Is Alan Pardew Forgiven?

Is this the man to take us forward?
Is this the man to take us forward?
There is no doubt that football is a fickle game, we all love winning but struggle to tolerate bad form and bemoan negative results.

Of course any football fan who claim they enjoy losing are talking out their arse, we all have expectations and within those expectations are for our team to produce on the pitch. Whether you support a giant like Real Madrid or a tin pot club like Sunderland realistically you understand defeat is inevitable at times, but it doesn’t ever prevent the frustration and disappointment when you do drop points.

Never has there been a truer terminology than zero to hero or hero to zero in the game we love. Especially for Managers of clubs who always appear to be on the knife’s edge. When a team is in good form you will hear the fans singing the gaffer’s name from the terraces but when it goes pear shaped you will see the same fans take to social network to vent their anger. Usually demanding the Manager is sacked from his position.

I have always thought the stick we get as fans of Newcastle United are slightly unjust. I have heard us described as disillusion, fickle and even vicious by rival fans. Can we be those things? sure we can and we are at times but then which set of football fans aren’t? We all want to win honors, we all want to play attractive football and we want our players to show fight, passion and pride whenever they represent our beloved team. I wouldn’t tar us with a different brush to other supporters, like most fans in world football we merely have ambition.

Back on topic, it’s been fair to say that Newcastle fans have been split on Alan Pardew for some time. Some were skeptical when he was appointed whilst others have lost faith in his ability to coach Newcastle United as time has gone on. Pardew’s time at the club has provided wonderful highs and some pretty miserable lows. The heights of European football but the lows of a relegation battle last season.

Alan’s arrogance and excuses have tripped him up with United fans at times. Some think he fails to take responsibility for mistakes and will blame anything but himself in defeat. Pardew’s tactics have also come under scrutiny at times with fans feeling he plays negatively and encourages ‘huff ball’ football. I have heard other fans say he ‘breaks’ players. I took to Twitter and read that some supporters feel has taken the likes of Moussa Sissoko, who arrived at the club with heaps of expectation and by playing such players out of position has ‘ruined’ them.

Now I am the first to admit that I have led the Pardew out brigade at times, especially last season. I think most of us sat there and watched a weakened Liverpool team put six past us at home and wondered what the hell is going on in that dressing room?! But I will give Mr Pardew some credit, at times this season he has got it spot on. That’s his set up, his tactics, his substitutions. We have been lucky at times with Spurs away being a prime example but look at the Chelsea and Man United games. We were good value for both victories.

Do I think Alan Pardew is a wonderful Manager? No I don’t. Do I think he’s doing a good job at present? Yes very much so. I respect that Alan has had mountains to climb at times and that he gave us our best League finish in years, I also appreciate that this season has had me smiling rather than pulling my hair out. What I do think is it’s unfair that some supporters continue to give the Manager flak when things are going well. My message has always been clear, get behind the team every Saturday and try not to bemoan things that are beyond our control- The Manager being one of those things.

As long as Mr Ashley owns the club, Pardew will be in the hot seat. He’s doing a brilliant job at the moment, if he can sort out our inconsistency against Sunderland and learn to bin the excuses I would be a little bit happier. Alan currently has a 37% win rate as a Premier League Manager, hopefully he can boost that percentage with a successful campaign this season. Getting back to the word fickle, we are happy now but will fans be calling for Pardew’s head when we have our next rough spell?

What do you think? Is Alan the right man?

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104 thoughts on “Is Alan Pardew Forgiven?

  1. This article is far too balanced and we’ll-argued! How the hell is a seasoned ranter like me supposed to get on hiya bloody soap box of you’re going to be all reasonable and fair? ?

    Not good enough. Simply not acceptable.


  2. I can’t remember if many of his other goals were close or entirely off-but it’s apt timing that we are playing Southampton at home now, where he scored an offside goal that was given….


  3. @bb

    Most of our players don’t fit into our style of football. Some of them struggle more than others.

    I thought demba ba was his strike partner? Ba wasn’t played as a winger, he just had to track back & track the runs down the right wing.

