So who stays and who goes?

Stay or go?
Stay or go?
There is no point in trying to deny the fact that we will lose a player or three during this transfer window.

Some players will leave with little fuss or bother from fans while others will cause distress and outrage when they go.

Everyone has different opinions on our playing group. Who they would like to see gone, who they would like to keep and who they would like to see come on board. For the sake of this here article, I will focus on our best 18 players and try and rate them in order of importance to our season ahead. Here is how my rating system will work:

1-5 – Squad Player – If they are sold I will not shed a tear.
6-7 – A solid player – I may be conflicted if they go, or maybe not.
8-10 – A top player- If you sell this player, there will be bloodshed!

As you can see it is a very detailed rating system. So here we go!

Tim Krul – 9 – Poor distribution aside, I think Krul is one of the best shot stoppers in the league. I would hate to see him sold off if a large bid was to be lodged.

Rob Elliot – 7 – Apart from a dodgy handball red card offence, I thought Elliott did well in place of an injured Krul. I would like to see us keep him as he seems to be a good back up keeper.

Fabricio Coloccini – 8 – You could see how important Colo is to our defensive unit upon his return from injury. His composure certainly helped settle our defence and he made a huge difference in the run home. I would have rated him slightly higher but I took a point off for his age.

Steven Taylor – 8 – Taylor certainly gives it his all, you can’t deny that and because of that I have given him an extra point. He can be a bit “positionally challenged” at times but he is a solid player for us all the same.

Mike Williamson – 6 – I actually don’t think that Williamson is as bad as what he is made out to be. He has played well at times but his mobility and his foot skills are below where they need to be at this level. I hope he stays as a back-up but I think he will be sold.

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa – 8 – I think this lad will be a very good player for us. He will take some time to fully adapt to the pace of the Premier League and when he does he will easily be a 9 on my scale.

Mathieu Debuchy – 7 – Like Mbiwa, Debuchy will take a little time to adapt to the Premier League. He seems like an old fashioned dogged mongrel of a full back. I personally like those types of players and should he adjust to playing in the PL, I think he could be an 8.

Davide Santon – 7 – He started the past season very well before fading slightly and picking up an injury. I think Santon is developing well and he is one to hang onto. But if we received a sizeable offer for him, I would understand if we accepted it.

Yohan Cabaye – 7 – On his day Cabaye can be a match winning influence on the park but he does flatter to deceive somewhat. He has a tendency to drift in and out of games and seemed to lack a bit of hunger this past season. We seem to have an abundance of midfielders at the moment so if a big offer comes in; I would be sad to see him go but not overly bothered.

Cheick Tiote – 6 – Tiote has really struggled this past season with injury, form and discipline. He seems a shadow of the player we have seen over the years and now almost looks surplus to requirements to me. Once again, if the offer was a good one, I would not lose any sleep over him being sold. We seem to have a shed load of DM’s that are ready to fill the breach, should he be sold.

James Perch – 6 – A good squad player, always does what is asked of him with very little fuss or frills. I would not be overly upset if he is sold but he is a very good squad player.

Vurnon Anita – 6 – I have scored Anita a little low because of the game time he has played and because he is still adapting to the Premier League. I think he will be a good player for us but I think Tiote will have to be sold/benched to make room for him.

Hatem Ben Arfa – 8 – Definitely one of our most skillful players and a must keep. On his day he can be a game changer and if he can stay fit and string a heap of games together, he would easily rate a 9. I would like to see him play a few more simply passes though. Just saying…

Yoan Gouffran – 6 – He is another player that is still settling in so it is hard to tell at this stage. At times he has looked the goods and at times he has gone missing on the park. I am looking forward to seeing how he goes next season.

Sylvain Marveaux – 7 – A very neat and tidy player on his day and offers us something different with his trickery. But he really does drift in and out of games too much for my liking. He starts on the bench more often than not and I would like to see him up his work rate to cement a starting spot.

Jonas Gutierrez – 6 – Jonas has been a great player for us over the years but to me it seems his legs have gone. He really lacks pace and unfortunately he has lost a lot of his attacking threat as a result. Defensively you cannot question his commitment but we need more from him that what he is currently offering. I would not like to see him sold because he will be a very good squad player.

Moussa Sissoko – 8 – This guy could be a monster for us if he, like his French counterparts, adapts well to the Premier League. He has looked unstoppable at times but a little suspect with his decision making. He has the build and speed to be a really good player for us. A must keep!

