in the room. We don’t need Wellington’s analysis that shows in fact a wombat on steroids.

    This REALITY TRAIN hope that Pardew will learn from all the mistakes he has made and come back a better manager is delusional. :oops:

    Let’s not overthink things again, Stardy. Pardew is useless. That’s all you have to say. That Pardew has to go is as clear as if a 24 stone man had beaten Usain Bolt over 100 metres. :razz:

    Ice, that’s a priceless video of a man who knows what he’s talking about. No sign of the Guardian in his front room, Coxy. :razz:

  90. 90
    Newkie says:

    We won the same amount of games as Swansea this season?

    Laudrupp is master of the draw, bring him in!

  91. 91
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-it wouldn’t stand up for me either mate as without doing the maths again I think January finally saw us spend what was left of the Carroll money!

    Doesn’t mean they won’t use it as an excuse though. Agree about 6 players…Would like a first choice striker, a first choice winger (or depending on our formation, an attacking midfielder) Then we need a young striker, cover at CB if Willo is going and colo stays or a top top CB if Colo leaves, preferably a better 2nd choice keeper.

    Just not sure how Tiote will turn out next season at all..

  92. 92
    BIGPAPA says:

    Whilst Troy says that there are no signs Pardew has lost the dressing room I would say the fact that under him now we face losing our best players as we have performed so badly with such pathetic football being played, I remember Ben Arfa said ity last year and we were winning then!

  93. 93
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Agree with the article to some extent. I do question why Cabaye and Ba recommended us to mates if Pardew angered them and their playing style so much. People say we should completely cater for HBA are forgetting he has barely been fit for the 3 years we have had him, you can’t suddenly change your ethos because he “may be fit”.
    For every criticism you can give Pardew for this season, there is credit to give for last season.
    7th best finish since the war.
    He’s the best average manager we’ve ever had. Unless Mike Ashley, (and our club in general) changes our tactic of going for shoddy managers then I am fully behind Pardew.
    Pardew embodies our history – flashes of brilliant followed by intense lows. Would rather our last two seasons (now that we are safe..) than Everton’s!

  94. 94
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Also, as much as I’d want him here. I don’t really see why Benitez would come here, he could go to any club in the world, i reckon there’s more chance of him going to Real Madrid than coming here.
    It would be a huge step down, little control over transfers, lower wages. He’d be mad to come here to be honest.

  95. 95
    Billy says:

    A very good article and some thoughtful comments chaps

    The only comment I really can’t understand is from John C:-
    “Pardew? I can’t truly calculate what mistakes he may have made but whatever they may have been the real problems have been out of his control”
    Can I draw to the blindingly obvious fella?
    1) Pardew plays the long ball game, omitting the midfield and launch balls for Cisse to both win in the air AND finish (as there’s few other getting into the box as Nolan used to do). That is not playing to Cisse’s strength. Agreed?
    2) Playing defensively and not using attacking players to score goals – seen by playing Gutierrez to help the left back, rather than Marveaux to attack down the wing. Or just look at the Liverpool game line up – he set up for a draw against a team without their best player.
    3) Pardew’s teams have given us nothing from set pieces – corners and free kicks. His job as a coach has failed miserably here.
    4) Pardew’s players lack fitness – that is an important part of the job. It can’t be ignored, unless you want 20 players out injured.
    5) His hoofball game combined with our lack of players to make this work is all you need for the prosecution.
    I would say that Pardew is misusing the investments he’s been given, admittedly some of them should have appeared in August. He needs firing (if we can get a better manager in ie Benitez, Poyet, Martinez, Laudrup, and even Lee Clark would do a far better job than Pardew.

  96. 96
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    You mean when he said he’d love to play for PSG one day? :roll:

  97. 97
    BIGPAPA says:

    ST – Im sure Cabaye was pretty desperate for some new players, and even Redknapp rang Remy to tell to join QPR as “at least we play it the right way”….. and so he did.

    I think you need to realise everyone can see it. The stat that said we play the most long balls in the league tells the story, add that to Pardew’s admission that we’re poor from set-pieces as we lack height!


    Becasue of it Benny, Cabaye, Colo all will want off

  98. 98
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    We need nothing less than two first class strikers as other clubs will be using their new riches to strengthen. The draw of NUFC is our advantage, but we need to make sure we capitalise on it. We certainly don’t want Sunderland and other lesser clubs to get in first. Progress should be being made every single day now.

    It would be a false economy keeping Pardew as we need to spend massively more than we otherwise would just to cover for his inadequacies.

  99. 99
    Geordie Deb says:

    Troy I didn’t say I wanted a cheap manager, just a vaguely competent one, whether that person comes cheap or not is not my concern. I don’t believe the myth that Ashley will only pay peanuts. He has shown he is willing to spend to get the right man. As for who, take your pick there will be plenty to choose from.

  100. 100
    Geordie Deb says:

    Toonsy LOl

  101. 101
    John says:

    I heard that MA was spotted having lunch yestherday in London with Man City’s frenchman Pat Viera

  102. 102
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Sorry, but you’re talking out your arse. Anyone that blames Pardew for Colo’s desire to leave in January is blinkered. Using some random Redknapp quote that you have absolutely no evidence for is beyond daft. You sure it dfidn’t have anything to do with the extra cash? Debuchy said Cabaye encouraged him to come here didn’t he?

  103. 103
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Two first class strikers? There’s not “second guessing Ashley” and there is just being completely detached from reality.

  104. 104
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Pardew is the first manager we have had since Bobby Robson to have us “over achieve”, the majority have seen us under achieve, this season is just slightly worse than the Newcastle United norm.
    Poyet, Clark etc would all go the same way as Souness/Roeder/Allardyce/Dalglish who all did much worse than Pardew given the resources they had.

  105. 105
    batty says:

    can we have a new article up ,cant get the picture out of my head of a little pug nose dog

  106. 106
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumps – You’re blown away by this fifth placed finish. I remember Richard Dinnis guiding the club to a fifth placed finish. Since you keep going on about our record since the war, can you remind us what happened to Dinnis and the club thereafter? :shock:

  107. 107
    BigPapa says:

    Talking out of my arse using quotes, right ok, if you don’t believe quotes that’s fine. Go look them up you fool.

    You must only believe things you are witness to then.

    We don’t know what’s actually going on, but surely when the stories come out about dressing room cliques, and then you see the reaction and attitude of some of the players on the pitch you must be an idiot to not put 2+2 together, and realise there unhappy not because there tea the previous night was cold, it’s fundamentally to do with the team , whether it’s tactics, formations, playing personal, all decisions that the manager is responsible for, if he gets plaudits for the good he should equally for the bad, so how is Pardew blameless?

    I think it’s indicative that it’s the best players at the club are getting frustrated with Pardew’s style, tactics, philosophy and his BS because they know they’re not being utilised aswell as they might.

    What a stupid thing to say that it’s not Pardew’s fault.

    He’s the manager.

    Q – for you Trumpet why does our manager statistically have his team play the most long balls in the league, when by his own admission we lack height and therefore are poor at setpieces?

    Who in our team of Frenchies are used to playing so direct?

  108. 108
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumps @ 103 – We need two first class strikers. That is what we need. I’m stating what we need. It has nothing to do with second guessing Ashley. What is your point? Is it detached from reality to say we need two top strikers or even to think we would get them?

    And what is the point of second guessing Ashley? If people stopped being clever Dicks and smart Alecs and basing and changing their views as to what they want on the reading of crystal balls, we’d all smell a lot less BS.

  109. 109
    Wellington says:


    “If we had a higher percentage general passing but didnt create any clear cut chances does that not support the view that it was ineffective?”

    You didn’t raise this in your original, so it’s not fair to complain that I didn’t reply to it. Arsenal won the match, clearly they were more effective.

    “Also, If you look into the passes, while we had a higher percentage overall, Arsenal had a higher percentage pass accuracy in the opposition half and less long ball percentage.”

    This just in: Pardew’s style more direct than Wenger’s. :shock: Number of long balls is not a way to determine which side is better. Nor am I overly convinced by passes completed within the opposition half as a metric for showing which side is doing better.

    All that said, Arsenal made fewer clearances and certainly we failed to put them under significant pressure after they went ahead. But I think Pardew’s explanation of this – the lack of good or even different attacking options on the bench – is a good one.

    “They also had more shots overall but less outside the box than us with the majority being inside.”

    Unsurprising when they’re making most of their opportunities from set pieces.

    “The fact that we conceded fouls around our box to stop their attack doesn’t mean they relied on winning aerial battles to win the game despite them being better than us in this area as well.”

    Yes, it does. Winning aerial battles is exactly how they won the game. It not only gave them the match-winning goal, but also nullified our threat from crosses (and set pieces, but that’s a fairly minor risk at present).

    “Your pass completion statistic suggests that we were more successful in making a lot of passes in our own half as while our overall figure was higher their success in opposing half was still higher so i dont see how this disputes the fact that arsenals movement and passing was better where it counts.”

    What it disputes is the notion that Arsenal passed around us at will, while we struggled to keep the ball for more than a few passes. It also disputes the claim that we can’t keep possession.

    “Gouffran made some excellent runs i agree and was a problem for them until he was subbed, incorrectly (again) in my opinion. What i should have maybe added was that i thought first half was fairly even but when they stepped it up in the second we couldnt live with them and they got their noses infront. Then they were happy to see the game out and contain us and break when they could which the tackling stats bear out if you want to focus on percentages.”

    I pretty much agree with this, and it remains a problem that we don’t have a good Plan B.

    “If they get in front, the onus is then on us to make the play to try and get back into it so id expect us to have more possession and play more passes which we did but it wasn’t effective, which was my point in the first place.”

    You’ll understand my confusion, because this point was barely hinted at in your original. ;-)

  110. 110
    BigPapa says:

    ST Post 107 your reply after I spoke out of my arse

  111. 111
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I wasn’t actually alive then. But a quick google shows me that Dinnis only took charge of 40 games. He was appointed in Feburary of the season we finished 5th. How is that relatable to Pardew?
    Internet is there man, do your flipping research. Are you disputing the FACT that it is our 7th best finish?

  112. 112
    AngelOfDeath says:

    Guys,take a look. :shock:

    We earn a total of 45m TV windfall.

  113. 113
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Have I once disputed that we play long balls? I don’t deny Pardew has done a shite job this year. But some of the sticks he’s being beaten with are just pure bollocks.
    I have never before seen that Remy – Redknapp quote, and if you believe that you’ve got anti-Pardew glasses on mate.
    Again, I’m not denying players may have been unhappy. But that is clearly not the reason Coloccini wanted to leave.
    And you have still have yet to answer why if Pardew’s style is so horrific, current players were recommending us to friends?

  114. 114
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Geordie Deb @ 99 This myth that Ashley will only pay peanuts is a subterfuge and fig leaf to cover the Reality Train’s embarrassment that they have supported Pardew for so long.

