What will happen with Yohan Cabaye in January?

Will this man be here come February?
Will this man be here come February?
I have always said that transfer windows are either a time of excitement or a time of pure dread- depending on which team you are associated with.

Seemingly when your involved with Newcastle United it’s more about who you could potentially lose rather than who you could recruit during transfer windows. It’s been that way for some time and as our own Manager admits every window we are ‘vulnerable to bids’. The Andy Carroll saga a couple of years ago appears to have left a few scars and has since made Alan Pardew extremely cautious and open minded about the loss of his stars.

The summer transfer window saw United’s French ace Yohan Cabaye targeted by Arsenal. The Londoners famously bid for the midfielder just hours before Newcastle’s season opener away to Manchester City. The bid was considered unacceptable and The Gunners were told thanks but no thanks, something that affected the player himself who wanted to move South. Yohan made himself unavailable for selection for the City clash as he went on strike in a desperate attempt to force the transfer through.

If the tabloids are to be believed Arsenal bid somewhere between £10-12 million for the 27 year old. It was also reported at the time that Newcastle would be willing to consider a second bid from Arsenal or any club that could match their £20 million valuation of the player. The interest in the player faded and Newcastle didn’t receive any other bids for the player that captained the side on a number of occasions last season.

To Yohan’s credit he soon got over his disappointment of the failed transfer, he said the right things to the press and reacted with maturity when booed by certain sections of St James’ Park following his strike. Cabaye has let his football do the talking in recent weeks and has produced some solid displays in which he has contributed with a couple of great goals and an excellent assist on Saturday against Chelsea.

With January fast approaching the transfer rumor mill is already hotting up and once again Cabaye’s name is being touted as a potential mover with Roma being credited with an interest in taking the player to Italy. The Arsenal link remains despite the clutch of midfield talent the club already have on their payroll. It remains to be seen whether it’s mere paper talk or whether anything could potentially materialize.

Yohan does seem settled again however he is obviously an ambitious lad and why shouldn’t he be?! We need to be providing incentive for our players to stay, we should be looking at ways to grow and improve. Sadly under current ownership all that really matters is survival, anything else is just a nice little bonus. If Cabaye has the chance to move on to bigger things I’m sure he will and if Mike Ashley has the chance to make a decent profit on anyone we all know he’ll take it with both podgy hands.

I’m maybe getting ahead of myself anyway. I’d be gutted to lose Cabs, I can’t say I would miss his corners too much though. What do you think, will we lose Yohan in January or will stay for the season?

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  1. Sharpy-Aye, forget scoring goals for the toon, I’d be on me prayer mat every time I hopped in and out of bed with her like 😛


  2. Great article in the Mag;

    Newcastle United Financial Accounts – Where Has The Money Gone Under Mike Ashley?

    55 mins ago by Mark Jensen
    Football is a game of opinions, it is what keeps us all going in between those ninety minutes’ that are played on the green stuff.

    Sadly, much of the chat between fans these days isn’t just about what happens on the field of play, instead much of our time (including on this website) is spent discussing how the club is run off the pitch under Mike Ashley.

    The finances coming into the sharpest focus when for example Newcastle United don’t buy a single player in the summer window just gone by.

    Alan Pardew has regularly told us that Newcastle can’t compete when it comes to the financial side of things, justifying the lack of transfer activity and Newcastle United’s place in the scheme of things.

    To back this message up, we have been treated to some quite bizarre columns appearing under Joe Kinnear’s name in recent matchday programmes, for example lecturing fans about the ins and outs of FFP (Financial Fair Play) and United’s commercial income compared to other clubs. All very bizarre, not just the ridiculous nature of what they are saying, in my opinion, but that they also expect us to actually believe that Joe Kinnear has written it.

    Repeatedly it is hammered home, Newcastle fans who think their club should be able to compete these days with the ‘big boys’, or indeed the not so big boys, are clearly deluded.

    So is that the end of it? Should we just accept that Newcastle will always now be also-rans, with no chance of ever competing with what people generally see now as the ‘top six’, or even those below that?

    Alan Pardew has often said that off the pitch there is no way Newcastle can compete with Manchester United financially but to many of us that isn’t the point. What I, and many others, believe is that a well run Newcastle United can year after year build its way into a club that can compete with those in that top six. Newcastle will never have a turnover that matches Manchester United but what NUFC are capable of, is making massive strides in closing the gap on those other clubs in that top six and eventually getting in amongst them.

