Zaha and Dembele on Newcastle’s wanted list?

Will this man be at Newcastle in January?
Will this man be at Newcastle in January?
The Daily Mail yesterday reported that Newcastle are in talks to bring Manchester United winger Wilfried Zaha to Tyneside for a six month loan spell in January.

The paper have reported that the player’s representatives have met up with officials to discuss a potential loan move for the 20 year England international. It is also being reported the David Moyes is open to the idea of Zaha spending some time out on loan to get some playing time under his belt.

It is thought that the player’s former club Crystal Palace are interested in taking the youngster back to London on a temporary basis, but the player himself has quashed any hopes of a reunion with his former employers. Zaha isn’t interested in a return to the club he left for around £12 million last year. Seemingly a move to Newcastle could suit the player who would thrive off playing in front of 52,000 regularly.

Zaha has made his senior England bow but his lack of first team football has prevented him for receiving regular call ups from Roy Hodgeson. David Moyes has only used the youngster in a solitary Capital one cup game since he took over at Man United and the player is thought to be eager to get a lot more time on the pitch. Which you would hope of any footballer who is remotely passionate about what they do, sadly some are happy to collect their wages and simply don’t care that they aren’t being selected.

Of course Twitter and online forums are the source of many unconfirmed rumours and whispers within the world of football, some Manchester United fans seem to think Zaha’s exclusion from the Club’s set up has something to do with the player having an affair with the Manager’s daughter. If there is any truth to that I’m not sure, there has been plenty of gossip in the past about our Manager and his inability to ‘keep it in his trousers’ but who’s to say any of it is true- personally I couldn’t care less either way.

In other news Newcastle have today been linked with Tottenham’s Mousa Demeble with the Belgian reportedly unsettled after failing to cement a regular place in AVB’s starting line up. With the World Cup forthcoming the midfielder wants to ensure that he is playing every week to liken his chances of going to Brazil.

Newcastle would have competition for the player with Aston Villa and Napoli also credited with an interest in Demeble. The former Fulham man has made 60 appearances for Spurs but has found himself playing second fiddle to the likes of Pauliniho and Sandro at White Hart Lane this season. With the player seeking guaranteed first team football you would question whether he would get that right now at St James’ Park, with Tiote in great form and Sissoko being a big favorite with Pardew. You also have Anita, who has recently been praised by the United boss.

Yohan Cabaye’s future has been uncertain for some time, with the situation reaching turmoil in January when the player went on strike to force a transfer to Arsenal. Demebele traditionally plays defensive and I’d liken him more to Sissoko than Cabaye, but make no mistake Dembele is a classy footballer and has great depth to his game. He was a star at Fulham and at that time I think most Clubs in the country would of taken the Belgian.

I really rate Dembele but I’m not sure this link has much credibility- you can never really be too sure with our hierarchy, but I do think his price tag with scare Mike Ashley off! With Zaha I think he’s a great prospect and could go on to be a very special player but with Gouffran, Remy, Ben Arfa, Ameobi Junior and even Jonas able to play in his position would he improve us much?

I’m all for competition and having good depth, with this in mind I wouldn’t be at all disappointed to see either of these players arrive on Tyneside in January. What do you think?

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130 thoughts on “Zaha and Dembele on Newcastle’s wanted list?

  1. BB-Well, he manages like two games a season when the scum are punching above their weight in our division at least 😆

    A senior team member is supposed to have ripped into the squad following the mackem loss. Who do we think that is? I reckon it’s either Shola or Tiote, should be Colo’s job but I’m not sure he has that in him like.


  2. What chance a france victory tonight then ❓
    Remy to score the winner in extra time 😛
    Howay les Bleu


  3. Newkie – that’s good to hear. I doubt it was Pardew either.
    We have put in a lot more effort since that match.
    I just hope we can keep it going for the next couple matches too.


  4. I can’t see the frogs winning it simply 3-0. 2-0 after full time then squaky bum extra time? I think the Ukranians might have it in them to grab a goal in normal time and knock them out though. Bad news for all of our frenchies, with the exception of Remy I guess.


  5. No question Norwich is huge, as is WBA given their bogey status. If we could beat them both, preferably smash one of them, then we might really look to have turned a corner.

