Andy Carroll is going nowhere!

Carroll will not be going anywhere.
Andy Carroll has been the most talked about transfer target during this January transfer window, with Tottenham being the club that has been most linked with the striker.

But Alan Pardew has give the most categoric statement yet about the future of the Gateshead lad and has insisted that Carroll is not for sale.

This comes amidst yet more tiresome rumours suggeting that Tottenham are preparing a Β£30 million bid for the England international, although quite where the press pluck these figures from is a it of a mystery given that yesterday Redknapp dismissed a move Carroll saying that a bid for Carroll would involve silly money that Tottenham wouldn’t be prepared to pay.

Hopefully this will end all the speculation, but I doubt it. Carroll is, and has always said, that he is happy and is living his dream at Newcastle, so why would he want to move right now? He is only 22 and there is plenty of time for him to move on in the future of he really wants to, although I have a feeling that Carroll will be around for a long time. It’s just a feeling though as I’m not ‘in the know’ or anything.

Still, it shouldn’t even be a thought now, not for the moment anyway, as Alan Pardew has come out and said that Carroll is not for sale. I found it in The Telegraph, but it’s in loads of other papers today.

Responding to the gossip about Tottenham preapring a mega money bid, Pardew said this:

β€œThey can put together whatever they like. He is not for sale. I am going to say it for one last time, he is not for sale.”

Sounds pretty definitive to me. How about you?

Still, I guess the rumours will persist anyway, but that was always going to happen. A young, English centre-forward who can score goals, boss a defence, is good in the air and with the ball at his feet was always going to attract attention.

It’s still early days in the career of Carroll though. Just 12 months ago he was a gangly striker that looked like he would struggle to score regularly having only scored four times in the league. The transformation in that 12 months has been staggering and Carroll has scored 26 times in 41 appearances since then.

It’s not just about his goalscoring though. Carroll brings more to the team than that. His workrate is exceptional and he tracks back and defends aswell. He plays with pride in the shirt.

Like a lot of the players we have nowadays!

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95 thoughts on “Andy Carroll is going nowhere!

  1. I’m having trouble thinking of any small, quick strikers out there apart from Defoe. Anyone? Must be loads and I’m just having a brain-fart…
    Either that or they just don’t work in the modern game.


  2. Whumpie

    Couldn’t agree more with your assessment of his performance. He was much better in the second half when we were actually getting forward in other ways apart from punting it long. Our game plan was clearly to suffocate them in the first half and take more risks in the second. For me, Best has potential, but needs the ball delivered to him at chest height or lower. He is below par in the air.


  3. I think Pards decided early on that we should just punt over the top of the midfield going forward, and stifle them coming the other way. Not pretty, but sort of worked. But it needed a much better partner for Shola, and Best really struggled.

    C’mon Ranger: get your act sorted and come good for us!


  4. i say we need a striker for sure,but unless the guy is at a decent price or a loan stick with what we have,wrong time to be shopping in this window,we have carroll,afra,gosling,i would rather go with young fergie than go for larrson


  5. Whumpie
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    Surely we can better Division two or Championship salaries?

    You can’t drink champagne on beer money…


  6. This whole chronicle story ”based on Shola and Best form do we need to buy anyone blah blah blah” is ridiculous.

    Alright Bent scored a hat-trick….so could I if no one marked me for 90 minutes and 99% of possession was in West Hams half.
    Can you see him getting the better of Vidic? Or even Ryan Nelson for that matter, he isnt enough to support Carroll. I can see us flitting between 3 players supporting Carroll and none of our current crop getting a fair run in the side. One bad game and it will be all change. We need consistancy in starting 11. Look at teams with this who do well, Barca play same 11 in same position every week and they seem to be able to read each others minds. Not saying we will be barca, our problem is no one plays beside the same person week in week out, which you need to mount a serious campaign in the premier league. Arsenal when they were invincibles was the same. So was Man Utd in Giggs, Scholes, Keane era. Every successful team does this but nowadays because of injuries and suspensions galour, we have this squad rotation policy in the premier league to try win every cup and champions league etc.

    My point is…..instead of having Carroll and 4 mediocre strikers in the background. Get rid of 4 mediocre strikers and 2 good ones. One obviously starting 11 material and one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer πŸ™‚


  7. Whumpie
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    You can only talk to the player regarding wages and personal terms etc when a deal has been agreed with the parent club, and they then allow you to talk to the player. No deal was agreed, or even offered. So I can’t see how it was about wages

    Bothroyd even said himself, “I love playing for Cardiff City and I’m staying,” he likes it there, he doesn’t want to leave. He might have kids in school? He might like being the no1 player there and doesn’t fancy being a squad player here? He might be just a lazy f*cker and just doesn’t fancy a challenge.

    Who knows, but there’s a thousand reasons why a player might want to stay with their club and not move on, doesn’t have to be all about money.


  8. Moreno – I agree. But right now we have plenty to get us over the line, so I’d rather wait until the summer to decide who to sell and buy. January is rip-off time.

    And Stu regarding salaries: yep, you’re right. I just think these idiots are convinced they’ll get a better offer. They won’t. Every manager knows he’s got finite funds now, so these players will eventually have to get real.

    Loving that. πŸ˜†


  9. Nathandio-he wanted a pay rise. He’s on 70k a week at Spurs. Greedy git doesn’t even start to explain it. He wanted a cool 1 million should WH survive the drop apparently, he clearly thinks he’s worth far more than he is, for a player his age he’s looking for one massive pay day rather than playing football, really glad we didn’t go near him.


  10. ILM: you’re right; I’m assuming the worst, which is unfair on the fella. If he’s on decent wages, living where he wants to live and playing for a team he loves, why move? I hope that’s the reason. More thinking like that would improve the game no end.


  11. I hope the Keanes of this world end up festering for a season while the younguns come through the academies to replace them.
    Bitter, he?
    Smidge. 😈


  12. Stuart79
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 5:11 PM

    “Get your head out of the sand, man! It’s all about money!”

    I’ll reiterate for the slower ones in the class.

    Wages and personal terms can only be discussed with the player once a deal has been agreed with the parent club, they will then give you permission to talk to the player.

    There was no deal, and not even a bid, merely an enquiry.

    So based upon these facts, i’ll say it again, I can’t see how it would be about wages.


  13. ilm,brum come out and says why they wernt signing keane,they says he was asking for to much money and a long contract.


  14. I Love Mike
    Posted January 17, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    Read Dave Jones’ comments. He turned down a PL club (us) that would seem like the parent club accepted a bid, no?

    Do you want me to explain it again?


  15. bbc 14:52 GMT, Monday, 17 January 2011

    “Cardiff City have rejected an approach from an unnamed club for 15-goal top scorer Jay Bothroyd.

    “We’ve had one enquiry for him and Jay knows about the enquiry,” said Cardiff boss Dave Jones

    “I had a long chat with Jay yesterday and I’m sure Jay won’t mind me saying: Jay wants to stay at this football club

    We said no [to the approach] and Jay knows about it, because his contract is up in June and people think they can come and take him for a measly amount of money.

    Where exactly does it say that he turned us down because of wages then? He didn’t, because our enquiry was knocked back by the club.

    But you carry on Stu, twisting things to fit your argument, won’t be the first time, won’t be the last.


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