What are your initial thoughts on Alan Pardew?

Alan Pardew.
Pardew: A promising start?
It’s been six weeks or so since Alan Pardew was appointed as Newcastle manager. He has had seven games so far, and whilst it isn’t an awful lot, I’m just wondering what people are making of his start to life as manager of Newcastle United?

I’m not writing this to judge him or cast aspersions on him, in fact I am in the ‘give the bloke a chance’ camp when all is said and done. I wasn’t very chuffed (understatment) when Chris Hughton got the sack, and I was underhwhelmed when Alan Pardew was appointed as his succesor. I have to say though, Pardew has impressed me so far.

Pardew was very fortunate to have been able to build on all of the fantastic work that Chris Hughton did at St James’ Park. The bloke will, and should always, have a place in Tyneside folklore for battling the odds and turning the club from a shambles into a reasonably well respected outfit.

One of the key things that Alan Pardew had to do when arrived was to not rock the boat. The majority of players and fans were very close to Hughton after he earned their trust and respect, so the potential for upset and unrest was very real.

Fortunately that seems to have been avoided, and Pardew has survived the initial backlash with the players still onside. The fans however, are still to be won around.

As I said earlier, it’s seven games for Alan Pardew, six of them have been in the league. Of those six league games, Newcastle have won three and drawn one accumulating 10 points from a possible 18. When you consider that some of those fixtures have been against the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City aswell as a trip to the filth down the road, you would have to admit that this probably wasn’t the easiest run of games for Pardew to begin his Newcastle United managerial career with.

The results, Stevenage aside, have been fairly impressive so far, but what about the other aspects of management? How have they been?

Well in my view they are pretty good. The decision to publicly criticise Nile Ranger for his failings was a little bit ropey, as is any dirty laundry that is aired in public, but then surely there comes a point where the softly-softly appraoch has to end? If a player isn’t listening, then surely it’s right to change tactic? This is what Pardew did, and hopefully it will work out in the long run.

Pardew is known to have a problem with words, which has lead to problems between him and the media before. There have been no signs of that thus far at Newcastle and he has dealt with the press pretty well to date. Some have said that he talks too much to the press, but it if you look at it he hasn’t really revealed any hidden gossip or revealed any transfer targets has he? All he has said has been generaic stuff, like the talk of the transfer window and the role agents play. It’s stuff we all know, yet Pardew attracts criticism for it.

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed so far. The results have been decent, the players seem to have taken to him, or at least be willing to work with him, and he has dealt with the press fairly well. He has coaxed the money from the board to sign Hatem Ben Arfa prematurely, and has also secured the likes of Steven Taylor on a new contract, with talk of new conracts for Jose Enrique and Joey Barton on the horizon. We also have a new assistant in that shape of John Carver, who is a popular choice with many, on our boks after going nearly four months without one.

I’m not judging him already, and I’m not saying that Pardew is going to be the best thing since sliced bread, but I am encouraged by the start he has made.

What is your opinion?

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64 thoughts on “What are your initial thoughts on Alan Pardew?

  1. impressed so far, but really, next season will be the one to judge him.

    As you said, this is still pretty much Hughtons work, Pardew can only build on that, and it’s for this reason I’ve been impressed as on the pitch we have looked more tactically astute, more than we have done under Hughton.

    Hard to put your finger on, but in the past few games though we’ve looked like a seasoned Premiership team, its the football after all which is the most important thing, and it’s here where we’re doing the business.

    Good test on Saturday, and could well be an insight into the future of how Pardew will approach his time at NUFC


  2. Generally positive but probably need a tranfer window plus the rest of the season to accurately judge him. There are 3 things i want to see from the club (other than wins):

    1. Hold onto the core players
    2. Bring along the youth
    3. add a but more quality tothe squad

    Based on that, I like the contract extensions(but he needs to lock up Bull and Joey), he has gotten Ranger and Fergie more involved and rightly loaned a couple out, and he says the right things regarding adding more attacking options.

