“Time to move on” says Nolan.

Nolan rallies the troops, again. The loss of Andy Carroll has knocked me sideways to be honest. I understand he was sold for far more than his real value, but it is still a kick in the teeth.

The problem I have is that it has completely blown my faith and belief in the club, and I know for a fact I’m not alone on that front. Here was a chance to build something for the future, but between Carroll and his agent, the manager, and the board, that looks to be not very high on the list of priorities.

Whoever was to blame for Carroll’s exit, and however it could it could have been avoided, is all kind of irrelevant now. Yes it hurts, but we have to move on now and we can’t keep on using it as an excuse for abject performances such as the one at Craven Cottage last night.

Still, today our captain has decided to act like a captain again instead of talking his mate into a move away from the club. He has freed himself up from his interview responsibilities for Liverpool TV and has decided to try and rally the troops, again.

“We’re all disappointed Andy’s gone. He’s a massive character. But he wouldn’t have been there last night, and wouldn’t have been there next week,” Nolan told The Chronicle. “People move on. This club’s a massive club, and no player is bigger than it.”

Nolan continued:

“We don’t know how long Andy’s going to be out for – eight weeks or so – and we’ve just got to put that to bed. He’s gone. We’re all delighted for him on his move, but we’ve just got to get on with it.”

“The main thing is we’ve got to do the best we can for Newcastle United. The best for us is making sure we stay in this league, and I firmly believe we’ve got the quality in the squad to do that.”

“At the end of the day we’re paid by the club to do a job,” said Nolan. “And we’ve got to step up. The lads have been champing at the bit and shouting that they want to be playing games, so this is the time. They’ve got to take their chance.”

Nolan then went on to talk about the disappointment of losing Carroll:

“We’re all disappointed Andy left, but it’s just one of those things. There was no one more disappointed than me. Not only have we lost a top player, but someone I was very close to.”

Well you see Kevin, you didn’t have to sit in your car and tell Carroll what a fantastic opportunity it would be to join Liverpool. You didn’t have to tell Liverpool TV how happy you are and how it’s such a great signing for them. You could have tried to convince Carroll to stay. You could have said that Newcastle are trying to build something here, and that Carroll could be the focal point of it, but you didn’t. Still, I guess it’s done now, and whilst I am unhappy with Nolan’s words I guess I’ll have to grin and bear it.

Nolan is right though, and now we have to move on.

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73 thoughts on ““Time to move on” says Nolan.

  1. For whatever reason, I don’t feel as angry at Nolan as others and perhaps as much as I should…don’t really know what influence he had in Carroll’s move, i doubt it was much though. I feel like he was just trying to help a mate settle in at a place where many fans are sceptical of him. I guess its not professional, and he really shouldn’t have done the interview..but…ah I really don’t know anymore. He’s a better captain than many anyway..but the next few months will be a real test of his mettle.


  2. I not to bothered regarding what Nolan said, he’s obviously close to Carroll and he’s just made up for his mate who has been offered a massive opportunity. A massive hike in wages at a club who should be competing at the top again very soon, it’s a step up, no doubt.

    Who wouldn’t be happy for their mate to be doing that? As we’ve seen, there’s no humanistic side to football anymore, they’re employees, and that’s how Nolan was thinking when he talking to Liverpool TV


  3. I still think we are building for the future Toonsy, the only way clubs outside of the top 4-5 can realistically keep their best players is if those players have such a strong allegiance to their club. I thought Carroll may have had that, as Rooney and now Carroll have proved , there is no such thing. If it hadn’t happened this window it would have happened another.

    Nolan needs to sort his fu-king life out, it may be that he has enjoyed having a bit too much control at the club recently and is getting a bit above himself. Hope he doesn’t let his Carroll love in destabilize the team any further.

    I reckon we’ll regroup and be alright.


  4. But to add, forgot he was even playing last night, chose last night to do his ‘if I don’t score I disappear’ act unfortunately.


  5. If Nolan is that close to AC, why wasn’t he with him, balancing out the poison that the agent was pouring in his ear? Surely the point of a captain and of a friend is to provide balance and sense at times like that.

    Anyone can see that Andy Carroll is unlikely to enjoy his life as much now he’s made this move. Everything and everyone he knows and loves is now hundreds of miles away in a city he can not work around safely any more. He was living the dream, fulfilling his every wish, and now it’s all gone and instead he’s in a pretty rough place where instead of love and appreciation he’ll face skepticism and mistrust, plus an expectation to justify an impossible price tag.

    Nolan and others have let him down badly. The only winner is the agent.


  6. “whilst I am unhappy with Nolan’s words I guess I’ll have to grin and bear it.”

    Grin and bear it until the summer then seriously consider kicking his fat arse back to his liverpool slum.

    Shocking behavior for a captain of a premier league club that have beaten Liverpool already this season, Had a better goal difference and would have jumped them in the table had we won our game in hand, At the time of him telling judas to join them.

    I hope he understands how him and his bumchum have turned our season from a comfy stroll to a top half finish and possible european challenge into a relegation scrap.

