Andy Carroll update – Improved Liverpool bid rejected.

Andy Carroll.

Andy Carroll.
Carroll saga continues...
The Andy Carroll saga looks like it could go right to the wire this evening.

It is being reported that a deal had been agreed with Liverpool for around Β£35 million, but this news has proven to be inaccurate after it emerged that the club have rejected a second, improved offer in excess of Β£35 million for the striker.

This story isn’t dead yet though and there will be more twists and turns until the window closes at 11pm this evening.

More to follow….

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136 thoughts on “Andy Carroll update – Improved Liverpool bid rejected.

  1. His career will nose dive im absolutely sure of it, He’s gone too early and not just that he’s gone to easily the worst side to try for him this window. What a waste of talent

    For Francis Jeffers, Richard Wright and Shaun Wright-Phillips, Read the scummy mercenary **** that is Andy Carroll…


  2. The only thing i can say is.

    All the Best carroll in your new club.

    Sad/furious thing is we can’t buy or loan any foreign players now as is too late.

    Now we might be seeing Ranger starting games,and hopefully getting roman on loan in…


  3. We don’t need players at the club who have no affinity.

    The club is much bigger than JUDAS.


  4. So Toonsy, now that our one trick pony offense has flown, is it time to “rush out” yet? Sheesh.


  5. Aye, to be honest I thought it was Ashley holding out for more cash whilst telling Carroll in private that he was off.

    Now that we know Carroll handed in a transfer request, maybe Ashley WAS actually sticking to his guns and told Carroll he was going neewhere which had him turn round and ask to leave.

    He can f*ck right off as far as i’m concerned. 22 years old wearing the no9 and he’s walked out on us at the first available opportunity.
    Hope he realises what he’s doing here, walking out on his home town club and his city. He’ll never pull on the B&W again and he’ll be lucky to show his face around Newcastle on a regular basis.
    After everything the club has done for him aswell given his pathetic off field behaviour.

    Cheers for nowt Andy, you money grabbing Traitor. B@stard.


  6. Is this a good time to remind everyone that I’m selling a pair of season tickets in March πŸ˜‰ πŸ™„ πŸ˜€


  7. I’m choosing to look on the bright side at the moment:

    35M to spend and Xisco with his 60K a week has effed off…


  8. Connor Whickham on loan? are you kidding, we can’t even attract a championship player full time?
    To be fair he’s looked the business in the championship but if we’re replacing the traitor with a loan deal for a lower league striker, it’s scary.


  9. MDS….assuming alll the money is made available for funds, and the problem is every club we try and buy from will hike up their prices now πŸ™


  10. who said AC put a transfer request in – the club/fattso ? – i wouldn’t put a penny on that being the truth.

    i’d be suprised if AC didn’t deny this in the next couple of days.


  11. Ross…tbh loan deals make sense now with so little time left in the window, better than panic buying, and like I said clubs will hike up the prices if we come knocking now.


  12. Richie- I thought of those things, but was able to block them from my mind. Stop ruining the brightsode for me!!! πŸ™


  13. aye roy a kna what ya meen but divent stick up for the traitor ,he wasent even a proper geordie he was from gateheed roy πŸ˜†


  14. Would we get the compensation on Andy Carroll after he turns 23/24? when the bunch of clowns called FIFA executives sit and decide the worth of the player and how much the parent club ash to paid


  15. Roy I really cant see the club saying he had put a transfer request in if he hadn’t, but I could be wrong.
    I think Carroll has took the pay rise and said **** you’s for sticking by me when I needed you’s


  16. Now I have a few conspiracy theories on why he’s been out for so long with an initially thought “minor” injury…


  17. but I hope the deal go through
    if not then it would be so fcking bad scenerio in the team
    and we won’t get the money either


  18. Roy
    For once I completely agree, something smells fishy to me, suddenly handing in a transfer request only days after saying he wants to stay?

    Have they come together and said it would best for all if he handed in a transfer request? Has his agent told him the club wouldn’t mind if he left so handed it in?

    Wonder how it came to that, smell a bit fishy to anyone else? Am I being naive and is it just about money?


  19. roy-An official statement from the club confirmed it mate. we “reluctantly accepted” a transfer request early this afternoon.


  20. Roy I wouldn’t believe half the ****e our club come out with. but I just think he has just had his head turned with the prospect of more than double your money.
    Lets face it as it stands it looks like he has turned his back on his Hometown club now that he has lived the dream πŸ‘Ώ


  21. To put it in perspective:

    Β£35 mil for Carroll

    That money bought the following for Man Ure:

    Nani Β£13.5 mil
    Vidic Β£7 mil
    Hernandez Β£6 mil
    Evra Β£5.5 mil
    Rafael Β£2.5 mil

    Carr got us Tiote and Ben Arfa on the cheap. Imagine what he can find us with Β£35mil to spend in the summer. Assuming of course Ashley gives Pardew the money to spend.

