What Will Alan Make Of All Of This?

Alan...Some day this will all be mine.
Alan…Some day this will all be mine.
It’s fair to say that Newcastle boss Alan Pardew has had his fair share of critics in recent months following a disastrous and to be blunt unacceptable season.

I am one of many supporters who has questioned Pardew’s future at the club and queried his ability as a top flight manager. Now I know Alan delivered European football and top 5 finish in only our second season back in the top flight, an achievement that can’t and shouldn’t go unnoticed. During that wonderful season we found ourselves grinding out the results, we didn’t always win games in pretty fashion but we managed to pick up points and became incredibly hard to beat.

Last season was a completely different story, plenty of mistakes were made both in the board room and on the pitch. The lack of investment in the summer contributed and we simply couldn’t cope with the demands of playing in Europe. Whether the lack of investment was a case of Mike Ashley being naive or lacking ambition to back his Manager at the time is open for debate. Of course Ashley did dip his hand in his pocket during the January transfer window, but I feel that was largely due to the overwhelming fear of relegation.

Football fans are often labelled as fickle, happy when it’s all going to plan but quick to turn when it goes pear shaped. Certainly Newcastle fans were branded fickle by neutral fans after they became disillusioned by Pardew’s management last season. After all Alan was crowned Manager of the season just the season before last, what right did we have to complain?!

Personally I feel Alan was never correct for the position, he is a bit one dimensional for my liking. He has a plan going into games to beat teams, but if it doesn’t go according to plan he doesn’t have a plan b. He is unable to change things, I feel he makes the wrong decisions tactically. The season we finished 5th we did have moments of flair and play some nice stuff but essentially I felt all along that we wouldn’t be able to repeat and build on that success. The pessimist in me came out, although I will always be grateful for that season.

This thread isn’t a pop at Pardew, everyone has their opinions and there isn’t a right or wrong point of a view when it comes to supporting your Football Club. Some will agree with my comments, others won’t but essentially we all want what is best for Newcastle United even if we don’t all agree on what ‘the best’ actually is. The reason I am focusing so much much on the manager is he could of easily lost his job last season. Following the Reading home defeat? The Derby day humiliation? Liverpool running riot in our back garden?

The point is Mike and Dekka persisted with Pardew and decided he was still the man for the job despite the results and increasing fan unrest. The Club publicly backed Pardew following end of season discussions. Despite the enormous contract that Alan has with the club many believed a new man at the helm would be the best step, but Ashley quashed all talk of uncertainty and assured Pards that his job was not at risk.

Pardew no doubt went away on holiday a relieved man, especially when you look at other top flight managers that have been dismissed over the course of the season. Alan probably started planning pre season in the back of his mind, being in the knowledge that he is still the man in charge. I just wonder is Ashley briefed Alan on the possibility of hiring a Director of football?! Pardew may of been made aware beforehand and felt given the way the season had gone he was in no position to question it or complain?

I don’t want to think too much about theories and conspiracies at this stage, but could the appointment of Joe Kinnear be a tactic to put pressure on Pardew? It is well documented that our wonderful owner thinks very highly of Kinnear and I have to be honest I don’t think Mike would have any issue putting Joe back in the managerial hot seat if push came to shove. It’s almost like Kinnear is a ready made replacement should anything happen to Pards….It would certainly be cheaper for Pardew to resign than to sack him.

When Alan arrives back to work and is greeted by JFK will it be an unpleasant surprise or half expected? If I was manager I know I wouldn’t be happy with this at all.

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I'm Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

719 thoughts on “What Will Alan Make Of All Of This?

  1. Just realised something very obvious.

    Mike Ashley supports Spurs.

    He would have supported them as a child.

    Joe Kinnear was Spurs manager between 1965-1975, so from the time Ashley was two years old until he was 12 years old.

    Hence his affinity for the man.


  2. Richie if I could I would 😉 but I am sure someone will write one about the positive signing of our new DOF/CMAN 😉 maybe Aussie is busy as we speak 😀

    Kim I think Toonsy is stranded in Amsterdam after missing his own bus 😆


  3. After Kinnear’s two goals in 400 (or is it 200 Joe?) appearances for Spurs, there is no doubt in my mind he is the lad to ask about fixing our set piece woes.