    How can this be done? Well the answers to many puzzles are often to be found by looking backwards to help take us forwards.

    Newcastle United’s financial position is currently;

    1. Mike Ashley has made clear Newcastle United has to live within its means, he isn’t going to put his own money in to subsidise the running of his club (asset).
    2. The second part of the equation is that the income Newcastle bring in from commercial activities and match day revenue streams, is far lower than that of those top six and much of a muchness now with clubs such as Everton, Villa and others.

    So that’s it then, isn’t it? If you believe so then it is a depressing reality because then the only possible advantage Newcastle could have over any of our ‘competitors’ is Graham Carr unearthing player after player who will massively increase in value, with Newcastle selling high and reinvesting in other hidden gems.

    Obviously it is a huge benefit to have somebody of Graham Carr’s experience and expertise but it isn’t a whole plan or strategy in itself. For starters every club is looking to get quality players at the best price, plus for every success you will have players who don’t increase in value.

    So the bottom line is that for Newcastle United to realistically compete year after year and have a chance of winning trophies you need money, the conundrum is where can it come from?

    The financial information below, comes from the annual Deloitte reports, or the ‘Rich List’ as it is often referred to. Deloitte put out a report examining the twenty football clubs with the highest turnovers in the world, they look at each club and see where they get their money from.

    The income is divided into Matchday, which includes all money generated such as corporates and boxes, not just the ‘ordinary’ fan buying tickets.

    Then you have Broadcasting which is almost exclusively from the various TV deals both in the UK and increasingly, income generated from overseas rights.

    Finally, Commercial income, which is pretty much everything not included in the other two categories; shirt sponsor, merchandise, kit deal, perimeter advertising inside St.James’ Park and increasingly (for most clubs) all kinds of tie-ins with companies both in the UK and again increasingly around the world, with the reach of the English Premier League allowing its clubs to bring in massive amounts of extra cash due to the exposure. This was given a massive shot in the arm with the latest North American deal seeing matches shown live on terrestial TV over the pond, making the audience infinitely greater.

    So what about Newcastle United?

    Well look at these figures we have taken from various Deloitte reports, as a decent illustration we have compared Newcastle United’s figures with Tottenham’s, for the three seasons before Mike Ashley took over and then the latest available Deloitte report for the 2011/12 season when Newcastle finished fifth in the Premier League.

    Have a good look.

    The world placing refers to highest turnovers in the world, so basically in 2004/05, Newcastle’s was the 12th biggest and Spurs’ was 13th.

    Then we have the overall turnover figure, before the breakdown of that figure into the three different categories that make up the total..

    World Placing Turnover Matchday Revenue Broadcasting Revenue Commercial Revenue
    £Millions £Millions £Millions £Millions
    Spurs 13th 70.6 21.1 25.5 24.00
    NUFC 12th 87.1 35.3 27.9 23.9
    Spurs 15th 74.1 17.6 28.7 27.8
    NUFC 13th 85.9 31.5 26.5 27.9
    Spurs 11th 103.1 30.9 33.7 38.5
    NUFC 14th 87.1 33.6 25.9 27.6
    Spurs 13th 144.2 41.1 61.6 41.5
    NUFC 20th 93.3 23.9 55.6 13.8
    Naturally, there are all kinds of talking points but there are a number I’d particularly like to draw your attention to.

    1. Spurs have more than doubled their income in seven years, Newcastle’s has pretty much stayed the same, rising by around 7%.
    2. In those three seasons before Mike Ashley arrived, Newcastle were more than competing with Spurs and in fact Matchday income saw United well in front, while it was only in that 2006/07 season where Spurs came alive on the Commercial front and leapt ahead of Newcastle.
    3. Newcastle’s income was very steady and it isn’t using a one-off season to back up any argument. These were solid income streams and these aren’t from Champions League seasons either, sadly they (Champions League seasons)were history by this point.
    4. The TV money has gone up by tens of millions.

    Leaving comparisons with Spurs aside, because really we are only bothered about Newcastle, the NUFC figures are astonishing.

    We are repeatedly told that Newcastle are now a financially well run club under Mike Ashley. Not spending more than you get in is only part of the equation, the amount of money you get in is ‘quite’ important as well!