  115. 115
    BigPapa says:

    ST – by January we were almost in the relegation zone mate, I believe if I was Cabaye/HBA I would just be trying to do just about anything to persuade better players to come in, no footballer wants a relegation on there CV.
    But who would believe that a team that had HBA, Cabaye, Colo etc was going to be so boring long direct hoofball?

    I think a manger should have a style – Pardew has and it stinks. He has us set up to defend well, but we havent all year , and to battle hard – which we havent. So it’s his fault.

    Also, you list other managers that have failed since Sir Bob, I can’t remember the squad being this good if I’m honest and we have never lost so many games/conceded so many goals.

  116. 116
    Peterlee Mag says:

    Reality check :?: how many sides have actually got a better squad than us :?: I personally don’t think that many have. If the system and the setup was clear to see then we would consistently finish in a high position. We do only need two or three good players if nobody leaves. Alongside a high class coach playing an effective system

  117. 117
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumps – Where is the quote that shows current players were recommending us to friends? And what evidence do you have for it?

  118. 118
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Well we’ll just have to wait for Prem’s eagerly anticipated article on how good our squad actually is. Was it not something like only 3 of our first teamers have had more than 25 starts this season?
    You aren’t reading my answers tbh. I am saying the STYLE of football didn’t stop Cabaye and Ba bigging up Newcastle to Debuchy and Cisse.
    So that is one stick we can chuck out.

  119. 119
    JJ says:

    You keep mentioning that Pardew got us 5th place and that we are usually mediocre.

    Do you realise that we have never finished lower than 16th, apart from our relegation season in the past 20 years!
    Glen Roeder, Graham Sounness, Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby Robson, Kenny Dalglish all have higher win percentages than Pardew.

    Pardew is virtually on par with Ruud Gullit and Sam Allardyce in terms of win percentage. In fact there is basically nothing between them.

    If Pardew had to have another poor season in charge, his stats would drop to below those of Gullit and Allardyce, to become the second worst (Kinnear was the worst) manager we have had in the last 20 years!

  120. 120
    Geordie Deb says:

    B and B yep interesting how the argument moves, like shifting sands. The reality train is sadly racing towards the precipice with the driver (Pardew) keeping his fingers crossed and eyes shut that it won’t race over the edge. Unless something/someone swoops down to avert the disaster, it’s all going to have a predictably messy ending.

  121. 121
  122. 122
    pardum says:

    worthington cup winners next year newcastle united.

  123. 123
    JJ says:

    I think Pardew should be a salesman. He sells the idea superbly but very seldom delivers.
    He does it each week in press conferences and he even sells his excuses to gullible people.
    Pity he missed his calling…
    We should keep him on to travel with Carr to sell the club to potential targets but then we need a quality manager to actually carry those through.

  124. 124
    Geordie Deb says:

    Right I’m off. Stardy as usual you manage to get everyone talking

  125. 125
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Peter Lee Mag – According to the REALITY TRAIN, our squad is “shit”.

  126. 126
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Dalglish inherited a top of the league side.
    Souness inherited a Champions League side
    Roeder finished with 43 points in his final season WOW
    (strikers – Owen/Martins/Luque/Rossi/Sibierski/Shola/Chopra)
    Before you go off on one – I realise Owen was injured throughout, but people don’t seem to be making the same provisions for our injuries this year.
    Allardyce – fancy checking his expenditure :?:

  127. 127
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – sorry for the delay mate. Been busy running the boy around.
    Ideal transfer window for me would be 3 purples of PEA, Carroll and Sinclair or Ince. Then a further 3 of Phillips or Redmond, Douglas or Pearce and Andros Townsend.
    The only other areas for improvement for me would be RB and GK though I think we have enough cover in those areas to leave til either Jan or even next season if needed.

    I know it’s highly unlikely that this will even happen, but there is no reason why it couldn’t. I reckon with Obertan, Gosling, Williamson and Amalfitano leaving and generating around a total of £10-12m, then the net spend would be around £25-30m.

  128. 128
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    JJ like I said, Pardew – one season of awesome followed by one season of shit, beats anything we have had under PL managers bar Robson/Keegan hands down.

  129. 129
    JJ says:

    Do you think that Newcastle United will achieve success with Alan Pardew’s long ball style of play?

    No? (92%, 1,573 Votes)
    Yes? (8%, 137 Votes)

    Total Voters: 1,710.

    I wonder if those 8% enjoy watching the team or find it depressing even if we scrape a win like I have begun to.

  130. 130
    JJ says:

    One great season, one shit season, but OVERALL, he still ranks with Gullitt and Allardyce!

    You have to forget 5th, forget 16th and look at the overall picture, which is still NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  131. 131
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumpo – You ought to read that article carefully, because it does not say that Cabaye recommended NUFC to his friend. Cabaye asks Debuchy why he joined and neither one says that it was on Cabaye’s recommendation.

  132. 132
    KIMTOON says:

    To be totally honest I think the more gifted guys only come to us as a stepping stone on their way to London or Manure/city . It’s been reported that Cabaye was away to Spuds but had the move blocked last minute due to injuries so I wouldn’t be surprised to lose him or Benny for that matter. Stories of Colo and Pards falling out over tactics also did the rounds. In my experience in life there is no smoke without fire and I do suspect there are players that arn’t happy. It stands to reason they will be wanting to play a system that shows them off to the best of their abilities and that simply hasn’t been the case this season. With a world cup looming no European footie to partake in, I would bet a few are after a move away. I don’t think we can dismiss out of hand the rumours of player unrest but I’m sure things will become clearer as the summer progressess.

  133. 133
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Fine, you can continue to be absolute in your judgement. I’ll continue to assess it along with other factors. Say the inferior team and squad. The fact that for the majority of his reign he has only had one Premier League standard striker to deal with, had to deal with the sale of his captain, star player, driving force all within 6 months.
    I’m not going to “forget about 5th” because it is the best we have done*
    *with the exception of when we had world class managers/world class players.
    Sick of people belittling 5th place.
    Done for today.
    Unless Big Papa manages to convince me that Remy moved to QPR as we have a shit style of play. When that piggy flies into the room I will post an apology.

  134. 134
    Wellington says:

    BP @ 107

    “Who in our team of Frenchies are used to playing so direct?”

    I’m glad you asked.

    Cabaye and Debuchy played as direct at Lille – their old chum Chedjou has been knocking over 7 long balls per game this season. Gouffran came from Bordeaux’s 68 long balls per game to us. Mapou Yanga Mbiwa left behind Hilton (7.7 long balls per game) and Marco Estrada (6.9) at Montpellier. For Haidara there might be a slight adjustment required – Nancy are a little less direct than us (61 long balls against 326 short passes per game) – but he seems comfortable. Sissoko has come from a great carpet-ball team in Toulouse, but they still made use of Etienne Capoue’s long passing (7 long balls per game). Marveaux’s Rennes were similar but less so, not having as much possession as Toulouse but still putting a lot of play long through a deep-lying player (M’Villa). Cisse left behind an ultra-direct Bundesliga – his old club Freiburg were playing 66 long balls per game, fewer than 14 other clubs. :shock: (In the season prior, Freiburg had played 73 long balls to 297 short passes per game.)

  135. 135
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Aye ok.
    Have Benteke and Lukaku joined yet?

  136. 136
    BIGPAPA says:

    Wellington good stats maybe that’s why they have all left those clubs, I mean Sissoko was so happy he let his contract run down, Marveaux and Debuchy the same.

    They weren’t playing in the premier league so a basic tactic such as that will more likelier be successful in France………

  137. 137
    tommy l says:

    Great article, very well written, I fully agree.

    My thinking is not so much who plays but the system we use, Mr Pardew for me this year has not worked out that the other Teams have worked out his sysytem.

    If you all think back to when we played Man U off the park, it was a genuine 4-4-2, nothing wrong with that ? this year he has tried 4-3-3 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 but all at the wrong times, he does not seem to be able to get his formation right until its too late in the game or we have gone behind.

    I am no coach (as you can see) but I do agree that we need someone with a bit of tactical nous.

    Going back a bit further, who can remember when Sam the agents Man came in, most thought he was a good choice and would take us forward, for me thats when we went further backwards, bad signings and really bad tactics, Pardew is better than that but still no where near where we need to be.

    Finally whoever said it, conditioning is miles off your right, no where near fit enough to live in this leauge.

  138. 138
    BIGPAPA says:

    So Pulis is gone, a Club with less ambition and a higher league finish than is have sacked there manager…….great!

    Come on Ashley pull your finger out!

  139. 139
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    STRUMPO – “one season of awesome” Get Real. Name me one piece of “awesome” contribution from Pardew. The only “awesome” about it were some of the unbelievable individual goals scored.

    You’re the one who keeps bringing up the record books. As you say,”Internet is there man, do your flipping research”. So tell us which manager was responsible for NUFC’s fifth place finish in the late seventies and what happened to them and the club shortly thereafter, and why.

    You ask, “Are you disputing the FACT that it is our 7th best finish?” No. I’m looking to the future and challenging your interpretation of that fact and the massive credit you’re giving to Pardew when many other factors may have been responsible. Who knows, if it wasn’t for Pardew, we might have reached the Champions League.

  140. 140
    Wellington says:

    BP – you’re clutching at straws. Do your homework next time. ;-)

  141. 141
    KIMTOON says:

    John@101 , I think Ashley will be getting fat again if he was seen having lunch yesterday with Patrick Viera as apparently he was seen also having lunch yesterday with Martinez ;)

  142. 142
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumps @ 135 – No, Benteke and Lukaku haven’t joined yet. Do you want to see them here? Simple “yes” or “no” to start your reply please.

  143. 143
    KIMTOON says:

    Bigpapa @138 ,Bloody hell that’s a worry ,knowing Jabba he’ll sack pards and hire Pullis if you believe some on here lol.

  144. 144
    BIGPAPA says:

    Wellington – I’m talking about the Premier league mate, we were almost relegated by the man you are defending! Think about it, why are you accepting such mediocrity from our manager?

  145. 145
    Big Dave says:

    Kim maybe he is modeling himself on Richie :grin:

  146. 146
    BIGPAPA says:

    Kim – lol I’m hoping Stoke are coming to release Pardew from his 8 year contract! He’s perfect for Stoke….

  147. 147
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Wellington @ 134 – How much time do you waste with all that shit? :razz:

  148. 148
    KIMTOON says:

    Dave@145 ,It had crossed my mind mate lol.