Papiss Cisse – 9 – Cisse is a goal scorer and they are hard to come by. He had a tough season due to playing out wide and being low on confidence. He does run off side too much for my liking but given the right service he will score for us. It is important that we hang onto him and look to give him the right attacking support next season. A must keep as well!

And to quickly wrap up the other notables!

Shola Ameobi – 4 – Sell
Dan Gosling – 6 – Sell
Gabriel Obertan – 5 – Sell
Shane Ferguson – 5 – Sell
Sammy Ameobi – 5 – Loan or Sell
Gael Bigirimana – 7 – Keep – This lad looks to be one that will take the step up.
Massadio Haidara – 7 – Keep, looks promising.
Adam Campbell – 7 – Keep looks promising.

So that’s my view on who we should keep and who we should sell. As far as I am concerned the 8 or 9 rated players are the ones that will be hard to replace and will have a big impact on the squad if they are sold. The rest, well I am hoping they will be replaced should they be sold but history has shown us that this is not always the case.

Your view will no doubt be quite different to mine, remember, this is not the definitive list, just my views on things. If you think differently, fill in the blanks below and let me know.

Aussie Magpie Fan.

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443 thoughts on “So who stays and who goes?

  1. So to summarize Troy kk post… he has walked out on a couple of his appointments…. but that’s OK. 🙂 🙂 there was a good reason 🙂 🙂


  2. Troy 🙂 🙂 great analogy, finally something genuinely funny from you, well done..


  3. @Aussie

    I’ve been speaking to Mrs Aussie on Facebook. She says you are bashing your yute again with a Gum Sugar branch! 😆 😆

    “Damn that Troy! He’s done me again! ” 😆


  4. Troy, Mrs Aussie did tell me about a naked photo of you after I confronted her. She told me not to worry as she had no interest in starting a relationship with a geordie eunuck. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. @Aussie

    You must out yourself on Facebook. Don’t be shy. I won’t laugh if you look like Rolf Harris. 😆


  6. Its good to see Tiote committing himself to the Toon. He also believes in Pardew. Believes he’s a good manager.

    Ouch! That will upset the Pardew haters who crow on about him being useless. 😛


  7. Troy – in reference to KK. Your’s was the long winded answer. Mine was the situation summarised whilst I’m at work.

    Both end results the same though.

    Only once (with Fulham) did he technically not walk out.


  8. Liam- I know, would be great news 😀

    To be fair though I rate sturridge, he’s quite a form striker but he has ability. Borini not so much..but if Coutinho improves at his current rate he could make Shola a 20 goal a season striker :mrgreen:


  9. Newkie , They also have a cracking player in Raheem Sterling ,he may not be a striker but is a midfielder who carries a big threat .


  10. Kim-Aye he’s pretty good as well, however being English and now that he is on a good wedge of 40k p/w there is a good chance he will become a lazy twat who will not fulfil his potential. At least there is hope! With Coutinho i fear we will not be so lucky.


  11. i hope ashley sales high earners like colocini and brings back titus bramble 4 free, bargain and cheaper in wages. carlton cole would also be a bargain and sale a player for 10 million so the club make a profit.


  12. in mike ashley we trust and alan pardrew. they know how to get the best players and make a profit


  13. Looney your right get shot of Colo and bring in tits ramble 😆
    Kim Sterling looks good but might suffer from prem head before he becomes the player he can be


  14. England u21s lost to the Israelites 😆 Jesus christ (no pun intended) but what a joke of a footballing nation we have become.


  15. Ice thats one thing about Richie not only does he look funny but can be funny 😆 😆
    Kim yeah I think he is well mixed up, well have you got the rain over your way yet ? we have and I am so glad to see it


  16. Dave ,last night and this morning but it’s the bloody wind getting on my nerves, it’s blowing a gale here and more rain tomorrow . Up the girls flat tomorrow as 2 windows being fitted and she’s on early shift. Not the best weather for that job 🙄 .


  17. I see the Telegraph have us interested in Darren Bent for £6m… He’s an interesting one as he is a goal scorer that’s for sure but £6m? Not sure Villa could justify wanting £6m for someone they obviously think isn’t good enough to get in their side.

