Routledge off to QPR again?

Routy off to QPR?
Wayne Routledge looks set to rejoin his former club, QPR, on a loan deal until the end of the season.

There had been speculation suggesting that a move could be on the cards, and that speculation apppears to be coming true as Routledge looks to be heading South to aid QPR in their push for the Premier League. He will be fantastic at that, as he was for us last season, but it does leave us looking rather light on the wings at the moment.

I think it’s fair to say that Routledge is not a Premier League winger, which is strange considering he has pace to burn, can cross a ball and can shoot as he demonstrated last season. When Routledge joined us he was immense and really helped to push us across the finishing line. He assisted loads of goals and added balance to the team in the run in.

Still, this isn’t the first chance that he has had at trying his hand at Premier League football. He has tried, and failed, at Fulham, Tottenham and Aston Villa previously, and it looks as though he can add Newcastle to his list of failed attempts at Premier League football.

I still like the lad, and if he can get his head right and start playing with the confidence to run at and run past people he could still be a Premier League player in the future. A player with that much pace will always be a threat, if they have the confidence and knowledge to use it well.

Yoda moment over, the attention will no doubt turn towards who we are going to get in as a replacement. The fact that Routledge is apparently being allowed out on loan would suggest that Newcastle have something in the pipeline, or it could just as easily point towards Dan Gosling returning to fitness. To me that is unlikely though as Pardew has always maintained throughout this window that he is looking for a winger.

Rumours of players like Shaun Wright-Phillips and Adel Taarabt will no doubt surface now, although time will tell if we are actually looking for a replacement or whether we’ll just stick with Joey Barton, with Dan Gosling as cover, for the rest of the season. I have a feeling that something is in the pipeline though, but time will tell if my gut feeling is right.

Anyway, nothing is confirmed yet and the only real source is the infamous Sky source, although Wayne Routledge did post on his Twitter earlier suggesting that something was up when he said “Why does January cause so much chaos… #sighhhh”. Make of that what you will.

Now we’ll just have to see what happens!

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128 thoughts on “Routledge off to QPR again?

  1. Seems as though it’s official according to SSN. I think there’s little chance of tarrabt coming too from what warnock was saying, thin on ground etc. I for one would prefer krankjar from spuds, more flexible and would fit in better. Also more chance of him coming now that they’ve got peinaar in. Interesting move though didn’t see it, but I do agree that if we can use the money better then let’s do it. Also give the no 10 shirt to benny boy!!!


  2. But he isn’t and he’s gone stardy. I don’t actually think he wouldve nurtured it as he hadn’t managed it in the 11 months he had him and CH used to play Guthrie and Barton on the RW with routledge on the bench so he can’t of done too well for him either. Let’s just wait and see what develops, with bent and pienaar moving it will set a few wheels in motion I think, wouldn’t be suprised to have a couple of offers from everton for Nolan and Barton and maybe smith?


  3. Stardust

    Pardew not up to it because he shipped Routledge out on loan. πŸ™„

    There are some rash comments spouted on here sometimes, aren’t there? Everyone should just wait and see how the window develops. Reserve judgement until February.


  4. I would sell smith, he hasn’t done anything much since he has been at the club and i’m always worried when he goes in for tackles as he has a way of getting himself booked or sent off


  5. The Goose,

    I doubt we will ever sell Smith, who in their right mind would match the current salary that he is on at NUFC.

    The replacement for Routledge is a no brainer for me KRANJCAR is the man, Β£2m should secure his services.


  6. hitman
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 6:15 PM
    anyone heard of bruce shepard

    )))Aye, It’s Freddie’s bro


  7. Stardust
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 5:56 PM

    β€œIn my opinion this lends further to the weight that Pardew isn’t up to it… Pardew should have β€œcoached him” and invested in psychological coaching… its too easy, lazy and crowd pleasing to ship him out”

    So I guess then, being shipped out of all those Premiership clubs he’s been at then is just an unfortunate coincidence then? I mean, having been at Fulham, Villa and Tottenham having β€˜easy, lazy and crowd pleasing’ coaches at those clubs is an unfortunate coincidence, no?

