Game on! Fulham v Newcastle.

Newcastle tackle Fulham.
Its been a while, quite a while, and a fair bit hs gone on since our last game against Tottenham 11 days ago.

The football, thankfully, returns tonight as Newcastle head to the banks of the River Thames to take on Fulham. Craven Cottage is quite possibly the most picturesque Premier League ground around. It has character, charm, and a lovely view of the River Thames.

I was there, as was MarkToon, in our relegation season, which is why I managed to take in the splendour of the ground and it’s surrounding area. After all, the football was pretty dire. I recall that we lost 2-1 that day, and I think Amoebi scored the consolation goal with Fabricio Coloccini conceding a penalty. Anyway, I’ll stop reminiscing now as that is all in the past. What is important is the match tonight!

Three points would be brilliant, even a point would be decent, and I’m sure the team will be wanting to put the points on the board as soon as they can as they aim for safety as soon as possible. It will be tough though, very tough, as Fulham appear to be waking up and have been getting some decent results as of late.

If you want to read a bit more background on the fixture as well as ponder the team news and take in some fun stats then please feel free to read the match preview if you haven’t already done so.

The match will be live on Sky Sports this evening and will be broadcast in 3D, but for the majority of us who don’t have access to such luxury you could possibly pick a stream from MyP2P. I’m not promising anything though, so if you know of a decent stream then please feel free to post a link up in the comments section below.

Kick off is scheduled for 8pm UK time so you will need to adjust that depending on your location around the globe. Hopefully the game will be worth watching for all of us!

Team news is as follows….

Fulham: – Mark Schwarzer, John Pantsil, Chris Baird, Brade Hangeland, Aaron Hughes, Clint Dempsey, Danny Murphy, Steve Sidwell, Damien Duff, Moussa Dembele, Andy Johnson.

Subs: – David Stockdale, Carlos Salcido, Jonathan Greening, Simon Davies, Gael Kakuta, Zolton Gera, Diomansy Kamara.

Newcastle: – Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Jonas Gutierrez, Shola Ameobi, Leon Best.

Subs: – Tim Krul, James Perch, Sol Campbell, Shane Ferguson, Peter Lovenkrands, Nile Ranger, Michael Richardson

Howay the lads!

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234 thoughts on “Game on! Fulham v Newcastle.

  1. So Strolla is out for 6 weeks. Jeez, we have to rely on Best, Ranger and Lovenkrands to keep us up.

    Fck me this gets better and better.


  2. Stuart…take a good look, this is how it’s gonna be until the end of the season. We’re gonna have to fight hard to get those points we need to be sure of survival..


  3. BD-Doesn’t look like it mate. His movement and hold up play is canny but he has alot to work on when it comes to his finishing. He was just unlucky that he didn’t manage to slide it underneath Schwarzer but when look isn’t on your side what have you got mate.

    In truth it’s been thoroughly uninspiring from start to finish. Poor in the final third and mistakes at the back.


  4. Frankly we don’t need to worry about losing players over wages after this. Benny must wonder what he’s signing for


  5. BD-was just about to say you’d be forgiven for forgetting Nolan was on the field like.

    Cant believe it’s that gutless b@stard Duff who’s got their goal aswell. See him pointing at their badge in celebration? F*cking mercenary. Lacks any balls.

    And Sturridge scores a 90th minute goal for Bolton against Wolves. Brilliant! Cheers Mike!


  6. Does Pardew really think were thick enough to believe he plays good football, Far Far Worse than anything Crhis ever served up.

    Abysmal performance and shocking tactics, Insult to the wonderful away support not for the first time…


  7. Sooooo is this a bad time to try and flog a pair of season tickets again?…’ll prob be after the Bolton game so 5 home games left Β£200 the pair……..don’t miss that final push for Europe, ya know it makes sense πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  8. lace-Thank god, we’re desperate for him to return.

    What we’re immediatly desperate for though is someone who can score goals. As if it wasn’t looking bleak enough you’d imagine Shola is out for at least 6 weeks.
    We’re relying on 3 strikers who have 5 goals goals between them all season.


  9. And that gutless c*nt Duff looks like he’s desperatly trying to hold back the sheer joy on his face during his post match interview. Holding back the smirk when Murphy mentions that “They’ve lost their best player”


  10. All the years of wearing a gum shield and when he finally gets a slap in the chops it does absolutely **** all

    Ya learn summit every day Shola…


  11. Coleman-“Duff was getting behind Luis Enrique regularly” you’re chuffed you’ve ditched Gray and Keys now Sky. Your panel can’t even get players names right.


  12. Lets not slit our wrists just yet. Newcastle Fulham is generally a tight game and it could have went either way. For me, Schwarzer pulled off that save from Ranger and you just felt it wasnt’ going to be our night. Not only that, Schwarzer was first to every corner and free kick we pumped into the box, an absolutely excellent goalkeeping performance and Brede Hangeland is the most under rated centre half in the league, Best and Ranger really looked out of their depth, which is obviously extremely worrying.

    With more creativity and more chances created they will hopefully start banging a few goals in but they just dont have the quality to take half chances in a scrappy game like that. Toonsy, spot on with your assessment of Best lacking a yard of pace, was evident on a few occasions.

