Gomis deal agreed. Sort of…

Gomis set to sign?
Gomis set to sign?
Newcastle United and Olympique Lyonnais have come to an agreement over the transfer of Bafetimbi Gomis to St James’ Park, but all is not cut and dried just yet.

A fee of €8 million along with an additional €2 million in the form of an unspecified bonus has been accepted by Lyon owner and chairman Jean-Michel Aulas although he also revealed that there are still problems to be ironed out before a deal can be concluded.

Those problems, according to Aulas, centre around the agent fees involved with the deal with the amount and way the payments are to be made along with the amount of people involved with the deal holding things up. However Aulas did conclude by saying that things would be sorted one way or the other within 24-48 hours so we’ll see how it all pans out.

“We have accepted the proposal of Newcastle, which is eight million euros, plus two million bonus,” said Aulas.

“The agreement is now linked to the acceptance of agents’ fees. I understand that the problem is in the amount and manner of payment of commissions.”

Aulas added: “There are several people involved in the operation, which complicates the negotiations, but I am hopeful that things will be resolved within 24 or 48 hours.”

Realistically things could still go either way but it does at least look as though the ball is in our court at the moment. That could change rapidly though as it’s well known we don’t bow to the demands of agents if they are far beyond what the club think they are worth.

Gomis would add some much needed presence to our striking options which, beyond Papiss Cisse, look exceedingly thin. I’d still like us to get another striker “over the line” before the window closes but if we get Gomis it is at least a start.

Signing number one might not be too far away after all.

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359 thoughts on “Gomis deal agreed. Sort of…

  1. Just seen JFK on SSN ,reading between the lines it’s been a bit of a hard battle to get players in . He said goalpost keep getting moved after agreements are reached ,sounds like fecking greedy agents at work ,factor in rival clubs getting the better of us cause Jabba won’t budge and we could be left empty handed come opening day. Can’t believe we are still in for Bent like. πŸ™„


  2. well what is joe suppose to do with a budget of 10mil for 4 players and he can only offer zero hr contracts.. hung out to dry, poor fella…


  3. Sorry lads and lasses, the post regarding Shaqiri was just a wind up… 😳 I was just curious as to how far it would run.

    The bloke is absolutely brilliant by the way. Just watch him go this season…providing he can fight his way into the FC Bayern midfield 😯


  4. Mark, he signed for FC Bayern last season from FC Basel. He’s 4 foot nowt, and 4 foot nowt wide, but is extremely athletic, tricky as flock with a fantastic left foot. A Kosovo-Albanian who grew up in Switzerland, and now plays for the Swiss national team under the legendary Ottmar Hitzfeld.


  5. @Mark

    Oh dear. 😯

    I’ll claim rotary vests but not Roy Cropper and latterly Troy Cropper.

    I always thought your other pseudonym was Wolfie πŸ˜›


  6. Joe Kinnear’s interview suggests two things.

    1. Remy will play on the wing and not up front.

    2. Bent is likely to be a bench player for Cisse if we sign him.


  7. @Troy. no, Wolfies posts are far too intelligent for me to claim πŸ˜›

    I actually always thought you were B&B and you just liked the spotlight, arguing with urself n al that..hogging the blog 😯 I could still well believe it…


  8. Gomis seems to be our main target and I can only imagine that’s because of Cisse’s inability to hold up long balls. Gomis will be used as a battering ram for Remy and Cisse. Great football to look forward to this season then.

    Got a feeling Ben Arfa is going to be sold to Liverpool if they lose Suarez


  9. @Troy 314

    u said it was an ex legend..

    my grandad flutterworth you to always say, if youre gonna talk out your arse son, at least dont leave any skipmarks that ppl can trace..



  10. Just a bit of psychology, on the Joe Kinnear interview:

    The eyes tell a lot when you are talking to someone. Looking to the top left when talking indicates a person is searching for his memory for incidents which have occured.
    Looking to the right indidates a person who is being “imaginitive” or “creative” – often an indication of someone making up a lie.

    So, while there are exceptions and slight and things can be misinterpreted this is what I get from Joe:

    Deal with Gomis has been negotiated and agreed with on several occasions. I think a number was agreed apon, but “there is always another problem” tells me we are not Gomis first choice and that he is waiting (probably guided by his agent) for a better option.

    Also, I think JK is bullshitting about constantly making improved offers, and “tweaking offers”. I don’t see Ashley being the type to keep upping his offers because of competitors. The player is waiting for better options. If those options don’t come. Gomis will sign.

    He genuinely believes we are winning the battle but that’s only because he’s an idiot.

    Same with Remy. He looks away to his right when he says “very very close” to agreeing the move.
    Tells me, we’ve been in discussions. But the move is far from close to completion. But we are an option.

    Looks to the right “very happy with how that deal is going”, then to the left when he says, “very happy with the conversation we’ve had”.

    Basically tells me, that he isn’t confident. But he was given enough hope by Remy’s agents who obviously played it well to leave us open as an open if nothing better materializes.

    Wages agreed with for Bent, however, fee isn’t agreed with Villa. We won’t match Fulham’s bid.
    Depends on the players stubborness. He could call the shots. Personally. I hope we don’t sign him.

    Also, I fear that he says he wants a partner for Cisse and a player who is affective from off the bench.

    Players won’t sign when you are signing them for the bench. Maybe Owen or Bent would. You don’t say those things. You say “competition for places”.

    He wants to address the striker situation and then go for a player in another area. Okay. So he can’t manage to do more than one position at a time???

    The man doesn’t have a clue. Doesn’t seem confident at all.