    The figures are mind blowing, Mike Ashley has managed to halve Newcastle United’s Commercial income from £27.9m in 2005/06 to £13.8m in 2011/12, this is without even taking into account higher prices/inflation and so on which should have automatically INCREASED the total, never mind it going backwards. Standing still would have been seen as disastrous, never mind what the actual reality we are faced with..

    When it comes to Matchday money, income has come down from £35.3m (2004/05) to £23.9m (2011/12).

    What has happened to the money? With Mike Ashley owning Newcastle United in its entirety, he presents his accounts as he sees fit, with only the basics available for us to see via the published club accounts and then set out by such things as the Deloitte reports.

    What the figures tell me is that Newcastle United has been turned into a massive financial failure, it is an absolute disgrace. Money that should be there, and we are talking tens of millions every season, is just no longer there in the totals. Where it has gone is obviously a very interesting question.

    The combined income from Matchday and Commercial was £57.2m in 2004/05 and Ashley has turned that into £37.7m in 2011/12.

    Comparing Newcastle to Spurs is a very small part of the story, if you looked at every single club in the Premier League and probably all of those below the top division, I bet you wouldn’t find one that has less (non-TV) income in 2011/12 than they had seven years previous.

    Mike Ashley is turning us (has turned us?) into almost another Blackburn or Bolton. Clubs where the TV income is everything.

    What Ashley has done to Newcastle is strip away belief and self-respect amongst many fans that our club is something special.

    Read the following extracts from the Deloitte reports in the three seasons before Ashley arrived at St.James’ Park.


    “Newcastle is the highest placed club not to benefit from Champions League revenue. This is a remarkable testament to the strength of the brand, and the club’s fanatical support. Average Premiership attendances stood at 51,800.”


    “Newcastle’s Money League placing is largely due to the club’s strong home support, and average Premier League attendances have been above 50,000 for all six seasons since St James’ Park expanded.”


    “Newcastle have featured in all eleven Money Leagues, and the club is once again in the list despite not benefiting from UEFA Champions League football, a tribute to the strength of the club’s brand and its loyal following.

    “The club will hope the change in ownership and management will provide the catalyst for improvement both on and off the pitch.”

    Read those quotes and weep.

    Mike Ashley took over a club that was a brilliant ‘brand’ and was successful (in making money) BECAUSE of the massive support, Newcastle United just needed a little care & attention and management expertise to turn that into success on the pitch. Freddie Fletcher’s commercial expertise had helped make Newcastle a money making machine and it had only been brought to its knees thanks to all the money the Halls and Shepherds took out of the club and the disastrous decisions made in appointing people like Dalglish and Souness, combined with a disastrous transfer policy much of the time.

    Freddie Fletcher turned Newcastle United’s fanatical support into pounds, via the Matchday and Commercial income.

    There has never been a better time to sell the appeal of Premier League clubs both in the UK and around the World.

    Whatever his motivation, Mike Ashley has screwed Newcastle United into the ground and into a club that cannot compete, thanks solely to the way he has the club organised. The rest of Ashley’s empire is booming but Newcastle United is now starved of money as well as trophies.

    For Newcastle United to compete and potentially win trophies, the club doesn’t need Mike Ashley to ‘put’ money in, all that it needs is to be run professionally and with ambition.


  3. I read an article this morning that said Ashley has an arrangement where he could buy Rangers – but a condition was that he’d have to sell NUFC first.
    I think the second Rangers are back in the SPL and qualifying for Europa and CL on a regular basis that will happen.
    Then SD gets free advertising on footballs biggest stage, and Rangers fans won’t mind coz Ashley helped get them back there.

    In the mean time he will keep us ticking along. Not progressing and not getting relegated, just totally middle of the road stuff.


  4. Troy-it’s a good read. Doesn’t really tell the whole story, I mean I doubt fans would be happy if he bumped up season ticket prices rather than freezing them, same goes for on the day-bet its cheaper than Spurs and most of the other big 6. Plus, we made money because we bought very talented players and made a hugely entertaining squad. We had bigger appeal and made more money-matchday, merchandise, general “branding” but we also lost more because the amount we spunked on players and loans. There was also less competition-City and Chelski hadn’t bought the league by that point and glory fans from around the world, or in the UK, switched sides.

