The right direction?

Joey Barton

Joey Barton
Joey Barton's love-in.
Joey Barton got all lovey-dovey yesterday when it emerged that the player had started contract negotiations with Newcastle.

In a speech that could almost be filled with love hearts and sparkly things, Joey announced his love for the club and the fans and said that he would be happy to end his career on Tyneside, especially now that the club is heading in the right direction.

It’s that last bit I want to focus on really, as I’ve heard that somewhere before. In fact I’ve heard it several times before, and it has been coming from our very own players. Steven Taylor said it when he signed a new deal, as did Andy Carroll, and Kevin Nolan has said it a couple of times aswell in his role as club captain, but then again I guess that is his job!

Are the players right though? They are the guys that are closest to the action I guess, and if they are all happy and feel that we are moving in the right direction I guess you’d have to believe it. I’ve said it before, but I’m personally feeling strangely optimistic about the future of the club.

Now I know as soon as I say that there will be someone who jumps in and say that we don’t have a future with Mike Ashley at the helm, which is fair enough as it’s their particular opinion. However, I’m basing my opinion without even thinking about Mike Ashley and I am purely basing my optimism on what I see from the team.

This group of lads (copyright Chris Hughton) have something that is unique, in my lifetime anyway. They have a desire to actually do well for the club and want to try their best against the odds. It won’t happen in every game, but on the whole they will put the effort in. Look at the Tottenham game at the weekend, and look at how our players were pretty much collapsed on the pitch at full-time because they had run their chebs off. Could you have seen Michael Owen doing that?

This team might well be lacking a bit of the glitz and glamour that a star name will bring, but it is not affecting it. They continue to do their own thing and completely embarass the likes of Michael Owen and all.

I think the talk of moving in the right direction could be a little premature if I’m being honest as I’d like to see more of it over a longer period of time before I make a judgement, but it is good that the players are feeling this way. Positive thinking is a good thing, and it’s something the team has on display on a regular basis.

What do you think? Are you with the players and feel that the club is moving in the right direction? Do you think we aren’t moving forward? Or are you like me and would like to give it more time (sit on the fence) before making a judgement?

As ever, your thoughts please.

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89 thoughts on “The right direction?

  1. I agree about Ireland. If there is any truth in it of course 😉

    I also think we’ll end up with Larsson to be honest. It sounds like he doesn’t want to stay at Brum and they’ll want to cash in no doubt to prevent him going for nowt.


  2. I dont want Larsson to be fair, he isnt that good and certainly doesnt deserve the wankathon he gets on ed’s place!

    I think Ireland would be a great signing and it would allow us to play the man city formation which I think we would do well with. Carroll flanked by Ireland and Benny boy, with Barton, Tiote and Nolan further behind would be a great platform. We need options and I think the orthadox wing play is not as common as it was. Look at those clubs at the top and I dont think any of them employ the 2 wingers, they have the fluid 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation.

    As long as we are sensible with the money spent then I will be happy. I think theres alot of positives to come from the season so far and I am actually positive about the Cashley team and what they are trying to achieve for once! Although I wouldve taken the money for Strolla!!!

    Another thing, if Adam is worth £10-£12 million, surely Bartons worth that too! It makes the mooted £1.5 million for West Spam look totally ludicrous


  3. raffo- i like you.
    i literally agree with all the above.
    though.. if shola left i’d miss singing the ameobi song too much 🙁


  4. Cheers Marky!

    For some reason the article wont load on my comp but I am sure I agree with it too!!

    I think alot of people are hung up on the orthadox 4-4-2 thing and times are a moving!!


  5. MarkToon
    Posted January 26, 2011 at 4:02 AM

    “raffo- i like you.”

    Quick Raffo. Run, Run as fast as you can 😯 😆


  6. haha toonsy- could be worse, im not the trolly dolly from bolton. if he said he liked you then youd run and never look back


  7. Nope not a one – but I suspect this is more to do with the works network and not the site. The mobile site works well though I would ask for a refresh button at the bottom if thats possible.

    You clearly havent had my facebook picture come onto the page yet!!!


  8. Raffo – Your Facebook pic has been up 😉

    Yeah, sounds like it’s something to do with work. Mine is the same to be honest, although I can override so it isn’t a problem.

    The mobile site is still under construction at the minute and is still getting tweaked.


  9. Mark – I think Bolton reject did like us, hence why he picked us out of a crowd to ask us our opinion of Kevin Nolan 😆


  10. Oh well, if he has seen big Gerry then I can understand it!!

    BTW – is there a way to view all the profiles through the .info pages on fbook as I dont seem to be able to find a way or maybe i am being dumb!


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