    Bigpapa@146 Too right ,match made in heaven that. Knowing our luck they will hire Rafa lol

  149. 149
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Three cheers for the manager merry go round! :razz:

  150. 150
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    They could be one season wonders. Van Persie and Aguero please.
    Your post @139 is the most pathetic post I have ever read on this blog. If you can’t give someone praise when it’s due then you have no credibility. You have now rendered every view you have on Pardew meaningless. Someone saying Pardew didn’t do well last year is just as warped as someone (not that anyone does) saying he did well this year. Laughable.

  151. 151
    CC says:

    Risky move by Stoke, Remember Derby sacking Jim smith and Charlton sacking Curbishley because their fans wanted attractive football…

  152. 152
    Wellington says:

    BP – I’m not defending Pardew. I am attacking Stardust’s ignorant thesis that the players being recruited do not suit Pardew’s direct game. There is no basis for the Carr or Pardew question – Carr is bringing guys in from teams that play a pretty similar game to us.

    I understand that you feel a bit defensive after having been taken in by such a lousy article just because it confirmed your prejudice against Pardew. My advice is to check the facts in the future.

  153. 153
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Big Dave – Use your best clairvoyance to tell us how much longer Ashley is going to keep Pardew, fella. It’s simply not enough to say he’s staying. We all want to know what the Reality Train is reading into the tea leaves. :razz:

    Are you still waiting for TROY to come back from work with his crystal ball, and then you’ll jump on later to endorse it? :razz:

  154. 154
    Big Dave says:

    B+B “its simply not enough to say he’s staying”
    Not enough for who ?

  155. 155
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Strumpo –

    “Your post @139 is the most pathetic post I have ever read on this blog.”

    Praise indeed coming from you. I’ll wear that badge with pride. Don’t ever let me forget it. What a screamer! I’ve not long been off the floor rolling with laughter after the pissed Geordie’s season review and you’ve just gone and knocked me back down.:razz:

    So just give me one moment of “awesome” contribution from Pardew in that season. Some magic moment of awesomeness. You know. The one I asked you for @ 139. When you’re finished, then give me a list of the “awesome” goals scored not by team play and tactics but by sheer individual skill from Carr’s boys.

  156. 156
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-would be happy with that like, can only pray the summer will be that good but I seriously doubt it. I was very impressed by Townsend vs us, although wasn’t sure if that was because he was one of the few with something still to play for.

    You know things look good for Spurs when their on loan players are playing better than the regulars at Prem sides (Rose has probably been the scums 2/3 most consistent performer after Mig..) They know what they’re doing with youngsters there..

    JJ@129-Some people are probably just annoyed by the loaded question? Or if last year was success via long ball, I would be more than happy to see that season after season, as I would expect most fans to be.

  157. 157
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Dave @ 154.

    Don’t tease and tantalise us. Don’t stall long enough for TROY to get home from work.

    We’re all dying to learn how long Pardew is staying now that we’ve been told to accept the fact. Using its famed powers of second guessing, the REALITY TRAIN should surely be able to tell us how long we have to endure the misery? You can always change your mind tomorrow if the wind changes. :razz:

  158. 158
    Newkie says:

    Wellington@134-Brilliant :lol:

  159. 159
    Sharpy17 says:

    Can I just point out to those saying Stoke have show ambition by sacking Pullis – that’s not the case.
    It says Pullis has left Stoke, not Stoke sack Pullis.
    I think Pullis has left because of some fans getting on his back for the style of football, which I can understand to a degree. But lets not forget the same fans were cheering when they got a throw in for Rory Delap not so long ago.

    I agree with CC, that they should be careful what they wish for. As it stands they have a squad full of players who can play the Pullis way, and I think alot will struggle with any big changes asked of them.
    I think Mark Hughes or Martin Jol would be the best fit for Stoke IMO.

  160. 160
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    “Carr is bringing guys in from teams that play a pretty similar game to us.”

    There’s your answer. That settles it. We play a shit game. Sack Carr. :razz:

  161. 161
    Newkie says:

    Bigpapa@138-Stoke less ambition? Check their outlay

  162. 162
    KIMTOON says:

    Wellie @152 So it’s a lousy article is it ? ,Well pardon me but I quite enjoyed it and it’s provoked some good debate. You would do well to remember that people take time out to write for this blog for the interest and enjoyment of others. While you might not agree on it’s content to render it iyo ‘ lousy ‘ is both ungratefull and spiteful in equal measure .Sorry mate I’m not spoiling for a fight but that’s not cool at all.

  163. 163
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Hughes maybe, but Jol? He’s generally of the ground game variety. Although he’s had an appaling season.

    Maybe Stoke will buyout Pards… :lol:

  164. 164
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Kim agree. Like I stated earlier, I can’t wait for football manager stat boy Welly to post his first article. No one is a journo and the articles are based on opinion… poor form from a know all google searcher..

  165. 165
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Very surprised by Stoke… who would be a manager eh… (apart from JJ and Newkie) :-) :-)

  166. 166
    Wellington says:

    Kim, it was lousy. The issue is not that my opinion differs, but that there was no fact-checking. To dump that sort of thing on the community is abuse and I see no reason to be grateful for it.

  167. 167
    KIMTOON says:

    Aussie@164 It gets my goat ,there have been articles I don’t agree with but I would never call them lousy ,even if they were factually incorrect imo.

  168. 168
    CC says:


    I thought that as well but Fulham were 3 long balls a match behind us last season according to the stattos, Shows you can mix it up and still look easy on the eye…

  169. 169
    icedog says:

    KIM @162 i agree 100% with you mate and well done at pointing it out,its all about debate imo if you dont like it just dont comment,as you say for guys to put effort in they should be praised,takes all-sorts doesnt it

  170. 170
    KIMTOON says:

    Welly ,Then don’t read it if it offends .Most of us have enjoyed it .Blimey I had you down as a guy of intelligence yet you are too ignorant to be more polite to a fellow blogger who has taken time out to try and spark a debate. Why don’t you write your own counter piece with all the ‘correct facts in place’ I’m sure you can make time, or is it easier to snipe at others attempts.

  171. 171
    Big Dave says:

    B+B as your so interested in what Troy thinks why dont you ask him ? Instead of sniping or fishing for an answer. Or are you not man enough to ask him a straight question ? Lots of others on here just ask him and from what I see he normally answers them.
    So think about trying that and maybe he’ll answer you instead of your constant tiring vicky pollard crap

  172. 172
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – agree mate, but that’s the difference between us and Spurs. They send their young potentials out on loan Townsend, Caulker, Rose, Naughton and Kane all being loaned to PL teams within the last 2 seasons.
    If we could bring the types of improvements like I listed above (however unlikely) it would allow us loan out the likes of Campbell, Streete and Inmann to better teams to gain more experience so that by the time these lads are 21-22 and are physically fully developed, they’d have enough experience for us to decide if they stay or go. Obviously if they show their worth before then or decide they want to move on themselves prior then we look at that as it happens.
    I agree though mate, whilst Remy and Samba stole all the headlines, I think Townsend was the stand out player for me and I’d happily have him at the toon.

  173. 173
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Kim – That article of Stardy’s was lousy in that it didn’t have enough stats to support it. Surely you know by now that it’s not about saying what you see. No, it’s about looking at every statistic to prove a point, and having done so, saying exactly whatever Michael Cox of the Guardian says. Young Wellington Boots reads the Guardian and looks down on everyone else.

    I honestly don’t know where he gets time to trawl through such analysis, which other people simply consider to be mildly interesting facts to which they rightly attach very little importance.

    Does anyone think Sir Alex Ferguson would give a shit about the number of long balls played by all the previous teams of his latest signing going back to under 12s? It’s purely the nitpicking smugness of a smart arse to raise such a point. Look at how clever I am. I read the Guardian.

  174. 174
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    He’s harder on himself than others, Kim :-) :-) I called him out a while back and that was his soft cock response to not writing an article…

  175. 175
    Newkie says:

    Kim-Give over, everyone is allowed an opinion, Stardust’s might be lousy but some of Aussie’s writing is just criminal.

    (Just kidding, before everyone goes on about bullying) :lol:

    Aussie-if me and JJ could agree we would be the most snide and sniperingly stubborn managerial pair going. Would fit into SAF’s boots like nee bother.

  176. 176
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Big Dave – I was asking the REALITY TRAIN. We’re all desperate to know. VICKY’s not here. You’re chief coal shoveller. I thought you might know. :razz:

  177. 177
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    Toonsy, Newkie cracked another offensive convict joke.. ban the fecker poste haste…

    You and JJ would be like the two old guys on the muppets :-) :-) :-)

  178. 178
    BIGPAPA says:

    Wellington – WTF? The article was agreed by many to sum up perfectly our situation. It’s you on your own trying to convince people.

    I base my own views on what I see for myself, your in the minority mate so what’s it tell you?

    I can form my own opinion on the dross I’ve watched for 2 seasons, take the wonder goals away and we were still average last year.

    What I don’t understand is your justification of your rants with stats from the French and German leagues? Lol

    Maybe they worked long balls better at previous clubs because they were coached properly?

    Look for that Stat!!!!.

  179. 179
    KIMTOON says:

    Newkie @175 lol

  180. 180
    Wellington says:

    I thanked Stardust for writing the article in the last thread after he announced that it had been submitted, but warned that I would probably disagree. Are you saying that I am not allowed to disagree with a position put forward “to spark a debate”? What kind of debate would that be?

  181. 181
    KIMTOON says:

    Aussie @174 lol that’s a cracker for a get out that .And to think I told Ice the reason I didn’t pen one was cause there were more able parties on the blog, rolls eyes, see if I was smart like Wellie I would of said that.

  182. 182
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Sharpy @ 172 Loan out Streete? Have you forgotten what Pardew said in September 2012?

    “I felt at the start of the year, when we looked at the centre-half situation, that if we brought someone in they would stand in the way of two players with great futures at the club – Tavernier and Remie Streete”.

  183. 183
    JJ says:

    Wellington. I’ve never seen a clearer case of manipulated facts for your own propaganda… Its quite funny actually… A side could play 100 long balls a game. If they still managed 500 short passes then they don’t play long ball football… Rather give us ratios. Accuracy of long balls. Are the made to the wide areas or to a solitary striker like us? Don’t try distort facts and then act clever…

  184. 184
    Newkie says:

    CC-Aye, for me those stats are pumped up by Jols away tactics with fulham, which seem to be quite direct. I am sure there are other mitigating circumstances, their play used to flow through Dembele and they haven’t really recovered, but they are top heavy with good strikers. Though I might be off the mark, I haven’t watched Fulham that much at all. No question though is when a side under performers and comes under pressure they will resort to more long balls, its a vicious cycle. Let’s face it, even STOKE in Pulis’ ideal world would keep the ball on the deck up until they got a set piece or whipped the ball in from the wing.