    The bloke makes a good point, the commercial selling side of our club is an absolute joke, but he’s only looking at one bit of the picture. I’ve made my feelings on Ashley clear like but you do need to read into it a bit deeper. I’ll leave it up to the pro-Ashers to fight his corner.


  5. Sharpy-I agree. Only thing is i’m surprised he didn’t go for it sooner because it would be cheaper surely? Then he could buy them back up and look better? Who knows, just hope he leaves and we get someone we deserve.


  6. Troy ,That’s interesting, thanks, kinda blows the myth he saved us from going bust really doesn’t it 🙄

    Ashley out.


  7. It’s the profits Newkie. He’s in no hurry to leave them alone and the free SD advertising plastered all over to a worldwide audience. That alone is probably why we’ve fallen behind similar clubs in revenue. Out out.


  8. Georgio-Aye, but we owe him the loan still anyway so he can call that in whenever he likes regardless of the owner. That is all he is supposedly taking back unless I’ve read the accounts wrong. He probably just prices buyers out because they’d rather go for a championship team at a couple of mil than buy us at 200 mil or or whatever he wants.


  9. Newkie – it might be cheaper now but who really sees Rangers at the moment?. It’s not like their games are televised so his free advertisement is working better for him being plastered all round a PL club for now. Also has he had any offers for us?.
    When Rangers get back to the SPL there will be a huge hype around the ‘Pheonix from the flames’ club with loads of their games being televised.
    Also, Rangers will appeal to Ashley because the fees for players in Scotland are nowhere near those of the PL and neither are the wages.
    He’d be a hero up there without putting half the money he has put in to us (and that isn’t a fortune as it is!).
    Plus, the ragey Scots will happily have him sat in the stands alongside them if he’s getting the drinks in.

    Here’s wishing Rangers every success 😆


  10. Sharpy-Aye, fair enough I suppose. More to do with Ashley’s lack of patience than counting the pennies I suppose 😛

    I don’t think Ash would be a hero if he renamed Ibrox Sports Direct Palace or something 😆 I’m sure he could buy both through a business partner or a subsidiary if he had the will but I’m sure he is a busy man. Takes enough time to fuck one club about 😆

    That one point does worry me though-who will buy us? 😕 Surely we are more expensive than Everyone else around, other than Mankitty/Ure/Chelski/Spurs/Arsenal/Liverpool? We’re also probably in the second/third “best” league like. I know it’s basically impossible for dictators in Germany but we’re not ideal for playboys and it’s much harder to get into Europe. Someone please buy us 😥


  11. The matchday revenue dropping will probably be due to the cheaper ticket prices which should be applauded not used as a stick to beat the club with imo…


  12. Very interesting article Troy. What a mess! I thought there was something wrong when I saw earlier that our commercial revenue had fallen below 14M pounds. For a club our size it’s a disgrace. Ashley is not making us a successful team even in the business sense! Bizarre to say the least. He is hated by the supporters, at war with the press, and determined to keep hiring his own lackeys. What a fool for a billionaire owner we have.


  13. I’m pro ashley because i honestly don’t think he bought us to make money.

    He had good intentions when he came, made silly appointments because of his lack of footballing knowledge & as fans, we took our abuse of him too far.

    However it is very odd that commercial revenue has fallen. Surely it’s in mike ashley’s best interest to increase he money coming in.

    The logical thing to do would be increase as much revenue as possible, raise ticket prices etc & milk the club.

    It just seems to me that nufc is bottom of mike ashley’s priorities & as soon as a fair offer comes in he’d sell up


  14. @sharpy re your earlier post about selling cisse & marveaux.

    Cisse is a very good finisher, probably the best we have.

    Marveaux provided more assists than anyone else last season despite playing in frequently & often being a sub.

    Both players are too valuable to sell.


  15. This could quite possibly be our best team:



  16. I wonder why Llambias was sacked? Yes commercial income is down. 👿

    The comparison with Spurs is interesting because they were a similar size to us back then, in much the same way that Villa and Everton were also and still are. NUFC has always had the benefit of big gates driving the finances, but that is less significant now that the TV deals are massive. Spurs are now 50% bigger than us.

