Agent claims Wright-Phillips interest.

Shaun Wright-Phillips.
Newcastle interested, according to agent.
Rumours are starting to surface over who will be the potential for Wayne Routledge, should he complete his loan move to QPR of course.

The wisdom of allowing Routledge out on loan is very much dependant on who Newcastle have lined up as a replacement, or if they have a replacement lined up at all. It wouldn’t make sense for the club to allow Routledge to leave without replacing him, but on the other hand, if they have someone lined up then you could at least see some logic in allowing Routledge to leave on a temporary basis.

One of the names that was sure to be thrown around is Shaun Wright-Phillips, and it didn’t take long to happen as his agent has already confirmed that there is interest from Newcastle regarding a move for the player. Wayne Lindsay claims that the 29-year-old is weighing up his options and will only be moving for footballing reasons this time around.

“I can confirm that Newcastle United are definitely an option that he does have,” said Lindsay. “At the moment, they’re one of four options and it’s really down to the player himself which club he decides to go to.”

One of those options looks like Fulham. Would Wright-Phillips prefer to move back down South and work under a former boss in the shape of Mark Hughes for the final few years of his career?

Shaun Wright-Phillips is said to be on a rather large salary, which would seem to put a dampener on any move for the right-sided midfielder. I’ve heard rumours and reports of Wright-Phillips being on anywhere between £60,000-£90,000 a week, but his agent insists that money is not the motivator behind his client’s next move.

“I know what is being said, but I don’t see wages being a stumbling block if he goes to Newcastle,” said Lindsay. “He’s really just assessing what his opportunities and options are and it’ll be a decision taken for football reasons.”

“Clearly it is well documented what his current situation (on the fringes of the Manchester City squad) is. The next move may well be a permanent one so it is important what he decides to do. There isn’t really a timeline as such – it just needs to be done before the end of January.”

So interest in bringing SWP to SJP? Or is there? Could this be yet another case of an agent using the name of Newcastle United to drum up some greater interest in his client? I don’t for one minute buy into the fact that his agent is saying it’s not about money. Agent’s are all about money.

A right-winger would seem to be on the cards for Pardew, but whether or not it is this particular right-winger reamins to be seen. One thing is certain though, and that is if the club are to let Routledge go out on loan then they will need to bring in a replacement.

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37 thoughts on “Agent claims Wright-Phillips interest.

  1. Routledge needs intensive coaching in crossing accurately at speed. Get it right and he’s worth keeping.
    Dont want a waster like SWP and his stupid wages (and stupider ‘Dad’) clogging up our squad, and preventing young hungry players coming thru. He’d be another Duff.


  2. He was good a couple if years ago but what is ge like now?

    The Costa Rican, Bryan Ruiz is far more talented and much younger. 😉


  3. He’d be a good stop-gap, but too much past tendency to tosserness to fit in, plus too old and perhaps not a good fit in the dressing room.


    If he will come on a reasonable salary, I can think of worse options. Personally, I’d bring him in as competition for Routledge, not a replacement. If Wayne’s still not delivering the goods (or crosses) by the Summer, then replace him. Either way, we need two specialist right-wingers.

    (I may be doing a disservice to current players there – perhaps Raylor is up to the job, and perhaps Jonas has RW abilities I’ve not seen yet?)

    Anyway, while I think SWP could actually do well for us for the rest of the season, I’d far rather find someone more aligned with club strategy, i.e. early twenties, known but not quite the finished article. Ben Arfa or Tiote type. Trouble is, wingers in that mould cost silly money, which we shouldn’t be paying for anyone any more.


  4. Whumpie

    It is quite clear that Pardew sees Gosling as competition for RM and is now looking for a first team RM


  5. raffo
    Posted January 19, 2011 at 1:59 PM
    Where bouts in the Rothervalley are you matey?

    Kiveton Park / Anston


  6. I wouldnt be very keen on swp , dont think he d be much better than routledge on all honestly , but a loan til end of the season prob wouldnt be the worse deal in the world , esp if we can get man city paying a large chunk of his wages 🙂


  7. Rothervalley – cool, I live in Bolton on Dearne and used to work at Dinnington. There u go, not very interesting but hey I am bored at work 😕


  8. Johno – I think he is better than routledge, he has alot more about him but I think I would be happier to see Krankjar as he can fill in on either flank and I suspect his wage demands are alot lower than SWP’s.

    Having said that, 5 prem clubs want SWP and only 3 champ clubs wanted Routledge which says something to me at least


  9. I think if SWP does end up here and gets his head down and proves he is up to the job then it could work out well.


  10. Could work out to be a good move, as he is part of the national set up and is obviously being overshadowed at his own club by johnson so your right he does have alot to gain, we just need to hope he sees us as a positive move, much the same as peinaar has by choosing spuds over chelski


  11. reckon it’d be a decent move it if came off, doubt it would though. If there’s anyone in the PL with a point to prove it’s SWP… we’re SURELY more attractive than Fulham as well… he also seems to me like the kind’ve player Pards would like… a little bit glamorous. I certainly wouldn’t complain if he came in though, on loan at any rate. Kinda thought we’d have someone by now seeing as routers left yesterday…


  12. I assume his preference for Bolton is because he probably wouldn’t have to move house


  13. If El Toro is right and Gosling is shaping up as a natural RW (not another CM ‘doing a job’ out there) then having him and SWP would make sense and explain the Routledge loan.

    Like others, I think SWP could do a job for us; I just remember him being too prone to cheating and hissy fits in the past. Hopefully age has got him past that. He’d have to come here on the right terms and expectations, mind; no room for mercenaries here these days.


  14. toonsy
    Posted January 19, 2011 at 2:37 PM
    I think if SWP does end up here and gets his head down and proves he is up to the job then it could work out well.

    Wouldn’t that be the case for anyone coming in? 😉


  15. Jersey – Aye, it did sound a bit generaic didn’t it 😛

    What I mean is, and someone else said it earlier, is that not many people have more to prove than SWP. If he can prove it here then fair enough and that doubt slips away. Until he does prove it though there will always be doubt.


  16. Apparently Gary Glitter is applying to be the new Aston Villa manager after he heard the strikers were Young, Bent and possibly Keane. 😀


  17. I really think SWP would do great in black and white.
    He’s a guy with ability and a point to prove. He has the skill to get past defenders, he has a decent cross and he has a more than decent eye for goal.
    I would have thought people would be happier about the rumours, but I suppose it’s all okay as long as people are happy when the transfer actually happens and he does well for us.

    Here’s to eternal hope! 😀


  18. Personally I can’t see it happening. He’s 29 and the fee would be at least 8 mil? Can’t see Ashley being ok with that. I’ve never rated him. Think he’s been an average player who made a boat load of money on potential. Our squad could use a player with his skill set but more at a fee of say 3 mil?
    I feel we could get in 3 wingers around the same ability as swp, for what he would cost us.


  19. Ice… c’mon, your dream is to see JB spraying a long pass out to SWP on the wing….admit it 😉


  20. that ****ter dude has just said this

    #nufc make enquiry to take Stephen Ireland on loan

    ??? Your guess would be as good as mine as to why we would be after Ireland, cover for Smith? Would he get games here?

    God knows


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