  185. 185
    KIMTOON says:

    Wellie @180 Not at all mate ,that’s the whole point of debate but ‘lousy’ come on you’re a smart guy ,it comes across like you are throwing out the toys cause others don’t agree when you come off with basic insults like that. You were doing so well with your counter stats as well but then lost it and me too I’m afraid ,sorry like . ;)

  186. 186
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Aye, puts us to shame with our 1month loans to CC clubs, only to call them back when Marv gets injured because we have nobody else. Shocking. Spurs lead the way though, sell a star or two, get a great squad together, loan your prospects or fringe out to CC or Prem sides for extended periods, make profits on them/reduce wage bill while they are loaned, or bring them into the youth side.

    I suppose Bale going would hurt them, but Levy is a shrewd bloke and has probably proven second best in the league with the whole value for money thing, after Wenger.

  187. 187
    Big Dave says:

    B+B then I think you would be better of waiting till Troy is on to ask him .sure you think I would need to ask him for the answer so you might aswell cut me out of it .

  188. 188
    Wellington says:

    JJ, if you’re going to try to breathe life back into this, you’ll have to do your own research. Just accusing me of dishonesty isn’t anywhere near good enough. I will give a bit of help, though – whoscored statistics for long balls are all for accurate long balls unless you mouse-over.

    Kim, that’s very surprising. Why didn’t the basic insult – “hoofball” – of Pardew’s tactics in the article lose you?

  189. 189
    Newkie says:

    Aussie-those two were always my favourite :)

  190. 190
    KIMTOON says:

    Welly @ 188 ,’Hoofball’ is a generalised term a lot of us use to explain Pards style of play as that’s the way it appears ,therefore I’m NOT lost by it . However I have yet to see untill today a blogger call someones article lousy even when they don’t agree with it as by and large we are a polite bunch and that is what has me lost . I like you Welly and enjoy conversing with you but you were out of order imo but it is just my opinion .

  191. 191
    JJ says:

    Wellington. Just because you use Pards same tactics on Football Manager and they work for you doesn’t mean they work in real life… No matter how much you defend them mate…

  192. 192
    Newkie says:

    Kim-we used to slag Toonsy’s off all the time but as he never got any better we left him to it…

  193. 193
    Sharpy17 says:

    Newkie – in my opinion it’s the only way to really develop our young players. I’ve got no doubt that Curtis Good has returned a better player for a full season on loan at Bradford. I think had Fergie been at Birmingham all season instead a short spell, he would have returned better for it. Even Abied had a successful spell up in Scotland.
    We need to identify the players they genuinely see having a future with us, the likes of Tav, Streete, Inmann and Campbell and work out a development plan for each of them. Whether that be a full season loan deal at a CC club next season where they’ll be playing regularly, then to a PL club the following season to have them ready for us.

  194. 194
    Andymag says:

    Pards actually said that to justify a lack of defensive signings in the summer? :shock: :???: Hope he doesn’t use that excuse with Campbell and the striker situation. If Streete was ready to step up why was he never on the bench? If a new defender pushed him down the pecking order then why did we see fullbacks playing at CB when we had an injury crisis? The bottom line is that if a player is ready to play at a senior level but won’t get game time at the club then you loan him out to gain experience, we did it for most of the others.

  195. 195
    AndrewT says:

    Mark Douglas from the Journal is looking for you, Stardust :shock:

  196. 196
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Big Dave – Thought that might be the case, but I hear there’s been so many folk jumping on the train in the last few days you might have been promoted.

    Keep shovelling for full steam ahead, coalman. Vicky’ll tell you where you’re going later. :razz:

  197. 197
    blip says:

    Mark Douglas ‏@MsiDouglas 3m

    #nufc fans: trying to get in touch with the author of this excellent blog. Anyone know if he/she is on Twitter?

    …Well done, Stardy.

  198. 198
    georgio says:

    I see Pardew’s at it again repeating his mantra exactly the same as this time last season. My big worry is how many top players will leave. Then in Sept when we’ve signed nobody – I’m really pleased we didn’t lose anybody.

    The bloke’s stupid. He’s a negative coach – sign two good full backs then instead of playing all season with your wingers covering them. Good defenders don’t need wingers helping them out. When you do that you lose so much attacking momentum. I’m tired of his 8-1-1 formation. Negative and the source of hoofball.

  199. 199
    STEVE says:


  200. 200
    Doocey says:

    Excellent post to whoever wrote it.

    Much prefer Pardew to go before Carr for obvious reasons. I really think we should at least make an enquiry for Martinez — he would eek out the best of each player in our team, and the players currently at the club would match his ambitions as a manager.

    Pardew is a long ball man which is disappointing. I remember last season we looked forward to going away to teams with a plan, this season we seemed clueless.

    Either way, the next 48 hours will determine our fate next season. Not a man for rash sackings, but Pardew’s would hardly be a shock in all fairness.

    Keep up the good work.

  201. 201
    Stardust says:

    Thanks for the comments folks – nice to provoke a debate.

    Wellington re your comments, no raise here, your comments are more a reflection of your personality and insecurities than this article.

    Statistics are a tool, never to be over relied upon as that form of justification/management is weak, it usually ends up in a mass of unhappy people whether employees, populations or customers. In this case the fans.

    Statistics are and can be used to justify a position at a particular time for a particular objective. I prefer people, personalities, effort, feeling, skill, passion and information in equal measure, and that is my basis of reasoning. I see an overall bigger picture – you simply concentrate on numbers to justify themselves – quite funny really as it becomes micro-management ignoring the big picture. In this case the show, performances and the results.

    I am not one for the madding crowd, as many will tell you I have been behind what Mike Ashley has done from day 1 – even through the hard times, but I do not take a contrary view for the sake of it.

    Your position to support Pardew is fine and expected, in any population diverse opinions are natural.

    It is surprising the lengths you go to, to use statistics to try and defend, I have said to many that the over-reliance on his first year statistical approach has been one of Pardews downfalls – as he looked to further delve this year, to give more of the same that he did last year. To the point he can no longer say what he see’s.

    He seems to think a la Sam Allardyce that he has an edge, the statistics to be better than everyone. So his over-reliance of KPI’s has clouded his view to the point he is blind – it seems you are somewhat of the same belief and perhaps impaired by the same nature.

    You can go on forever entrenching yourself in your position and forever justify yourself, I’m fine with it, this article has provoked a debate that will be argued out and opinions made. It matters not who holds what opinion at the end of it, but you will not change mine with your approach.

  202. 202
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    Andy – I happen to believe that that was Pardew’s professional opinion at the time. He says, “I felt …” He is the man charged with making calls of that sort.

  203. 203
    Wellington says:

    Kim, “Hoofball” is a caricature of Pardew’s style, not an explanation. Even calling it “Route One” would be a bit impolite, as he doesn’t rely on the goalmouth scramble. (That was Saint Chris Hughton’s style, blessed be his name, above criticism may he remain!) Pardew does play direct, but the midfield is not cut out of the game.

    I’ll take the advice to only be rude in a conventional way under advisement.

  204. 204
    Stardust says:

    Lol Andrew – whats that about lol?

  205. 205
    Newkie says:

    Sharpy-Agreed. I really don’t care how well or bad the youth side does in their league, it’s all about getting your best players out into competetive competition as soon as possible! I’m not to sure about good as I don’t think he played that much, but Sammy and Fergie should have had full seasons at boro/brum, just like last year vuckic should have had more than a month or two at cardiff. Our development “strategy” (there isn’t one) is a joke imo.

  206. 206
    Newkie says:

    competetive competition?

    Well, you get my drift :grin:

  207. 207
    Raffo says:

    Cracking work Stardy. I also hope and pray Pardew is away and we get a coach in to compliment the players we have.

    Does this need to be someone with European experience? By that I mean someone who has managed in a different league to come and get the best out of what I think is a cracking squad. I also think that a change in manager, as long as the replacement is top drawer, is a factor in us keeping some of our players. Cabaye, HBA, Collo and Krul may be very interested to see what happens, and we need these guys to push us on.

  208. 208
    blip says:

    Out of curiosity, would people describe our team with Barton, Nolan, Carroll etc as cloggers?

    I’ll be the first to admit I preferred watching us take 5th, but I remember our play with these players being entertaining and exciting.

    I’m not going to try to second-guess MA, but I agree with the sentiment that either the manager or our player shortlist needs to change. I don’t know if it’s a general numbness caused by the tripe we’ve endured this season, but I’d take either right now.

  209. 209
    Andymag says:

    So it looks like my boy Abaumeyang is going to my club Dortmund :roll: , typical. If we’re not getting him I’d like to see us go after Lukaku then. £14m should do it and it would be value for money, he’s like Sissoko but with a striker’s finish and is only 20!!! :shock: Keep Colo and the other stars at the club, sell Tiote, Santon and some deadwood players. We then can field a team of pace and creativity
    —Ben Arfa——-Sissoko——-Gouffran—

    That is a team that can sit back and defend, then at a moments notice release the ball to Cabaye or Anita who can either release a Winger/Fullback down the wing or send a ball through to Sissoko to charge down the field and with pass to Lukaku or go to goal. The cross can also come in from the wing for an aerially dominating Lukaku to head into the back of the net.
    Not only would this suit the first XI but the youngsters/backup suit it as well
    Team’s can mix and match when injuries strike with many of team two able to play like this in say the Capital one cup, and as many of team two came through the ranks together there will be good spirit amongst them and our own developed players can be nothing but Good ( :lol: ) news.

  210. 210
    KIMTOON says:

    Welly @203 Ok ,so when Krul lofts one straight up to Cisse which inevitably gets intercepted by an opo player that’s not hoofball . ;)

  211. 211
    Troy Stavers says:

    Superb Stardust post in response to Welligton. :lol:

    Stardust, you remind me of a newly hatched chick who tries to lift his head to answer his critics but like a chick, your neck muscles aren’t strong enough to lift your heed and keep it there.

    With every retort your heed clonks to the ground and it happens so much your brain is vibrating and so confused you are talking like a pompous pooparh. :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  212. 212
    KIMTOON says:

    Blip, I liked all three of them players tbh ,Barton was brilliant at crossing ,Carroll was a beast and Nolan was an excellent Midfield general. I thought with our new players who are so skillfill on the ball by and large we were going in a new direction but sadly it’s looking like we’ve lost the map.

  213. 213
    Newkie says:

    Andy-we will not get Lukaku for that money. I don’t know why people think its even possible to get him with any money. Chelski paid 20mil for him, they are in no hurry to sell. The only striker they would sell for less than they paid is Mr T.

  214. 214
    JoeSoap says:

    By the way everyone….Tony Pulis has chucked it at Stoke…Oh dear I’ve got a bad feeling about this! :cry:

  215. 215
    3hourswasted says:

    @MsiDouglas: #nufc fans: trying to get in touch with the author of this excellent blog. Anyone know if he/she is on Twitter?