    The question is how do we grow to catch them up. First idea is to inject massive amounts of cash. Nobody is that stupid because that would only get us equal in a big seven with no guarantees of achieving more than now. We could double the gate money by charging like Arsenal but that would not be popular. We could do it by unearthing gems as Spurs have, however we only got £35m for Carroll, Spurs would have held out for £85m. :mrgreen: Alternatively we can consistently overachieve on the pitch. For that we need a world class manager.

    Just a note on the figures quoted in that article. 2004 was when we were in Europe under Sir Bobby so we would be bigger then than now. We have also been relegated since then which seems to have slipped peoples attention. To have recovered back to top 20 is no mean achievement. To say that all is a mess and we are rubbish is a bit rich


  17. Hahaha wow.

    The gullible twats will lap that article up troy.

    Why am i associating the word neanderthal with a lot Newcastle fans more and more these days 🙁


    “We have also been relegated since then which seems to have slipped peoples attention.”

    Its funny the amount of things that fans forget when it suits their needs.


  18. @Sharpy

    I’m sure the Rangers fans would love to have him they understand what an actual bad owner can do to their club.


  19. Prem-Aye, good points. How you can look at the income and ignore the debt confuses me.

    I still don’t think we’re doing well with marketing though-Llambias was sacked and replaced with some fuckwit who’s supposed to do better? Our pre season foreign tours have been quite the shambles as well. Nobody in Carslisle or Hartlepool is going to discover us during the summer months. Do America again or somewhere else and we might at least make some new fans or make some new footie contacts. 😕


  20. KK – yes I suggested selling them, but look at who I’ve replaced them with mate. They are top earners with us and the players I’ve replaced them with would bring far more goals and assists to the team. They are the best of our current bad bunch if you like.
    You can’t tell me that Finnbogason, Vossen and Remy wouldn’t bring more goals that Cisse and Shola?!
    Or that Siem De Jong and Tom Ince wouldn’t create more chances than Marveaux (who’s always injured or never gets a game) or Jonas?!.

    The plan was to improve the squad and reduce the wage bill. I think what I suggested does both.

    KK – I do very much like the look of that team and formation you’ve stuck up though buddy. I do like Marv


  21. Funny how Villa 3 top 6s under MON and Everton lots of top 10s under DM have failed to grow as well. They must be a mess as well.


  22. Villa are a mess, they still have the cheek to whinge about Lerner’s bankrolling as well like! But the scum do with their kingpin so it’s endemic even with those who plough fortunes into their shite teams 🙂


  23. Santii – I assume because you’ve picked one of my comments out I’m classed as one of the gullible [email protected] am I!
    I’m well aware of their previous owners, and that was my point (with a hint of sarcasm attached to it). As I said, the cost of success would be alot less up there than in the PL so it would suit Ashley and their fans would be grateful to him for it.


  24. Not at all Sharpy you are one of the few people on here that can form your own (semi) sensible ( 😆 ) opinion.

    I just think as a fan of rangers i am qualified to add a point about your rangers argument 😀


  25. @Santii

    You say;
    Hahaha wow.

    The gullible twats will lap that article up troy.

    Why am i associating the word neanderthal with a lot Newcastle fans more and more these days

    I say;
    Probably cos you are as clueless as they come.;-)


  26. Many are easily fooled by Ashley

    He came in and spun the yarn that NUFC was going bust if he hadn’t have stepped in. 🙄

    Oh dear. An easy sly dig to make. Many fell for it. 🙄

    Ashley cut all spending. And I mean all ! 🙄

    So much so, we got relegated and it cost us £40m!!!! 😳

    Does Ashley really believe that the sensible ones amongst us would fall for that rhetoric? 🙄

    Shepherd, like most other chairmen, ( barring the sugar daddy clubs) would have tightened the purse strings. However, Freddie wouldn’t have thrown all his toys out the bath including the plug in one big swoop. All those interest payments that fans say FFS had inherited would not have totalled the £40m it cost us by getting relegated.

    Freddie had full houses, paying top dollar and generated a great turnover. Ashley has had to reduce the costs of season tickets to draw the fans back in.

    Santii, you really are one of those who are easily sucked in by the Ashley spin. 😛

    Read the article and try to get a touch of reality into your life. 😉


  27. @sharpy – 172

    Sorry mate, i miss read your comment completely.

    Those are very good replacements to be honest.

