Keys/Gray v Morality.

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Two of the most famous famous football broadcasters landed themselves in hot water over the weekend after they made sexist remarks about women.

The pair were taped having an off-air conversation in which they questioned the female official who was running the line for the Wolves v Liverpool match on Saturday before launching into an attack on an article that Karren Brady, former Birmingham City and current West Ham director, wrote in her newspaper column on that morning.

I know this has bugger all to do with Newcastle, but it is a big talking point at the moment and raises a good question about sexism in sport. Should it be tolerated? Are people going over the top? Are they just saying what people are thinking?

With regard to the female official, Sian Massey, this is what the pair had to say during their off-air converstaion;

Richard Keys: “Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her.”

Andy Gray: “Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.”

RK: “Course they don’t. I can guarantee you there will be a big one (offside call) today. Kenny will go potty. This isn’t the first time, is it? Didn’t we have one before?”

The pair were subsequently proved wrong when Massey proceeded to get one of the most contentious decisions correct, without the use of dozens of TV replay’s from different angles.

It didn’t end there for the pair either, certainly not for Richard Keys anyway, when he reacted to an article by Karren Brady, where she wrote about her experience of sexism in sport, by saying this:

Richard Keys: “The game’s gone mad. Did you hear charming Karren Brady this morning complaining about sexism? Do me a favour, love.”

The pair have since apologised, but have they overstepped the mark too much for an apology to cover it all up? In reality they should pay for their blunder, like we all have to when we make a balls up, but the problem is that I very much doubt that any action will be taken against the pair.

Andy Gray is a well known hater of Newcastle, purely because we keep beating his little tin-pot teams that he used to play for. This makes him bitter towards us, so last night I decided to sign a petition asking for the removal of him from his job on Sky Sports.

Richard Keys is just an extremely hairy man who got lucky and managed to screw a job when Sky decided they wanted to take football away from the common fan er I mean revolutionise the game of football.

I have no time for either of them to be honest. They are just an incovenience that is attached to my Sky Sports subscription. They overstepped the mark in my book.

Mind you, on the flipside of that, what was said was supposed to be a private, off-air conversation. Did they really say anything that a bloke watching the match down the pub on Saturday lunchtime wouldn’t have said? Perhaps more importantly, do they not have a right to a view? A view that was supposed to be private?

What do you think?

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64 thoughts on “Keys/Gray v Morality.

  1. they dont like the media being attacked bit of there own medicine there, lovely hope they go the same way as march and atkinson that would be nice 😀


  2. I find it hard to believe they can be so critical of that woman lino whilst they have referee’s like Martin Atkinson, or voice of referee Graham Poll, who booked the same player three times in one game, involved in the game still 🙄


  3. TOONSY lol,its says he won £130000 put £100000 in casnio bank £30000 in sky rocket,went back lost,total loss 970000 😀


  4. Meanwhile, midfielder Joey Barton says he is very keen to sign a new contract at St James’ Park after opening talks with the club. Barton joined Newcastle from Manchester City in the summer of 2007.

    “I’ve started discussions with the club, and everything seems to be going in the right direction,” Barton said. “So hopefully we’ll get that sorted as soon as possible, and I can just concentrate on doing my utmost for Newcastle United. I want to stay here.”

    Hmm,I have this weird thought currently,since everyone right now want to stay at newcastle till they retire,who’s leaving? 😯 😆


  5. AOD – The shyte ones like Xisco hopefully. The ones who add nothing, like Xisco. The wasters, like Xisco 😆


  6. This was a private conversation and should be treated like that. If they lose their jobs over this it will be saying that nobody is allowed to have private conversations unless it gets out.

    Utter joke.


  7. Not keen on these two smug sky sports d*cks, who have the cushiest jobs in football. They can praise and/or slag off anyone without any recourse.

    The key to me is that she (Massey) made a great offside call to allow the move leading up to Liverpools 1st goal. Many a male official would have got it wrong.

    However their comments will set the female game back quite a way, and may deter younger kids getting involved … which is a shame (no I am not being sarcastic!).


  8. WHen those two criticized the linelady(?) did they not criticize the FA? So how about a three match ban for dissent?

    BTW, there has top be something about Xisco we don’t know. He does good service when on the pitch, but NUFC cannot even loan him out to recover some of his wages. HOw many others are there on NUFC or in the EPL for that matter, that have the same situation?


  9. serving beer to the lads on match days is as close as these boilers should be getting to football & then straight hyem to knock’a bit scran up for the blokes who – fail to pick up a slapper – that are heading home.

    nuff said.