    Looks like Mark Douglas wants to speak to Toonsy

  216. 216
    roy cropper says:

    canny read duster.

    jack charlton was the last newcastle manager that had his team playing proper route one football.
    like pardew he also had some very talented players – beardsley/waddle – at his disopal and just like him he didn’t have the first clue how best to use them.

    charlton realised his shortcomings and resigned after a short period in charge – something the smug bloke currently in charge will never do.

    therefore it’s up to ashley to do his duty and have him replaced with a better manager or he will probably be faced with dwinderling crowds next season.

    get it done ash.

  217. 217
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – I’d love to see us get Lukaku, think he’s a brilliant young player, but I’m afraid looking at that team – as decent as it looks, there’s only Lukaku who I’d see scoring more than 10 goals.
    As good as Benny, Sissoko Gouffran are I don’t see them chipping in heavily with goals.
    The best Sissoko ever acheived with Toulouse was 8 in a season (all competition) and that was back in 09/10 season. I believe Gouffrans best for Bordeaux was also 8 goals. Bizarrely Benny’s best is also 8 goals at Marseille and his best for us last season with only 6 goals.
    If you bare in mind that’s all competitions, not just league goals.
    Everton finished 6th this season with goals for = 55. WBA finished 8th with goals for = 53.
    If we are aiming to be a top 8 team then we’d need more goals in the team IMO mate.

  218. 218
    JJ says:

    See Stardy, I told you good things would come of you penning the article. If you didn’t I was going to but I think you did it far better than I would of… Lets try give you enough publicity to get the concept to Ashley’s people…

  219. 219
    Andymag says:

    Chelsea seem to want to bring in additional strikers this summer and aren’t too bothered about Lukaku so losing 4m (cost 18m) won’t bother them.

  220. 220
    Stuart79 says:

    I see nobody has really touched upon the question of is Ashley happy with the status quo…

    Why would he be disappointed at this season? We stayed up… Or is he really annoyed as he wants to see us pushing for top 6? Does he give that impression though? I guess his decision re Pardew will answer that.

  221. 221
    KIMTOON says:

    Stuart@220 ,he might be a tad miffed at the extra cash he’d of made with a higher finish though.

  222. 222
    chuck says:

    Excellent analysis of what took place.
    It’ should be obvious to all by now, Pardew is one of the worst managers this club has ever hired.
    But what can you expect, he came cheap on the recommendation of that footballing genius Llambias, described as knowing less than nothing about football, by KK.
    But what really is the problem ?
    Well IMO it’s the fact there’s no one at the top level other than Ashley, who makes decisions, in fact he makes all the decisions.
    We desperately need a top money man, with a track record and a manager who understands the modern game.
    But that would mean ceding control to others, which I believe Ashley is not willing to do.
    So no matter who we hire, as long as Ashley refuses to let people who understand the game run things.
    Nothing will change.

  223. 223
    Wellington says:

    Kim – going from the ‘keeper to the forwards is hoofball, if that’s the main way the team goes about attacking. On Sunday, Szczesny played 11 long balls compared to Harper’s 12 – does this mean that Arsenal were playing hoofball? :shock: Or (and I find this more likely) was it that the more composed defenders we had out that day, under relatively little pressure from Arsenal, were playing the ball out from the back?

  224. 224
    Andymag says:

    Sissoko played at CDM for Toulouse though, so at CAM he should contribute a few more, Gouffran given a full season with decent balls to him could hit double figures and Lukaku could easily get over twenty. Ben Arfa’s goals tally will depend on whether he can stay fit. If he is injured then I would worry about the RW spot as Sissoko should NOT play there and Sammy isn’t good enough to play there regularily, Marveaux could I suppose.

  225. 225
    Newkie says:

    Andy-They will go for a big one for sure, but that will only sideline the others IMO. Lukaku will be better than Torres was (at his prime) and will be better than Ba, obviously, they would be fools to let him go. Mourinho (presumably) even though he is not a fan of youth, would be a fool to let him go. Lukaku would be able to play on the forward wing as well in the way Ancelotti’s chelsea sometimes did with Malouda-Drogba-Anelka. Him and Hazard either side of Cavanni…

  226. 226
    Newkie says:

    Well, there goes this article’s credibility. Chuck just agreed with it.

  227. 227
    mark says:

    Excellent article Troy. I never knew u had it in you :razz:

    I be Well loved this without sifting thru the comments?

  228. 228
    mark says:


  229. 229
    Troy Stavers says:


    Cheers mate. I dictated and Stardy typed. Toonsy then did the spell and grammar check. :razz: :lol:

  230. 230
    Wellington says:

    Newkie @ 226 – well, I feel pretty silly now. A bit more patience and I wouldn’t have needed to do any research! :shock:

  231. 231
    Troy Stavers says:

    Pulis anyone? :shock: :shock:

  232. 232
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy/Newkie – I don’t think Chelsea would sell Lukaku anyway to be honest. I believe he is in the very develop programme for Chelsea that I’m suggesting for our young players.
    The lad is only 19 and may well spend next season out on loan as well, but I’ve no doubt that he is very much part of Chelsea’s long term plans like.

  233. 233
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Idiot. If you believe that one of the worst managers we have ever had took us to one of our highest ever finishes then fine. (delusional toon fan).
    I think you’re probably right tbh, without heavy investment we will flutter around 7th-15th over the next few years. Is the Europa a miss to Ashley? Doubt it, we don’t get that much money from it. We may hit the jack pot and see him try to gamble on getting the Champions League, but it would take some serious bucks to reguarly compete with the top 5.
    Lukaku just got 17 goals! At the very most he may go out on loan next year again. They would be crazy to contemplate selling him, let alone for that small a fee.

  234. 234
    Wellington says:

    Sharpy – yep. I’ve seen a rumour that Lukaku will be on loan to West Ham next season, though surely it can’t be more than an initial contact at the moment.

  235. 235
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    @Newkie :lol:

  236. 236
    Andymag says:

    In that case would you take him on loan? I know the club said they wouldn’t do it anymore but he is such a good player and would be a cheaper alternative (in the club’s eyes) to buying a new striker at the moment. It could always be a backup option should we lose out on Carroll.

  237. 237
    KIMTOON says:

    Welly @223 ,I think everyone agrees we were better on sunday ,much more assured in defence and that was in no small part due to Harpers calmness on the ball and good distribution and Colo too. But too often it’s lofted long to little effect . I would be interested to know how many goals we have gotten from Krul or Eliott lofting it up for Cisse as mostly I see us losing it straight away to the oposition .

  238. 238
    Stardust says:

    Well – twitter said Mark Douglas was sorted re finding out who I was – but no contact – looks like there’s an imposter!

    Craig Coozey has text him my details though :lol:

  239. 239
    Newkie says:

    Welly :lol: yeah, you need to wait for the gems.

  240. 240
    Stardust says:

    JJ – Inspiration!

  241. 241
    Wellington says:

    Kim, I think it’s 3.

    My sense of it is that the long balls from the ‘keeper are not Plan A. They arise in one of two situations – either our defenders are being pressed and making back-passes that leave the ‘keeper with no other option, or we’re chasing the game and have brought on a target man. I’d need to dig through a whole lot of data to confirm that, but it does explain the higher rate of long balls from us this season.

  242. 242
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – in a heartbeat mate. If it was an option of him on loan or spending £10-12m on someone not as good then yeah, loan him this season and bank that money to spend when a better option becomes available.
    Shit news about PEA going to Dortmund though, however I do think there was probably a case where we could have signed him in Jan but wouldn’t go that bit extra to meet the fee.
    I’m not surprised though, I expected him at a top CL club.
    I’d be happy with Carroll and Siem De Jong tho :razz:

  243. 243
    Sharpy17 says:

    Actually Andy – I’d take Julian Scheiber from Dortmund mate

  244. 244
    Big Dave says:

    Stardy I would imagine that with you spending so much quality time with Jabba you must have heard something from him about who he wants to keep the most

  245. 245
    Santii says:

    Good Article Stardust

    I am 100% in the Pardew out camp.

    I don’t really understand the people think Pardew is a good manager. He has broke so many of are worst records this season it is almost unbelievable we survived. How bad were the teams below us like… Can we rely on three teams being worse than us every year? I don’t think so.

  246. 246
    Wellington says:

    Sharpy – I’ve never watched him play, but Schieber’s record isn’t all that good. Do you just want him as a better Shola?

  247. 247
    Andymag says:

    I’m not a big fan of Schieber but he’s good when he comes off the bench, whether he’s only not getting game time cus of Lewndowski would explain it but I don’t think he’d be worth the money that BVB would ask. If we could sign him for under 10m then I wouldn’t object however as he could play on the left (Gouffran’s position) and be a backup/challenger to Cissé’s position. I said we should’ve signed Schürle about a year and a half ago, now he’s going to Chelsea for 22m, typical. I think a good bit of transfer business would be to sign a young German player with potential and agree with his club that they can hold on to him for the next 2/3 years as they, unlike us/EPL clubs in general, would be able to get him to achieve his potential.

  248. 248
    Sharpy17 says:

    Welly – I’d like to see a bit more of him than we see of Shola to be honest mate. I think played regularly as a CF he could get goals. I agree with Andy in that his chances are limited at Dortmund coz of the form of Lewndowski. I might be wrong like and I certainly wouldn’t want to spend more than £10m on the lad, I was thinking more like £7m.

  249. 249
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – another young un at Dortmund I’d be keen to get is Lasse Sobiech a 22yr old, 6’5ft CB

  250. 250
    Big Dave says:

    Where is Stardy ?away scratching his big head:)

  251. 251
    Sharpy17 says:

    SSN saying that WHU have agreed a fee for Andy Carroll :shock:
    This is what I’m talking about when I say we’re gonna miss out on transfer targets while pissing about with ‘should Pardew stay or go?!’

    I kinda thought Carroll was a nailed on transfer for us to be honest. Not sure who we will end up with now like.

  252. 252
    icedog says:

    w/ham agree 15mil fee with l/pool for carroll,what tactics now pardew jabba wont match that imo

  253. 253
    Andymag says:

    Know of him but nothing about him. Santana, Subotic and Hummels are their only CBs I’ve actually seen play.
    Re Carroll
    It’s not over till the fat billionaire sings. A deal maybe agreed but Andy might delay it and try to force a bid from us. It he doesn’t attempt it then he was never bothered about returning.

  254. 254
    Sharpy17 says:

    Ice – didn’t we have a 20% sell on clause in his contract?

  255. 255
    Santii says:


    Why do/did you think it was nailed on? Surely people have realized we don’t pay the high wages anymore and we aren’t going to pay the extra value because he is English. I am not having a go or anything i just find it strange that alot of people seem to think we are getting Carroll back.

  256. 256
    Newkie says:

    15mil is a good deal for wham though, can’t believe pool would sell him to us for the same..