    Tracking back is overrated too. People complain ben arfa doesn’t track back but what difference does it make?

    Surely if ben arfa doesn’t track a run then the opposition have an extra man against our midfield or defence, i get that. But it also means we have an extra man against their defence. Alternatively the opposition will stop making runs because of the risk that they’ll be outnumbered at the back.


  4. Most people hated ba when he wasn’t scoring whilst cisse could do no wrong.

    Ba left & people hated him even more. Some even blamed our bad performances on him.

    I’d have ba back in an instant. That’s not to say i’d get rid if cisse. The CAN both play alongside each other. They’re not even close ti their style of football.

    Neither ba or cisse should have had to track back.


  5. @KK

    “Tracking back is over rated” You really are clueless about football.

    What world do you live in?

    There is a reason Ben Arfa doesn’t get big moves to big clubs.

    Bayern have two of the hardest working wingers/inside forwards in the world and that is a massive part to why they dominate.


  6. From The Independent, Thursday:

    The Newcastle forward Loic Remy has had his bail for rape allegations extended to February next year.

    Remy was arrested along with two other men on May 15 in Fulham, West London on suspicion of raping a woman on May 6 when he was a Queens Park Rangers player.

    Remy’s bail had already been extended and he was due to reappear on November 21. However that has again been put back.

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police last night said: “The three men are still on bail. The next date is, pending further enquiries, mid February 2014. The investigation is ongoing.”

    Remy’s lawyers have said since the initial arrest that he denies the claim that has been made.


  7. So I cant see any way that a deal for Remy will be tied up in January.
    I would be highly surprised if he was still here next season either.


  8. Bayern dominate their league because they have more money than everyone else.

    We see a few champions league games & suddenly bayern are the best team in the world?

    Man city didn’t think so.

    I wonder how much tracking back ronaldo, messi & even bale do now?

    Ben arfa isn’t at a bigger club because he isn’t enough of a team player when going forward. Not because he is rubbish at tracking back & will likely give away a foul everytime he tries to tackle.

    Ben arfa should press from the front. If he gets the ball, great. Otherwise he should hover around.


  9. Thats unfortunate news bb. Otherwise we could have forced a permanent transfer on him.

    Never mind. There’s always someone, younger, hungrier & better.


  10. Players tracking back has nothing to do with money lol

    Messi doesn’t need to track back him and his team mates play most of their football in the final third winning the ball back as fast as possible. Messi is one of the hardest working players in the Barca Team

    You cant be serious about Bale. He was the best wide man in the league last year and tracked back as much as anyone.

    Ronaldo is an exception.

    Rooney, Tevez, Aguero, Robben, Ribery, there is a reason these players are the best in the world and not just good in their positions. Ben Arfa is no where near that standard. Why?


  11. KK-Ok, so with Ba tracking as much as Benny, was Ben Arfa also his partner? Was this like a mormon marriage? Giver over man, everyone gets hissy when there is talk of Cisse on the wing-Ba was exactly the same.

    If Ba was his partner when he was firing so well, why didn’t it work when he was his partner the season after πŸ˜‰


  12. Newkie they they are not included in the argument πŸ˜€ So shut up you are wrong πŸ˜› πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† 😳


  13. Regarding this big 6 pointer tomorrow,
    who’s their danger men that we need to be wary of ❓
    I see Lawro has predicted us to lose again. πŸ˜₯
    Just like he did last week.
    Good job he is always wrong πŸ˜†


  14. Some of us never called for his sacking. We could see the benefits of sticking with him. He’s the best option whilst Ashley is here.

    Shame some others couldn’t see it but to be fair, there’s some good back tracking going on. πŸ˜‰

    I do believe the odd few will be hoping for a bad run soon, just so they can say, I told you so.

    Those are the worst kind of fans that the club don’t need. πŸ™„


  15. “I do believe the odd few will be hoping for a bad run soon, just so they can say, I told you so. ”
    Surely NOT.
    I’ve never met a fan yet that wants us to lose, EVER.
    I do recall your good self calling for Pardew to be replaced with Benitez tho :mrgreen: πŸ˜†
    Like that was ever going to happen either.


