Is our good form impacting our transfer window?

Stephen Ireland

Stephen Ireland
Done deal for Ireland?
Well it looks like any potential transfer deals involving Newcastle will have to wait until the window is nearly shut on Monday if they are to take place.

Personally, I’m not overly fussed that we didn’t rush out and buy someone as soon as the final whistle blew against Tottenham a week ago. Why? Simply because it doesn’t really matter as we aren’t actually playing again until Wednesday so any additional players wouldn’t be able to feature until then anyway. This window has been pretty quiet for us to say the least

But could this transfer window have been different? I mean here we are, sitting ninth in the table and looking relatively fine for survival, on a good run of form, and with key players to come back. What if that wasn’t the case though? What if we were closer to the bottom of the table? Would we have already seen some transfer action?

In reality we will probably never know the real answer to that. The common sense guess would be to suggest that we would have been a bit more pro-active in this window. A team that is struggling will need strengthening if they are to ensure safety in the Premier League. A fine example of that would be Aston Villa recruiting Darren Bent. A good signing, but for £24 million I’m not so sure. It reeks a bit of panic buying to me. A quick fix to get themselves out of a hole.

Generally speaking it works, but what if you aren’t really in a hole? What if you are ticking along fairly nicely, like we are at the moment? Is there any real need to rush out and buy?

It’s easy for us as fans to sit here and pillory the board and manager for a seeming lack of action in the transfer market. Put simply, we generally think with our heart ruling our head. It’s easy for us to do that as we aren’t really aware of the complexities involved or what has gone on behind the scenes.

For all we know the club could have been very busy, but very unlucky, in it’s search for new players. We already know that it wasn’t anything our club done with regard to Seb Larsson as it has been revealed that it was Birmingham who pulled the plug on the transfer negotiations. Has that happened with other players that we perhaps don’t know about?

Whilst our league position is good at the moment, the amount of players that we have out with injury isn’t. As has been said by many, the players that we have left have coped admirably well, but they still need help. Sources, namely that tosspot from Twitter, are hinting that Stephen Ireland is a done deal, and that if it doesn’t go ahead he will delete his Twitter account. Needless to say, I hope it doesn’t go ahead purely for that reason.

Anyway, I’m wafflling here. Basically what I’m asking, and the title could give it away here, is whether or not our league position has convinced the management that they can afford to bide their time in the transfer market?

Yes or no? Also, why?

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89 thoughts on “Is our good form impacting our transfer window?

  1. Dave – Yeah. The one where he said he’d been offered out? We shouldn’t be offering him out. We should drive him to a club, ring the doorbell, leave him and drive off 😆


  2. Toonsy your a hard hearted c@nt 😀 TBH I do feel a bit sorry for they guy, I know he hasn;t really helped his cause. But I dont really think he ever felt wanted here, and he took a lot of stick which he didn’t deserve 😉
    Batty you never answered me about the pics ❓ ❓


  3. BREAKING NEWS in a straight swap of spainiards, Newcastle have agreed to send xisco to Liverpool in exchange for Fernando Torres. Fernado has been seen on tyneside today and an inside source from torres’s camp are saying that Torres’s dream has always been to play for “the great Newcastle united” ever since he watch goal: living the dream. Liverpool see the deal as a good coup since xisco was highly rated by former boss Benitez although the deal may hit a snag if reports are true about Torres have a contagious STD in his vagina. Pardew has admitted now that the trip to Portugal was really made to give workers time to finish a new isolated section of the dressing to seclude Torres from the other members of the squad especially one Joey Barton who is reported none too happy about the move although has been convinced that it’s for the best of the club. Watch this space, more news to follow.


  4. toonsy,

    It’s not a bad blog actually, we just need to stop their farting in church 😀


  5. TGS – To be fair, they are doing some of the stiff I want to do in time. At least it has shown me it is possible 🙂


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