Deadline day is underway….

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Well deadline day is finally here, and Newcastle are still, apparently, in the hunt for new players.

A deal for Stephen Ireland looks set to be announced at some point today, and there could well be room for another player to come through the doors at St James’ Park.

But it isn’t just players in that us fans should be concerned about. There is a very real prospect that we could be on the receiving end of some serious bids for some of our players at some point tomorrow. And yes, I’m looking squarely in the direction of Tottenham Hotspur here.

With the news that Tottenham have had a Β£38.5 million bid turned down for Atletico Madrid’s Sergio Aguero, there is a very real chance that they could come sniffing around Andy Carroll again at some time today, only this time we know they have deep pockets and are looking increasingly desperate in their attempts at trying to find a striker.

The mantra from the club will no doubt remain the same and they will surely repeat that Andy Carroll is not for sale at any price, but there is still that element of doubt, in my mind certainly. The latest rumour I’ve heard is that a bid of Β£18 million plus Roman Pavlyuchenko could potentially be made, according to Scott Wilson from the Northern Echo anyway.

It isn’t just Andy Carroll that could be the focus of attention tomorrow. Jose Enrique is another player who is attracting interest, with Liverpool being touted as potential suitors for the services of Spaniard. Much like Carroll, I doubt Jose is for sale, but until that window closes there can be no guarantee of any player staying with us in my opinion.

Obviously Xisco looks to be on his way back to Spain, but he is hardly a key player. In fact I would argue whether or not he is actually a football player at all to be fair. Needless to say I’m not overly upset to be seeing the back of him. Harsh, but true, and probably fair.

What are your predictions for deadline day though? Do you think we will get anyone in? Do you think that Stephen Ireland is a done deal? Will we get more than Ireland? Will we lose any key players? Will we finally get rid of Xisco?

My personal view is that Xisco will go, Ireland will arrive, Carroll won’t go anywhere, same with Jose, plus I think we will get one more in.

Obviously these are just my predictions so don’t blame me if they go tits up. You all know by now what my predictions are like! πŸ˜€

What are your predictions?

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92 thoughts on “Deadline day is underway….

  1. Well, I’m glad you resisted the temptation to say ‘the transfer window slams shut’. Why is it always slammed? Which bad-tempered FA official slams it anyway? Why can’t he close it gently?

    No outgoing is my tip, but I’d sell Carroll for 30m quid (or 23m + Pavywhatshisname). A couple in – Ireland it seems, and one more. Can’t imagine why we’d sell Jose. Don’t see it happening – unless they want to bid 20m for him as well.


  2. Anybody see the bloke doing that round up on SSN there talking about Carroll and the bin dippers/Carroll in general?


  3. Apparantly Liverpool want Carroll now too. Redknapp has made himself look like a right bell end by keeping up this whole charade, I have lost any (albeit very little) respect I had for him. Thought he was a wheeler dealer bargain hunter anyway? Now he is punting 30 million bids left right and centre!!

    Selling the bull would be seasonal suicide. We don’t even have cover if he gets suspended or injured! Wouldn’t worry about Liverpool, they have been linked with every player in the world the last couple of months


  4. Premandup – I’m not sure about that. I think the players we have at the minute have bought into this whole rebuilding/we’ll get back in Europe thing anyway.


  5. Me too, just feel a sense of loyalty from our main stars. Would be surprised if we didn’t get bids for tiote in the summer though.
    Even though he has not been here long, surprised at no speculation on him in this window


  6. I see Man City are chipping into the Torres race now?? I bet the first thing they looked at was the Β£50 million price tag before they looked at the player πŸ˜‰


  7. Aye, Liverpool apparently want to spend 30 million on Carroll. The bloke on SSN this morning said he’d been with Llambias last week and he was told “I have no intention of doing business for Andy but if an astronomical offer comes in, Mike will”..Carroll clearly not invaluable then. He did also say that he didn’t think 30mil would be enough, but also that he thought Carroll would be off in the summer.


  8. Don’t think there’ll be any more incoming players today.

    I Imagine that we’ll have a couple of bids for Carroll to contend with though. If I was Pardew I would just turn my phone off!


  9. Stu-Poor Pards turns his phone off and the only call he’ll miss is the one to tell him he’s losing Carroll.

    Alot of pundits/media outlets saying at the end of the day Ashley is a businessman and if 30 million comes in from Liverpool today, they all think he’ll accept.
    See quite a few people on here saying “aye but 30 million is loads to re invest into the squad”..yes it is, but you’ve all got far more faith in fatty than I do if you think the full whack would go back into the team. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we got 10 mil for an average replacement and Ashley pockets 20, if 30 was the price.


  10. Clutching at straws tweet of the day so far from Patrick Barclay of The Times:

    “Newcastle fans should keep fingers crossed that Torres deal stalls. Because Dalglish will know how good Carroll is from Shearer.”

    πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„


  11. Toonsy-you don’t think 30 mil would be accepted? Tbh I wasn’t at all worried about the Carroll deal having heard from Pardew and the club he wasn’t for sale but I’ll be nervous the day like.


  12. Carroll going nowhere FFS. Hes probably got bored of saying hes ganning nowhere! There is no evidence of Ashley selling any players and filling his pockets.

