Peter Taylor set to be named new Newcastle number two?

Peter Taylor.
Taylor made for Pardew?
Peter Taylor looks set to be named as Alan Pardew’s new assistant after admitting that rumours linking him with the post “have something in them”.

Taylor is currently managing League Two side Bradford City and confirmed the interest from Newcastle after he saw his side win 1-0 over Bury earlier this evening.

I believe that this would be a fantastic appointment given the direction the club is supposed to heading in. Taylor is well known for specialising in dealing with younger players and nurturing their talent after having two spells in charge of the England U-21 side. Of 31 games in charge of the junior national side, Taylor led his side to victory in 20 of them. He also took control of the full senior England side for one match just before Sven Goran Eriksson was handed the reins.

Taylor has a wealth of managerial experience, although most of his jobs have admittedly been in the lower leagues. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a widely respected coach who commands the respect of the players and is held in high regard within footballing circles for both his knowledge and approach to playing attractive, attacking football.

Perhaps Peter Taylor doesn’t want to pass up the chance of working with Premier League players this time around? Those with slightly longer memories will remember that Taylor very nearly joined us back in the dark days when Dennis Wise used to roam the corridors of power at St James’ Park. A deal couldn’t be agreed that time, but maybe there could be one this time around?

Obviously nothing is confirmed as yet, but Taylor’s admission, combined with Pardew’s specifications of the new assistant manager having to be someone who can command respect would seem to indicate that there could be something in this.

I would have liked to have had John Carver back at Newcastle after he left Sheffield United last week, but I guess it is important that the manager has a man he knows he can trust next to him, and I assume that Pardew believes he can trust Taylor.

It’s another kick in the teeth for Chris Hughton aswell to be fair. It’s becoming ever more clear that Hughton was always for the chop, despite what he managed to achieve with very little backing from the board. The new man appears to be getting pretty much all he wants at the moment, which is a luxury that Chris Hughton was unfortunately not afforded.

Still, times move on I guess, and if the new man is managing to get enough backing to strengthen the coaching staff then I guess we have to stick with it.

Your thoughts please.

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143 thoughts on “Peter Taylor set to be named new Newcastle number two?

  1. Toonsy Chuck wont be able to call you igor any more it will have to be Dr frankenstein now
    Batty I wont give him the chance to ban me 😉 I will be handing in my resignation on Toonsy’s farewell 😆 Have to do something to get the veiwing figures up for Toonsy


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  4. I have been thinking over the last few days, I bet a lot of people that dont know me that just pop on to .org think im a right nasty c@nt because of the spats that went on. and I honestly can say I never meant any harm to anyone on there, or anywhere else my way of life is anything for a quiet life and treat others as you would like them to treat you 🙂


  5. worky will probably switch to a more powerful server and the number of people on the blog will half on the same day.


  6. DJG I was thinking the same he might have been better waiting 🙂
    Toonsy you should make it mantatory to have an avatar if you want to be one off the top guys lol that will really **** batty like 😆


  7. well atlest 80% of it 😆 as i never got any benefit out of it, I could have walked into any bar or even talked to the missus and got into an argument for free 🙂


  8. right iam of night lads a cannit stop laughing >>toonsy
    Posted January 3, 2011 at 10:56 PM
    I think he will be alright about it. <<< 😆


  9. I know what I’ll do. I’ll end the article tomorrow with that video of Richietoon singing “We’ll meet again” at the Boro last season 😆


  10. It appears to be mate. Whilst on the subject, anyone having any issues with the speed of it or any trouble with their particular browser?


  11. I’ve got another trick up my sleeve aswell to make it a bit faster, but that will only kick in when it gets busier and Newsnow comes into play.


  12. Reet lads im off too catch you’s tomoro. this is what blogging should be like a bit of footie and some friendly banter 😉


  13. Chill out Big fella. Those that care and matter know so what does it matter? A new blog for us all, and I suspect there will be a big migration onto here anyway so alot will know you and what your like, and all the new folk will also get to know you. Plus with the Stu / Stardust show about to resume it really will be forgotten quickly!


  14. I know I will be chatting to myself but ho hum.

    I like the sound of the Mail’s article stating we maybe in for a loan deal with Bridge and a £4million for Keane (to pay in the summer). These are 2 players I have liked for a while, but I am not sure if Bridge would come here to play 2nd fiddle to Jose, although he is now 3rd fiddle at Man City so who knows. I would of thought a player like him would keep Jose on his toes, but he has certainly regressed since leaving Southampton. He was decent at Chelsea but has got alot worse at Man City, but he is a quality LB and that is the one position I think we c an all agree that we have only 1 real option there.

    I do like the idea of Keane coming in as he is different to what we have and would add a different dimension to our play. Whether he would come up this far who knows, its the same with Bentley, SWP etc, all the southerners will likely get nose bleeds past Watford Gap and not want to play for us in the cold cold cathedral that is SJP.

    I am very enthused with the links, and also with the P Taylor link (ANOTHER Taylor!!!). He is a quality coach and would add alot of experience and know how and it can only be a good thing. As someone pointed out earlier the very fact that these experienced people are being mentioned shows that CH’s time was always limited, but I for one think we will move on. Its like everything, you should make changes whilst your on top and doing well so the new people can integrate easier into the team and systems.

    I think this week is going to prove very interesting as I feel that things will move quickly for a change, with Ashleys man at the helm I just think that he will do alot more to back Pard’s than we have seen him do before and I am very hopefull.

    There, rant over back to work which is boring as fcuk. What is all this about Avatar’s and people should have them?


  15. Another thing, why do I keep reading so much about us needing to have ‘locals’ in the club? Why does Carver need to be appointed ove P Taylor to have someone local? Balls. As long as they are good for the club and will improve us it shouldnt matter a left bollokc, or am I in the minority? It wont bring the players and management closer because we only have 2 ‘locals’ in the squad anyway!


  16. I’m not sure about Bridge. Mailnly because, as you say, would he play second fiddle to Jose? Mind you, can’t Bridge play left wing aswell? Could be a thought…..


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