View from the away end- Spurs

Spurs fan Jack speaks to us ahead of Sunday's game.
Spurs fan Jack speaks to us ahead of Sunday’s game.
So I used to do a few of these a couple of years back, with us playing Spurs on Sunday I thought I would get the perspective of a Tottenham fan ahead of the fixture and their expectations of the game and their thoughts on us. I spoke to friend and Spuds enthusiast Jack. Here’s what we discussed:

So Newcastle are coming to The Lane on Sunday, what do you make of Newcastle as a club?

Newcastle are clearly one of the largest clubs in the Premier League with a great history and extremely passionate fans. I think many of the fans expect to be at the top end of the table because of the club’s size, but they need to be patient and just aim for small improvements year on year.

What do you make of Joe Kinnear’s appointment as Director of Football? Is our owner doing a good or a bad job in your opinion?

Joe Kinnear’s appointment is an absolute farce. I don’t see what his role at the club is, other than to piss off Alan Pardew. I think the summer transfer window proved just how effective he is at helping the club’s recruitment – and what about the rumours of his attempt to sign Shane Ferguson?
I think Mike Ashley is doing a poor job overall. Obviously he provides very useful financial stability, but he still views the club as an extension of his businesses. The appointment of Joe Kinnear is just the most recent in a list of ill-judged decisions. Does giving Alan Pardew an 8 year contract seem so clever now? Or alienating the fans by offering naming rights for St. James’ Park?

What is your opinion of Alan Pardew?

Alan Pardew is pretty clueless. He’s not only unable to get the squad playing as a cohesive unit, but he’s also ruining the confidence of individual players. I doubt he had much to do with the top quality players signed by Newcastle (such as the French contingent), I expect Graham Carr’s scouting team played a much bigger role.

If you could have any Newcastle player in the Spurs squad who would it be and why?

Loic Remy (I know he’s on loan from QPR). Spurs could do with more striking options, and Remy also offers the versatility that he can play as a winger. Yohan Cabaye is the most gifted player in the Newcastle squad, but I don’t feel his style compliments the formation Spurs play.

If you had to chose, who would you say is your favorite Newcastle player of all time and why?

Probably Alan Shearer. It is probably the most obvious choice because of his goal scoring records, but I think he personofies many of Newcastle’s qualities. I’m also a bit young to remember some of the greats from the history books…

Who should we be weary of on Sunday from the Spurs squad?

Hugo Lloris should be your biggest worry. Although our high line playing defensive boasts an impressive 7 clean sheets in the league this season, there is a chance to catch them out with long balls over the top. There’s a much smaller chance of catching out quick off his mark, sweeper keeper Lloris as well.

We put one over on Chelsea last weekend, can we cause another upset over you guys this weekend?

I think it will be much harder to score against us, especially if Sandro is back to partner Paulinho in midfield and protect the defence. On the other hand, we’ve struggled to score many goals in the league. If you can stifle our creativity for long enough then I’m sure you will find yourselves with more and more chances in the game.

Your score prediction?

1-0 Tottenham.

Thanks to Jack for his time and participation, think he has made some very plausible and interesting points. The main thing I picked up on were his comments about Alan Pardew, a few of our fans have spoken about his ability to man manage. It seems neutrals feel that could be a contribution to loss of form to certain players. Jack did say after I asked the questions that he felt our performance on Saturday was excellent and credited the manager, however he isn’t sold on him on the whole.

I also felt Jack’s choice of favourite player may of been different with players such as David Ginola, Les Ferdinand, Ruel Fox, Chris Waddle, Jermaine Jenas, Steve Carr and Jonathan Woodgate, all representing both clubs. Oh well, Super Al it is!

So Jack thinks his Spurs will see Newcastle off with a narrow 1-0 win, do you agree? What do you think of the interview on the whole?

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I’m Mark, I live in a little town called Rugby. I go back a long way with Toonsy, we have traveled the country together watching the lads. I eat, breath and sleep Newcastle United! Follow me on [email protected] MRStockers or add me on Facebook- Mark Stockley.

58 thoughts on “View from the away end- Spurs

  1. Good interview and honest i would agrre with most of is comments except i would picked Gazza over Shearer. No to the match i think we will win this game a lot easier than our fan says even though Newcastle played well against Chelsea it was a backs to the wall home game i watched with glee . My score is 3- 1


  2. Of course- GAZZA!!! How did I not include him :s I was surprised with player choice but he’s only a young gun is jack.


  3. Thanks Mark-needed a new article for some fresh debate! I really enjoyed these last time around as they give us all a different perspective to see things from.