    If nothing happens this summer, then its time to lynch Ashley.

    We are undefeated in the last 4 games without Carroll too don’t forget.


  22. actually Bendter on loan for the rest of the season wouldn’t be that bad i guess, but would hope to god it wouldn’t be permanant, he irritates the f*ck out of me!


  23. all the fat man had to say to AC was – your with us until the end of this season as we need your goals to ensure we stay in this division we’ll then consider your future.but instead he flogs him with just a couple of hours of the window left.

    it’s not a bit fishy – it’s f@cking lifting. πŸ™

    once a c@nt always a c@nt.


  24. I’m hearing talk of Bendtner. Although I like him and think he has massive potential, for me it’s a non-starter. Arsene won’t sell and Bendtner won’t fancy coming here.


  25. The madness continues…

    Luiz to Chelsea for 25M!!!

    ‘arry reportedly offering 30M for Guieseppi Rossi.

    I hope we don’t panic buy now. Not excited about Bendtner unless it’s a loan.


  26. But roy would we of gotten 35 mil for him in the summer?

    Carrol was not and is not worth 35 mil , Dont get me wrong its a big loss esp with a few hours to get a replacement in , but if he dont want to play for us leave him off.


  27. ToonTyne – I’m glad you can take time out of your daily routine and use this really bad bit of news to have a pop at me.

    Nice one. I’m glad that’s all you are worried about….

    Sheesh πŸ˜‰


  28. johno – we may have got more than Β£35 mil for him in the summer – if his 2nd half of the season was as good as his 1st i think we would.

    reet as off t try & teach me fav barmaid al aboot the offside rule – i’ll probably need a hammer & chisel like. πŸ˜‰


  29. I agree , n even if we did bid for anyone wouldnt the club in question just hike up their price?

    Fuck you andy , **** you


  30. only way to soften the blow,
    Nicklas Bendtner on loan till the end of the season
    Connor Wickham on a perm

    Would have been canny if this wasn’t being sorted with 3 hours to go like.


  31. I don’t reckon we’ll get a striker in tonight, no, but apparently the Ireland deal is done.



  32. If he did’nt want to go no one could force him.On top of that his timing is crap!I know he is not the sharpest tool in the box but he must know the hate that now exsists for him Geordies have long memories.There will be no way back!
    Enjoy the money hope its worth it!!


  33. He could have been a legend and one of SJP’s true greats instead he is now one of the most hated players ever to walk out of the Toon.


  34. Great piece of business to be honest. A fricking ridiculous fee! The transfer request has completely knocked me sideways though.

    I am going to try and put things in perspective without leaning on some of the hearsay or negativity:

    – the club has a small fortune to spend on improving the squad
    – does selling one star player make the club a selling club?
    – Manchester United sold Ronaldo and Beckham. Are they a ‘selling club’?
    – until we are a top 6/7 club again we are going to face the big clubs backed by an enthusiastic Sky Sports (protecting their investment) unsettling our clubs
    – the sale of Bent, Torres and now Carroll highlight the scummy role of agents in our game
    – this also highlights the moral bankruptcy of footballers that none of us should be surprised at as it ain’t anything new
    – lastly (ish) where does this money come from? Liverpool are in terrible debt and do not look like improving revenues in the next year (ie


  35. Sorry my clumsy thumb must have caught the post button…

    lastly (ish) where does this money come from? Liverpool are in terrible debt and do not look like improving revenues in the next year (ie Champions League)
    – where did Villa find 18 -24 million?
    – Chelsea despite losing 74 million last year after winning the league and playing in the Champions League have forked out 50m for one player and 22 million for another
    – UEFA need to step in now as these clubs are destroying the game in my opinion. I have stopped believing the hype. International football has went to the wall and the greed in the game is killing the passion.Β 

    To summarise, I am more disgusted with the state of football than I am with the sale of my favourite player.Β 


  36. batty

    Yeh and only 3 months after he said :

    All I have ever wanted to do is play for Newcastle,β€β€œThat’s been the case since I was a teenager, playing for the juniors and deserves, and it’s still the same now.

    β€œEvery time I pull on the black and white shirt – and even more so now that I have number nine on my back – it means the world to me so to be able to do that for at least the next five years is brilliant.”

    F**K ME reading that makes me want to punch the computer. That was a f**king quick 5 years Judas


  37. Come on for fcks sake! Can anyone actually say their suprised?

    I still say good deal if we can spend it on squad strengthening.


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