    Interesting for sure


  18. Stuart…Aye, he definitely gets goals but did he not have a falling out with the manager rather than not being good enough, I think I remember reading that ages ago or maybe he just doesn’t suit their style of play, he’s more of a long ball over the top kind of guy…perfect for us 🙄 😕


  19. I remember seeing a table whereby Bent was bottom at creating his own chances. He needs them put on a plate. Ba & Cisse were both in the middle.


  20. Preman… Aye, that sounds about right, he likes it played over the top or a through ball to run onto, do we create enough chances for a player like him, I’d say we don’t and if people think Ba’s “greedy” Bent’s way way worse imo… but then I may be a little biased as I can’t stand Darren Bent.


  21. I can see it now. Speculation that Shola will be moving on will result in the club announcing that they’ve persuaded him to sign another contract and therefore is like signing a new striker. 😯

    Pards and Dekka will be building him up to be the man with experience to bring on the young guns. 🙄



  22. Bent goes against everything we have done in last few years.
    Unless he is a shola replacement just cant see it


  23. Bent would be ok as a back-up but as a main striker? 😯 papering over the cracks again. I’d rather of kept Best..

    What happened to the under 25 policy?


  24. Mark – its lazy journalism bent played with pardew, bent wants to leave, oh newcastle need a striker, lets write a story, journal get wind of a half truth story and publish it. Easy


  25. Bent is OK, wouldn’t say no for a fair price… Would he be prepared to sit on the bench again? I am not so sure about that..

    Troy, you are on the money once again… plonker 🙂 🙂 🙂


  26. Richie he must have fell out with two managers at villa, I was saying last week how I found it real strange how big his fall from grace has been


  27. Aussie…Doubtful, but he did play for the mackems so obviously has no standards
    Maybe he just falls out with people who tell him to pass the ball 😉


  28. Richie it is be nice to Aussie Mag Wednesday.. please obey blog protocols 🙂 🙂

    Bent seemed to go down hill when he got his big payday.. hmmmm strange that 🙂


  29. Joe Billingham ‏@Billys_Cakehole 30s

    “Strong rumour that #NUFC officials in Birmingham today to meet with Darren Bent. #AVFC #Bent #Villa”

    😆 🙄

    Im going against the majority but we are crying out for goals, He’s 29, he played for the kernts and goes against the clubs transfer policy but id take him tomorrow.

    To score the ammount of goals he did for Curbishleys Charlton team which was essencially a flat back ten with him up top and to have a better than a one in two record at sunlun with the players Bruce surrounded him with a nowt short of a miracle.

    Its probably all total bollocks and a waste of time talking about it but id take him, Hes got a 1 in 2 record at villa as well so hes not finished yet…


  30. I agree CC – I would take him. On lower wages and for £5million, then come on down. He may be able to stay onside! He has a decent record, and as you say he should be hungry and him and Pards are buddies. I think it would be nice to have someone come in and have the EPL experience we need, not have time to adjust. I dont think he would be my first choice #9, but he is better than Sholla, so for £5million I would have him, but no more than that.


  31. 🙂 🙂 that’s a bit Rich 🙂 🙂 you’ve got Monday, why can’t I have Wednesdays? 🙂 I floated the the idea a few weeks back, it hasn’t quite caught on like I had hoped.. 🙂 🙂


  32. @Aussie

    Settle down Aussie. We all know you adore Ashley & Derek and won’t have a word said against them. 😛


  33. To be fair the BBC also told millions of kids that Jimmy Saville would help them do something they always want to do…


  34. Aussie…aye but I never suggested the Monday thing myself, besides, I’m always nice to you 😉


  35. 5 days without a new thread is not good like. Howay Aussie, get your lass typing. 😆

    I’ll free you from the cattle cart if you agree to be more balanced with your views and allow a little bit of criticism to be thrown in the direction of Mikey & Derek. 😛


  36. Nope, no more articles until I get my day of respite! 🙂 🙂

    Richie, i’d hate to see you when your being mean 🙂 🙂


  37. @BD

    Uncle Jimmy for Aussie. He used to visit his uncle Jimmy every year and stay over at his by himself. Great and exciting time Aussie. 😛 🙂 😯 😕


  38. BENT – you must be jokin – if Pardew wants him he is truly clueless.

    How many teams have Strikers that can’t do anything other than Shoot? We already have Cisse, these sort of players offer I creativity whatsoever. We need people who compliment what we already have.

    If Pardew really wants Bent he should be sacked.


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