Whatever happened to the NUST?

Would NUST have been a success? Remember them? The Newcastle United Supporters Trust? Well where are they now? There was once a time where you couldn’t get away from them, so what happened?

Well in short they are still ticking along, no doubt awaiting the next chance they have to steal a bit of the limelight.

They didn’t quite achieve their mission of owning the club outright, in fact they never really got anywhere near it despite taking membership fees with the aim of doing so. Fair play to them for trying though, but the practice of it was never going to work.

The whole introduction of the NUST was one monumental balls up, and I am sure they will admit that. They lacked a strategy and tried to run before they could walk whilst dishing out ridiculous claims over how the club was being run, including claiming Mike Ashley was making £7 million a month from the club.

Fair play to them and all that, as they appear to have taken a step back and had a bit of a reshuffle, but their diminishing presence is something that seems to have gone un-noticed.

Anyway, and I’m getting to the point now, bear with me, would it have ever worked? If they had pulled it off, do you think we would have the club we all want, the club we all yearn for, a club that is competing towards the top of the table? Or would have it ended in disaster?

I realise that this is probably a bit deep, and maybe a bit of a random thing, to be thinking about as we prepare for the derby match on Sunday, but it’s one of those ‘what if’ things that regularly float through my head.

I personally feel that the club would have failed had NUST taken control in the height of all the troubles of two years ago. They displayed a naivety that would have been hurtful to the club in the long run. I realise that the notion was born out of a love for the club, but in this instance, and as the song title goes, love will tear us apart.

Mike Ashley is not everyones cup of tea, and still isn’t, and probably never will be. But in some cases you have to say that it is a case of better the devil you know. We’d have gone from one clueless owner to a group of clueless owners who would have run the club with their hearts rather than heads.

It’s all done now of course, and the NUST seems to have settled down a bit since then, but what do you think would have happened if they somehow got in?

Would fan ownership really have worked at Newcastle?

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136 thoughts on “Whatever happened to the NUST?

  1. Thank you Dave, and all the lads you all are great taking an interest. That is a very trendy name for a 90 year old ‘icedog’. Maybe you can think of a blog name for me, I can ask my great great nephew to add it as he registered me.


  2. allthough stu still wouldnt put nowt past the fat c@nt ,and for them that say yeah sell him for 25 30 mil they are talking ****e ,it would cost double too get a player with andys potential


  3. You trust Ashley to do the right thing do you, batty? He’s proved time and time again that he knows nothing about football, so I don’t trust him.

    Even though the club don’t need the money I wouldn’t be suprised if he sold him, would you?


  4. Well I must go now as I have an eastern european guy, coming to our bungalow to have a look at my roof tomorrow morning.


  5. I don’t think he’ll be sold this window….. but there’s nowt Ashley could do to surprise me now 🙁


  6. Neville Brewis you take care now and dont be getting up on the roof to check what the’re doing 😀 but get someone else to check it as you cant trust anyone these days. Saying that Young Richie and Batty do a mighty fine job up on the roofs but thats more stripping them 😆


  7. No no no, he would never coss his friends. However I can only recall a strike in the 70’s, whilst he was working.


  8. Don’t see how it could ever work out tbh. You could say its like communism maybe? Nice idea but it practice its abolute rubbish 😀


  9. Thanks Big Dave, I will get someone to check. I do need some leaves and moss cleared as well. This guy is Roumanian, he has been here twice. My young neighbour gets quite aggressive with him.


  10. Ha ha Big Dave, my neighbour keeps chasing away people that knock on our door. I am afraid that he may do that! He told him last time that he would do something to his gable end and swore at him. I think we will just go out instead, as I am normally up at 5.


  11. Gutted I missed this thread argghhhh

    For me NUST need to dissolve to disassociate themselves from their catalogue of disasters.

    Thereon they can reform with a new board and a fresh start, their last board shuffle was the wrong thing to do, they will always be known for their errors and to be fair stupidity.

    Their sound-bites may have worked well down a local partisan club, but when they thought the rest of NUFC supporters would see things that way, they soon realised it was not the case, as the informed picked apart virtually their every statement of importance.

    So in answer to Toonsy’s question, they are probably all sitting under a rock, not a big rock, just waiting for the chance to scuttle off into the midnight unobserved. Well here’s hoping anyway


  12. Some rumour saying we have sold Carroll for 22 million to Spurs. Apparently the bookies have slashed the odds on him.


  13. 22 million is not a good deal,how much was berbatov? 🙄

    anyway,i do like the idea of fans owning the club,but the board of directors of the NUST,is not convincing me enough to help them. 😎


  14. Just paid a visit to .org, it really has gone down hill. It just seems like one big anti-Pardew affair and to be honest, it’s a little bit sad.

    Keep up the good work, Toons.


  15. It’s the greatest ! Stardust having a go at the NUST and expects us to respect his views!!
    How dare the little low down worm that he is, criticise a well intentioned group of true Geordie fans, who’s main aim was to rid the club from the grubby clutches of Fat Ashley!
    How dare he? This is the very same worm who gave us Ashley rhetoric for months on end, telling us what a wonderful human being he was!
    Yet following the sacking of Chris Hughton, Dustys opinions of the man suddenly did a full unequivocal U-turn! He now hates the man and no longe can put his trust in him as he believes he’s too unpredictable! Something the NUST pointed out throughout their campaign but were continuously ridiculed by the Stardust worm!
    Now take some advice Stardust worm. Go to mackem land, hunt down the Lambton worm and getting married to one another and build a happy little worm family but make sure you stay within the Borders of wearside where you are obviously from!
    Boom Boom basil brush!


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