  4. Seriously though, Spurs haven’t blown me away yet, although they obviously have a very talented squad. Last year Bale won it for them on his own, as he so often did, and now that our defense seems to be getting sorted (famous last words) I’m glad of the diminished chance of wonder goals from them. They don’t score too many but can we penetrate them? What formation and selection to use I don’t know. I’d probably pip for the same 4-4-2 as against Chelsea, with Benny or Marv behind/alongside Remy, but Cisse up top with Remy/Goof in support might do well, we need hard workers anyway.


  5. Can’t disagree with him. I’d say he’s spot on really. You never know on the day though. We managed to beat em at St James last season. So why not this.


  6. Last season we only got beat at the lane when bale took advantage of a colo mistake if I remember correctly. Gouff scored but it took a very hefty deflection.


  7. Mark-I was thinking more along the lines of 7-1 but as it is at the lane I will make do with the results you suggest. We’ll go for the 7-1 at home for memory’s sake 😆


  8. Can’t remember how the first went in actually but I do remember bale virtually took the ball of colo’s toe and went on and scored for spurs’ winner. It was 1-1 and we were doing alright.


  9. The one and only Gazza for me.
    Pardew must have seen the way Hull played against us and i can see him using similar tactics which means if we do not get an early goal it could be a very frustrating afternoon.
    All the best of luck to you Geordies but only after Sunday.


  10. Is there really any reason for Jones, Smalling, Cleverley and Welbeck constantly being in the england squad other than them playing the odd game for man utds team, None of them would be anywhere near if they played for a bottom half team.

    Nice to see some in on form like the lads from southampton and Forster who should all get capped. They havent bothered following up their inquiries about Dummett. The lad will be classed as welsh in a weeks time so wait for Gred Dykes moaning about our lack of English players 🙄

    On topic i fancy us to get something, If Colo is back and we carry on the 2nd half from saturday we can certainly nick a point. Bale was the difference last season in the match down there.


  11. Mark – are you Jack? 😆 . Is this like one of those ‘my friend has a problem’ type things? 😆

    I’d go with that aswell to be honest, not a great deal to add. Other than, we must be a difficult side to manage against as well at the moment. How do you do your homework on us with our inconsistencies?.


  12. I’m really reluctant to bring this over from the last article, but I think it’s quite an important thing to point out.
    Alot of people are saying that if we created more chance for Cisse he’d score.

    BT Sport point out before the Chelsea game that we have the THIRD BEST ‘chances created’ at home stats so far this season – and we created a few against Chelsea as well.
    But we have the THIRD WORST conversion rate of those chances so far this season

    I think that says alot!. I was really surprised to see the 1st stat, but not surprised at the 2nd stat at all TBH.

    Oh, and before people jump on that, that isn’t a pop at Cisse alone because that’s not saying me saying he missed all those chances, it’s just to point out that we DO create chances but as a team aren’t clinical enough!.


  13. Jack is very much his own man. I worked with him for a few years. Went out for lunch with him yday to do this 🙂


  14. Mark – I’m only pulling your leg mate. It’s good to here another fans take on our club to be honest. Can’t believe you bought him lunch while he sat and slagged your club off though 😯 😉


  15. [email protected] This is my point, people say we are boring and make no chances-these people clearly do not watch half of the PL play!! How many chances did Chelsea even make against us? Obviously that is because they were poor, as are every side we beat blah blah blah.

    I don’t want to do anti-Cisse stuff because as our player I want to support him but from what I’ve seen we have made some very good chances for several players-not just Cisse-but it is the strikers job to be in the positions and to put the ball in the back of the net. If they are going to create those chances for other players or worry/work defenders in other ways then that is great, but Cisse does not do enough here, and so 1/3 league form from him is just not good enough.


  16. Mark-is the plan to do one of these before we play the corresponding side? Or are you just going to find any old radgie and interview them randomly? 🙂


  17. Newkie – you know my thoughts on it mate. I say we stick with him til Jan (for Remy if nowt else). We buy in Jan and if Cisse has found form by then the newbie competes for a place, if not then he replaces Cisse.


  18. ‘If you could have any Newcastle player in the Spurs squad who would it be and why?’
    ‘Loic Remy’

    It’s going to be hard to hang on to this fella, Ashley will need to pay the going rate or he will simply go to a club who will.


  19. Newkie- I haven’t thought it through really mate. I know a fan of a chunk of teams so I could do them as and when. I think ahead of fixtures probably. But I have always called the section view from the away end, which in this case is rather false as it’s us in the away end this weekend!!!


