£30 million Andy Carroll bid turned down by Newcastle.

More bids to come?
Newcastle have turned down a staggering £30 million bid from an unknown club (ahem Liverpool) for Andy Carroll.

This has been confirmed by a lot of people now, so using that particular rule of thumb you would have to say that there is an element of truth in this.

The figures being thrown around are truly staggering, but if the club stick to their resolve and keep on rebuffing bids of this magnitude then they will get some credit from me for sure. £30 million is not to be sneezed at, but accepting it would be a backwards step this late on in the window and would leave us little time to line up a replacement that will offer us anywhere near what Carroll can.

With Andy Carroll you are paying for potential and for the fact that he is English, and for being a striker that can actually score goals. Could we find a comparable player who would be interested in joining us? I don’t think we could to be honest.

Keeping Carroll would be a feather in the cap for Mike Ashley and would give us a strong indication as to which direction the club are going in the medium to long term. Having one of Europe’s hottest, most saught after talents on the books will be a pull for player’s and sponsor’s and will have it’s own benefit in the long run.

The valuation of £30 million is fantastic, but in reality it is peanuts to Mike Ashley and it’s also peanuts compared to the value that Carroll can add to the club over the coming years.

Whether or not there will be another bid of a larger magnitude remains to be seen, but with under twelve hours of the window left to go it’s time to hold onto your hats.

It’s starting to get interesting!

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39 thoughts on “£30 million Andy Carroll bid turned down by Newcastle.

  1. jesus, that’s alot of money!
    Got a feeling that if it was the summer, then it would have been accepted, but on the last day of the Jan transfer window, nah, it would be daft to accept it without a replacment. Credit to the club I guess.

    But at what price do you draw the line?


  2. ILM exactly. Think we should give the club credit for sticking to their guns but at what price does it tip them over the edge? Would be interesting if the bid increased to £35- 40m what would they do?


  3. Sell once it reached £35million,but with a deal of play for the other club next season,and loan back to us right till season ends.

    Buy Now,Play Later/Buy Now,Loan back to Us.


  4. Remember when ashley first came in and people were talking about buying young players or bringing through for nothing and then going on to have a greater sell on value?

    Who would have though the first of those would be £30 million eh! crazy money


  5. My understanding of Dalgish’s press conference is that the Torres deal is subject to NUFC accepting the bid for Carroll.

    I have a horrible feeling that AC will be going today.


  6. I dont think we sell carrol today. And yes well done ashley for rejecting 30 million.

    Seen he is 1/5 on to move to liverpool today. What a load of balls.


  7. Reason Torres is leaving Liverpool is that having learnt to speak English he does not want to play for a manager who can’t be bothered to do the same


  8. MDS
    hahaa that’s exactly what I just tweeted to Ed on SSN, told him to stop wanking over Carroll for a minute and think that maybe we’re doing work also


  9. F*ck of you dirty scouse scum I’ve got a major deadline myself at the end of the day and I really didn’t need any poxy distractions today. Dan Walker of the BBC says he has it on good authority that Andy won’t be sold today. Keeping him makes sense anyway; why sell him for 30mil when he’s 22 when we could use him to his prime, try and win stuff and imorove our club, then sell him for 60mil when he’s 28/29! C’mon Mike, do the right thing!


  10. the bloke on twitter, who’s has go a few things right about players coming and going, say newcastle have accepted offer for carroll. hope he’s wrong we can’t loose him this close to the end of the window.


  11. ILM- it’s nauseating! There is no way they would sell Carroll this late in the wndow, if at all. Typical Big 4/5 national media lovefest. they just assume that everyone outside of the Bid 4/5 is a selling club and that any player would run over theIR grandmother to play for one of them.

    Beginning to think we will get Ireland plus one more in today.


  12. 30 Million is crazy money…. anything above 35 Million and we should accept it!
    The team has coped well enough with Carroll’s absence. Besides we could reinvest and purchase players in the summer like Alex Chamberlain


  13. I Love Mike
    Posted January 31, 2011 at 12:09 PM
    hahaa that’s exactly what I just tweeted to Ed on SSN, told him to stop wanking over Carroll for a minute and think that maybe we’re doing work also

    Or ma\aybe Pards is simply terrified of leaving Ashley alone in a room with a telephone for even five minutes 🙂


  14. I would love it if Torres went to Man Utd, just to p*ss off all the scousers!!!

    If we sell Carroll I am leaving the office on compassionate leave, I wont be able to do my job if that happens


  15. The thing is that £30m is huge! We could build a good squad with that.

    Personally I think we’ll know a lot about Ashley’s intentions for NUFC after today.