    We lost a goal from a Jose error, thats not a regular occurance, it happens to the best of them and he has been one of our better players this year so I am willing to forgive him but what was Damien Duff’s crack? Commentators going on as if he ‘had a point to prove?’
    If that point was he couldnt give a chuff about us going down whilst taking 80k per week than jumping ship immediately then yeah, point proven. He should actually be ashamed of his self in front of our fans for the absolute shameful performances he put in for the black and white whilst on that wage, if he didnt care he should have just said so and let someone else take his place in the starting 11 and f*ck off back to being a leprechaun.

    Credit to our fans once again who had it as a home game atmosphere for almost 90 minutes.

    Oh and by the way, I usually only ever remember great goals, great saves, terrible misses…..but I dont think I will ever forget how poor Mike Williamsons cross into the box was on around 80 minutes. I will compare every poor cross to that for the rest of my life, he had about 20 seconds to get it in the box and it didn’t even make the D.


  13. And the commentators on about Andy Carroll was obviously going to happen, reckon someone after the game might have said….”you do realise he’s injured don’t you and wouldn’t be playing anyway?”


  14. Poor performance. Second half reminded me of the West Brom game. They pressed higher and forced us into giving away possession. To be honest, they needed the points and they played like they needed them. Have Ranger and Best played together? It sure as hell didn’t seem like it.


  15. f*ck off back to being a leprechaun???

    That is a ****ing extremely raciest remark u pr*ck

    N duff didnt leave immeditalty after relegation , he scored and got a point for us on the opening day of the season against west rbom


  16. f*ck off back to being a leprechaun???

    That is a f*cking extremely raciest remark u pr*ck

    N duff didnt leave immeditalty after relegation , he scored and got a point for us on the opening day of the season against west rbom


  17. Guys calm down!

    Yes, it was a poor performance, but we had our 3rd and 4th choice strikers against the best defence outside of the top four…at their ground…in a game they NEEDED to win.

    We will score. We won’t be relegated. We will bounce back (Not against Arsenal, mind). Chiiiill


  18. You are the one linking my comment with his nationality.

    I said it due to the fact he is small, annoying and has a pot full of Gold.

    I hadn’t thought about the fact he is Irish, you racist


  19. And a raciest remark (as you put it) would probably go along the lines of “my, you do look good in those suspenders, get yourself going whilst I fetch the cream.”


  20. dont try and side step it onto me , u said it , if u say it have the balls to stand by it , just cause i called u on it.


  21. Depends how far you want to take racism mate. When we call Sunderland fans smelly mackem b******ds is that being racist? Ever called Mike Ashley a fat ****ney b******d?

    Get off your high horse you sound like a lass….whoops sexism.

    Well slap my hand!


  22. Do i honestly think ur racist? Of cousre not , n im sure swat wont break into ur house , but i dont think its right u make such an offensive remark about duff because he is from Ireland and you think ur been funny.

    Would you call me a leprechaun?


  23. We’re only 6 points off the bottom three I see, and we have Ranger, Lovenkrands and Best as our strikers for the rest of the season.

    If it wouldn’t hurt so much I’d like to see us go down to teach the fcking prick a lesson! But alas whatever happens we’re stuck with him. so we might as well be stuck with him in the PL.

    Although for the first time this season I’m genuinely worried about relegation with the injuries stacking up and we have three strikers who haven’t scored half a dozen PL goals between them!


  24. If you were small, annoying and Irish ( which I am guessing you are ) then…..

    100% Yes.

    I am away to bed, not going to lose any sleep over a game I thought we’d lose anyway night Leprechaun.


  25. I wouldnt be worried about 1 game stuart but it going to be a very important feb , we have 3 gamesafter arsenal which we need to get something out of but not overly worried.

    Ah dont go to bed moreno stay!


  26. Coleman said something interesting, about emergency loans. I didn’t think we could register anyone else now? Plus they’d laugh at us anyway


  27. Stuart-He’ll learn no lesson mate. We walked the championship last season and he probably thoroughly enjoyed it.

    First season back and half way through the survival mission we’re sitting in the top half of the league so he lets our top goal scorer and arguably most important player walk out on us for cash that MIGHT go back onto the field. Judas didn’t just score goals he made a sh!teload for the likes of Nolan, who went missing completly the night.

    I’d say he’d care about relegation as far as the financial implications are concerned but he’s just pocketed 35 million. Blokes a fat useless b@stard man.


  28. on way home from game, we were ****e to be honest, we could have played all night and not scored
    best and ranger are crap, players were arguing on the pitch – didn’t look good at all – least we sang the whole game


  29. chill out with the doom & gloom guys, we matched em well in the first half and as everyone’s said they’ve hit form and needed that win. We are not going to get relegated! Clearly the only major problem is our attack- they’re just not good enough. Best can finish but only if it’s seemingly on a plate, he can’t run for sh*t. Ranger…I dunno, keep him as an impact sub for now. I’d suggest our strikers are Best and Lovenkrands from now on, I think Peter needs a sustained run in the team to get some confidence back- he’s easily our fastest striker, probs the best finisher an all. When Ben Arfa’s back I’d seriously consider playing him up front. He’s got pace and knows how to finish…don’t see what harm it could do stickin him up top.

    One thing that I thought was really really apparent tonight, was that I think we could have done with Routledge on the bench, big time. Guthrie/Nolan (awful game) off, Barton in the middle and Wayne to run at em a bit. Poor decision by Pardew letting him go for no apparent reason! Hope Alan invests in PACE this summer cos we’re lacking.


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