    Ireland & Another in, Routledge and Xisco out.
    Window over.


  13. Toonsy, it’s mental mate.. The papers get slated daily on here for talking utter pap, then everyone believes it as soon as there’s some negative press for NUFC/Carroll… Whaaaat?!


  14. Dave – I guess it’s just nervousness mate. I mean it’s been a while since we have had any prize assets to be able to sell lol


  15. Darren Lewis is some **** from the mirror, Who has just been on alan brazil, Gassing about how how dare newcaaaaaarrstle demand over Β£30m for Carroll when Villa cost Barcelona Β£35m.

    Also he will go eventually if not today as mike ashleys a business man (hes hid that well) Also he will never win things and play in the champions league unless he leaves like shearer should (We never played CL with al apparantly)

    how i swear me own eyes witnessed Carroll prancing around with a trophy in his arms after the ipswich match in maytime.

    Slagging Blackpool for asking big bucks for Adam, IE not surrendering and relegating themsel, How dare these promoted sides try and do the best by their club the fcuking cheek ey….

    Anyhoo complete w@nker trying to email him but im expecting a bit of a hoohaa from other listeners so i doubt ill get an answer.


  16. I could understand it if it were from a semi-credible source.. But most these rumors are coming from The Sun.. If anyone is reading that and believing it they need a speaking to.

    Besides, Carroll isnt worth 30M.


  17. Breaking News…… “Emile Heskey has been spotted at Newcastle. Though, to be fair, he was probably aiming for Middlesbrough.”



  18. Also on his twitter he is “incredulous that Carroll is being talked about in the same bracket as Darren Bent” πŸ˜†

    Aye a 21 year old striker with a long contract and **** loads of potential with 11 goals already this season should never be counted in the same bracket as a 27 year old who has never done owt on the top level but takes a canny penalty…


  19. stardy how is donna these days ❓ bet that lot on com divent even know her why dont ya introduce her too them πŸ™‚


  20. Surely if JB is close to signing a new contract there must be assurances that NUFC are heading in the right direction.

    Selling Carroll would be madness and send out the wrong message to all the current squad.

    The difference beteween now and the Beardsley/Gascoigne era is that we don’t need to sell.

    If it is true that we have had bids in excess of Β£25m and rejected them, then Ashley deserves credit.


  21. Konchesky out on loan…we bracing ourself for a bid for El Toro from the scouse.

    They can gan boil their heeds.


  22. I heard the Brazil interview too and I wanted to phone in but you just get shouted down.

    Β£30 million is too much for Carroll IMHO, but it is that high for a number of reasons.

    He is the focal point of the team and alot of our play goes through him. Yes if we got that amount of money for him we could re-invest in the squad, but at this stage who on earth are we going to buy who will replace our focal point but is also our top scorer. The price tag is also that high because the player doesnt want to leave and the club dont want to sell, so if people are to be persuaded then we say you pay over the odds. Its very easy for people to compare Carroll and Bent’s price tags but strikers, and young English ones at that, are a rare thing and the prices rise accordingly.

    Does anyone else think Torres on current form is worth Β£50 million? or Dzeko Β£27?? No way. Maybe last season when Torres was unplayable yeah but not now.

    I also think the main reason for his high price is that fact that Pards wants to try and build. He and others have signed long term deals and the core of the team is there to be built around. Carroll is an important part of that spine and as others have said he needs to stay to show the squad, the fans, the country, the world that we are trying to build something and having an international striker worth Β£30 million and coverted by many top teams will hopefully be a great selling point to get other top players into the club as part of the building of the club and team.

    People like Lewis harp on about Shearer coming to us too early, and yeah he probably couldve won things at Manure, but we nearly won things too, 2 cup finals in a row, top 4 finishes in 5 seasons (I think). Carroll could very easily leave too soon. He should stay for at least another 18 months IMHO and see where the club are then.


  23. Problem with Carroll ‘apparantly’ is that he is ‘a big fish in a small pond’

    It will be interesting to see what happens when he starts hooking up with the national team regularly and all these boys at top 4 teams are turning his head.


  24. Seriously,If indeed spurs and liverpool making a bid for carroll,i am sure it will drive the price over 30million,which i feel is a huge amount that is hard to resist.

    but here comes the problem,On LAST DAY??? 😯

    Maybe,the club can sell Him off now,but play for them next season…. πŸ™„


  25. Twitter rumour: #Iandennisbbc says that Liverpool have bid Β£30 million for Andy Carroll.
    😈 😈 😈


  26. No chance to Carroll. It’s too late in the day for us to get anyone in to replace. I’d be more worried if it was earlier in the window.

    Still, if we do escape without losing Carroll I wonder if people will give fatty some credit?


  27. Cameron Jerome has had a few bids….why arent we giving Strolla and cash for him. Perfect player for playing off Carroll!!


  28. We just turned down 30M for Carroll. Got to give the Board some credit on this one.

    With Torres deal continegent on replacing him, Ashley just screwed Chelsea and LPool in one stroke. I love it…


  29. As much as it pains me to say it I would accept 30million or more for Andy and then hope he does a Keane and we get him back on loan or for half the value they pay :mrgreen: . 30million is a lot of money that could help aid the club. In saying all this I hope he doesnt leave he’s too important to the club


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