Derby day troubles – A one off? Or here to stay?

Crowd trouble at Sunderland.
More shenanigans from the scum.
The scenes at the end of yesterday’s Wear-Tyne derby weren’t pretty, and I think most of us will agree that football has moved on since the days of trouble at football matches.

Yesterday it reverted back to the dark old days to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that bad when compared to the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s, but it was bad enough compared to what we as fans have become used to.

It was a derby day and the passion and tension was bound to be running high, but at the end of the day it is only a football match. Yes, there was a match played yesterday, and Newcastle done very well in it, but the main focus of the press has been on off-field events that took place at the Stadium of Light yesterday afternoon.

There have been arrests, and there could well be more. I’m also sure that anyone found to have been taking an active part in the trouble will be brought to justice. That is fair enough, but it is becoming ridiculous, especially at the Stadium of Light. Why can’t they control their fans?

That is the real problem in all of this. Fans will be fans and will get irate in the heat of battle, particularly a Tyne-Wear battle. It doesn’t make it ok, but it was perhaps the most predictable event of yesterday.

I’ve heard stories of darts being thrown and knives being concealed in peoples clothing. Were these people not searched on the way into the ground? I go to quite a few away games and generally I’ll get searched, along with everyone else. Did this not happen yesterday?

Northumbria Police erected a metal fence outside the ground to segregate the fans, yet inside the ground they had very little segregation – one row of Police if reports are to be believed. What wisdom was behind that? Not much.

The stewarding was atrocious, again, which resulted in the Mackem annual pitch invasion and the assault of Steve Harper. It was only a push, but it was still assault. Thank god the kid didn’t have anything more sinister planned!

This kind of thing doesn’t happen at St James’ Park though, which leads me to the conclusion that Sunderland just can’t cope with the crowd issue. Granted, they get big crowds when pop acts such as Pink roll up on Wearside but, having never been to a Pink concert, I’m willing to guess that the crowd is of a slightly calmer nature.

The fallout from events will continue for some time,and sanctions will no doubt be heaped upon both clubs, which is a shame really considering the vast majority of fans from both clubs have no interest in causing bother. Unfortunately it is these fans that any sanctions will hit the hardest

Yesterday we saw a committed derby match from two sides just wanting to play football, although the team in black and white were the better. It was a true derby game full of tackles and was played at a frenetic pace for long periods. It was a great advertisement for the area and was infinately more enjoyable than the Birmingham derby.

Unfortunately, that won’t be why it will be remembered.

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26 thoughts on “Derby day troubles – A one off? Or here to stay?

  1. Both me and my Dad thought the same, the police did a great job outside the ground, however, letting the fans gather towards towards the corner where the away fans were at the final whistle was a big oversight.


  2. After the mackem goal, it would have been understandable (but inexcusable) for the Newcastle fans to overreact but the scum just can’t help themselves. They’ve got no class as a Town or a Club – Niall Quinn being the exception who is actually a top bloke.


  3. the FA should come down hard on the scum this is not the first time there fans have gettin on the pitch and confronted owa players,fkin disgrace


  4. oh can I just add, being there, the scenes at the end weren’t that bad really.

    The spakem fans were mainly young, excitable, teenage charvers with nothing better to do in their days apart from shag their sisters.

    I usually go to about 5 away games per season, and have done for the past 4 seasons maybe, and I don’t think i’ve ever been searched! Ironically, I have at St James’ thought!


  5. Just saw this form the telegraph
    “A Birmingham City statement on Monday night stressed that they are still committed to signing a striker, with Rangersโ€™ Kenny Miller and Newcastleโ€™s Peter Lovenkrands chief among them, but it comes as a major blow for Alex McLeish, who had identified Keane, 31, as his priority target this month. ”

    Didn’t realise birmingham had official interest in lovenkrands? he might be tempted by more first team football…


  6. Never heard that one either.

    But maybe it’s like one of the Chronicle’s good old ‘sources close to the club’ type story, i.e. full of ****. :mrgreen:


  7. Aye true, i’m looking around for an actual quote now but can’t really find much. May just be banded around as Mcleish was rangers boss when Lovenkrands was there wasn’t he?


  8. So would people still have Robbie Keane here knowing full well that he is looking to increase his ยฃ65,000 a week wages?


  9. Cant believe that he would be greedy enough to sit on the bench rather than play week in week out, Im just glad that the days of us buying these greedy lazy c@nts is over.


  10. Nah, not yet. It’s only been a week though to be fair. We’re on the Technorati blog library now though ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. DAVE come on give me the gen m8 on these rumours flying aboot about big meet t/morrow in toon,or is it just that a rumour ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


  12. Oh yes, in the Gosforth Park hotel. They’ll be lucky if they can afford season tickets let alone buying the club :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


  13. Ice was thinking about a No10 type player to partner the Big Lad, and apart from Tevez ๐Ÿ˜ฏ the next player I would go for would be Defoe would you take him โ“


  14. Can’t see why anybody would want keane-not on those wages. Not only that, but a 6mil price tag? Spurs really shot themselves in the foot with that, maybe somebody would be desparate to pay such wages (i.e west ham wayne bridge) but add on a 6mil price tag for an ageing player? its a joke, spurs trying to get themselves a good deal has just cost them getting shot of a high earning, relatively useless player.


  15. DAVE on defoe he can knock them in,but i have a pal who is spuds crazy home and away,and has played at a real good level himself he doent like him says hes not a “team”player very greedy when other players in better positions,whatever floats your boat i surpose


  16. Toonsy. That was the biggest load of dross I’ve just read.
    Am I not right I’m thinking that Sunderland and Newcastle have the same police force? Northumbria police.
    My cousin works as an officer and he tells me that there is no difference in police tactics at either grounds.
    How can there be? Same police same tactics? Lost on your post . Please explain?


  17. BS9 – there may nit be a difference in tactics (I wasn’t aware I said there was. Please elaborate). All I said is that we don’t see that kind of thing at SJP. Why not? Because there is proper segregation, empty seats, to help the fuzz, unlike there was at SOL.


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