What Happened With Douglas?

I'll cancel that flight then Joe?
I’ll cancel that flight then Joe?
It has been well documented for some time that a defender is on Newcastle’s shopping list this summer. Alan Pardew has been vocal about needing a big center half that is a threat in the oppositions box, someone who can bag a couple of goals from set pieces- something we just can’t seem to do is score from set pieces!

If you believe various social networking sites and several Journalists then a name that was high on the agenda was FC Twente’s Brazilian born defender Douglas. He’s a player that has been linked to Newcastle multiple times in the past couple of years and the reported interest appeared to have continued this summer. With the player being a free agent this summer it has been claimed that Newcastle were to negotiate a contract with Douglas, with whispers even suggesting the deal was as good as done.

There is a strange story coming from The Daily Mirror (I know) claiming that the proposed deal to bring the defender to Tyneside is off because Joe Kinnear hasn’t heard of him. The article also claims that Kinnear’s refusal to authorize the player’s arrival is the reason that Derek Llambias has resigned from the Club. It is believed that Dekka spent months tying up the Douglas deal and with transfer all but done Kinnear forced Llambias to perform a u turn and tell Douglas that the deal was now off.

Douglas who is an owner of a Dutch passport has earned call ups to the Dutch squad and has played in The Champions League during his career, yet allegedly our Director hasn’t ever heard of the player?! I find that simply baffling especially since Kinnear claims to have a great footballing knowledge and is in charge of recruitment. Joe has made it perfectly clear that he is responsible for the comings and goings and it’s basically his way or the highway.

I have never been a fan of Llambias, I have never trusted him. However if this story is true then there is certainly no questioning the man’s integrity. He has worked hard on securing a long term target and to now be told that it isn’t happening without seemingly any conversation must be degrading, humiliating and frustrating. Either way this story is very bizarre and quite frankly a little worrying. But hey we are used to it all by now and I get the feeling that this won’t be the last controversial thing that comes out during Joe’s time back at the club.

The concern has to be where all of this leaves Graham Carr. Graham has done an excellent job at Newcastle and certainly doesn’t need assistance in scouting talent. It is evident that Carr will have to report to Kinnear now and if this story is accurate then it demonstrates that Joe has no issue upsetting those around him and won’t compromise.
I personally wouldn’t blame Graham if he didn’t want to work with Kinnear.

It’s not the fact we have missed out on Douglas, his ability and what he would have brought to the club are quite irrelevant to me right now. The principle of the situation is the concern. Being unaware of a player that Newcastle have been linked with for so long seems strange, I dread to think who Joe will look to bring in during the next couple of months. Let’s not forget that Carlton Cole is currently a free agent!!!!! 😯

Love or hate Derek I can’t say I blame him for his departure given the circumstances and the way he has (reportedly) been undermined, Of course this could all be fabrication from The Mirror, but I wouldn’t be surprised if true….

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  1. Hope it doesn’t go to double figures, Tahiti don’t deserve that. Not fair. If I was Del Bosque I’d tell them to calm it and slow it down.


  2. Good comments Andymag @223. They clearly love the game and are thrilled to play Spain but really what’s the point for Spain? 8-0 now with 24 minutes to go.


  3. Loving how four of the Tehua family are playing πŸ˜€ . One of the Tahiti defender’s job is to climb coconut trees at 4 in the morning to collect the coconuts. Lol


  4. Andymag says:
    June 20, 2013 at 21:19
    Didn’t realise the oceanic islands had their own cup thought they were in the Asia cup like Oz and NZ.

    NZ is in Oceania (in fact, I think they are about to qualify for Brazil). Australia just moved form Oceania to Asia during the last WC qualifying cycle I think


  5. MDS
    Yeah, didn’t realise NZ weren’t in the Asia one till the commentator mentioned it a few min ago. Also that it was so recent that oz moved to the Asia system. If I’d done national service I could have played for Singapore πŸ˜† , cus I was born there and was at school there for five years.


  6. Andy…You have to collect them at 4, they’re like mushrooms they disappear if you leave them until later πŸ˜‰


  7. Richie
    Aye they just drop on your head if you don’t collect them early. πŸ˜‰ Coconuts dropping on to heads kills more people every year than shark and croc attacks combined.