  4. I think Toonsy is out of a job, because people aren’t using the bus anymore. Everyone’s on board the reality train.


  5. JJ…I realised something very obvious too, Ashley isn’t a Spurs fan, it’s a myth 😉


  6. Was he not a chelski season ticket holder? I think its more the case that Ashley is a quiet, sad, lonely individual and for some reason Joe Kinnear’s laddish antics stike a chord with him. Just like he wanted to be mates with the fans, he wants his mates to run the club, which is much more social and less economically active/important than SD etc.


  7. T
    Kim I heard an interview where he said the opposite. Meaningless.

    I just heard that Lee Charnley is still negotiating transfers.

    I think Dekka decided to go a month back. Doubt MA was happy with the lack of growth on the commercial side.

    Lovely comment from yesterday. “Chelsea get Mourinho. We get Kinnear”


  8. Newkie,
    You should have more respect for Joe.

    Someone who can get Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger on the phone at any time (probably to call them #%#ing #%nts) for beating his team.

    Someone who bought John Hartson on a free and sold him for 47million.

    Someone who recommended Messi to Barcelona and told Alex Ferguson how to develop Ronaldo.

    He taught Delap how to take long throws, Beckham freekicks and Bergkamp how to play a throughball.
    He taught Shearer how to finish. He is God’s gift to football.

    Well, I guess that’s what his mental coach has been telling him anyway.


  9. Richie-Yeah I always thought he was supposed a chelski fan and had previously been a ticket holder, could be wrog tho.


  10. I tell you what.
    If he can get his players to believe in themselves as much as he believes in himself, then he would be one hell of a half time motivational speaker!

    Plus his set piece routine will be teaching Taylor to be like Vinnie Jones.
    Punch the opponent in the nuts. Then he gets a free header.
    He’s probably the one who taught Saylor that dance for Kebabs freekick.


  11. JJ 😆
    If he has a mental coach then I’d say the bloke is worth every penny as it’s defiitely paid off.

    You know we’re in a messed up situation when you’re ticking along nicely and even making the odd good joke and I’m sitting here and moaning my arse off. What’s happened to the world? Next richie will be on a diet, Rod will give up drinking and Michael12 will start making sense.


  12. Just typing up my pro ashley article now.. there are so many good things to note, this article is writing itself. :mrgreen:


  13. Newkie,
    It’s called resignation. JK was my knockout blow…

    After telling everyone that MA would never be so stupid as to appoint someone like Joe Kinnear back in charge and that we could attract a decent manager.
    It’s almost as though he’s done this after reading my comments as a laugh.

    I can see Ashley now: “Bwahahahaha, there is nothing I cannot do to shaft you fools up the rear end!”


  14. Aussie @693
    Why wouldn’t there be positive things. With Joe in charge we can just make up achievements as we go.


  15. Premandup,

    Is it cricket?
    I just checked the scoreboard so I thought it was the Springboks winning 80-8. 😆

    I lost interest one day cricket. Ever since this T20 shit started one day cricket has lost its appeal. Maybe there is just too much of it…

    There are some seriously good players, but to be honest. I find it boring.

    Test cricket is still good. It’s a true test of skills and conditions.


  16. JJ-Yeah I guess that makes sense. I know what you mean about him doing this just for spite. Now while I thought we would end up with Kinnear or worse if Pardew was sacked I at least thought Pardew would survive the season/summer and would at least steady the ship to mediocrity next season. Seems ashley saw that and thought he’d spite me too.

    Premandup-you’re probably the only sane poster who’s kept his head (I don’t count Wolfie, Stardy, or Hexham Stragler in that bracket) so kudos to you.


  17. [email protected] has seen the light and is finally ready to step into the managerial apprentice role I set out for him long ago. I recognised his football manager abilities as being second best on the blog to my own, now I’ve ironed out his prickly nature, once I have passed on my Excuses Manual (signed by Pards himself) and he learns all he can he can follow me into management. The Heed will rise again!


