An Unexpected Blast From The Past.

We need this many new players.
We need this many new players.
Seemingly there is never a dull moment at Newcastle United, whether it be player unrest, Stadium name changes, controversial kit sponsors or in the very latest case….the appointment of a Director Of Football .

Newcastle fans were shocked to learn today that former Manager Joe Kinnear has returned to the club as the new Director Of Football. Joe managed the club for a brief period during the disastrous season that saw the Club relegated in 2009. The 66 year old replaced Kevin Keegan, who walked for being undermined and being forced to take a backseat in transfer proceedings to the then Director Of Football, Dennis Wise.

Seemingly Mike Ashley hasn’t learned from past mistakes and forgotten the turmoil and issues it caused when Newcastle last had a Director on board. Ashley also doesn’t seem too concerned by Kinnear’s well documented health problems, the very same health problems that forced Joe to step down as United boss in 2009. If you can recall Kinnear had a heart attack prior to an away fixture at West Brom, a game we won 3-2 in Joe’s absence.

The news of Joe’s return was rumored on social networks at lunch time today, the local journalists were reporting that The Club were looking to hire a Director Of Football and that ‘JFK’ was in the frame for the position. Most fans I saw on Twitter were seemingly taking the rumors with a pinch of salt, as was I. However the rumors soon turned into facts as it was announced that the former Wimbledon manager had put pen to paper on a 3 year deal to officially become Director of Football. I can only imagine that this was in the pipeline for sometime as it seemed to be a very quick and smooth transaction.

Kinnear spoke to Sky Sports News soon after his appointment was confirmed, this is what he had to say:

“It’s an interesting role for myself and I don’t think I could be at a better club to do it.

“It’s absolutely done,” he said. “I signed it with Mike today and that’s taken care of.

“I intend to meet Alan either tomorrow or within the coming week to discuss the future and go through the team itself.

“We will discuss where it’s glaringly clear we need to improve and that will be my job, to go and find those players.”

Joe was asked who would have the final say on transfers, he continued:

“It will be me.

“If between the three of us (Kinnear, Pardew and head scout Graham Carr) we sit down and iron it out and them two decide that he’s not that good, then my ears will be wide open. It’s not a case of lump it or like it.

“If there is somewhere where we are short of people scoring goals, and we see people who will guarantee us 20 goals a season, then we will take that chance and I will buy those players.”

“But if there is a close decision to be made and we are running out of time and it’s something we have to do and I see a specific job…

“Footballers come in all shapes and sizes and if there is a specific job that we need to add some meat or beef to the team, we’ll do it. I believe that’s what we have to do.

“If there is somewhere that we’re lacking pace in wide areas, then we’ll add that to the team. If there is somewhere where we are short of people scoring goals, and we see people who will guarantee us 20 goals a season, then we will take that chance and I will buy those players.

“First and foremost, once I have clarified that with Alan – this is for the good of Newcastle, this is quite clear what needs to happen here – that will be the area I will work in, it’s as simple as that.

“I’m going to do the best I possibly can to make Newcastle a far better team than they are now.”

It will certainly be interesting to see how Alan Pardew reacts to the news of Kinnear’s appointment. However Joe chooses to sugar coat his words, there is no denying that any manager who isn’t given the basic right to decide who he brings in must feel undermined. Appointing a Director surely demonstrates a lack of belief and faith in a Maager’s judgement.

Let’s not forget that last season was diabolical to say the very least. Seemingly humiliation from start to finish, with poor performances and results throughout. Something has to change going into the new campaign, but is this really the answer?! Maybe Alan was told in his review that he would keep his job, but they intend to bring in a Director?!
Either way the news has had a pessimistic affect on the fans who leave themselves scratching their heads in confusion at Ashley’s latest stunt.

What do you guys think?

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179 thoughts on “An Unexpected Blast From The Past.

  1. Just on after a family day where I had to hand my phone over 😯
    And after the initial rage I cant say I am that surprised by it, Imo he is just manager in waiting so I hope the ones that were calling for Pards head will be happy πŸ‘Ώ as I will be truely fuked of with it all 😈


  2. Anyway. Enough of reading Begas’ & Rodz apathetic views 😈 on the great football club I have so much passion for, I’m off BASE jumping with my wing suit on!

    Tallyho πŸ˜†


  3. @145. That wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    @130 and 133. Surely the only way this works is if JK is kept away from the press. Yet his first act is a 10 minute interview on national television. Just wait til the local journos get their hands on him 😯


  4. BRISVEGAS wimbeldon wern’t that shite everywhere else apart from defence , they were very effective at what they did . It was not appealing to watch but they lived a fairy tale for a decade and won the FA cup . It was started by Dave Basset and continued by Kinnear and Kinnear tried to get them to play more football and less long ball . As for Pardew not knowing , watch or read the interview again , if Pardew knew then they would of already met up and decided what needed changed . Its a knee jerk reaction from Ashley because of the poor season we have had and Pardew knew nothing about it until today .


  5. Troy have fum mate πŸ˜‰ I think i’ll jump intonthe bath with a bottle of whisky and a razor blade 😈 mwybe catch you’s tomorrow πŸ˜₯


  6. well i’m lost for words about this? the days of joe harvey, kevin keegan, bobby robson, alan shearer, gary speed, are gone forever πŸ™ its now about signing mediocre players and no more european football. it breaks my heart to have ashley running this club.