  16. @Bootsy

    I was clear on the point. I didn’t want Pards sacked because I knew Ashley couldn’t attract a top manager like Benitez.

    Shame you shouted louder than everyone for Pards to be sacked. πŸ™„


  17. Its pointless sacking pard’s when we know we cant attract anyone better …
    A combination of low pay (for a Prem manager) and one hand tied behind your back is not exactly an exciting prospect for a top manager
    Could we do better? Who knows … I think we tend to over rate our players – let’s face it, the only player a club trued to sign in the summer was cabaye and even then it was for 10 million
    Our real squad value in monetary terms is still quite low – I’d expect clubs may pay the following

    Krul – 7 – 10 million
    Santon 5 million
    Collo – 3-5 million
    Willo – 3 million
    Debuchy – 10 million
    Sissoko – 5-8 million
    Cabaye – 10 million
    Tiote – 8-10 million
    Gouffran – 5 million
    Shola – 2 million
    Cisse – 5 million



  18. Coloccini Staying – β€œEarlier this year, for personal reasons, the possibility of returning to Argentina emerged. There was talk of San Lorenzo with me being a fan and the love I have for the club. However, I am now good at Newcastle and I have three more years of my contract to go.”


  19. Finally a positive statement from Colo – it’s about time.
    A good league position also helps πŸ˜‰
    β€œNewcastle United’s goal this season is top 10 but we are aiming for Europe.
    We have a nice team with good players, very good individuals and as a team we are working well.”


  20. Cisse had 7 good goals chalked off last season and a perfectly good goal chalked of the other day even though he’d not been on the pitch 5 minutes. Think his reputation for straying offside is going against him now and refs and linos aren’t giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    Re, Pards as I said I’m still not convinced and I don’t think this is the year to judge him either. If it’s 2 good seasons and 1 crap, it still won’t be a true indicator of his ability, we need to see him manage us again in Europa to see if he does better, only then can we truly judge him imo.


  21. @SANTII

    The talk of money & Bayern go hand in hand. Bayern are the Man Utd of the 90’s. Completely dominating their league because they outbid every other German club.

    I’m not sure what you mean in your post.
    Are you saying Cisse is crap? Or Ba? Or that they should both be played on the wing or neither or them?

    Seriously, i’m not sure of what you make of the Demba Ba situation.

    I’m telling you i told you so now! I don’t need a bad run of games to call for Pardew to be replaced.

    I think performances are more important than results so win or lose, it doesn’t matter as much as the performance & we haven’t performed at our best…yet.

    However, performances have been getting incrementally better so i’m not too annoyed.

    Pardew is a decent english manager but if we had a better manager, logic indicates we would be higher in the league with more points.

    Benitez could have ended up here. He wanted to stay in England at a big club & we’re one of the biggest. His comments indicated he was waiting for an approach from Ashley.

    It’s not like Napoli have been hugely successful over the last few years, is it.

    We can attract better foreign managers who would happily work for Mike & Joe, for less money too!


  22. Cisse scored 13 goals + 7 chalked off wrongly = 20 goals

    We’ve got a striker who, when he was out of form scored 20 goals in a season?

    WTF is everyone moaning about???


  23. Cisse scored 13 goals + 7 chalked off wrongly = 20 goals

    We’ve got a striker who, when he was out of form scored 20 goals in a season?

    WTF is everyone moaning about????


  24. Kim – we are not even half way thru this season yet, yet some already have him as the ‘new messiah’ πŸ˜›
    He still has a long way to go to make me fully believe in him.
    Primarily he needs to find some consistency of performance with his team.
    Tomorrows test will be a good indicator how this season will pan out.
    It is a game that can literally go either way.
    I think we will miss Cabaye.
    Pardew needs to get his game plan spot on again.
    6 wins out of 7 would be absolutely amazing tho.
    Howay the Lads


  25. kk – bugger what he nearly did last season mate.
    This season he has done nowt.
    Literally NOWT.
    dress it up however you like, but for me that plus half a season or more of virtually nowt equals a fuckin disgrace. No excuses can justify that at the so called top flight of football.


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