    Sharpy-agree, like I said, we always seem to be the last to move in

  257. 257
    mark says:

    good regarding Carroll. we need a pacey striker that will cause havoc to defences not another hoofball target man. He would of been ideal for Pardews tactics but i’m looking at the bigger picture..

  258. 258
    icedog says:

    SHARPY yes there was paper talk of that at the time,but maybe thats all it was,because if true would have thought owlheed would have blown off about it

  259. 259
    Big Dave says:

    Mark I think Carroll offers a lot more than just hoofball

  260. 260
    Sharpy17 says:

    Andy – he’s relatively unknown and is another who’s being kept out the team because of top quality players ahead of him in Hummels and Subotic. But I think he’d be a good buy at £3-4m.

    Santii – I suppose it’s coz Pardew spoke of Carroll as a player he’d fancy signing. Also Carroll himself had said he was ready to take a pay cut.
    I think it was always gonna be between us and WHU, with Carroll choosing his home or playing with his best mate Nolan. He may feel his England chances are better being based in London as well.

    Andy – where have you got PEA to Dortmund from mate?, I’ve been looking and can’t find anything saying that like.

  261. 261
    mark says:

    @BD Carrolls a decent player but for 15mil I’m not so sure. He’s a typical target man but I think Pards likes one upfront with a bit of pace. I’d rather have someone who’d compliment Cisse who can run the channels and create chances. I similar style to Bellars

  262. 262
    Andymag says:

    Carroll is not just a Hoofball player, his time with us proved that. His aerial ability is his strength, of course it will be but he has a lot of technical ability as well, remember when he rocketed that left foot 30yrd shot against Liverpool? Also he did a neat step over move v us for WH and had someone been there to poach the ball they would’ve scored, it was a well worked move.

  263. 263
    icedog says:

    carroll has one important thing going for him he has PL exp,and i agree with dave there is more to him than just hoofball,is there another PL striker (english) that we could get and would agree to come for that money,cannot think of one off-hand

  264. 264
    mark says:


    Carroll is not just a Hoofball player..

    he would be if Pardew deployed him :razz:

  265. 265
    Santii says:

    Carroll is a pretty good target man and to get the best out of him you have to play a hoofball type football.

    £15 million is to much and 80k a week is far to much would he take a pay cut down to about 50k a week (which is still to much for him imo) I don’t think so.

    There is much better players out there for that sort of money.

  266. 266
    mark says:


    agree with al of that..

  267. 267
    Santii says:


    I instantly thought of one PETER CROUCH!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  268. 268
    mark says:

    I’d go for Remy. much better at 8mil

  269. 269
    Sharpy17 says:

    I’d also say that Carroll is more than just hoofball, and I also think he could play alongside Cisse as 2 up front or as a lone striker. He’d give us great options and if WH offered £15m – if we have got a 20% sell on clause – we could get Carroll for £12m, which would be a bloody good buy IMO

  270. 270
    Wellington says:

    I am entirely unsurprised by Carroll not coming back. Pardew didn’t express any real interest in him and we probably didn’t even make an enquiry.

  271. 271
    Wellington says:

    Mark, Remy hasn’t had his day in court yet.

  272. 272

    @ ANDYMAG209
    love the idea of pace and creativity,then had a good ;augh when i saw ya team with collo in def lmao i can hop faster than he can run bud

  273. 273
    icedog says:

    love him hate him the lad cannot do anymore than say he would take a pay cut to come back to the toon,local lad would run through a brick wall for the club,what price do you put on that?????????

  274. 274
    mark says:


    well he could always play tagged. add a bit of weight behind his shots :razz:

  275. 275
    OHurley says:


    Brilliant article, mate. My job keeps me too busy to generally reply to blogs, but I HAD to take the time to say thanks for the read. I wish Cashley would drop the $$$ for a top flight manager. I’d even take Rafa Benitez lol. In a heartbeat. Pardew has been found out and his players are obviously bored. Football at NUFC has quite apparently become a “job” to them and doesn’t seem to be much fun. We need a manager who can let them have fun and turn them into the winners that this group was born to be.

    Cheers and ta for the crackin read.

  276. 276
    Big Dave says:

    Mark @ 261 why does his price make a difference too us the fans, I never hear other teams supporters complaining about players costing their club too much money, we don’t need to worry about Jabba’s money as he wont skin himself ;) oh and just think we could start to score corners again and win a few more games :)

  277. 277
    Andymag says:

    On a website, he was quoted as saying that he likes the PL but likes the physicality of the Bundesliga and likes Dortmund’s style and Jurgen Klopp who he said had been watching him closely.

  278. 278
    mark says:

    @Icedog. he couldnt get out of the club fast enuf when L’pool came sniffing :shock: controversial ;-)

  279. 279
    Big Dave says:

    OH @ 275 no you wouldn’t bother your little green arse popping on to comment on the one I done

  280. 280
    mark says:

    @Big Dave

    totally agree mate, it would enhance our set-plays hugely. but I was thinking 15mil would be too much for Ashley to pay. If he wanted to pay 20mil then I’d be happy but he won’t.

  281. 281
    Big Dave says:

    Mark @ 278 I guess it depends on who’s side of the story you believe , ? or it might be somewhere in between

  282. 282
    OHurley says:


    Sorry m8! Didn’t know you wrote one! Which one is it? I’ll read it right now and comment on it.

    Btw… how’d you know my arse was green?? :mrgreen:

  283. 283
    Big Dave says:

    Mark @ 280 yeah with you now ;) do you not think that Cisse would relish feeding of Carroll ? fuk if tugboat got himself double figure feeding of him just think what Cisse could get, add to that how strong he is at defending corners too :)

  284. 284
    mark says:

    @Big Dave

    Ashleys side mate. I could contemplate our Chairman telling porkies :lol:

  285. 285
    Big Dave says:

    OH i’m only joking you mate how’s it going long time from you’ve been on me old bean.
    But then this season hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs

  286. 286
    Andymag says:

    I was actually meaning the outfield/fullbacks in terms of pace, FFS Krul isn’t rapid is he?

  287. 287
    mark says:

    @BD aye, if he could keep himself onside :razz:

    I’d still prefer a player with pace, a little tormentor. someone like Suarez-styled. I think Cisse is a decent player in the middle, we just need to support him more.

  288. 288

    get used to it bud even more so if collo and williamson stay,cause if that happens next season going to go the same way as this 1 siting 2 deep cause of the donkey cbs we got,stick out like a sore thumb to me but seems peeps still cant see it

  289. 289
    Newkie says:

    And already WHam have signed a defender as well. And their owners were supposed to be muppets..

  290. 290
    icedog says:

    mind i would not put money on carroll signing for w/ham,i still think someone from toon has had a little word in his ear,its just a feeling like,lets wait and see,if he does sign would that be a sign pardews days are numbered,or jabba is a cheap skate

  291. 291
    KIMTOON says:

    Welly@241 ,Sorry been seeing to Lew. I’m shocked at 3 ,very surprised if true . Yep you could have a point about being under pressure ,without all the stats I can’t refute that .

  292. 292
    mark says:


    a 30yr old Bulgarian mate. I’d rather keep our fullbacks.

  293. 293
    mark says:

    make that a 31yr old Romanian :grin:

    Carroll hasnt agreed owt yet. he may hold our for us

  294. 294
    mark says:

    I’d make a 10mil bid for Wilfried Bony and try our for Lukaku on loan.. just dreaming..

  295. 295

    12 mil will seal the deal for carrol with our 20 per cent discount with the sell on,only question left is will toon pay 12 mil for him i think they will think it was 13 mil they offered for him last summer so think they will bid 12 mil and tie the deal up meself,heres hopeing anyway

  296. 296
    Big Dave says:

    I would be amazed if we paid enough to get Carroll

  297. 297

    If Carrol dos come home we will be geting a better all round player than what we sold 2 year ago in my opion

  298. 298
    buddy says:

    Wellington im sorry but the only ignorant on here is you. Constantly distorting facts to suit your Pro-Pardew agenda. @270 AP has consistently expressed an interest in AC coming back, Ive lost count the amount of times Ive come across it. Why? As it suits his hoofball…yes hoofball. The recent game at the weekend wasnt the worst but we consistently bypass the midfield from the goalie or usually williamson/simpson

  299. 299
    icedog says:

    DAVE@296 i tend to agree jabba would want three players for that money imo

  300. 300
    Big Dave says:

    TAE @ 297
    Ice @ 299
    I agree with you’s

  301. 301
    Munich Mag says:

    Would Andy Carrolls 10 goals a season be enough to propel us to a top 8 – 10 place team ? I reckon they would.

  302. 302
    Big Dave says:

    in amongst all the shit there is some good news

  303. 303
    Big Dave says:

    MM I would think he would get a few more than that old bean

  304. 304
    Santii says:

    I really hope we don’t bid 15 million for Carroll. He has been decent at West Ham no doubt but he was terrible at Liverpool for the simple reason they play nice football and he doesn’t nor will he ever fit into that type of team.

    Now if we were to have two great wingers who can whip in amazing crosses it might be a different story but we don’t.

    He is a bit injury prone as well which puts me off to.

    Ashley needs to continue buying better players for cheaper prices. We got Ba and Cisse for under 10 million how many goals did that get us? Overpriced and over paid the fact he is a geordie seems to be clouding everyone’s opinion.

    People saying he would be good with a fast player next to him he didn’t play to well with Suarez did he.

  305. 305
    Santii says:

    Just seen Philippe Montanier has left Real Sociedad. Would be great if he came here.

  306. 306
    Munich Mag says:

    Two loanees did wonders last season.
    Where would West Ham have landed without Carolls goals ?
    Ditto Lukaku at West Brom..

    I would take Carroll back, though he does seem to have become somewhat injury prone.

  307. 307
    KIMTOON says:

    Pretty gutted about Carroll ,but deep down I knew west Ham would keep him as they went the extra yard to secure his services on loan last season and were always gonna get in quicker than us this time .

  308. 308
    Santii says:

    Montainer confirmed Rennais manager :(

  309. 309
    Santii says:

    Walter Mazzarri has left Napoli wtf is going on in the manager world this year. There is going to be more managers moving clubs than players at this rate.

  310. 310
    TERRY says:

    tony pulis leaving stoke doesn’t have anything to do with ashley i hope.

  311. 311
    Santii says:

    Terry maybe he wants to address the corner issue at last :D

  312. 312
    TERRY says:

    its like one muppet to the next

  313. 313
    TERRY says:

    i hope we score from a corner next season santi. pulis or pardrew if you had to choose ?

  314. 314
    Santii says:

    Pardew easy but that is mainly because i dont think i could stand having to look at the stupid little hat every week. Head like a fucking lemon (more so the Karl Pilkington :D)

  315. 315
    Wellington says:

    Buddy, the pressmen are pulling your leg. The last time Pardew was asked about Carroll, he replied with something like, “he’s the kind of player any manager in the league would want to have and if he becomes available, we’ll look into it”. That is not “he’s our man” talk – it just means that AC hasn’t been ruled out.

