Pardew and Co are “geared for action” apparently.

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew primed and ready for transfer action?
Alan Pardew has come across quite well in interviews since he arrived at Newcastle. He provides us with a little more insight into what is going on without revealing too much, which is a good thing in my opinion.

However, it’s easy to talk the talk, very easy, but it’s more difficult to walk the walk, and until I see some tentative signs of transfer action at St James’ Park I will continue to believe that Pardew is blowing hot air. Put simply, whilst I am impressed with his start to life at United, he still hasn’t earned my trust as yet.

Perhaps that is a bit harsh, but with all the talk of ‘one or two new faces’ and very little action to back it up I can’t help wondering whether or not we, as fans, are being led up the garden path a little. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time would it?

With news today suggesting that Dan Gosling will be out of action for around a month and that Andy Carroll will be missing for an unspecified length of time, the need for reinforcements couldn’t be any clearer. We are coping at the moment, just, but we are also at the point where one or two more injuries could really spell disaster for us.

When you look at it like that you can understand why people getting a little bit edgy. Right now we have Shola Ameobi playing, who is probably our best fit striker at the moment, but with an injury record like his I wouldn’t feel confident in relying on him until the end of the season. Take Kevin Nolan out of the equation aswell and we would really struggle for goals in my opinion.

So with that in mind it is nice to hear that Alan Pardew and Derek Llambias are ready to pounce in the market, if the correct deal comes along.

“It really is a moveable feast, so you just have to be on your toes and make sure you have got yourself in place,” Pardew said.

“Now, between myself, Derek and Lee Charnley, we are all geared up and ready to move if we feel there is one or even two players we feel can help us.”

As I said earlier though, talk is cheap.

As ever, it is us fans who will be the last to know if anything is afoot, although it is worth remembering that January is a notoriously tough market to operate in.

As I said yesterday though, Pardew is letting us in on more info, which is good, but also has it’s dangers. Under Hughton we were never really told much and as such we never really expected much. With Pardew appearing so open in comparison it has left the door open for the club to be ciriticised should any transfers fail to materialise for whatever reason.

Meanwhile, time ticks on…..

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75 thoughts on “Pardew and Co are “geared for action” apparently.

  1. Toonsy as you say its easy to talk the talk but I have enjoyed hearing bits of info coming from the club πŸ˜‰
    As for walking the walk I am pleased with the way we have been walking of late bar the Stevenage game πŸ˜€ and hopfully we might get a couple more players walking in before the window is closed πŸ˜†


  2. Deeds, not words for me.

    Who gives a s*it what he says, if the players on the pitch are doing the business, then that’s all i’m worried about. If we don’t sign anyone, so be it, we need to and they know this, but if the deal isn’t right for the club, then it isn’t right.

    I think a few have agreed on here, the stuff we have been playing since Pardew has come in has probably been better than under Hughton. More assured, more confident, I don’t know, we just seem a tad more comfortable tactically.

    The end of NEXT season I think would be a fair time to judge Pardew, couple of transfer windows, a season of his players, his tactics, his methods, his football and ultimately, his points on the board.

    Going off this season though, i’m quite excited about the direction we’re going.


  3. I’d get to Birmingham, swap Strolla for Jerome with a few pennies added in. That lad can run, with the right service he will definitely score a lot! Just what we need!


  4. Sick of hearing pardew going on about transfers how about less talk and more action. At this moment the squad is weaker than january 1st


  5. I wonder what Pardew thinks of Ryan Taylor. The main difference in the way the team has played of late is more player movement IMO. Raylor isn’t the most mobile, but I believe he brings a lot to the team.

    I believe there’s no room for Raylor if Barton is in the team, but honestly he could be a good replacement for Barton on the RW when he’s not available.


  6. Maybe we could line up with a MF of :
    Guthrie – Barton – Nolan – Raylor

    We’ll run defenses ragged with that lineup πŸ˜‰


  7. toon1892f
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 5:49 PM

    I’m a on the fence when it comes to press conferences and quotes from Pardew. I mean he is asked the same questions day after day and what’s he supposed to say, do one? They’ll just get the answer out of you a different way or just create a whole new story and write a totally different headline.

    I agree he maybe could be at times a bit more reserved with how much information he gives out and dodge questions a bit better, or just not answer them at all, for example like how they have stretched out the Carroll – Sprus story as much as they can by any means possible.

    Overall I think we, and football fans in general, need to realise that it’s not all his fault, maybe it’s the modern media’s thirst for exclusive news that’s the problem.


  8. I see what you mean he is getting asked questions which he can’t just ignore but he needs to think about his answers. Remember when he said we would have a new player in before the fa cup game. Even if there was a deal in place that fell apart at the last minute which he was confident would be done before the game he should have kept quiet and not built fans hopes up.


