The right direction?

Joey Barton

Joey Barton
Joey Barton's love-in.
Joey Barton got all lovey-dovey yesterday when it emerged that the player had started contract negotiations with Newcastle.

In a speech that could almost be filled with love hearts and sparkly things, Joey announced his love for the club and the fans and said that he would be happy to end his career on Tyneside, especially now that the club is heading in the right direction.

It’s that last bit I want to focus on really, as I’ve heard that somewhere before. In fact I’ve heard it several times before, and it has been coming from our very own players. Steven Taylor said it when he signed a new deal, as did Andy Carroll, and Kevin Nolan has said it a couple of times aswell in his role as club captain, but then again I guess that is his job!

Are the players right though? They are the guys that are closest to the action I guess, and if they are all happy and feel that we are moving in the right direction I guess you’d have to believe it. I’ve said it before, but I’m personally feeling strangely optimistic about the future of the club.

Now I know as soon as I say that there will be someone who jumps in and say that we don’t have a future with Mike Ashley at the helm, which is fair enough as it’s their particular opinion. However, I’m basing my opinion without even thinking about Mike Ashley and I am purely basing my optimism on what I see from the team.

This group of lads (copyright Chris Hughton) have something that is unique, in my lifetime anyway. They have a desire to actually do well for the club and want to try their best against the odds. It won’t happen in every game, but on the whole they will put the effort in. Look at the Tottenham game at the weekend, and look at how our players were pretty much collapsed on the pitch at full-time because they had run their chebs off. Could you have seen Michael Owen doing that?

This team might well be lacking a bit of the glitz and glamour that a star name will bring, but it is not affecting it. They continue to do their own thing and completely embarass the likes of Michael Owen and all.

I think the talk of moving in the right direction could be a little premature if I’m being honest as I’d like to see more of it over a longer period of time before I make a judgement, but it is good that the players are feeling this way. Positive thinking is a good thing, and it’s something the team has on display on a regular basis.

What do you think? Are you with the players and feel that the club is moving in the right direction? Do you think we aren’t moving forward? Or are you like me and would like to give it more time (sit on the fence) before making a judgement?

As ever, your thoughts please.

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89 thoughts on “The right direction?

  1. a poor guy goes for hospital,comes back and checks his friendly blog,and finds some slags stabbing him in back 😉 becauce he has class over his choice of car 😀

    the enemy awaits boys 😈


  2. Haha would love some free money! Wouldnt have to do overtime like im doing now 🙁

    How is the health?

    Blackpool 1 up again against man poo


  3. my lass has gone out to hang around with the c*nts in koos, so i’m just in me pit, watching the footy and wanking me self into oblivion


  4. ah yeah! now i get ya

    Yeah Mrs bought us one for xmas , its going grand , havent slit my throat yet 🙂


  5. Blackpool 2 – 0 Man U

    kin hell man! What’s going on this season man?

    You know the problem though, I reckon the points needed to stay up will be around the same as always (40), but with so many teams on such similar points, we won’t know exactly, or mathematically, exactly how many points until the last few games.

    I think a whole host of clubs could be in and around the relegation zone come the last couple games


  6. ILM, you’re probably right. One thing for sure, is that it makes the season that much more exciting…if not also a bit scary. Also, I’d like to see a bit of a challenge to ManUtd for the title.


  7. 2-2 that bloody Hernandez seems to always score when he comes on doesn’t he. he has one of the best first touches I’ve ever seen though, has to be said


  8. get up, 2-3 man u now like, 3 goals in 15 mins
    see wigan 0 – 2 Villa, got to be a contender to go down already, they’re a bag of ****e


  9. Batty have you had a txt and what is the source like ❓ but I do think there is a good chance that we will get him.
    As for that pic I hate the ****ing thing my sis put it on


  10. Jay have you tried the sticky ribs pot noodles ❓ **** well tasty I was going to put a pic of them on me FB but the Lass had allready took them out of the cases, so I couldn’t be bothered taking them outa the cupboard 😀


  11. You decent? Jury out on that one I think, could do with a pot noodle, haven’t ate since yesterday afternoon.


  12. Batty I tattoo a guy that is in that and to be honest he seems like a decent fella 😕 but then I tattoo allsorts of folk and the’re all ok with me 😆


  13. Would you not be better of using your own or did you want one less camp ??
    aye I cant remember who it was told me that you are always on the gay web sites, it might have been Toonsy or was it Richie 😆


  14. Toonsy 😆 just got round to reading the thread mate and you make some real good points 😆 , I do think our club is special in that when a player gives there all at it they will normally treated like kings, They dont have to be a messi or any other big time Charlie.
    Its just about giving what they have and if they do that can you imagine what it must feel like when over 50000 fans are singing your name or just generally supporting you, that must be a wonderfull feeling that very few people ever experience 😉
    And lastly thanks for all the hard work your doing mate 😉


  15. Cheers Big Dave. It’s been hard at times but I’m glad people are enjoying it.

    It’s a slow process building a website and getting it recognised, and it won’t happen overnight, so cheers for sticking with us 🙂


  16. Site’s mint IMO.
    I always read up whilst on my iPhone with no problems. Sometimes takes a minute to load up and sometimes I have to switch oot the mobile site, but 95% of the time it’s class.
    Good stuff Toonsy and co.


  17. To be honest, its the mobile side that is giving me the most headaches at the minute.

    The version I want to use doesn’t seem to work and wants everyone to be an admin to access it.

    The current setup is alright, but id like to add a few things to it like time of comments or post numbers or something.

    Also marktoon is grizzling because he isn’t getting a following. It takes time, like everything.


  18. What do you mean by “a following”?
    I think he does a good job. Every really just posts on the newest blog so really doesn’t matter what the actually post is about. Really just have to light the match and let the logs burn. It maybe difficult to get the recognition when sometimes you don’t even notice who’s writing the blog. Since you write the majority of them and your views are similar, some people might just think it’s you by default.
    If he’s looking for support, I’m in there marky!! Chin up you done well 😉


  19. Reports say blackpool want 12 mil for Adams. I can understand that may be the price since they don’t want to let him go but if anyone actually pays that, it would be absurd. He can pick out a good pass but I honestly feel like he’s a slightly above average player on and average squad that makes him look like a god in comparison. If he does make a move to a liverpool, I can see him becoming the next sidwell.


  20. I think the Ireland loan will come through by the end of the window. Villa are stalling because they want rid of him altogether and don’t want to pay his wages but they have no leverage at this point. There don’t seem to be any other teams in for him ATM and thus they will have to chose between paying some of his wages or all of it if they don’t want to deal. End result is the same in the sense that whether or not he moves, he’s not playing for them. We really aren’t crying out for him so we can basically say take it or leave it.
    I get the sense that pards feels like the squad he has now is the squad he’s going to have to go to battle with the rest of the way and so he’ll concentrate on that from here out. I get that feel about this Portugal trip. The targets are set and if a deal is made good, if not, we’ll cope.
    His managerial skills are really starting to impress me. It’s been smooth sailing really since he took over, yet the circumstances have been anything but. Between controversy, injuries, suspensions, tough fixtures in bunches, and the ever present microscope over the toon, we still sit 8th playing some tidy footy, with changes in tactics being made at good times. Smooth sailing in a hurricane really lol. Looks like we’ll have to wait till the summer to get a gauge on his eye for talent though.
    Sorry about the long post. Bored at work and think it looks more sane if I write this rather than just say it to myself. Even if I’m still the only one listening 😎
    If you got this far, cheers 😆


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