    As for hoofball, the stats just don’t back you up. See Williamson plays about 5 long balls a match (half of them accurate), Simpson 4 (at about 60% accuracy). Cabaye averages almost as many as the two of them put together! :shock: And behind him are Tiote and Coloccini. :shock:

    I suspect the difference is because Willo and Simpson play such bad long balls, so they’re more memorable for all the wrong reasons. That’s how it happened to me, anyway. :-)

  316. 316
    Wellington says:

    Kim – ah, no apology needed in that case. Hope your lad’s doing well, I remember him having a tough time not so long ago.

  317. 317
    Newkie says:

    Just coming back to the article, and i’m quite surprised this has not been suggested but…could we not keep both, and instruct Carr to buy the players that our manager actually wants at the club as opposed to the players he wants at the club? In case that hasn’t actually been happening?…

  318. 318
    Troy Stavers says:


    Feckin hell fella!! I bet they’ve never thought of that one!!! :razz:

    Sorry mate for taking the piss but you deserve it for suggesting that. :lol:

  319. 319
    Santii says:

    News Now just put this up with the title Rumour has it Pardew has been sacked. I hope so.

  320. 320
    brisvegas says:

    Good article. Some interesting questions raised. Some blinkered silliness there too, though: for eg, that we have recruited players that are hard-working and skilful, etc, but that has been coached out of their game by Pardew. :lol: :lol: :lol: Pardew must be one hell of a coach to overturn, what, 10 years of French coaching? in just a couple of months.

    But, generally, I agree with the theme of the article – there seems to be a few mismatches around. It’ll be interesting to see how they are fixed.

  321. 321
    Wellington says:

    Newkie – it hasn’t been suggested because this article’s rhetoric goes down the line, “Pardew bad. So bad that we have to get rid of him to keep good Carr. You don’t want to lose good Carr do you? No! Pardew bad. Get rid of Pardew.”

    Anyone agreeable to that line isn’t going to suggest a compromise, and most folks who disagree with it are going to do so on the basis that Pardew – whatever his limitations – isn’t being fairly portrayed.

  322. 322
  323. 323
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Welly’s – you have made some good arguments today and backed them up with the players stats etc.
    But I just cant accept that our pish poor performances ALL season, barring probably the Chelsea game, are down to injuries and our Europa league matches. There is more to it than that surely.
    Some of the blame has to lie at Pardews feet, for the way he sets us up to begin a game, for his mind boggling substitutions, for his desire to hold on to a 0-0 for 90 mins and hope cisse scores a late winner etc.
    I accept the summer transfer debacle also plays a part, but that doesn’t explain the apparent lack of fitness, energy and desire absent on the pitch.
    In my mind, a decent man manager/coach should be able to exploit 110% from his players for 90+ mins twice a week, to help overcome some of the other negating factors.
    I cant put my finger on it, but Pardews teams don’t back up his BS in the press. He blames everyone and anything for the mistakes, except himself.
    From what I see myself, we are playing the worst football I have seen for many a long year.
    We played just as many games in the championship at a much higher tempo under the stewardship of Hughton, and he got the bullet, after getting us promoted.
    Last seasons 5th place finish belied our performances. I think we had the worst GD of the top 8 clubs.We have looked even worse this season and rightly finished where we did.
    If Pardew and his coaches are not the main culprit, then who or what is :?:
    If nothing changes in the summer, then I can see next season being much the same as this. Utter bollix.

  324. 324
    Newkie says:

    Troy- just figured I’d put it out there y’know :grin:

    Welly-Aye, after all that and essentially putting out the party line, I’m surprised it has caused such a stir. Oh well.

  325. 325
    brisvegas says:

    There’s no doubt, Wellington, that things haven’t gone as expected on the field and that tactics and strategies have gone awry. What do you put that down to?

  326. 326
    Wellington says:

    BB – Raw number of games doesn’t take into account the added complication of European excursions. Metallist are a bit further afield than Doncaster, after all. ;-)

    I don’t think Hughton would have gotten us last season’s results, not by a long chalk. His tactics really are about Route One, combined with excellent set pieces. That’s fine for a wee club in the North East, but that’s not really what we are – is it? We do miss his set piece coaching and need a coach to replace the lost expertise.

    As for Pardew’s responsibility? Taking him at his word, his methods involve lengthy and intensive match preparation. He couldn’t modify that to cope with the Europa League, and the team’s performance suffered. It’s possible that attempting to do the same amount of match preparation cut into conditioning time. That’s good enough reason to want rid of him – we should be more than a mid-table team. But it’s also reason to think that next season will be easier on the blood pressure. :-)

  327. 327
    Wellington says:

    Bris – good question. :-) I think I’ve covered it in 326.

  328. 328
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    yes maybe :???:

  329. 329
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    so you are quite satisfied to keep Pardew for another season then??
    are you confident it wont back fire ??
    I’m not so sure, but I think we are going to find out soon enough.
    The board need to clarify Pardew’s position asap imo. Anything else will do nothing for our so called stability.

  330. 330
    brisvegas says:

    Well, not really.

    Preparation for specific games is one thing, but you would think that a general preparedness would have filtered through. Somewhere along the line the coach’s overall philosophy should get transferred to the players. This doesn’t seem to have happened, a least not with any cohesive effect.

  331. 331
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Santi – I wouldn’t read too much into those twatter rumours just yet.
    A lot of it is wishful thinking.
    Plus, start a rumour and you never know where it might lead.
    Best to wait for official news imo

  332. 332
    Wellington says:

    BB, I guess I’m on the Reality Train – I can’t see a better manager coming in. On the other hand, Atletico beat Real, which is a reminder that reality has no place in football. :???: Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow to find that Benitez or Zeman or somebody else entirely has taken over. :shock:

    If nothing changes by the weekend, I would take it as read that Pardew’s job is safe. There isn’t a track record to go on, as his prior tenures have been short, but the club doesn’t have a ring of melt-down around it. There aren’t even major transfer stories around key players.

  333. 333
    Santii says:

    @BB shut up I’m convinced he is gone and Walter Mazzarri is put in charge…

    Then i get up in the morning and its back to this Pardew shit

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  334. 334
    Troy Stavers says:

    Well done Wonga!

    Wonga took steps to remove the Sports Direct sign from the roof of the Gallowgate end of St James Park today, honouring their pledge to return the stadium to its original name and back to the fans. Former Newcastle United player and current Football Development Manager Peter Beardsley said of the changes;
    “It was always a privilege to play in front of the Gallowgate. It’s one of the most famous stands in the country – if not in world football – so it’s great to see it being put back to its original state.

    It’s a fantastic gesture from our new sponsors. I’m sure it’s something which will be really appreciated by our supporters.”

    And Errol Damelin founder and CEO of Wonga added;

    “This moment is all about our commitment to the fans. When we restored St James’ Park to its original name, we said we’d return some traditions to them.

    This is another symbolic part of that promise and we’ve got more in store. Beyond the stadium naming, we’re building our sponsorship up with real investment in the club, the Academy and the local community.”

    Local firm Just Signs & Lighting Ltd are carrying out the redecoration works to restore the Gallowgate End back to the way it was before Sports Direct put their mark on the place.

  335. 335
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    I do remember Pardew complaining about having the owner and MD sitting behind him during a match, and the pressure he felt it put him under.
    Was that last season ?
    Anyway he hasn’t had that very much this season, yet has still buckled under the general pressure.
    I just feel he is out of his depth in the EPL. (If I’m honest :cool: )

  336. 336
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Santi :roll: :roll: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol:

  337. 337
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Troy – do you think we might get the old scoreboard back too :?: :?:

  338. 338
    Troy Stavers says:

    Jump on board Welly. :razz:

    Mediocre City next stop. ;-)

    There’s no fantasy destinations on this train fella. Just reality checks at every stop. ;-)

  339. 339
    Wellington says:

    If he’s tinkering game-by-game – and most managers who run a counter-attacking system do – then there wouldn’t be much of a “general preparedness”. That’s one of the advantages of systems like Swansea’s. Laudrup could spend a month on the beach and they’d mainly be missing him for motivation. (Hence his remarks about the Europa League being mostly mentality – he’s also describing his role at the club.)

  340. 340
    Troy Stavers says:


    Unfortunately the floodlight is being re-erected and they are having to put a gaping hole thru the roof as well to a compadre it. :lol:

  341. 341
    brisvegas says:

    In that case, constant tinkering can’t be that good. How do you instill a sense of style if it changes each game? No wonder the players always seem to be confused.

  342. 342
    Troy Stavers says:

    Compadre? :oops: accommodate ;-)

  343. 343
    brisvegas says:

    Would it not be better to create a general style pattern and then vary it for specific games.

  344. 344
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    :roll: :razz:

  345. 345
    Troy Stavers says:

    Tony Pulis seen at the Hilton Gateshead in his shell suit and baseball cap. :shock:

  346. 346
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    I see Pardew has just become the second longest serving manager in the EPL. Well I predict he will be gone between two and three seasons. Now seems like the optimum time. Tomorrow morning would be good.

    The crystal ball gazing, tea leaf reading REALITY TRAIN, who would have us believe they base all their opinions on second guessing Ashley, reckon Pardew’s staying put. So how long does Ashley have in mind for him?

    Vicky Pollard deals the tarot cards one by one: “yeah but”; “no but”; “yeah but”; “no but” … “Oh my god! I soooo can’t believe the cards just said that!”, “Shut up” “Graham Carr was talking to his dad, Alan, who’s a chattyman, see, and Llambias was looking at Charnley when Anita the tea lady came in and read the tea leaves and said six more years. Don’t go giving me evils, Charnley! And Charnley shouts six more f*ckin years. Yeah but, no but …What eva, Charnley!”

  347. 347
    Troy Stavers says:

    Am I the only sitting naked other than 14 hole Doc Marts, typing away on my phone? :shock:

  348. 348
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    Bris – it all comes down to the fact Pardew’s first tactic is to defend what we have. The notion of all out attack is alien to him.
    Unfortunately the players don’t really understand wtf he wants of them and hence we end up on the back foot.
    He then tinkers with the wrong players imo. compounding the problems

  349. 349
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    BB – “I do remember Pardew complaining about having the owner and MD sitting behind him during a match, and the pressure he felt it put him under.”