    Very pleasantly suprised by the man, now he will have to follow through


  3. To be honest, I was pretty furious when I heard he was appointed o replace Chris Hughton, he’s managerial record was horrendous to begin with and bad things spoken about him was circulating around

    But so far he has proven me wrong, getting the players behind him, getting the team to play some nice football again and most importantly getting good results too

    It doesnt seem too bad of an appointment afterall, but I’m still partly dissapointed the way Hughton was shown the door 😕


  4. He’s better than clueless and barry chuckle. 😀

    From another site.

    ‘wayne Routledge has gone to QPR for one reason only, because Adel Taraabt will be going the other way. He has been speaking to Morrocan TV and has stated he will move to Newcastle at some point in January.’

    Is this true. ❓


  5. Toonsy I thought that was a very fair write up on his time so far 😉 cant really add to it as you have covered most things and I agree with you 😆
    Ice you do have a point that he talks to much, but I dont think he has really given anything away whilst talking. But I do think the media will like him a lot more than they did CH because he talks to them, which in my opinion is a good thing for us as they wont be as fast to make up ****e the way they did with CH, as they wont want to spoil the relationship they have with Pards.
    So I think we just need to find the balance between to much talking and no talking, because the way it was was that MA dosn’t talk, Lambsarse dosn’t talk and CH didn’t talk, and I do think it is very important for them to talk to their customers and try to let them know whats going on, and shouldn’t keep us in the dark like mushrooms 😀


  6. I think Pardew has done well considering the circumstances that surrounded him getting the job after Hoots had left. Although the Ranger incidient was a little bit clumsy maybe it was used to make Ranger realise were he was going wrong.

    Pardew also seems keen for some of the youngsters to go out on loan to gain experience, a lot more than Hughton did which I think may have restricted some development of them.

    Although most of the team is the roots of Hoots one, it seems like he has made an impression on them as they have been praising him. I also believe that although some of us may not be fond of Pardew, I think he is doing a good job so far.

    The movements made to get more players signed on long-term contracts has encouraged me as many of our players have not been signing contracts and we have now managed to get them signed on.


  7. I think he has done a good job on the pitch so far , bar the cup of course 🙂

    Wouldnt be totally convinced by his media work , critising the likes of Krul in public is not good imo. Even when the critiism isn even that harsh i think it sends out wrong message


  8. Gotta agree with ya on this one, Toonsy. Not judging him just yet mind, but he certainly hasn’t disappointed so far (Stevanage excepted lol…).

    On a side note, does anybody know if the SWP thing is to SIGN him or a LOAN deal?


  9. DAVE i am like you we have wanted more p.r.as we have had zero in the past,but to say anything about players in public to me is a no no thats in house for me.he said in interview thats something he learnt from past mistakes,until that happens to me hes like monkey face;tell them what they want to hear,not the truth imo


  10. Ice I do agree that in Kruls case he shouldn’t have said owt, But I do agree with him letting us know that Ranger needs to get his act together because the behind closed doors softly softly approach didn’t work in his case 😛


  11. DAVE you see that one aboot the car,batty will go “off it”could have had that stripped and sold off in a hour had he known 😆


  12. Still on the fence to be honest, he hasn’t done anything wrong so that’s a plus point, he’s had a fairly decent run of games in my opinion as Liverpool are terrible and we lost against Spurs, Man City other games such as Wigan we prob would have won under Hughton, ultimately we have the same players as under Hughton so until he signs players we won’t see ‘his team’
    I’m discounting the Stevenage game as a one off cup game although I reckon CH would have put the kids out in similar fashion to league cup ( they couldn’t have done any worse )

    Could have been a lot worse so he gets a 7 out of 10 for a:?keeping the club stable when it could have gone horribly wrong and b: trying to play attacking football
    Goal at start of season was 17th and now I’m optimistic of a top 10 place ( tho I think this is down to the mindset highboys instilled into the players rather than anything that Pardews done)


  13. 4411 I honestly think we are playing better football and all the players seem to be giving a bit more than before. I know its still early days but so far so good 😉


  14. He’s a GOBSHITE alright and has done nowt that Hoots hasn’t set in place b4 getting stabbed in the back by the flying Fat phuck 👿
    A good test will be against spunks on sat. If we can win that then fair do’s to him, but i suspect we will get tonked, so no change.
    He dont impress me much.
    How does everyone else think we will do on sat?