    Only good thing I’m picking up is that he doesn’t seem to rate Shola at all. So I guess there is a silver lining πŸ˜‰


  11. Big D @324, there are still 27 days to go before the end of the transfer window mate πŸ™‚ Man City (A), Fulham and West Ham at home πŸ˜‰


  12. Icedog, me and thee are sharing the same thoughts mate. I said this at the time, Ashley has made a real shrewd investment at Rangers. They are on the ropes at the moment, but in the space of 3 years they’ll be back up there battling it out with Sellic for the Champs League spot. They’ll also be able to profit from the toon academy players being blooded northRangers have a massive world wide fan base, and when they start to pick up again he’ll be well into the money. I still reckon he’ll run them on a tight budget though, just like the toon.
    Regarding your comment about the prospect of Ashley selling the toon, and that it fell through because he wanted to keep 10% hold in the club and the other guy pulled out… It’s a pity if that really did happen. I think it’s only a matter time before he does sell up though, until then we’ve just got to batten down the hatches and take the shit that the three stooges are dealing us..


  13. Ice revealing sources 😯 batty will be fuming 😯
    MM yeah I did know that but I think new players need time to bed in and pre season is a good time for it πŸ˜‰


  14. ashley gets free advertising for sports direct with newcastle. probaby earns him an extra 20 million a year, in his pocket. on top of his intrest free loan repayment’s, sponsorship and the improved t.v revenue. i just dont understand why he wont pay an extra 8-15 million to help keep us in the top 10.


  15. @lee_ryder: Kinnear claims #nufc have a “second hitlist” of players if current targets fall through


  16. [email protected] ,answer -He opens his mouth πŸ˜‰

    On a serious note ,JFK has what my mum calls a heart cough ,listen to him he does lots of coughs ,not sure he’s 100% even now poor sod. I actually think this job will make him ill ,Jabbas a **** and should of left Joe in his semi retirement mode.


  17. [email protected], my sentiments about JK exactly.
    The bloke has had a terrible couple of years, and should really just kick back and enjoy life. However, at the same time when football is in your blood then it’s obviously hard to give up, but there must surely be easier positions than being at the toon where he is patently not liked. His mate Mick Harford screwed his loaf and made the right decision for himself and sparred well wide of the toon. Some people are gluttons for punishment, I know I’m not.. πŸ™„ there again, I’m a toon fan… 😳


  18. 3hours…. oh that is great news, I would assume they are just waiting for the toon dropping them a line then they’ll be ower like a shot.. πŸ‘Ώ


  19. [email protected], the bloke didn’t need to take the job πŸ™„ πŸ™„ Both him and Pardew should kiss the ground every day in thanks for being allowed anywhere near the toon πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  20. So Joe says the goalposts keep moving when he tries to bring a player in? Yet other clubs seem to be doing fine. What would the difference be then other than Joe? Are we so pathetic we can no longer sign a single player in half a window? The answer is yes. We want players but we want them on the cheap. Surely every club has to deal with witless greedy agents and yet players get sold. Get on with the job Joe or step down.


  21. well i dont think joe looked very well in that interview,maybe hes worn out ringing round all those world wide contacts he has πŸ˜‰


  22. I think Joe should have been given a much easier position by Ashley. I dont think it’s Joe’s fault. More like Ashley has given him a very low transfer budget and he gets the blame for it, when it all goes wrong! It just goes to show how heartless Ashley is! He had a heart attack and lost a son ffs, hasn’t he been threw enough Ashley.


  23. Ice that’s very interesting to hear about Ashley wanting to sell but the deal falling through mate. That sounds just like our Mike, wanting to keep a little something for himself with the club. Madness when you think about it though. What possible enjoyment can he be getting out of being owner when everybody and their dog hates him? I know the money is good if we stay up but he has no clue how to make the team competitive. Hiring Joe is only the latest example of that. Surely Ashley is already getting worried about Joe’s ability to do the job? We put up with Llambias for several years. Now how long are we going to have to put up with Joe? That sound in the background is the supporters’ teeth grinding. πŸ˜‰


  24. My feeling is Kinnear wanted the job badly STEM @349. He’s a bit of a showman and needs an audience mate. I think without the excitement he’s lost. But we’re the ones who are going to pay for it along with Joe. This can’t last long as nothing ever does with Ashley. From one disaster to another. πŸ˜₯


  25. They were saying on the sunday supplement this morning that the club goes along nice and calm then Mike does something to create a buzz .


  26. That’s some way to run a club Kimtoon. And the buzz is the hornets nest being poked with a stick. We’re the hornets. It’s ridiculous. Other clubs are probably secretly thrilled with knowing Mike’s in charge and will always screw things up. We could be a real power and a contender but instead Mike pulls the strings and we’re laughed at.


  27. Thanks for the link [email protected] Kinnear sounds nervous and tired to me. I sort of believe he’s in there trying but will it be enough? We must sign a decent forward. I would still prefer Remy as far as football is concerned but his attitude and the charges pending are a terrible problem. Gomis could do a decent job for us but I’m sick of the stalling there as well. Who knows with Bent? I don’t imagine we’ll get all 3 but certainly we need at least one of Remy and Gomis unless someone better is being lined up.


  28. Watching some of the pre-season games over in the U.S. Some of the clubs over there are already playing some very decent football. Everton is having problems with Martinez’s tactics but look like they will be good again this season. Real Madrid look incredible already. Ronaldo can only be slowed down, never completely stopped. He’s good for a goal a game again this season. I’m convinced Spurs will be good even if Bale leaves. Norwich will be improved, as will Southampton and Swansea. What about us? It’s still very unclear to me what to expect. Pardew is under a lot of pressure and that won’t help him or us. Sink or swim time is coming very soon.


  29. STEM @354 I agree with you there mate. I’m in it for the long term as in the rest of my life. Ashley will do whatever he does, it will have no effect on my support. I can only hope we get someone far better after he leaves.


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