  18. Prem-you want to know what’s going on at NUFC? Sorry pal you’ve just dropped into the dreamer bracket 😉

    Kinnear’s mind is probably the only thing that can comprehend our circus.


  19. Newkie :mrgreen: i had you down as manager material but you have disappointed me when you dropped your head when Joe was signed. I thought you gave in a little easy and lacked a bit if mettle for the top job. I see you more as a goal keeping coach now 😉 😉 😆 😆


  20. The whole situation gets more bizarre by the day. Quite frankly where this leaves the club is anybodies guess. As i see it now Mike Ashley holds all the cards and the man running the show for him now is Kinnear. Pardew has come out with the briefest of statements simply saying ‘I’m staying to take this club up the league’ – hardly a ringing endorsement to the current circus.

    Ultimately, this freak show going on might give the press something to talk about but has well and truly knocked us to the bottom of the table in terms of preparedness for the upcoming season. The big end of season review quite frankly seems a joke now and anything that obviously did come out of that has well and truly gone up in smoke.

    This merry-go-round has largely dominated the backpages and any self respecting players who were interested will surely be giving us a wide birth now. Scarily this actually, seems we’ve now been put into a position worse than the relegation season. In just over 48hrs it seems Ashley has well and truly squashed the hard work of the past few years to rebuild the credibility of this club and ultimately, this is unrecoverable from in my eyes.

    We can go round the houses and say an epic effort could get the fans back on side such as top 6 finish, cup win etc, but ultimately that is fantasy stuff sadly that won’t happen. All i can see is further unrest and even though the season hasn’t started i’m expecting that once the shock of the last few days subsides, they’ll be some very angry people demand answers for what’s going on. With this i expect the club to go up for sale again within the year. I truly believe this to be the beginning of the end to Ashley’s reign.


  21. Aussie 😆

    Oh Ye of little faith! Saying that I could definitely coach our keepers to hoof it better than whoever does it currently.


  22. Cheer up toon fans. I’m here to help and make Newcastle United a better team. I tore up the Douglas deal because I don’t think his good enough for Newcastle United. I don’t understand why you doubt me? I have won 3 manager of the year awards. I can pick up the phone to any manager about transfers and get players cheaper than they are. I do apologies for saying i’m sm smarter than the fans. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. JOE KINNEAR MANAGER OF FOOTBALL


  23. @JJ:

    With the 38 points you extrapolated we would have survived with a team the fans were so keen to point out were so shit we deserved to be relegated.

    Both under shearer and Keegan the same team were so Shit yet the same mitigating circumstance did not apply for Kinnear.


  24. @708-We’ve made our own jokes about it already mate you’re three days (weeks?) late. Still, quick for a mackem eh! 🙂


  25. I can’t scroll through the 700 comments, but ANYONE saying they still want Pardew gone are crazy. The second guessers were unfortunately right. I’m going to get N’Somnia from this shambles.


  26. JJ says:
    June 19, 2013 at 12:25
    Aussie @693
    Why wouldn’t there be positive things. With Joe in charge we can just make up achievements as we go.
    Post of the day right there 😉 😆


  27. my first match as a eason ticket holder was in 1957 against leeds my last match as a season ticket holder will be en I am physically unable to get there no demands for boycotts will stop me watching My team I hate the current regime and believe that Ashley will do anything in his power to hurt and humiliate newcastle fans since they decided he was a twat he has never forgiven us for the fiasco with kk I think people underestimate how much of a grudge Ashley bears the ordinary fans he is however like all high powered business men very greedy and he is loth to kill the goose that lays the golden egg and in nufcs case it is a high powered golden egg Ashley now hates every thing about newcastle and will use any oportunity that does not cost him money to hurt and humiliate us I would wager tht jfk is the lowet paid director of football in football but probably
    a well payed clown if his employment backfires on ashley the way pardews did maybe well end up with the last laugh there is onething I am certain of is that ashley is happy to own a mediocre team as long as he can come up with stunts like wonga naming rights eight year contracts for losers and joe kinnear that cut true fans to the heart


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