    Pardew, as well as the other professional coaches he has played under, do it for a living and see him every day, yes people get it wrong sometimes, but 4 of them? To use this as a veiled dig at Pardew is a bit odd really considering it’s happened before.


  8. Stardy your starting to sound very like your old mate Worky πŸ˜†
    Next you’s will be starting a Pardew fan club on Facebook πŸ˜‰


  9. Batty I agree mate we look like a different team except for Stevenage which reminded me of a couple of our earlier games.
    Our workrate imo is all lot higher


  10. I feel sorry for Routledge because he is one of those players that has a career spoilt by being too good for one league and not for the other. It feels like we have just used him to get out of the championship. A dog should be for life not just for christmas. πŸ˜›

    And yet Smith stay on the payroll, on bigger wages, for another 18months. πŸ™„


  11. I don’t feel sorry for him, I bet he’d still rather have his life than any of ours πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  12. DJG with the wage he is getting I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him πŸ˜†
    As for Smith maybe no one wants to take him of our hands as I cant see any Championship side paying his wages so I dont think it would be that easy mate


  13. Hitman – Taylors had upteen years to improve at one club! He is standing still imo.

    El T makes a good point about the 4 managers – I’m not near a comp to check on injury status during those periods so I accepts that’s a valid point.

    I also accpet I will have to wait and see who we bring in tho I like competition for similar places.

    I just struggle to see how Pardew has has time yet to form a view? Surely a snap judgement like this is poorly received?

    I also accept my mistrust of him makes we willing to shoot first sometimes!


  14. STARDUST with you on taylor ,fitness prone too imo.
    nowt wrong with shooting first batty telt me πŸ˜‰


  15. I guess the key to this is if there is anyone to come in ❓

    If there is, and he is better than Routledge it makes sense. If not, then it doesn’t πŸ™‚


  16. TOONSY good picture of d.bent on real radio in villa strip,sure scum fans would love it on there blog 😈


  17. aye me to ice,would like us to try for kranjar,with pienaar signing it puts him further down the pecking order


  18. Luke Edwards has made a very valid point recently – selling Routledge is interesting considering NUFC have missed out on their four main transfer targets – Keane, Bentley, Boothroyd and Larsson.

    Surely must have someone lined up?


  19. aye I think kranjar would be an excellent signing but I dont think arry would want to let him go, but then maybe kranjar wouldn’t settle for a bit part πŸ˜‰


  20. TOONSY son just put photo up on face book and tagged a few,

    cannot understand the abuse hes got πŸ˜€


  21. Dave – Pardew has already admitted his interest in Keane and Bentley.

    If Bruce Shepherd is involved in a takeover I’ll walk down Northumberland St riding Elton John while smoking a twenty foot long King Edward.


  22. Find Bent’s move to Villa highly amusing. The worrying thing is that they now have around 20 mil to strengthen and given their (fortunate and probably innacurate) premier league position, they’d be able to attract a canny player.

    As for Routledge, I think he has ability but for one reason or another he’s never been able to fulfill it. It’s sadly no coincidence that every premier league club he’s been at, he’s failed to succeed. He’s played over 100 PL games and never scored. Never. If it’s on loan its not the end of the world, it could even be a smart move. Take him to the CCC, boost his confidence and bring him back to the PL. If it’s not a purchase though, we definitly wont be bringing Taraabt in. They’re not going to take Routs for 6 months and give away their best player in return.

    Also, anyone else watching City? Half time rolls round and the pundits are outside at Eastlands in Jackets and Scarfs. Robbie Savage is sitting there in a suit looking like he’s freezing his ******* off. Silly ****.


  23. Ross-

    Aye they could easily blow Β£10M on some gash player aswell. πŸ˜†

    I still don’t think they will be above 9th or 10th come the end of the season. The position they are in atm is a false one and partly because Everton, Liverpool, Villa and co. are so poor atm. The mackems will go on a poor run at some point, they do every season. πŸ™‚


  24. I have no doubt that Routledge will be replaced during the current window.

    The squad is small enough without allowing 1st team squad players to leave, I just hope that we recruit a better player than Routledge as that would demonstrate improvement.

    In the past, players such as Salty Sellers and Ruel Fox were moved on for the likes of Ginola and Gillespie…

    Surely we are interested in the likes Kranjcar!!


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