  10. I couldn’t give a flying rat’s arse about it…..apart from the fact that I can’t stand the pair of them so gat them sacked 😉 😆

    Sky apologised and said their comments were “unacceptable”, does that mean if Sky don’t sack them, then they did find it “acceptable”? 😆


  11. I’m enjoying Gray’s discomfort, but as Toonsy says – a private conversation between two mates should go no further, and they have been royally stitched up by someone. The recording sounds to me like the result not of mics being left on, but of someone going to some lengths to record what was said and digitally clean it up.
    They’re gits, but so where’s the surprise? The whole industry is full of and run by people like that!
    Find the nasty piece of work that leaked it and hang ’em out to dry.
    Oh, and get Gabby in; she damn fiiiiiiiine!


  12. Roy – despite having to train and practice around your bait times, I bet Hayley would fare no worse than the current bunch of wasters in charge of a whistle, currently employed by the premier league.


  13. Gray and Keys are a pair of ****s and i hope they are sacked just for their part in murdering the sport that i love with the sky sports monoploly in the 90s. However i agree with their view on women being involved in the football.

    When footballs on she fcuks off to bed or picks up a book as she couldnt give two hoots about poor refereeing decisions or who wins goal of the month, I dont sit and watch gok wan with her and debate inner beauty and accessorising.

    I cringe when i hear that Jackie oakley commentating on the beeb, Not a bad looking lass and there isnt a lot i wouldnt do to Gabby Logan but i dont want them presenting/commenting on a mans sport, To hear a womens voice ruining a decent match because she played the sufrogette card or flashed a bit of nip to whoevers in charge boils my piss… 😡 👿


  14. I won’t lie, my phone went mad when that lass first commentated on MOTD, it was strange like. But again it was just stupid “banter” as they say regarding a woman being involved, much like I’d imagine the keys/Gray incident was.


  15. I think they made some ridiculous comments, I am a girl who actually plays football and I have reffereed a few games for my school so I understand all the rules of football. They had no right to say that about Sian Massey, I found it very disrespectful and it is right that they should be punished


  16. I can’t stand Andy Gray. He has been predicting wins for us and generally says we’re a good side but ‘unpredictable’. Which of course is true. I don’t so much care about the fact that he obviously dislikes geordie’s and NUFC, as indeed a lot of jocko’s do. I just don’t like him because he is a typical talentless loudmouth t###. This doesn’t suprise me one bit that they are a bunch of chauvinistic pigs nor does that fact that nothing will become of it because he is too high up in his game and sky won’t want him to jump ship. Plus sky sports are a dirty sleazy organisation with management that won’t care and a predominantly male subscription/agenda.


  17. I hope this gets blown out of proportion like the sachsgate Brand/Ross thing and thousands of people demand they are sacked. 😆

    It would be so funny I’ve just listened to it and it’s actually quite offensive towards women like. 😮 Not just a little joke or something they talk like she’s a moron and could never understand the offside rule. I bet she’s ten times better than those two fat pigs would be as an assistant referee. 😆


  18. DJG, I agree with you, what they have said is very offensive and if there is a lot of uproar about it then surely they must lose their jobs


  19. ‘Sky Sports duo Andy Gray and Richard Keys have been stood down from Monday’s game between Bolton and Chelsea after their comments about a female official.

    Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, said: “Their comments were totally unacceptable.”

    Credit to sky. Im suprised they’ve even acted. 😯


  20. DJG: you’re right. Listening to that recording (very different from reading the transcript) it’s obviously not a bit of jokey banter but two blokes expressing their genuine views. That makes it very offensive, and I’ll be amazed if Sky don’t go postal on dehr aaarses.

    But they should save the real punishment for the person who recorded, processed and leaked it. That is a far worse crime than just harboring outdated and stupid opinions.

    Got a few myself, like. 😛


  21. Nah, they’ll probably release a humbling apology. Unless it gets jumped on like the sachsgate thing, which I doubt because Keys and Gray are not as big celebrities as Ross and Brand. They should apologise to the official though, how can racism and sexism be stamped out of the game with comments like that.


  22. Yeah they should apologise to her, the FA wants resoect for all of the officials and how can this be achieved with their comments.


  23. jay word on the street is nasty nick is after shaggin wonky eyed leane and is trying too get peter barlow on the ale 😉


  24. On Keys and Gray, it reminds me of two related issues: 1) It was a sky microphone that was attached to Gordon Brown when he slagged the old dear off from Rochdale in another “private conversation” so they have previous for this kind of thing. 2) Sky is already 39% owned by the Murdochs and Andy Gray is in the process of suing the News of the World 100% owned by the Murdochs – I just wonder if some if the mischief is being caused by a Murdoch insider. And before anyone wonders I don’t agree with their comments.


  25. when I first saw this I thought “Great, I don’t have to listen to that moron Andy Gray tonight!” (and, also & obviously, “What douchebags.”)

    Now I can only get the game in spanish. Karma for my schadenfreude?


  26. I think that people who don’t realize how offensive their comments are should try replacing the word ‘women’ with ‘black man’ and see if they find the remarks offensive then!


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