Is our good form impacting our transfer window?

Stephen Ireland

Stephen Ireland
Done deal for Ireland?
Well it looks like any potential transfer deals involving Newcastle will have to wait until the window is nearly shut on Monday if they are to take place.

Personally, I’m not overly fussed that we didn’t rush out and buy someone as soon as the final whistle blew against Tottenham a week ago. Why? Simply because it doesn’t really matter as we aren’t actually playing again until Wednesday so any additional players wouldn’t be able to feature until then anyway. This window has been pretty quiet for us to say the least

But could this transfer window have been different? I mean here we are, sitting ninth in the table and looking relatively fine for survival, on a good run of form, and with key players to come back. What if that wasn’t the case though? What if we were closer to the bottom of the table? Would we have already seen some transfer action?

In reality we will probably never know the real answer to that. The common sense guess would be to suggest that we would have been a bit more pro-active in this window. A team that is struggling will need strengthening if they are to ensure safety in the Premier League. A fine example of that would be Aston Villa recruiting Darren Bent. A good signing, but for Β£24 million I’m not so sure. It reeks a bit of panic buying to me. A quick fix to get themselves out of a hole.

Generally speaking it works, but what if you aren’t really in a hole? What if you are ticking along fairly nicely, like we are at the moment? Is there any real need to rush out and buy?

It’s easy for us as fans to sit here and pillory the board and manager for a seeming lack of action in the transfer market. Put simply, we generally think with our heart ruling our head. It’s easy for us to do that as we aren’t really aware of the complexities involved or what has gone on behind the scenes.

For all we know the club could have been very busy, but very unlucky, in it’s search for new players. We already know that it wasn’t anything our club done with regard to Seb Larsson as it has been revealed that it was Birmingham who pulled the plug on the transfer negotiations. Has that happened with other players that we perhaps don’t know about?

Whilst our league position is good at the moment, the amount of players that we have out with injury isn’t. As has been said by many, the players that we have left have coped admirably well, but they still need help. Sources, namely that tosspot from Twitter, are hinting that Stephen Ireland is a done deal, and that if it doesn’t go ahead he will delete his Twitter account. Needless to say, I hope it doesn’t go ahead purely for that reason.

Anyway, I’m wafflling here. Basically what I’m asking, and the title could give it away here, is whether or not our league position has convinced the management that they can afford to bide their time in the transfer market?

Yes or no? Also, why?

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89 thoughts on “Is our good form impacting our transfer window?

    u guys gotta check that video out… its too funny!

    anyways, happy we havent brought anyone in yet. not many good players available in the current market and i hope we dont get Ireland. We have too many central midfielder as it stands. Though, I hope we can sneak in a proper right winger on monday


  2. Not the most exciting transfer window…but that doesn’t bother me as keeping hold of our best players a priority.

    Agree with letting Routledge go…not so sure about coming out in the press and saying he ‘wasn’t good enough’ Although I agree I just think it’s a matter of time before he says the wrong thing about the wrong player. AP is a ticking time bomb with comments to the press IMO.


  3. I dont see the point in signing players for the sake of it , as said we are on course to reach our targets this season anything else is a bonus.

    Im sure if the right player at the right prices comes available he will bought signed but there is very little value in the jan transfer market casue like us clubs dont want to lose their best players haly way through a season. Unless of course your Scumberland and liverpool πŸ™‚


  4. Moreno

    I am sure the players love Pardew knowing that he will hang them out to dry rather than draw any attention to himself.

    What useful purpose did slagging off Wayne do? He has publicly humiliated him and we don’t even have a natural replacement for him – Pardew is already showing signs of his destructive nature that haunts his past.


  5. It’s better Routledge knows he doesn’t have a future at the club if he’s not good enough.

    Also I like the fact that Pardew has come out and said that we are looking for better players than Routledge. Just what I wanted to hear.

    Finally someone involved with the club that are happy to let us know what the plans are.

    Oh and for the record, I’m sure Routledge couldn’t give a fck about what Pardew thinks about him. Thick skinned these footballers. Money does that.


  6. and yeah…I definitely wasn’t so sure about slagging Wayne off in public either. Especially after his twitter account he clearly didn’t wanna go anywhere, so Pards saying I wanted to do wat was right for him seems a little false. The whole, ‘do you really think he’s a long-term nufc player?’ seemed a pretty damning indictment to little wazza. Gotta feel sorry for the guy, I thought he was loaning him to qpr for confidence then bringing him back with renewed spirit! I even went as far as thinking it was good man-management by Pards. Maybe it was all a bit of public reverse psychology to stoke his spirits up? πŸ˜•


  7. I’m hearing Spurs are prepared to part with 25million for Carroll. If that’s the case we definitely should SELL.


  8. DevonMag
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    Pardew has seen in 6 weeks what nobody seemed to be able to grasp in twelve months. Routledge isn’t good enough!

    Good on him, I say!


  9. Just read that we have rejected the bid. I am honestly quite shocked about that. 23 to 25million for Carroll is good money. What do people say about the owner now?


  10. It is good money but not two days before the end of the transfer window and not if you are trying to sell a football club with a productive academy and quality players to an arab…


  11. El Toro
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    If we got Β£30-Β£35m for him early in the summer I would sell him, only if the manager got every single penny of it to spend on the squad.


  12. Stupot

    As you are aware those conversations should be in private.