    This qualifier could have come at a terrible time for us 😕


  6. sorry Troy but I think Wenger will be replacing Deschamps pretty soon.
    Try again, I know your Fergy comment was in jest. 😉


  7. Playing Benny on the left is what we should be doing but it wont work because it will be too weak defensively with Santon at LB. should we consider selling Santon and putting a more solid LB there in order to accommodate Benny on the left?. Truth is he is a luxury player and a real headache to fit in at the moment , he can also be a tad lazy but also win a game, what to do with him then , well that is where Pards needs to show his skill I would think, solving such a dilemma .

    [email protected], No worries mate, DIY takes over once you start, I’m taking a rest from mine and the daughters at the mo as had Lew home ill last week and lots of stuff on this week .


  8. Benzema bags a second for France, game on 😀

    Shit the Germans have scored, after we have looked the better to. 🙄


  9. Well that’s the ukranian coaching staff shot in the morning. I wonder whether we should operate on similar methods.. 😆


  10. Kim-aye, it was Ronaldo 3 Ibrahimovic 2 😆

    We will have a bit of an excuse as unlike v liverpool, Norwich dont have that many internationals. Even so we need 3 points and a good performance, the French might rest on their laurels a bit but we should still expect good performances. Benny will be desperate to get in the squad-Goof i’m sure has all but given up on any chance of a call up, but a lot can happen over a season, if he gets into form and there are a fair few injuries, who knows? He seems to be the only one working his hardest right now anyway, ironically.


  11. The second goal for Benzema looks at least a yard offside, the old Irish won’t be happy, remember the ‘hand of god’ from Henri to scrape them into the last world cup. 😆


  12. Yeah I just watched the first half of the France game and your right, typical FIFA / uefa lino eh? 😯 I thought Cabaye was decent, definately more of a defensive midfielder with good distribution and barks instructions, he also gets more time on the ball there as I think he prefers a few seconds to get his head up and think about a long pass. I thought Debuchy was excellent though and the pick of the two, wouldn’t look out of place in any international team as a RB, I can see why a few had doubts about him but honestly he is as good a RB you will get. With him having sheer quality around him at CB and runners in midfield he looks a top player. I think a few on here sometimes forget that you could buy a top international from anywhere in the world and stick them in our team and if they’ve got bugger all movement and intelligence (and quality) from those around them, then they will naturally struggle a bit more! ❗


  13. Incredible how when you use an example of a type of player, people get tunnel vision about the point you are trying to make.

    I realise the chances of us getting Lallana are minimal. In fact, the chances of us getting anyone are slim.

    However, I was simply making the point that if I had to choose between Ben Arfa and Lallana, it would be Lallana every day of the week. He’s a far more effective player 80% of the time.

    Scores more goals and creates more goals. Also has a higher work ethic on the field.

    I hate seeing Ben Arfa’s talent go to waste, but I just don’t see someone like Pardew getting the best out of him. It’s sad, because on his day he’s incredible to watch.

    I think with a manager like Pardew at the helm, Zaha would be a good loan signing too. He’s basically an English version of Gouffran. He’s not anywhere near Ben Arfa’s class but he’s the type of player that’d look good playing with Pardew’s tactics.


  14. Calm down now JJ, what did you expect now asking Troy a question like that 😀

    So far, Benny hasn’t slated Pardew or his methods and this is a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, or indeed throw tantrums. He has great talent, but no manager he has worked under him has managed to get that out of him consistently and I’m afraid that’s just what kind of player he is. With our full backs the way they are we don’t have much choice to play him other than centrally, next to or behind the striker. He’s been poor there when he’s played there but equally he will need time to adjust.

    His stats aren’t great, but when you count the number of matches he’s won on his own, Villa and Fulham earlier this season for instance then it’s not as simple as that. Equally he can be our poorest player on the pitch like Everton, it’s just something we’ll have to accept in him I think. I do hope we find a place for him, think he would do better than Shola against Norwich, but then it comes down to how far do we want to change a winning side and all that.


  15. Newkie,
    I’m just not as excited about his as others seem to be. There are games when I think “wow”. But there are far more games when I think. “Pass the f#@ing ball!”

    I have never seen a player in my life that has so much potential that can be so frustrating.

    At least with Shola I know he’s crap so I expect him to be crap, then when he has the odd decent game I’m happy.

    With Ben Arfa, I always expect so much and more often than not, I’m left disappointed.