  15. Arsenal 1 up 🙂

    5live saying wu close to signing a striker apparently 🙄 …bent from Villa for £25m ya reckon? 😆


  16. Anybody watching Leeds/Arsenal? Thats an excellent save from Schmeicel there like. Arsenal look like they could be comfortable though.


  17. I would love Ireland in, wanted him when he went to villa, he would improve us but not sure where he would play, unless pards is looking at playing a man city type formation with benny and Ireland flanking Carroll, hence there’s no real need for out and out wingers


  18. TOONSY good forcast we have a chance now,you stick to writting good blogs and putting j.b.posters up on your wall if you run out dave has any amount 😯


  19. Ross….don’t listen to it myself cos they usually spout crap, just a mate from doon sooth texted saying Newcastle were close to signing a striker and SWP was going to Fulham, probably all ******* tho…..canny save from Schmiechel tho.


  20. Fancy a draw at the weekend against Spurs, which would be a canny result to be honest, especially without our hitman AC and Tiote. Time to batten down the hatches and play a tight game to bring home a point, or maybe nick it on the break…

    Watch the makkems drop now they have gotten rid of Bent….


  21. Yeah top save from Schmeichel. I think he is a really bright prospect and will be playing for a premiership club in a year or two. As for the thread I have been impressed with Pardew thus far. Firstly for getting Steven Taylor, Ranger, Williamson and Ben Arfa signed up on long term contracts and for bringing back Carver. Secondly our results bar the Stevenage game have been pretty good. We lost to Spurs away but were in that game up until the hour mark. We lost to Man City but the players fought hard despite being 2-0 down after 5 minutes. We’ve scored 11 goals in 6 league games since his taken charge and that’s not bad at all. He still has a lot to prove but I’ve been impressed with him thus far and well done to him for not letting things get out of hand after he was instilled to the anger of many. I’ve also liked the way he handles the media and keeps us informed of whats going on.


  22. MM – think you’ll find 5under1and will bring in a striker soon, as they only have gyan left 😯
    plus that wedge will be burning a hole in Mrs Doubtfires pocket.
    Probably get a loan deal for pavlychenko or something till end of season.
    But still think their season is on the turn. :mrgreen:


  23. Munich Mag

    unfortunately the unwashed now have a very tidy £18m to spend if they wish………..

    First jury date for AP should be after the transfer window. He is doing ok now but we need a couple of players then we can judge how he is doing after jsut over a month in charge!

    Also I think unfortunately Spurs will beat us, like it or not they are challenging top 4 and are a hard team to beat


  24. Wow, people have really taken to the new emoticon feature…

    It’s like having a bunch of pacmen watching me as I type. It’s rather disconcerting…


  25. Munich-As you can see from some of the posts on there mate, they’re apparently branding us “sickos” and “disgusting”..The statue is awful, the photoshops are, on the whole, canny hilarious. The mackem going on about “People probly not having houses and stuff during WWII” in reaction to one of the most famous war pictures of all time, taken quite clearly from Vietnam, is also very funny.

    The picture itself was a bit touchy like, that was the only one that made me wince a bit.


  26. Dave-double edged sword mate. It’s the shock factor that makes you cringe and it’s the cause of the dubious laughter aswell.


  27. DAVE for that i have to disclose a secert you told me,

    Daughter asks her Dad “Can my boyfriend stay over?” Dad shouts “Can he fu@k!” Daughter answers “Like a rabbit”

    you did ask dave 😀


  28. Ice you dirty dog, im really old fashioned mate my 24 yr old Daughters BF came over to stay with us for a week there and they slept in seperate rooms 😉




  30. El Toro I never seen the game but I take it he had a good game 😉
    Ice there is still hope for ye mate 😉 I am even starting to change my opinion towards Nolan 😛


  31. Big Dave

    I have only watched him twice, but he has been superb both times. He is an exceptionally good young player and definitely someone we should be looking at.


  32. Ice take it easy 😉
    El Toro I just think at the min we wont be buying good prospects it will be proven players that we will be after, I do think if some of our young prospects were given regular games with a championship side we would reap the benefits 😉


  33. That Gradel kid had a decent game for Leeds last night, thought we were after him at some point – not sure he’s any better than fergie tho


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