Sunday news round-up.

News round-up.

News round-up.
Stop! Press!
The recent Wear-Tyne derby has kind of dominated proceedings so far this weekend, which is understandable, but now it has gone it gives us a chance to catch up on what else has been going on in the news.

With it being Sunday there has been a fair bit of news about today, although as I said above, a lot of it has been centred around the derby match, so I thought it was perhaps best to wrap it all up into handy article for you all to peruse at your leisure.

First off, there is some speculation from the Sunday Express suggesting that Joey Barton will be prepared to take a pay cut to sign a new contract, but only if said contract is of a sufficient length to enable Barton to see out his career at Newcastle.

Some more Joey Barton news is featured in The Telegraph as Joey Barton bemoans the fact that he is not getting a look-in for England. To be fair, he has a point. I can’t think of many English midfielders who are outperforming him at the minute. Can you?

Next up, Alan Pardew has revealed that Newcastle have already turned down some serious bids for their star players. The Sunday Sun is speculating that those players are Andy Carroll and Joey Barton, although Pardew stops short of naming the players concerned. He also claims that keeping hold of our better players shows the ambition of the club.

Perhaps more interestingly, there is a hint in that article that suggests Pardew could be bringing in a new face this week, although again it is only a weak hint. He does admit though that left-sided cover is a priority and cites the absence of Jose Enrique as an example.

There is very little on the transfer front to be honest, which is strange considering it is Sunday. I kind of look forward to reading which players we are linked with to be honest. I know most of it is made up rubbish, but it’s still fun, in a weird kind of way.

So there you go. Let us know your thoughts on all of this.

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96 thoughts on “Sunday news round-up.

  1. I know one player dosn’t make a team, but I think when benny gets back we could be a complete different team 😉 I would still love to get a big money proven No 10 type striker as I think we could do far batter than alot of people would expect.


  2. Watching on football first here, we had so many chances. So many chances to put this game away. Jose just hooked a cross/shot high and wide across the face of the goal with Best standing in the box on his todd.


  3. I was certainly inspired by our performance today. Really thought we deserved the win but I suppose there will be a game in which we win that we perhaps should have drawn so I’m sure things will even out again. Colo was absolutely superb though and man of the match for me!


  4. Batty 😆

    Ross – I’m waiting for MOTD. Just watched the Liverpool game so our one should be next. Never really got to see much of it to be honest as I had to run around outside with the laptop to try and stop it from over heating :mrgreen:


  5. Ahmed – I agree. Certainly more positives than negatives to come from today.

    I said earlier, and I maintain it, Sunderland are NOT as good as the league table says. They are flukey. That luck will run out.


  6. Toonsy-Have you seen their goal? If you haven’t, think of a rotten equaliser and then go far, far jammier. And you’re close, to Gyan’s goal.


  7. Yeah. I seen both the goals to be honest. I saw most of the game actually, just not very well because of said laptop issues 😡


  8. The Gyan goal just gets worse and worse every time you see it. You can see when it hits his leg, he stops for a second and looks up because he barely has any idea the ball has hit him, nevermind that it’s going in.

    Bless them though, their celebrations were funny. You’d have thought they won the league. All this “it felt like a win” stuff is nonsense, the celebrations were of sheer relief. Not like they could celebrate the performance, we strolled the game from the word go.


  9. Alan Smith left the ground on crutches. I reckon he has fractured his ankle. Feel sorry for him as the next two games were key for him to prove his worth in Tiote’s absence.


  10. I think we should be realistically aiming for 6th now, we may well of course not get it but after 22 games gone there are no teams outside the top 5 that can be said to be better than us. We may have blown it with our early losses against beatable opposition, but we should/could be there or there abouts. Still pi–ed we didn’t get three points yesterday.


  11. They **** themselves yesterday and a draw would have been more than any of them had dared expect after the 90 minutes. But then we switched off a bit and didn’t keep it well enough. Season’s bragging rights are ours unquestionably though. Had a mackem on TOTT wittering on that we couldn’t beat them even though they were crap, hardly a good foundation for a wind-up. What a mong.

    Hope Carroll is going nowhere because apart from the principle, a replacement would be untested and would take time to settle in. We need firepower desperately, so let’s hope he’s fit soon and we can get somebody else in before the end of January. If Barton does take a paycut, it’s the least he can do really. Just hope he can survive on £50k a week, poor soul…

    See some of the inbreds were intent on real trouble yesterday. RTG reported that one supporter dropped a kitchen knife in the celebrations which was kicked away by a steward. Who takes a kitchen knife into the ground?


  12. Mate, I hate knives and people that use them are scum of the earth. In my view there is only one reason to carry one, and that is that you are prepared to use it.

    Sunderland are scum of the earth. Absolutely vile, pathetic people who deserve every bit of misforune that happens to roll their way. Not all of them are like that, and I will gladly make exceptions, but a lot of them are.

    I hope the FA piss all over them and punish them to the fullest extent of the law. Sanctions, the lot. They failed, AGAIN, to control their crows, which resulted in an assault on one of our players. That will have particular resonance give what happened at Stevenage.

    An isolated incident has now become two incidents in two weeks and is something that the FA should get a handle thatnks to Sunderland. They deserve evrything they get the horrible little ****bags!


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