George Caulkin: ‘Big details’ of takeover ‘agreed’ – Make your mind up time for Mike Ashley

Speaking on The Atlhetic’s latest podcast, George Caulkin has broken his silence on the takeover front – and his comments offer some encouragement to us NUFC fans hoping (and praying!) for good news.

The reliable North-East reporter believes the ‘finishing line is in sight’ and that interest is ‘genuine’, with most aspects of the deal in ‘agreed’ and just a few ‘stumbling blocks’ in the way.

With that in mind, he stresses that if it doesn’t happen this time, it’ll be down to one man – Mike Ashley – suggesting the buying side are willing, capable and ready to complete a deal this time around.

Here’s what he’s had to say, believing it’s now ‘make your mind up time’ for Mike Ashley:

“My understanding is that everything that has come out over the weekend is right and that this has progressed to a stage where the finishing line is in sight.

“But, the key point AGAIN is to say that it hasn’t got to the stage where it’s been signed and agreed, even though a lot of things have been agreed during these conversations that have been happening.

“This is something that’s been on the cards for months. My understanding is that this goes back a lot further (than four months).

“Staveley’s interest in the club has never gone away (since her 3 bids two years ago) and this latest incarnation has been around certainly since before Benitez left last summer – but it’s really ramped up in the last few months and weeks.

“Obviously the game changer this time is the involvement in Saudi Arbai’s sovereign wealth funds – and none of this stuff has been denied, whether it’s from the club’s side, or from Ashley’s side or Saudi Arabia.

“So there is a widespread assumption that this is genuine.

“My understanding is that it’s got to the stage it’s pretty much make your mind up time (for Ashley).

“Things like price has been agreed and most of the big details have been agreed – there’s still a few stumbling blocks – but in the context of a deal like this, I think if it was any other kind of deal in the financial world, you’d be pretty much saying it’s done.

“However, this isn’t done…yet…

“Again, everything I’m told is if it doesn’t happen this time, it’s because of one man.

“It’s not some amazingly devious trick from the mind of Keith Bishop. They are genuine people who’ve been trying to buy the club for a long time.”

A typically insightful update from one of the regions most trusted writers – and a man who not only interviewed Amanda Staveley two years ago but saw proof of her bids.

It really does feel like this is Ashley’s biggest and best chance to sell up once and for all.

Fail to do so this time and you’ve got to wonder if it’ll ever happen..

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

11 thoughts on “George Caulkin: ‘Big details’ of takeover ‘agreed’ – Make your mind up time for Mike Ashley

  1. He wont sell, he certainly wont sell to a consortium that could bring us great things.
    If he turns this down I hope someone tears him apart – scum bag.


  2. Ashley is a scheming and disgusting stain on the people of Newcastle. He is stinking rich, has no real reason to sell and our club is simply making him more money each year. He can make more money each year from us while carrying on causing maximum pain to us all. So I’m very cynical that he will sell. One good thing is that if he doesn’t sell then there is no hiding place for him this time, he will be exposed as the self serving liar we all know him to be. He can’t run out the yearly excuse of they didn’t have enough money etc etc etc


  3. Reporter guesses that it is more than likely going to happen. If reporter is wrong. It’s Ashleys fault it didn’t happen.
    I would say you couldn’t make this **** up but they do.
    Pure guess work with a get out clause in Ashley, if he is wrong.


  4. The Saudi Arabian Royal family. Who the f@ck would welcome that? They are the most vile regime on the planet. They make Ashley look like a saint.


  5. Can just see Ashley now laughing at the protesters who gave their season tickets up only to give them away knowing they wouldn’t get them back, so yes Ive sold up and Im away but guess what you cant all get back in, his final two fingers up.


  6. Have read that Ashley won’t sell unless those buying Newcastle FC have the best interests of the Toon at heart???? Am I thick or what? Just what has he done in last decade where he’s put the best intersts of the Toon first. We may not be in debt, but he could have done better.
    The kettle calling the pot black?


  7. He ain’t selling so it’s time to stop being laughing stocks and make him pay all stop going no excuses or it’s rip NUFC seriously


  8. Those with season tickets get a lawyer to take out a rite to stop anyone else from buying them for a week. Then see if take over happens. 😥


  9. Cashley needs to do like the ****ie birds and flock off. He won’t of course, so he can stuff Sports Direct United up his rse.


  10. Copy and paste Mystic megs Predictions Ffs. Using George Caulkins full article to pedal the Fakeover news is beyond a joke. If no Deal is agreed how can the Fakeover almost be done mmmmm. Media on a wind up again.


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