    That was from a spoof interview I made up. :razz:

  350. 350
    Wellington says:

    There are certain constants in the way we play – Cabaye is very important, for example, and his poor form almost sums up our season. :cry: But it might be that Pardew was trying to drill the same kinds of changes he used last season in less time. Very hard to judge that sort of thing from the outside. :???:

    Yeah, better make sure my reality is in order at the end of summer, I’m usually pretty optimistic at the end of pre-season. :lol:

  351. 351
    Troy Stavers says:

    Right off to bed. Blindfold on to stop the light in the morning. :cool:

  352. 352
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    B&B – doh :!:
    It was just something that came to my mind.
    It would fuck me off if I was the owner like and it was true.
    thanks for putting me right before I made an arse of myself…………………..

  353. 353
    Beardsleys Boots says:

    welly – There must be a lot we don’t know for sure and have to 2nd guess at.
    the stats you have bothered to research tho have been very interesting, yet still don’t tell the whole story.

  354. 354
    Blackley & Brownlie says:

    BB – Sorry mate. Too late. :razz:

    No. It was such a clearly ridiculous spoof that I thought everyone was aware. The trouble being Pardew is clearly ridiculous. :razz:

  355. 355
    Wellington says:

    BB – statistics are like a bikini. ;-)

    And with that cryptic remark, I’m out for the night. :cool:

  356. 356
    brisvegas says:

    They have a top to cover the peeks and a bottom to cover the cracks, and have no substance whatsoever in between.

  357. 357
    brisvegas says:

    *peaks* :roll: (although maybe I was right the first time). :lol:

  358. 358

    whats krul got to do with collo bud,it aint krul that gets outrun by every man and his dog in the prem league bud

  359. 359
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”
    Mark Twain

    Mark is Shania’s brother for those who don’t know…

  360. 360
    AngelOfDeath says:

    Crazy season of football. Many managers leaves their current post, players retirements. Stoke City have confirmed that Tony Pulis’s seven-year reign as manager has come to an end and he leaves the club by mutual consent.

    :roll: :roll:

  361. 361
    brisvegas says:

    45th in the NUFC blog fantasy football comp.
    6th in the head-to-head league I was in.

    Not as good as my championship winning effort in the A-league, though. ;-)

  362. 362
    Troy Stavers says:


    Tactical genius fella. ;-)

  363. 363
    Aussie Magpie Fan says:

    what formation did you play Vegas – 442 ? :shock: Maybe you would have won everthing if you had played a 443 formation :lol: :lol:

  364. 364
    Troy Stavers says:

    Stats in general are so misleading other than goals.

    When people quote assists and successful passes, the reality is, the pass could have went astray and someone scores from it. It goes down as an assist.

    Some people love using them to prove how good a player is but it can be totally misleading.

  365. 365
    JJ says:

    Sixth in the head-to-head league? Did the other guy take the first five places? ;-)

  366. 366
    Troy Stavers says:

    I’ve just passed the Chronicle & Journal buildings in the city and saw Mike Ashley, Graham Carr, Pardew and Stardust going in. :shock:

    Apparently Ashley has got wind of Stardusts article which is going to be published in the press and Ashley has dragged Carr & Pardew down to the news office to find out what the article is about. :shock:

    Stardust looked the part in his thick pin striped suit, briefcase and brogues but I was howling at his white socks!! :lol: :lol:

    I’m waiting for the outcome. He said he would text me straight after the meeting. I’m nervous like. :shock:

    I trust Stardust will sort this out and either give them an ultimatum or Pardew is gone! :???:

  367. 367
    Premandup says:

    Troy. I would argue that they are indicators. Can highlight something but more analysis is needed to clarify the issue.

  368. 368
    Troy Stavers says:

    Its just been listed on Newsnow about Stardust’s meeting. :shock:

    Just had a text from him saying its going well. They’ve been late starting as they couldn’t find a high stool for him to sit round the table but they found a cushion. :shock: :lol:

    Here’s hopin this turns out positive! :???:

  369. 369
    Troy Stavers says:


    I agree but some people use stats alone to justify there points.

  370. 370
    Wellington says:

    More like they’re revealing, but don’t show everything. ;-)

  371. 371


  372. 372
    Lyle says:

    I’m afraid I’ve come to the opinion Pardew and the back room staff should be shipped out and a new progressive team brought in to replace them We’ve gone stale and we need to refreshen everything throughout the club. Graham Carr gives us predominantly diamonds, but this present back room team only tarnish them and don’t allow them to sparkle.

  373. 373
    JJ says:

    Troy @368

    I think the problem is sorted. Stardust is sitting on Lambias’ lap and the meeting has commenced.

  374. 374
    Wellington says:

    DIFSB – I checked his horoscope and it says,

    “Why not say yes a little more than usual, Cancer? You can be stubborn and want to do only what you want. It isn’t easy to lead you into the unknown. You like to prepare in advance. Today when people make unusual propositions, why not go agree? Go on – jump in without looking for a change. It will do wonders for your outlook.”

    From this unimpeachable source, we can conclude that he’ll leave the club by mutual consent in order to take the Everton job. :shock:

  375. 375
    Newkie says:

    Bris-Poor show old fella, I finished 14th in the nufc league. As far as I’m concerned I am now the sole consultant on who we should buy and what formation we should play until someone proves they finished above me. My genius cannot be questioned.

    All Hail Pardew.

  376. 376
    brisvegas says:

    Horoscope for today for Newcastle United (from

    Friends can be the center of your attention right now, as they can come to your aid, or you to theirs, and a feeling of camaraderie is likely to ensue, dear Sagittarius. The key to success is to surround yourself with people and to let things flow rather than force any issues. Later today, the desire to withdraw from daily demands and competitive atmospheres is very strong, as the Moon enters your privacy sector and you receive emotional signals to regroup and collect yourself.

  377. 377
    brisvegas says:

    Newkie: I bow to your superior fantasies.

  378. 378
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I don’t think Carr is exempt from criticism.
    Fact is – we went into this season light in a number of positions, especially in defence. That has nothing to do with Pardew’s tactics. Carr and Ashley should have agreed budgets beforehand so that Carr had back ups in place should we be out priced by our first choice.

  379. 379
    Wellington says:

    Good find! Well, this couldn’t be clearer. Lee Clark to be unveiled as our new manager this morning, bringing in a collection of former players as his coaching staff. :shock:

  380. 380
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    I still think people are over-reacting.
    Carr’s signings all performed under Pardew last year didn’t they :?: :???:

  381. 381
    Newkie says:

    Bris :lol:

    I don’t think any of those could be discussed on here..or anywhere for that matter.

  382. 382
    brisvegas says:

    Wellington: The meaning isn’t so clear cut because the words have come under the influence of Pardew and now mean fuck all.

  383. 383
    Newkie says:

    ST-Last year all of them carried the lucky Pardew as they hadn’t had all of their skill coached out of them, didn’t you get the memo?

  384. 384
    Wellington says:

    “people are over-reacting”
    While discussing football?
    On the internet?
    INCONCEIVABLE! :shock:

  385. 385
    fernando666 says:

    It’s official. Micky Quinn has lost it, I’m afraid. Anita is not up to scratch & should be sold. Same goes for Marveaux. Who has he been watching again? If Anita hasn’t been given enough opportunities to perform, whose fault is that? That’s right, raise your hand Alan. Seriously. Anita has been quite good imo. As has Marveaux. Offer creativity that we otherwise tend to lack. But hey. What do I know…

  386. 386
    KIMTOON says:

    BBC breakfast sports news- A spokesman for Rafa Benitez has said he is unlikely to take the Stoke City managers job ,despite him being the bookies favourite .

    My god ,if he went to Stoke I’d be gutted.

  387. 387
    SolanosTrumpet says:

    Yes, my bad, forgot about that again!
    You need to stop being so pretentious with all your “reasoning” and your “evidence”. The Pardew tenure has been the worst in Newcastle United’s illustrious history and nothing is going to convince me otherwise!

  388. 388
    icedog says:

    well i see carroll out for four months with knee injury

  389. 389
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice @388 , When did that happen ? Oh dear poor West Ham ,talk about bad timing.

  390. 390
    Newkie says:

    Ice-really? That boy really has become a bit of a crock…perfect for us!

  391. 391
    KIMTOON says:

    Ice /Newkie , West Ham should go back to the Dippers and withdraw their offer citing his injury record , then wack in a lower offer take it or leave it as they are up a gum tree now as they can’t sell a crock for four months and cannot be sure he’ll be the same once recovered. I would say the Hammers hold all the cards now.

  392. 392
    Big Dave says:

    Ice what happened Carroll ?

  393. 393
  394. 394
    icedog says:

    DAVE its a heel injury but found out that the knee injury is worse than the thought,but w/ham still want to sign him??

  395. 395
    Big Dave says:

    Cheers well thats one less story we’ll have to listen to during the summer

  396. 396
    Troy Stavers says:

    Stardust has emerged from Chronicle HQ and is standing on the step talking to the crowds.

    Live transcript;

    “Hello ladies & gentleman, as you know I’m Mr Stardust and the 3 alongside me are, Mikey, Mr Pardew and Mr Carr”. :lol:

    Round of applause. (One voice in the crowd shouts – your white socks are showing, pull your suit trouser leg down) :shock:

    ” I will get straight to the point, my writing skills brought together this meeting today and I’m grateful for the job offer I’ve obtained today, editor of Chronicle international and my new title will be Mr Stardust Internacionale.”

    Round of applause ( lone voice shouts your holding hands with Mikey) :shock:

    ” This meeting has produced some wonderful discussions, but the outcome is Myself and Mikey are to be married and Mr Carr is to be the best man and Mr Pardew is not invited” :lol: :lol:

    Stunned silence ( one lone voice says- we thought the meeting was about football and who should go, Pards or Carr) :shock: :shock: :shock:

    ” No no, this was about who was to be my best man and who was to leave our foursome. Football? What the hell do I know about football?”
    :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

    So there you have it folks, Mr Pardew has been sacked by Mr Stardust Internacionale :lol: :lol:

  397. 397
    Kevin Cho says:

    Will someone show this to Mike Ashely!

    P.S. A well written and backed article. Well done.

  398. 398
    des says:

    CONTINUITY …man u won the treble but didn’t the season after did fergie get sacked for going backover …moyes has had a season or two were they flirted above the drop zone was he sacked moreover they made champ league but he remained even though they failed to build on that the season after .pards is now the 2nd longest serving manager in the pl after wenger and although he hasn’t won a great deal of l8 he continualy keeps arsenal in the top 4 ,one good season never made pards a great manager as one bad season doesn’t make him a bad manager ,time will tell ,if he gets it im sure we will progress as CONTINUITY is the key to succsess

  399. 399

    thinks the toon lack ambition and i think its time to stop watching them meself

  400. 400

    so fatboy out take ya run off at the gob bumboy pards with ya

  401. 401
    Charlie in the Gallowgate says:

    One of the best articles I have read in ages – a balanced approach and I know which way I want to go

  402. 402
    voyance says:

    I read this paragraph fully concerning the comparison of newest and preceding technologies,
    it’s remarkable article.

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