  8. Andy…What we need to ask ourselves is what the feck sharks and crocs are doing up trees 😯


  9. well what’s happening in the soap opera today πŸ˜†
    Was just reading Big Al’s interview there and I have to agree with him the club is a mess πŸ‘Ώ


  10. I see Simon Bird is saying Carr and Pardew at logger heads…

    Pardew not happy with Anita and doesn’t think done of the players are good enough that Carr has found. Well sorry, Alan but you should be watching these players before you give the go ahead to buy. But in Carrs defence how many good players can you buy on a shoe string budget??


  11. Dave ,what saddens me is seeing the good work done in the previous 5th place season get ruined by what could be a moment of madness on our owners part and some bizarre ramblings of an old man. You know I do wonder if poor old Joe has had some form of breakdown ,I know his only son died 2 years ago and they say it really hit him hard. He is a human being at the end of the day and maybe he needs a purpose in life I’ m just trying a different slant on it really. who knows it may work out ok for everyone yet ,though he needs to stop telling lies and stay away from the media.


  12. Anyone got any positive news? And I don’t mean Big Dave’s gonorrhea test results. He goes fishing in the cocoa canal the dirty feck stain


  13. Stuart-but Carr watches these players on multiple occasions and given his history in the eredivisie he could have seen him play dozens of times, you can’t expect Pardew to go and watch him the day before/after we have a league match ourselves every couple of weeks can you?

    Personally I think the story is shite. But the issue for me is, Ashley instructing Carr to find players who will increase in value, and llambias buying them, rather than buying the players where there’s not such a guarantee and which Pardew actually wants/needs.


  14. Stuart ,if that’s true ,I can’t believe it. Carr has gotten us gems ,and there is nowt wrong with Anita he has a wonderful pass on him ,and he’s working hard to beef up too. See again this could be Bird causing shit cause back in 2008 JFK called him a c&*% and he’s never gotten over it πŸ˜† poor little flower.


  15. Mark-Just don’t post the same article twice lad, that might work on some blogs but some of us will see through it..


  16. Just on the Confed cup stuff earlier: Australia moved to Asia in 2006. NZ have stayed in Oceania.

    The competition in Asia is much better for Australia, who beat American Samoa 31-0 in 2001, a couple of days after beating Tonga 22-0. Playing against Japan and S Korea makes for a much better game.

    Also, WC qualification from Oceania means always playing off against somebody else, because Oceania only has half a place. Whoever wins Oceania qualification (probably New Zealand) has to play off against 4th or 5th in CONCACAF.


  17. Politically speaking, The Mirror article makes some sense. And it is written in a more authorative style, with direct quotes, than the usual fiction. Although his examples are just padding – uses a change of wording and sentence structure

    It helps me understand why Llambias resigned – he’s lost authority and power and the trust of the boss.

    That article provides a missing link that helps me tie a few things together.


  18. Forlan Cavanni Suarez is such a good front line, they have everything. Shame about the rest of their side like..


  19. [email protected], why, the Wicked Witch of the South of course. πŸ˜‰

    JAY [email protected], on a positive note, my mam always told me that people only pick on you when they’re either insecure themselves, or have fuck all interesting to say.

    Enjoy the media circus interlude, with JFK as warm-up stand-up. Once the transfers start kicking off it’ll all be forgotten.

    Biggest load of melodramitic shite I’ve ever experienced as an NUFC fan. πŸ˜†


  20. Hey Rodz.

    I’m beginning to put it together. Here’s where I stand so far, broadly speaking – no details:

    There’s a power struggle that Ashley has to resolve. He’s found he doesn’t quite believe or trust Llambias/Pardew (doesn’t really believe the excuses for bad season – in fact probably is as bemused as the rest of us). Is it Pardew that is rubbish or is it the type of player brought in? Who and what to believe? He needs his own man there – Kinnear. Llambias sees he’s lost his power base and resigns. Expect a money man to take up the financial position.

    Nowt to do with deliberately pissing off Geordies. Nowt to to with him being stupid. Everything to do with him protecting his asset.

    Fairly typical boardroom manouevring really.