    Guess you’re just striving to be different again – but typing without thinking


  13. I am one willing to give Pardew a break, and he’s doing reasonably well so far in my opinion, but downing Wayne Routledge in the public domain is the wrong way to go about things…..bad style.


  14. el toro I wouldn’t sell him for 25 mil at all, we have no-one else like Carroll up top and I wouldn’t trust the management to find a suitable replacement. Selling him would be taking a step back what would the point in that be? Then we’d require TWO decent strikers instead of one. Also, wouldn’t it destroy you watching him play for f*ckin spurs every week and watching his entire England career unfurl as someone else’s player??


  15. Devon

    I take your point, mate. However, that is great money that could be reinvested in our squad ensuring we are consistently competing at the top end of the table.


    I would sell for anything 25million or over.


  16. We’re all getting caught up in the big Spurs media game, plus we have a owner who unfortunately we don’t trust.
    When we keep our current squad together, including of course AC, and make one or two good signings, then just watch us overtake the Spuds in the near future..


  17. Stardust
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 11:10 AM

    Pardew is being honest, I respect him for that. Football is full of dishonest people, Pardew is a breath of fresh air for me, especially at this club.


  18. El Toro
    Posted January 29, 2011 at 10:56 AM
    I’m hearing Spurs are prepared to part with 25million for Carroll. If that’s the case we definitely should SELL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Why? The money would not go back into player investment and with 2 days to go in the window who would we replace AC with?
    Madness to sell IMO.


  19. I dont see what could possibly be achieved by having a cheap pop at Routledge in the press is good for. It serves no purpose in my view. Unless Pardew feels he has to show what big balls he has and how superior his football knowledge is to everyone else that was at the club. Shows a lack of class.

    I wouldnt see carrol for 50 million at the moment. Goals win games and carrol gets goals. We have no guranteed replacement for him. Keep him and help him get us up the table.


  20. lastest Carrol bid rejected:
    A high-ranking Newcastle official told Sky Sports News: “The club would like to make it clear for the very last time that Carroll is simply not for sale.”

    The source went on to describe the bid from Tottenham as ‘paltry in the current climate’.

    wish spurs would just give up


  21. Cheers Roy – Potty should just stick to melons – guess that’s 3 points you agree with mr now πŸ˜†


  22. We’ll build our team around Andy Carroll, together with Ranger too hopefully once he gets himself sorted out, then watch us go. As Johno Toon mentioned, goals win games, and AC scores goals, 25 million will be looked back upon as “paltry”…


  23. Stu, I don’t think he should have said it but like you say I’m glad he agrees with most of us that Rout wasn’t good enough. It shows the man has some ambition which is all we can ask for really.

    Whether our position in the table is effecting our transfers is an interesting question. I think becuase of it, there will be no panic buys or players brought in simply for cover. It will be a player or two that improves us, or they will wait til summer if they don’t fancy the market.


  24. batty – put your clogs on & take a hike te the bookies & invest some of you candy on travis ****ison winning the prize fighter the neet m8 – he’s 3/1 & is a cert πŸ˜‰


  25. You keep using the phrase ” rush out” but that’s not the point.We all know that injuries are a part of the game and require vigilance on the part of management to maintain the proper level of play. This requires foresight and commitment.To basically rely on one striker who’s now injured has been a mistake. Again, the point is not rushing out, the point is a meaningful season. Unless, of course, if you’re happy with seventeenth.


  26. roy the daft thing aboot that is i thought becca swanson was stacey slaters real name so stuck 20 on at 14s and told every 1 else ,then when i relized i stuck 40 on becca ,so was 240 up m8 stupid c unt what i am πŸ˜†


  27. batty – i was at the heed game last neet & had reet skinfull m8 – so am holding back for a wee bit before i gan oot.


  28. Too funny- Chelsea fans singing the Fernando Torres song…

    Took a gander at the LPool forum this morning. Never seen supports go from so high to so low in a single day before


  29. toonfan – looks like you’ve got everyone covered there then – doubt you’ll have much time left for any other hobbies.

    whatever turns you on i suppose.


  30. We can’t sell Carroll. He is only 21 as already proving to be a dominate player. Add to the fact that he bleeds black n white and is willing to put in a shift that few players would put in and he is priceless to this club. He could quite possibly become the most dominate forward in the game in a few years and he’d be worth over 50 million. 25 mil can be easily wasted. Players like the Geordie colossus are a rare find. If we have any intentions of being a top 4 club again, we have to keep our best players and build around them. With the current direction we are going in funds won’t be s problem, it’ll be finding quality young players like Carroll. Selling would be moving backwards.


  31. Batts “batty says :

    Saturday, January 29th, 2011

    stardust was that you using my nick on judases

    ? Not sure what you mean Batts – haven’t been on there for ages – haven’t even been on here much as I am onsite 12 – 14 hours a day – What’s up?


  32. Nah not me fella – ask Bobby – no point in winding folks up if you can’t admit it – share it – and laugh together.

    What were the pics of – were they the ones of you in a compromising position with a mule?


  33. Toonsy on the thread itself I think if we were down struggling I think we might have had a few bodies in, but at the sametime there is no point really bringing in players unless they are as good if not better than what we have.
    Plus I think with the fact that Gosling was to be coming back πŸ‘Ώ and that Benny will be coming back and that we are sitting in the top 10 has made a difference this window πŸ˜‰


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