Summer Spending – Dreams vs Reality

tedstee0009 When pondering summer signings, supporters can quite often get caught up in the speculation, led by heart rather then head, hoping their club will push the boat out just that once to take the squad to a whole new level.

It always reminds me of the ‘Dreams vs Reality’ scene in Father Ted where Dougal allows the rabbits bouncing about his head to come to the fore. It’s something everyone allows to happen at some stage, myself more than many.

This summer, my dream has been this. The signings of Wilfired Bony and Pierre-Emerick Aubamyang, with the intent of switching to a proper 433 attacking formation, bringing back the bums on edge of seats football we all want so much.

Although Papiss Cisse is a very good goalscorer, when on form, his all round game leaves a lot to be desired. He’s not strong in the air, the ball doesn’t stick to him enough to allow support, his pass execution can be poor, and he’s forever making straight line runs and getting caught offside.

I think in games where we dominate and are creating numerous goalscoring chances, then Cisse can be lethal, but that scenario doesn’t present itself too often. Even in the season before last where we finished fifth, we didn’t dominate teams, we were simply clinical in our finishing.

I think for the future, Bony would be the ideal focal point in a 433 formation. He has the all round game that Cisse lacks. His stature and leap gives him real physical and aerial presence. He can hold a ball up very well, is comfortable on both feet, a better link player, and a cool finisher.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s no world beater, but would be a very good centre forward option, complimented by two pacey wing forwards who have pace to burn and will chip in with goals and assists. This is where Aubameyang comes in.

Again, despite the hype, he is no world beater. He can be very frustrating at times, erratic with the final ball and a small bit selfish, sound familiar? Anyway, what he does give is a constant pain in the rear for any defence, ever-willing to take a run at them and test with his blistering pace.

On top of this, he is also quite good in the air and extremely versatile, able to play either side or as a centre forward if needs be to switch to two up top or if injuries arise, be a strong option for the lone striker role. Even from a wide position, I would say he could hit double figures in goals.

My first choice for the other wing forward position would obviously be the enigmatic Hatem Ben Arfa. Like Aubameyang, can be very frustrating, but if given free license to attack and interchange with other forwards, could cause havoc a lot more than he already does.

Many will cite his injuries and hard to argue given last season, but with those two signings, we’d have some serious options. Aubameyang, Bony, Ben Arfa ; Gouffran, Cisse, Marveaux. Injuries or reliance on one or two to get the goals would no longer be an issue.

Anyway, before I let the rabbits completely take over and need an alcoholic priest to launch a whiskey bottle at my head, I’ll drag it back to somewhat reality. I am fully aware Bony and Aubameyang would cost upwards of Β£25 million to bring in and most likely will end up at bigger clubs.

The reality is probably this. While we’ll be linked with these type of players, we won’t bring in multiple signings costing those sort of fees. We could conceivably sign two forwards, or one centre forward one wing forward, if Shola Ameobi is finally moved on. Whoops, dreaming again.

If, and that’s a big if, we did in fact sign two forwards, chances are it could be the likes of Darren Bent and Loic Remy. Both cheaper options of similar mould to Bony and Aubameyang. One being frozen out at Aston Villa, desperate to move, the other being relegated and an alleged rapist, not confirmed.

Both could actually be very decent signings, but going off the awful summer we’ve had so far, even if we did sign Bent and Remy, knowing our luck the former will show a big reason he was frozen out at Villa, for not being the player he once was, and the latter will be convicted. Regardless of whether they come to Newcastle or not, I hope neither turns out to be the case, I actually like both as players, but it is a possibility.

This has taken a decidedly negative turn so I’m back off to Imagination Land for the time being. It’s much more fun than the apparent reality of Kinnear trying to seal deals and sit down with Ben Arfa for talks on a new contract. Christ! I think that scares me more than any talks for a signing.

One can only hope we get some reward for a season and summer of torment, even if that something is John Carver launching a whiskey bottle at Pardews head and telling him to play some entertaining football for a change. Am I dreaming again?

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186 thoughts on “Summer Spending – Dreams vs Reality

  1. Interesting theory Sharpy @148. That’s certainly a hopeful view for the supporters. I still suspect Ashley wants to run a tight financial ship but with a more effective (???) football man in charge who he can trust and talk to privately. I don’t see us spending up a storm this summer. This is just early summer press bollocks to get everyone excited and sell newspapers and air time. We still need a very good striker in though but who it will be is still anybody’s guess as far as I can tell.