    The wage savings & viability of getting those players is supposed to be Joe Kinnear’s job.

    He’s supposed to go to Mike Ashley & present a business case in the same way you have.

    Perhaps you should somehow contact Kinnear & let him know?


  28. It is possible to have better owners than Mike Ashley but Mike Ashley is way way better than Freddie Shepherd.

    I still haven’t gotten over the SBR sacking.


  29. @KK

    FFS was far from perfect but under his leadership I’ve watched the best years in my lifetime with KK & SBR.

    Someone who sits in the middle of FFS & Ashley would be better than both of them. 😉


  30. I agree with most of what Premandup said in post 168 but with a couple of exceptions:

    “Alternatively we can consistently overachieve on the pitch. For that we need a world class manager.” – we don’t need a worldclass manager, just a progressive forward thinking manager.

    Just look at Diego Simeone, Rudi Garcia, Philip Montanier. We need a manager that has the potential to become worldclass in the same way we sign players who have potential. Pardew does not have much a lot of potential to improve.

    “To have recovered back to top 20 is no mean achievement. To say that all is a mess and we are rubbish is a bit rich”” – we’re not in a mess but we’re easily a big enough club to be in the global top 20 with or without relegation. Just look at Juventus.

    I agree with the rest.


  31. Interesting and sensible comments as usual Premand. I think this is a very complicated story. Ashley has kept ticket prices low which has affected our revenue negatively. But it has also kept the ground nearly full for every home game and he does have all that free advertising around the place doesn’t he? So how much extra revenue has SD had from the free advertising over the last few years? Hard to measure but not insignificant I would imagine. Again I don’t see Ashley as a little angel sitting there looking completely innocent in all this mate.


  32. @troy 182

    100% agree but to be fair, Mike Ashley tries his best to stay out of the spotlight so i’m not sure why so many fans are so keen to attack him.

    A change in manager & coaches would provide the biggest boost to the club raher than more money or a major signing.

    I’m convinced we have a first 11 capable of challenging for 4th.


  33. This is just one point of view but to my way of thinking Ashley has in no way, shape or form grown the club as it should have grown over the last seven years. The revenue streams are just a small part of the story. He brings in his lapdogs to run the show otherwise Joe Kinnear would be nowhere near us. And he makes too many huge mistakes such as sitting still each of the last 2 summers trying to spend nothing while everyone else attempts to grow their clubs. He makes war with the press because he doesn’t like a free press who present alternative views. Move to Russia Ashley.


  34. Santii – a toon and rangers fan? – it is a bloody good job you don’t mind Ashley then isn’t it buddy otherwise you’d be proper fucked 😆 😆

    KK – I’d love to sit down and have a chat with Joe, if nothing else than to find out how much he’s been given to spend and who HIS targets are.

    I may be bias but I think if we made the changes I proposed we would have a better squad than the likes of Liverpool or Everton and could well steal a march on 5-6 spot.


  35. I don’t think Ashley is an angel but he’s also not a devil.

    He’s got enough money to not have to worry about a few million here & there.

    I still think he bought the club with good intentions. His choice of appointments was his biggest downfall


  36. I don’t think Ashley is an angel but he’s also not a devil.

    He’s got enough money to not have to worry about a few million here & there.

    I still think he bought the club with good intentions. His choice of appointments was his biggest downfall..


  37. @sharphy17

    we already have a squad as good as everton & you’re right, those changes you’ve suggested would put us ahead of Champions League chasing Liverpool 😯

    It’s actually an incredibly realistic set of transfers in/out & not just total fantasy. Put yourself forward for Joe Kinnears assistant, you can’t be any worse than Mick Harford.


  38. I can’t believe you’re saying that KK mate. Of course he cares about every million! That’s why we don’t spend each summer. That’s why he lays off staff. That’s why he hired Pardew. That’s why he claims (through his lackeys of course) that we can’t compete with the top 6 and our only goal is to be in the top half of the table.


  39. @Sharpy if i thought like some guys on here i think i would be suicidal 😀

    TBF though atm he has nothing much to do with Rangers. Though at board level in Rangers it is a total embarrassment. What people think of Ashley x10 at Rangers…. Thank fook for Ally McCoist.


    You think we would be doing as well as Roma if we had got Garcia?


