Will Barton really take a pay cut?

Joey Barton.

Joey Barton.
Barton to be offered new deal?
There have been various reports over the weekend suggesting that Joey Barton will accept a pay cut to sign a new contract at Newcastle.

This will undoubtedly be good news if true and will be some way for Joey to show that he does indeed love it at Newcastle and is thankful for the support that both the club and the fans have given him during his darkest hours.

The question is though, why would Joey do it? He doesn’t have to accept a lower wage as he could demand equal wages, if not greater wages elsewhere. Does he really appreciate the club more than what you would expect from a modern day footballer?

Should the speculated deal go ahead, I can only assume that it will be so Joey can get a longer deal at the club. Accepting a lower wage will have a short term impact on Joey Barton as in the fact that his take home pay will suffer, but I’d be willing to bet that the overall value of the contracts between the longer, lower paid deal and shorter, higher paid deal wouldn’t be much different.

It has a ‘win-win’ situation written all over it to be honest. Barton looks like an all-round good chap for accepting a pay cut in an era where modern football players have lost touch with reality, but it will also give him the security of a longer term deal.

The fans will appreciate it, how can they not? It may also go some way to calming people down and making them think twice before they launch into a tirade of abuse against him for his past behaviour. I’m looking at fans of other clubs with that accusation to be honest as some of them just don’t get it.

Mike Ashley will no doubt be happy as he will get his weekly wage saving which will mean that the club is paying out less per week than they used to. To illustrate this, a saving of just £15,000 a week would save the club £780,000 a year and would still give Barton a decent wedge to play around with I’m sure.

Whether or not there is any truth in this remains to be seen, but there is an awful lot of speculation suggesting that this could be true. When you combine that with Alan Pardew’s not so subtle hint that one of our key men will be tied down to a new contract soon then you would have to think that perhaps there could be some truth in this after all.

And if it is, well done Joey!

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33 thoughts on “Will Barton really take a pay cut?

  1. change of subject, can I chip in to the Keys, Grey debate. Can I just say I don’t condone what they said; it was stupid and constructively retarded. But still, am I the only one seeing it from the other side of the argument?

    1. If you have a strong opinion about something, something which possibly goes against the public consensus, isn’t it best to keep it to yourself, private, and not air them publicly? Isn’t that exactly what they’ve done? It was a private conversation between two people, a stupid one all be it, but still, they were hardly running up and down the touch line shouting insults at her were they.

    2. If I were them, I would be going f’king ballistic at Sky, how a colleague recorded, and then leaked out to the press the conversation, how big an abuse of privacy is that?!?! I would have a major investigation under way to find the little creep who done it. They could even look into pressing charges.


  2. Isn’t a free diverse society a one where everyones views and opinions are valid. It seems we live in a “free” world where only one view can be expressed. No different from other so called “oppressed” states


  3. @stardust
    Sounds like you’ve lost touch with reality.
    My wife is a qualified lineswoman and she feels let down by their comments .
    You’re well offside with your views!


  4. gray & keys should be awarded improved contracts by sky tv.

    fat brady & women footy officials should be shown the – red card – full stop

    ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ shut the door on the way oot girls.


  5. Back to Barton…

    I think there is a better reason why he’ll stay. Look at his circumstances:
    1. He’s loved here in a way that wouldn’t happen elsewhere.
    2. He has anger issues and knows he needs stability more than he needs yet more millions in the bank.

    I think Barton knows that staying here is likely to lead to a successful end to his career, whereas more upheaval risks a return to the bad old days. I think he’d be daft to do anything other than say – and for all his faults, he is not daft!

    I’ve been vehemently anti-Barton, but I hope the story is true. It would be a huge milestone for him and keep the club going in the right direction.


  6. The Keys/Gray incident is a non-story imo. Their views aren’t ones I agree with, but they are from a different generation than us and are used to things being different. It’s disappointing that society just expects people to change their lifelong views as soon as what is and isn’t PC changes.


  7. I used to be a woman and was a lineswoman. I had a sex change and now a man. I’m now a linesman.
    I performed exactly the same when Both sexes but ran differently as a woman. 😳


  8. It will be great news if JB signs up, next up Jose then Collo.

    Jonas can go IMO, he continually fails to deliver in the final 3rd and is hopeless away from home where he is often non existant.


  9. As long as Barton is offered an improved offer I reckon he’s staying. Playing some fantastic football, seems to enjoy it here, is now, appreciated by fans (even the ones that said he shouldn’t ever pull a Newcastle shirt on) given his recent string of performances and I believe him when he says he wants to repay us.
    As for Keys/Gray, they’re both a pair of plonkers but there were 10’s of thousands saying the same in the stadium. It’s stupid of them but it’s stereotypical rubbish that was spoken in private. “she won’t know the offside rule” is the most boring and overused line for lasses in the book!..reckon they should just drop it. They’ve apologised, who cares, that’s that.


  10. Toonsy

    I had a feeling that might happen as soon as Holloway opened his big mouth about Liverpool tabling a bid. Serves him right, he talks too damn much!


  11. Great news if Barton signs up. How he is not in the england squad is beyond me…

    The whole Keys/Gray will be blown out of porpotion , and they are prob right , she prob doesnt know the offside rule with the amount of times its been changed n tweaked does anyone anymore? 😆

    But in all seriousness if she can do the job what difference does it make if she a woman?


  12. As someone has already pointed out: Finding out that two old pundits are a bit on the mysogynist old git side is no surprise. Finding there’s someone in your organisation willing to record them and leak it – that’s what Sky should be focusing on.

    That audio quality was not from a mic; it was something far more covert and took someone a long time to engineer up to being intelligible. I hope the scandal blows over (everyone’s entitled to their opinion and it’d be boring if we all agreed) but in the background I hope Sky hangs whoever leaked this out to dry.


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