  21. Apparently the daily mail is saying that Newcastle are changing the filters in the air conditioning units at the ground πŸ‘Ώ This is all Kinnear’s fault – get out of our club! 😈 😈


  22. There you go.
    We are now hearing that Carr and Pardew don’t see eye to eye and that is the reason Ashley has been forced into bring Joe in.
    Ive no doubt the chimps will continue moaning but what was he supposed to do? He doesn’t know who is right so he brings in someone he knows who is trust worthy and knows a lot about football.
    His problem is having them both on 8 yr contracts so he has done the most sensible thing once again.
    The next thing we will hear on here is the chimps taking Carrs side if they believe this latest news. However once again I will try and reason with people.

    Carr says the players are good enough.
    Cabaye, Ben Arfa yes good enough probably. But I don’t hear many complaints about Cabaye leaving if the money is right. And Ben Arfa is the most exciting we have but he isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. He gets us off our seats but the end product is rare and he gives the ball away more than any other player by miles. And he cannot defend to save his life. If he was as good as people say then offers would come in from other clubs. We don’t hear of any offers for him ever.

    The others. They are all pretty decent but some bought for the future and others would not get near the top teams. Gouffran yes I like him a lot but again not the best. Sissoko doesnt get in the game enough and was getting worse as the season went on. Some say he was tired. Fair enough. Anita, a few nice passes but offers nothing going forward and is lightweight and not good in the tackle further back. Mbiwa, seems good but I do hear of weaknesses mentioned by reporters. And he does make a few mistakes, although clearly good enough to go straight in the team. Debuchy, canny but again he is flawed defending and going forward seems ok but got destroyed against the mackems every time he went up. Santon, good again but many complaints about his defending. Haidara for the future. Tiote, was absolutely outstanding but is now a shadow of that and people happy for him to elave. Cisse, score goals thats great but all round play if Im honest is shit. The list goes on.

    Now we are hearing Pardew is complaining he is getting players that arn’t good enough. Talk about him coaching it out of them is nonsense. Have some fucking sense for once.

    A Geordie scout was interviewed recently and he went thru the list of toon players like I have above and he pretty much said all were ok but only OK. They were cheap because they weren’t good enough.

    So what I look at is the evidence. If the paper is right and there is a dispute then who is right Carr or Pardew. Ive no doubt everyone will just say Carr because thats the way people react on here. Carr will be right and thats the end of that. But look at the evidence. Carr is a scout with contacts. He is not the big scout that everyone thinks. Its not like he is being chased by top clubs. That being said he is an expert on football but so is Pardew. And if Pardew says they arn’t good enough it is not an excuse, it will be fact. Not only that but that other scout who’s name I forget also seemed to think these players weren’t the best. And then you can add your own oppinion but you have to think hard and be brutally honest. We have just witnessed them playing for a whole season and they were shit. Simple as that. I am not an expert on football but I gave my oppinion of these players above and I think they are weak also.

    I think they arn’t good enough.
    Pardew thinks they arn’t good enough.
    The scout xxx thinks they arn’t good enough.
    The play last season proved they arn’t good enough.

    Carr thinks they are good enough.

    Kinnear has been appointed to get the truth for Ashley. We will soon find out what his views are but he has already spoken about getting rid of players. That sounds to me like he is not undermining Pardew but more that he thinks the same way. Maybe he thinks they arn’t good enough as well.

    I hate seeing us in a bad way as well but once again I have to try and see the whole picture and looking at all the evidence I once again believe Ashley is pulling off another great decision.

    Having typed this I do now believe I have wasted 5 minutes because I know how people tend to think and that is that they don’t think. Most on ehre will just say Carr is right and Pardew should leave but they have no real reason to say that. Then they will say he can only play hoofball which is again stupid. I even mentioned to someone this week that Kinnear knows a lot about football and he simply replied, ‘no he doesn’t, he knows fuck all’.

    I have to laugh at what little thought people use to get to their oppinions. I try to have an open mind and not just say Ashley is shit and Pardew is shit.


  23. @GeordieTwo – 217
    Gouffran is good on the wings but better through the middle so I would prefer to see him play as a withdrawn striker. His shots are decent and he is quick but his pace isn’t electrifying. I think he is effective but I’m still unsure if he can be an automatic starter or whether he really is the player to link up with Cisse. In the right team with the right tactics he could be outstanding but he sacrifices himself too much for the team and Pardew takes advantage of that and hasn’t used him to his strengths.


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