  40. You would have to be pretty silly to not acknowledge that we seem to have fallen behind Spuds and financially have slipped well down the pecking order. I understand that ticket price deals and what have you have taken place but something somewhere is very wrong, even allowing for that we should be doing better than we are. He needs to bring in someone to work on increasing our finances, as has been mention do some decent pre season tours for a start to try and garner some interest abroad. All this sticking with French recruits is daft ,I think French interest in us could well be waning now too thanks to our flop of last season.


  41. The Venkys now have £54m since taking them over. There are without doubt worse owners than Ashley. My problem with him is that he’s frustrating, thick headed, inexperienced and lacks ambition.
    I can forgive him for being inexperienced, but I can’t forgive the lack of ambition. The frustration is that he could fix it all with relative ease IMO, but this is where his thick headedness comes into it. Instead of getting the best possible people in to improve the club in EVERY department of the club, he gets his mates in. Improvement and moving the club forward does not seem to be a priority of his at all. I’m not suggesting he should be throwing money at us or taking risks with the club to be a one season wonder or win a cup but end up worse off (like Pompey). But there is more that he could do and I think even those who like Ashley would acknowledge that.


  42. Spot on Kimtoon. Our revenue is much too small for a single club city with a fanatical following. A lot of people including me have been put off by things like the Wonga deal which is not a great deal at all. Look at how poorly it pays. That says something about the club. It says that the big advertisers are not interested in having their names on our shirts. We haven’t grown that revenue source whatsoever. If it wasn’t for the TV money our revenue would be a complete joke. So Ashley hides behind the TV money and does nothing to improve our income elsewhere. Pathetic. Move to Russia and take Kinnear with you Ashley.


  43. @Prem

    There’s no doubt about it, these past 6 years under Ashley have resulted in a top 5 finish, 1 relegation, 1 championship season and 3 in the bottom half. Commercial nightmare!

    How do you attract sponsors that are paying Spurs huge fees? In Shepherds era, shirt & merchandise were a huge source of revenue. How can you charge top prices for season tickets nowadays when we announce the cups aren’t a priority ? Shepherds era was the last time we visited Wembley & the Millenium.

    The difference is, we did spend big under Shepherd and we got to the champions league & cup finals. Shepherds plan fell foul when he appointed a few shit managers.

    Could Pardew tie KK’s & SBRs suit ties? Could he hell. Hence, we will continue to be back amongst the also rans like Everton & Villa.

    Everton & Villa showed no ambition back then and show none now. We showed ambition back then and were amongst the 10 teams in Europe, but now we are back to Villas & Evertons standard of commercial attractiveness.

    Never forget Prem, no one is asking for Ashley to spend above our means , but simply asking him to spend at the right time, on the right players and with money that is evidently there from TV revenue.

    It’s about making the most of what you’ve got with the money you have available. Are you really telling us he’s doing that?


  44. Well well well. Munich will be choking on his frankfurter, Arsenal did well although it was a defo pen at the end. Not looking forward to playing the gooners in this form. How the fuck has Ramsey become so good? Maybe Cisse’s spirit has joined him and now he’s scoring all these goals… 😯


  45. Our revenue stream now is a disaster, except for the TV money which Ashley gets automatically as long as we stay in the Prem. No effort required from him there. Where it does require effort is to polish the image of the club, have us consistently playing well with a top manager, take on top clubs in the summer not Blackpool (no offense there). Ashley clearly lacks ambition. I can’t see how anyone can argue that. He’s happy to sit back and collect the easy TV money and any other revenue that he can collect without too much effort.


  46. Oops. Sorry about that Santii mate. Me mam’s from there as well so I like the place. 😆 As for our owner I wish he would holiday on the Black Sea (or in it).


  47. Ashley reminds me of a big fat frog sitting on his lily pad waiting for the easy flies to come by. Like TV money and free advertising.


  48. Troy I thought the Mag got that article spot on, agree with them we have been left behind and I cant see that changing while Jabba owns the club.
    You got to laugh at the Keyboard warrior classing other fans that have different views from his as gullible twats etc, I bet he wouldnt be as fond of abusing people to their face, but then you get all sorts on the internet 😳


  49. I wondered when troys dingle-berry would come out. To agree with everyone’s opinion rather than form his own hahahaha

    Neanderthal is spot on 😎


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