    If Carroll stays it could mean we’re in for an exciting time, if he goes where do we go from there?


  16. Carroll has the potential to be our No.9 and lead the line for years to come. He is local and bleeds for the club…..

    you can’t put a price on that in my opinion! Unless it’s 50 million!


  17. Stu
    two things, on Ashley’s intentions, I don’t think that if we don’t sell now we should read too much in to it, it would be daft to sell now. If we were to be offered the same money in the summer I reckon we would take it. What would say about his intention then?

    And on ‘building a squad’ I doubt that we would see any immediate spending. I just can’t see the club changing tact, I think the money would go straight in to the club and we would continue with the prudent way we have done in the past when it comes to signings, £30 mill or no £30 mill.


  18. I love Carroll he is the best forward we have had in years but his apparent excessive social life concerns me a lot. £30 million is a great price and it will never be higher presuming it is anywhere near that price.


  19. 30M is a lot of money, but if you have been following the transfer market that is the going rate for top forwards right now. What happens if we sell carroll? we would likely have to spend the whole thing on another top forward who may have never played in the Prem and could have his head turned in a coupe of years.

    I’d rather keep the sure thing- especially since a life-long supporting geordie is more likely to make a career out of it at newcastle


  20. If Carroll did go do you guys really think the money would be re-invested into the club? Of course it wouldnt, plus Andy Carroll has a say in the deal too, if he doesnt want to leave then he wont be! I dont think he owes Mike Ashley anything, I’m sure the lads all want to push on and do well for the club.

    Get Ireland onboard and possibly another, get Barton and Bull signed up. Happy toon fans for another few weeks! 😀


  21. That’s a tidy new banner toonsy! The only thing that was really lacking about the aesthetics of this blog was a decent banner, good work! Although the inclusion of Shola is questionable 😆


  22. Moreno: “you can’t put a price on that in my opinion! Unless it’s 50 million!”
    😆 I really hope you meant that to be funny. Otherwise someone’s going to have to pop round to water you.


  23. All this conspiracy theory over what Ashley would do with £35, apart from being totally against all the evidence of the past two years of his behaviour, is irrelevant.

    Someone suggested above (Stu?) that “The thing is that £30m is huge! We could build a good squad with that.”

    Er.. wha?

    So you’d start, I assume, with replacing Carroll. Bent: £24m, Torres: £50. Carroll: £30m+

    So how much would you have left to spend on other players?

    Some real idiocy on here today – but then this is transfer deadline day, so no surprises in that front. 😕


  24. 30 million + paylychenko or so I heard……crazy money, can’t blame ashley and co for taking it if its true
    pointless taking a cash inly bid tho as to late to get another deal in place for a replacement


  25. Stuart79
    Posted January 31, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    ILM – So if we’re not going to use the money we get from him, there’s no point in selling him.ever!

    We’ve all saw the clubs finances in black and white, I think the money would go straight back into the club, so to answer your question, the point of selling him would be to speed up this ‘5 year plan’ we have in place to be self-sufficient.
    Doesn’t grab the headlines and would probably make people mad, as most would want a replacement, but that’s what I reckon would happen.
    I actually hope during the summer we’re going to have a major overhaul of our strikers, it’s clear to me that it’s the one main part we’re lacking in quality.


  26. Whumpie,

    I ain’t an avid user of smileys, emoticons or whatever you call them. I realise that nowadays you have to use them in every sentance so people know how to take your comments.

    Just to re-iterate…I wouldn’t sell him for any money.

    For me, local lads playing for their local club is what football is all about. I hate the fact that some clubs in the Premier League don’t even field English players anymore in some games and reckon that the reason we are doing so well is due to the fact the vast majority of our players are Northern English (with the exception of Jose, Fab and Jonas – who are practically Geordies now anyway) and this creates a bond and team spirit that money can’t buy.
    I would actually prefer to be dreaming about Europe and maybe missing out with local lads in the team, than challenging for the title with a bunch of ****s playing for us like Man City.
    To see us rejecting bids of that sort of money is music to my ears and I will actually be proud of the fat ****ey w*nker if we finish today with Carroll still a toon player.


  27. Whumpie – I thought the way forward for us was to buy good, young up and coming players for a low cost? What’s changed?

    If the club think that’s the bedt way to achieve success then why change it even if we have 30m in the bank?


  28. DevonMag – It wasn’t me who did the banner. It was ethi-toon who kindly done one off his own back and sent it to me asking of I wanted to try it. And here it is 😀


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