  20. Has AndyMag been on this week?.
    He was going to try and get to the Chelsea game, wonder if he did or not?!.

    Mark – I think Jack was spot on with his suggestion that we should focus on progressing bit by bit. I’d settle for a few seasons of finishing top 8-10 with decent cup runs at the moment like.
    I know it isn’t life in the fast lane, but not worrying about relegation battles for a few seasons sounds bliss to me.


  21. Just hope the Spurs are as confident of getting a result as Chelsea and Liverpool were 🙂 I think we can get something but it depends on our complacency levels after a good result. Like Hull after Villa. I’m more worried about the Norwich game which we’ll expect to win.

    Seems like we’ve done Cisse to bits by now. We all know how we all feel. I want Benny in the team so perhaps we can point out how crap he’s become. You know – greedy, doesn’t work hard, doesn’t track back etc etc 👿


  22. Sharpy-Agreed.
    DJG-Aye but doubt he will 😕

    Mark-fair enough mate, I think it works pretty well prior to the fixture like as many clubs/fans will only watch/pay interest in the next game.


  23. Georgio-Now now, let’s not rile the brigade up anymore. I’m genuinely sick to death of the discussion and I’m usually happy to talk about anything toon related, even if it’s moaning! 😀

    Can guarantee it will start up again whatever happens. If he scores people will be all over him and start up with “i told you so’s” and if he plays and doesn’t it will be brought up, especially if we look shite/lose. Ah well.


  24. @ GEORGIO
    would rather play cisse meself guess you never counted how many times afra gives the ball away bud


  25. Losing Bale has made our team weaker but the players we have brought in give us more of a stronger squad.It may seem odd with the position we are in but i have not enjoyed the football we have played this season.


  26. Wyart-is that because of the lack of goals? Or just play generally? You have plenty of gifted players going forward, it will take them a while to all click. Hopefully past this weekend at least 😀

    Although I still think you have a weaker 11 without bale whichever line up you use now.


  27. Not been much said of mackems beating southampton. Did anyone watch it? I was watching Arsenal/Dortmund but was wondering if they played decently or?…


  28. Mark thanks and thanks to Jack for his input.
    I’m quite looking forward to this game, always a good contest between us . Spurs have really moved on in comparison to us and I look on with envy at how well run they are. Think it could be tight scoreline for some reason maybe 1.1 or a 1.0 loss for us, but hopefully enjoyable.


  29. Kim-bloody Larsson! Let’s hope it doesn’t give them a lift anyway. I’m sure Chelsea will see em off like… 😈


  30. @Wyart
    Yeah that seems pretty common among the Spurs fans. Still pretty good position to be in considering you think you aren’t playing too well 😯
    Think we could snatch a draw. Bale was the difference between the sides last year and if we have Colo back I think we’ll cope defensively.


  31. Thanks for the heads up!

    I’ve spent all afternoon posting on the previous thread, no one was responding so i figured everybody was in awe of my comments…

    maybe not 😯


  32. We should be able to beat Spurs.

    I don’t think they have clicked yet but they are quite organised.

    Completely depends on how much we want the win.. If we go attacking them, with our players we can score.

    If we sit back, i don’t think Spurs have it in them yet to work a goal.. So it could be a draw.

    I don’t think we will lose. They have signed too many players who have yet to settle in.


  33. Ha just posted back in the other one!
    KK-I saw you there mate, thought I’d leave you there though 😉

    Well done Kuban, well deserved equaliser.


  34. The league has been all over the place this season.

    One of the teams are going to spring a surprise in the same way we did when we finished 5th.

    Could it be us??


  35. To be fair I thought you knew but you were keeping it on topic because you started off on the Cisse debate which was finished/finishing and I thought you didn’t want to bring it over. I didn’t notice you were talking there to yourself for so long though 😀


  36. A win for spurs would see them qualify without having to worry about the final 2 matches in their group.

    Their starting line up looks quite attacking so hopefully their creative players will be a bit tired for Sunday.

    On another not, isn’t it weird to see Swansea ahead of Valencia in their group?

    Who would have thought that 10 years ago 😯

    Perhaps they’ll be Champions League winners in another 10, you heard it from me first


  37. Swansea aren’t ahead of Valencia and I put bet you a grand they don’t win the CL in the next 50 years let alone 10 😛


  38. Damn, spoke too soon! Goal in the last 5 mins gave valencia the win.

    I don’t gamble so i wouldn’t put any money on it but 10 years is a long time in football.

    Where will we be in 10 years?

    We’re due an upturn after the last 10 years we’ve had.


  39. We’re due an upturn after the last 50 years we’ve had more like 😆

    Pah you don’t gamble? What are you, Papiss Cisse? 😛


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