  16. JJ-Aye even on his good games he doesn’t pass enough so it’s fair criticism. I do think we need someone better up top though. Remy is nice, but we expect the goals from him now so can’t ask loads in terms of hold up play, he prefers out wide anyway. We need a forward who the ball will actually stick to-unlike Cisse-and who can play for 90mins-unlike Shola. Get someone with decent feet and maybe Benny will try more one twos. Personally I don’t blame any player for ignoring Cisse because the likelihood of them getting it back from him is about 3%.


  17. I think we’ve just got to except Ben Arfa for what he is, because if he was consistent, to go with the talent, he would be at PSG or somewhere by now. Some games he is a passenger and other games he has won us the game almost single-handedly, where no-one else has come up with the required quality.


  18. Marveaux is like a more stable copy of Ben Arfa who knows when to release the ball and will take on one player and then pass instead of 5 players and then lose it. I think we should start a campaign, ‘where is Marveaux?’ Get the search and rescue helicopters and cave rescue.


  19. People were saying the next 2 games are winnable but I think we have a decent run of games until after boxing day.
    Newcastle v Norwich Sat 23 Nov 15:00
    Newcastle v West Brom Sat 30 Nov 17:30
    Swansea v Newcastle Wed 4 Dec 19:45
    Man Utd v Newcastle Sat 7 Dec 12:45
    Newcastle v Southampton Sat 14 Dec 15:00
    Crystal Palace v Newcastle Sat 21 Dec 15:00
    Newcastle v Stoke Thu 26 Dec 15:00

    We should be looking to cement ourselves in the top half by Christmas after that run of fixtures.


  20. [email protected] agree with that. If he were consistent he would be a French regular, the reason Ribery is so good is not just his talent but the fact that he is this good consistently, almost every time France or Bayern play he is playing well. It’s up to Benny and to an extent his manager to get the best out of him, but if he has personal ambitions for the Ballon D’or then I wish him all the best because he won’t win it by not putting a shift in (not that he would anyway 🙂 )

    @119-it’s an interesting run, but the next two are vital for me. Swans, Manure Saints will be tricky, be interesting to see how we come out after those three.


  21. JJ – for what it’s worth mate I totally agree with you mate.

    DJG – I don’t think we should just accept Benny, he either changes his game or we sell him for a more affective player. I do agree with the where’s Marv campaign though its crazy he’s not even on the bench.

    DJG – I looked at those fixtures as well and thought 10 points is a realistic ask – what do you reckon mate?


  22. Funny.

    I also rate Marveaux a more effective if less flashy version of Ben Arfa.

    Don’t know why Pards doesn’t rate him.


  23. Pards thinks of him as the same as Ben Arfa…i.e stick him on the wing and watch him walk about until the ball gets to him. He tracks back just about the same, possibly less, but he is less likely to foul/tackle. He has just as many off days however when he is off he is less noticeable-he’s like Lovenkrands, would just go missing, as opposed to Benny who everyone notices (quite rightly) trying to run in past the same player three or four times in a row and getting found out.

    Then he is also in the same bracket with being a left winger, but everyone thinks his best position will be in behind the striker, even though he’s . And it’s not because he can’t cross-he can-it’s just down to work rate and the defensive capabilities of our full back. If we still had Enrique we’d probably have seen more of him. Or maybe not, maybe Pardew doesn’t rate him at all-I’d disagree with him massively because I was very excited to see him sign for us. Why Oba is getting on ahead of either of them is beyond me.


  24. You Benny bashers are so weird. Think we can get someone better than him – for £5m? People mention Ince, Lallana and other maybes. Think Pardew will get more out of them? Like he’s done with Marveaux? And anyway do we need 11 hard working back tracking players ALL the time?
    Asprilla, Ginola, Robert were all fantastic to watch and managers like KK and SBR got the best out of them. Pardew will never do that!


  25. Georgio – and you Benny lovers are so weird to me mate. His record speaks for itself, the fact that no other manager has looked at his plight at Newcastle and thought “how can such a talent be allowed to be sat on the bench” and came and rescued him. Nobody is saying he’s shite, and everyone acknowledges what he ‘can’. All we are simply saying is that there are players who can be more consistent and influence our game with more than an isolated flash of brilliance mate.


  26. @DJG 119

    With that run in im hoping to be top 7 going into the january window and hopefully a Cisse/Sissoko like impact signing or two will push us on.

    No reason why we cant finish high up, We are only a few players short of an excellent squad…


  27. Looking forwards to how Pardew approaches the Norwich game.
    He out thought Mourinho, no doubt, and got a great team performance against spuds/AVB.
    I hope he send sir hoots packing with his tail between his legs also.


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