  9. As toon1892 said, Pardew needs to learn to be more coy about what he says. Sometimes saying nothing says a lot.

    I understand it’s probably hard for him being asked the same thing, but in that case he should have plenty of practice in answering the questions, or dodging them as it were.

    The quiet life we had under Hughton has gone, and now we are back in the spotlight where ****ty rumours are being peddled and Twitter guys are in their element (Ireland signed yet anyone?). It’s frustrating.


  10. just about how i see it – good article with the added pleasure of seeing – i love mikey boy – trying to hold back his anger at you telling it like it is.


  11. roy cropper
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 7:51 PM

    “trying to hold back his anger at you telling it like it is”

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†


  12. Twitter bull**** factory into overdrive:

    “nufc close to confirming another signing has just checked in at Jesmond”

    πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  13. Also if Birmingham are interested in Shola and we are interested in Larsson……. A swap plus a bit of dosh from B’ham would anyone be against that????


  14. No idea, Id be amazed if there was any truth in it, The same fella last week was saying Bentley was a done deal… πŸ˜† πŸ™„


  15. hey I beat the twitter guy too it, I told Ice 2 weeks ago we were very close to signing someone πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  16. Come on really you must have got used to our January transfer windows by now no matter what AP or anyone else is saying. πŸ™„


  17. RICHIE is that one the snide said we would get before the stevenage,or the one after that or the one after that or the zzzzzzzzzzz


  18. I think I prefer the Hughton mode: Silence then BLAM, “We got one!”

    How’s the weather in Northern England? I’m in New York and we got blasted with another 14 inches of snow last night the city’s as silent as Christmas morning…


  19. roy cropper
    Posted January 27, 2011 at 7:51

    “trying to hold back his anger at you telling it like it is.”

    ?????? I agreed with what toonsy wrote


  20. FSOTC loved the photos pleased ime not in it,had the same few weeks back here,very slow on here tonight,until richie comes on stirring trouble up πŸ˜‰


  21. FSOTC- unreal amount of snow for NYC. I live in Pennsylvania and each of the storms this winter has missed us each time.


  22. Think your spot on here Toonsy, although I’m a little optimistic that we’ll get someone in before feb.
    Just finished shoveling snow for 6 hours. πŸ™
    I mentioned the mourinho bit before because reports sound like he’ll be back in the prem next year. Don’t think fergie will be ready to retire yet by then.


  23. JG maybe if he wins the league this yr he might, as I think the main motivation for him was to beat Liverpools record πŸ˜‰
    Batts I thought you knew something when you said Messi would sign πŸ‘Ώ


  24. FSOTC-Those pics are pretty impressive, I’m a big fan of NYC, probably the best place i’ve ever been in the US. I was only 18 when I went so it was all canny daunting, I spent the majority of my time in Manhattan just looking up and pretty much sh!te myself when I got off the subway in Queens, haha. It was all really enjoyable though.

    Also, dunno if any of you lads are familiar with the programme Jersey Shore? Well MTV has confirmed a UK spin off…entitled “Geordie Shore”…ridiculous. I’m sure it’ll all be thoroughly embarrassing.


  25. He did say that ages ago. But hasn’t he said recently that he still has a few years left in him?
    What’s downing going for these days? Villa got him 12 mil or so right?


  26. BATTY never m8 it was just a nicked e-mail/memo aboot coppers the tw@ts.

    was once on jury duty,took nee notice of coppers crap and lies,listened to rest and made mind up.funny like not guilty


  27. Geordie shore! Christ, if it’s as horrible as Jersey Shore, I pity the Geordie Nation.

    MDS–yeah, it’s been a wild and wooly winter so far. I’m from the Albany area originally, so it’s nothing new to me, but it’s a little unusual in the city.

    Ice–we’ve had lots more snow than usual this winter. I read another story on the NYTimes website that said this may be the shape of things to come with climate change–northern europe and northern states/Canada freezing our butts off while the north pole is warmer than usual… spooky…

    Not that anyone will see this post… seems you’ve all gone to bed! Well, sweet dreams either way.


  28. Ice – what on earth is the loon on about now?!?*!

    Im too busy for the games he claims, plus he does a perfectly good job of making a tit of himself and trying to blame others for it anyway πŸ˜†

    “workyticket says:
    January 27, 2011 at 5:17 pm
    icedog says:
    January 27, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    β€œWORKY small minds get right up my nose,and those who keep changing there nicks,to what end ?”

    Ice, It’s Keith (β€˜Stardust’), β€˜Hitman’ and maybe one or two others who were banned from this β€˜blog too. Keith has pulled them all together into a kind of coalition in an attempt to discredit me in some way, and ruin this β€˜blog.”


  29. FSOTC – yep its heading that way over here aswell mate. Think we have had three bad winters in a row now, with each getting steadily worse.


  30. I gotta see that even though I’m from jersey obviously and jersey shore isn’t exactly a great description of my mates :mrgreen:


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