  7. give the guy a break, It might work out ok. as long as we dont get nearly relegated πŸ™‚ it wil be an improvement. anythings better than last season under this regime.

    I cant see how MA would want to f*** us up, as he’s bought some decent players, we only need a few more and a change of tactics to be ok.

    I just think hes a little naive or just totally thick πŸ˜›


  8. I don’t think Pards ever had final say on transfers in the first place, in that sense it won’t undermine him anymore than he is/was already undermined by the owners.

    Still, absolutely unbelievable. Or it would be if it were any other club under any other owner.


  9. Newkie, you are right that Pards probably didn’t have final say in transfers. I don’t have a problem with a D of F, but JK is the best they can get? They’re full of it


  10. big dave dont be like that. sunderland and gateshead need supporters aswell? im only joking but its pretty bad supporting newcastle at times


  11. Axel – Well, I thought Wimbledon were woeful to watch. Sure, they were effective in what they did at times, but it wasn’t good. Just saying, Kinnear has experience with a cruder form of Pardew’s tactics. The reasoning might be that he can help Pardew hone the game. There may be method in the madness.

    Time will tell.


  12. It’s been a very interesting debate on here today. I can see many more coming as the summer moves along and we begin to see what effect Kinnear has on the club this time. Can it be worse than it has been? I would have to say yes now. Still if Kinnear could actually summon up some self discipline and stop yapping to the press it would help enormously. Keep the gob shut with the press Joe and do a decent job. Don’t criticize everything Pardew does or it will only confirm what most of us are already thinking. Well Ashley you’ve certainly dropped yourself in it again. Congratulations.


  13. MDS-Exactly. Plenty of successful clubs run with that system, though they are usually experienced in the modern sense and have plenty of contacts around the globe. And we have someone who’s been out of football for how long? Madness really. Even if the club spent 100 million this summer I wouldn’t be convinced or confident for next season.


  14. Here’s a question for the older ones amongst us , of which i am one . The worst Chairman /owner ever ? the current incumbent , Mckeag or the one eyed pirate Westwood ? for me Mckeag just about edges it above the current [email protected] For now .


  15. Troy – have watch the arrogance of Kinnears SSN interview I can only imagine how he’d handle the delicate negotiations with the likes of PEAs agent – ‘listen pal, if your boy want to play for Newcastle then sign the fucking contract, if not fuck off!!’

    I’m with you mate, alarm bells going crazy.
    I’m completely disillusioned with our beloved club at the moment mate and only see things getting worse with this masterstroke


  16. Sharpy-I agree. Fair enough when he was appointed manager some of the criticism may have been a bit strong on him- and obviously it wasn’t his fault we got relied-it probably should have fallen more on Ash, but he seemed a right smug cunt on sky today so any goodwill that did exist towards him must be shot. Geordies are geordies and we want one of our own? Didn’t know Keegan was born on tyneside like πŸ™„

    The guy is a mug.


  17. Newkie – like I said in an earlier post, I quite like the idea of the position as I’ve regularly posted my suspicions of DLs ability when it comes to transfer negotiations.
    It’s the person they’ve got to fill that position. Putting to one side the fact I think the bloke is an arrogant gobshite. What recent experience does he actually have negotiating transfer fees and then with agents. Someone like McClaren who has experience in both the German and Dutch market would have been a far better option – for those not reading this properly I repeat LIKE McClaren – not necassarily him.

    Weeks ago they said use Liverpool as a blueprint and the way Ian Ayre is operating in this window of them, I’d happily go with that.
    Do I really believe that Kinnaer will be half as successful – not likely.
    This is another example of MA taking the cheap option rather than the best option.

    Again, it’s nothing personal to Kinnaer, it MA I’m annoyed with. The world of football has changed so much and I’m not convinced that Kinnaer has his finger on the pulse or the negotiating skills of his equivelant at clubs like Lpool or Spurs or European teams we will be competing against for the signings we need or Pardew wants.


  18. I don’t think it’s a bad idea. While reading all the comments on this thread would have been exhausting, it seems like the general reaction is “it’s bad because it’s bad”, with reasons being invented after the fact to justify that perception.

    Kinnear has gotten the job for one of two reasons:

    1. Ashley and Llambias don’t accept the manager’s requests for players (because all managers always want to strengthen their squad), but want an independent football man to give temper their suspicions. That’s the straight-up reading.

    2. He’s being floated as a replacement manager for Pardew.

    Anyone who remembers last season shouldn’t object to (1). (2) is conjecture, but at any rate it’s better than a repeat of the Hughton dismissal situation.


    June 17, 2013 at 01:23
    I don’t think it’s a bad idea. While reading all the comments on this thread would have been exhausting, it seems like the general reaction is β€œit’s bad because it’s bad”, with reasons being invented after the fact to justify that perception.
    The comments don’t say “it’s bad because it’s bad.” They say it’s bad because it’s Joe Kinnear. Does anyone really need to state why he isn’t an ideal D of F for our club?


  20. Well done to Rodz for not buying into Troys hissy fit… Troy tends to get upset with anyone that doesn’t agree with his rants πŸ™‚


  21. Wahey it’s wor Aussie. πŸ˜›

    I know you’ll be supporting the inspired appointment. You love all things Ashley. πŸ˜†


  22. @welly

    Absolute brilliance. πŸ˜†

    How to take the wind out of people’s sails. πŸ˜†

    You come on as if you are the official adjudicator and have made an official assessment about everyone’s views and present your own as facts. πŸ˜†

    Love it πŸ˜†


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