  2. Ice – I could be miles off, but if people the theory that Ashley wants to bleed us dry and make money out of the club would actually make more sense if DL was still there. Some of the moves he’s made this season actually leans more towards the idea that he not content with just mediocre and wants football people in.

    I was right about Simmo mate and I’m sure if Bent comes in ill be proven right again. If not I’m sure you’ll let me know πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  3. Ice .It’s a terrible fall from grace our national team .You would think the FA would want to emulate the likes of Spain Brazil Germany and France in the way they bring on the youth players skills.I recently read that Germany have something like 2,000 pro coaches as opposed to our 200 odd 😳 Says it all really. When you think we are the mother of the game ,we should get done for neglect πŸ™ .


  4. Sharpy I got nothing against Bent he’s ok a bit too much like Pappiss for me though but if cheap enough why not .What I don’t want is him to be our flagship signing as he’s nowhere near good enough for that imo .We should be showing the ambition levels of Swansea ,Cardiff even Norwich frankly . Hoots got RVW in yonks ago


  5. There’s no way that the bloke in charge at NUFC will pay big money for a striker. It’s the same every transfer window, the blather is lead by the media, who we are going to buy etc. If one of the players we’ve been linked with genuinely wanted to come to the club, and the toon wanted him…and he was cheap…he would be here by now.
    The players will wait until the last minute before signing up, because they want to try and work the best deal.


  6. G2 – don’t get me wrong mate, I’m suggesting Ashley will be frivolous with his money, far from it. I’m sure he will stick with his blueprint of the 8 yr plan and look to stick with this transfer policy as best he can. But DL the business man would offer Β£2-3m less than the asking price of the target player and approach things in a bit of an arrogant manner – said by both Twente and Lille last season. Probably because DL the business man was looking solely at the figures and potential profit and loss, instead of how the play would fit into a team. JFK may approach it with the attitude of actually it’s worth offering the full asking price or pushing it that bit further to make sure the right player is bought to fit the team.
    For example the reported pursuit of PEA offset by the tough stance that we won’t send more than our valuation of Bent.
    Like I say mate, I could be miles off the money but I’ve put it out there for consideration πŸ˜‰


  7. Excellent discussion on here again today lads and lasses. You should all take a bow. July should be very interesting but Joe will have to do something soon I would think. If it’s to be Bent then Pardew will have a lot to do in pre-season. I don’t mind Tomkins as a backup CB as long as we don’t overspend for him. We need a winger as well to replace Obertan. Keep your pocket book ready Ashley.


  8. Well if he can bring a couple of really decent players in I’ll be much more reassured that Kinnear can do the job for us Sharpy mate. But no more excuses such as we constantly saw from Llambeezee please!


  9. G2 lets try and kid our self that joe will pull off a couple of top signings to try and win the fans round a bit,i can dream cant i πŸ˜€


  10. G2 – yeah I think he still has a 8yr plan mate, I think last season finishing 5th and 17th was unexpected league positions but players wise and in terms of the club in general we are actually in a healthy place mate.
    I agree that this will be an interesting transfer window and despite the madness, and now the dust has settled a bit I have to be honest I have more faith in JFK negotiating on transfers than DL, so fingers crossed


  11. Of course you can ice mate. We’re all dreamers on here some of the time. Fingers crossed lads and lasses.


  12. Brazil v Spain is individual flair players v precision team passing. Will be an interesting bout, as Brazil are annoying I’d like Spain to win but as Spain is winning everything I’d like a bit of change. If only it was Italy/Uruguay playing πŸ™„ .

    I like the comments by PEA, suggests that we may not be out of the equation as some French guy said on Talksport a few weeks ago. Zouma is a new one, I’m familiar with the las as I’ve seen all the massive clubs linked with him. He’s supposed to be the future of France’s defence, a CB of him and Varane is exciting those over the channel.


  13. The press link us with Bent and Tompkins and we are definitely going to get them, the press link us with PEA and Belhanda and we haven’t got a chance of getting them πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    I love it how some fans accept the bad news much more readily than the good πŸ˜‰


  14. AMF: did you see what the link to Bent and Tomkins was? From The Guardian:

    β€œThe striker’s name is apparently one of two the Newcastle manager Alan Pardew apparently scribbled on the back of an old envelope or beer-mat and handed to Kinnear shortly before heading off on holidays last week. That of the West Ham defender James Tomkins is the other.”

    You can’t get more solid than that.


  15. Vegas, the way the press are winding up Toon fans is getting way to obvious… but they still get bites πŸ˜‰


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