    Ya *******s ya… 😈 😡


  7. really need to put in a good performance from now on

    didn’t wake up last night thank to my alarm clock that didn’t ring
    so don’t have a clue how we played but from what I have read – it didn’t sound good.

    it will be a long tough season but genuinely think we’ll be alright as long as this group of lads keep on fighting so hopefully they’ll give their all.

    as for Nolan’s interview with LFTV , it’s just a bit unprofessional in such circumstance and for him being club’s captain , really not much wrong in his interview just the fact that he gave interview to LFTV that made me bits disappoints but that’s all – I’m still like him and he’s certainly worth captain.


  8. Read what Pardew said about our front line last night? Got a bit of sympathy for them as the service to them was abysmal, but still, as far as doing their jobs, they were non-entities last night.

    “I will be honest about the strikers,” he said. “They weren’t as good as they have been. Young Nile has got a lot to learn and Leon Best, unfortunately for Leon, didn’t have a good night.

    “Maybe there was a little added pressure on them – they’re going to have to deal with that.”

    He added: “But Leon is not a young player. He’s got good experience. This is not a player who is new to the game. Nile Ranger for sure is, but Leon Best isn’t.

    “Bestie is probably now the one who has got to come to the fore.

    “Then we have Lovenkrands, who can certainly affect the first team in a number of ways.

    “Those are the three we have and we have to get the best out of them.”


  9. ohh and just to add, bumped into a mate of my dad’s at the mackem match who used to be the physio a Newcastle, and having seen Best in training he said he was shocking like hahahaha 😥


  10. I have to admit, I was massively underwhelmed by Best last night. Just doesn’t seem to know where to be or be able to read a situation. And it doesn’t look like a lack of experience – he just looks a bit, um, thick and lumpy.

    Sorry, Bestie – it’s just how I saw it last night. And in all but one other game.

    We’re in trouble, aren’t we? 😯


  11. As i said last night i dont think we should panic over one game , we have 3 games cming up after arsenal which we need to pick up a min of 5 points for me,


  12. Any thoughts on free transfares that might be able to come in and steady us up? Seen an article about it on the other blog. Kezman apparently is free. Beggars cant be choosers.


  13. Kezman is pipe. Is he likely to score goals? At Chelsea he didn’t, and they create more than us.

    Aliadiare or whatever his name is would also be a bad move. The lad is not a scorer.

    Are either of those more likely to score than Ranger, Best or Lovenkrands? History and stats suggest no.


  14. So gosling is supposed to be out till march as well? Was hoping we could have had him on the right and slotted Barton back into the centre..given him more liscence to have a shot when he gets forward. He can certainly do it..and we need to see more goals from midfield from now on. Has to be 4-5-1 now imo cause Nolan just cant hack DFM or CM, and we cant rely on the set piece knock downs especially now Shola is out. Tiote back will help massively though-Williamson and Colo are now our main threat in the set piece, which whilst unfortunate isnt too bad as they can both head and battle well.


  15. Don’t really see any potential goal scorers from the free transfer list…Aliadieres record speeks for itself. average. and just more time spent getting another player up to speed.


  16. Hitman – It would never happen. They have ******* over there. We just like to piss and moan about and let it carry on over here 🙂


  17. one of things that really irritated me last night was Duff
    it is bound to happened every fcking time our ex will score a vital goal against us, isn’t it ??

    read that he kisses the badge and also read his post match interview , really dislike him now – I used to like him before and during his time in NUFC but after crap talk that he was gonna stayed with the team and helped us get promote and then moved out , gave sht interview about the club and now this. Hmmmm 👿


  18. NewkieBrown: good summary. We have to re-engineer to get more goals out of midfield. All we need to do is put our specialist right-winger back in, and…

    Oh, dear.

    AP and Ashley are utter ****wits, aren’t they?


  19. The lack of threat on set pieces must surely mean “Willo” 🙄 is dropped in favour of Stevie Taylor when fit.

    Neither are great defensively but Taylor can chip in with goals as well as bring the ball out and play a bit instead of humping the ******* ala Torquay/Wycome.

    Which will be nice and may actually encourage some novelty ball possession.

    Black and white total football…

    —————–Nolan—Ben Arfa—————


  20. 2 strikers,2 wingers,1 RB in summer transfer window.

    Do you lot think we still got enough to spend off from that 35million?

    1 striker+1winger must be BIG marquee signing. :mrgreen:

    Any one agrees?


  21. On a unrelated note, but also a nice note as I can say it here without the mrs finding out……

    I’ve been overpaid 😯

    My bosses will have to find out about that themselves 😉


  22. **** i posted on the previous thread!! anyone care to read my views on the club please read the last comment on previous thread and see what you think


  23. I thought we played well in parts of the game but we didn’t defend at all well when Duff scored. At least we will have Tiote back on Saturday as I think we have really missed him in the squad.


  24. CC-Williamson can battle well in the opposition penalty area-two of Carrolls Villa hatrick came from him heading and battling, and he created a chance yesterday too…although i guess he’ll be remembered for that terrible cross. Don’t really see how we can get Barton back in the centre now…Put Staylor at right back and simpson on wing? bloody ambitious and risky now, we’d be strong at set pieces but on the counter wed’ be massively exposed not to mention its completely untested. Tiote could easily pick up more Cards with us constantly throwing our CBs forward as well..bah. Has Ireland ever played RM :D?


  25. im not usually a great criticiser of players but last night i wasnt impressed with williamson at all. he looked ever so slow, clumsy, nearly gave away a penalty every time fulham had a corner or put the ball in the box, and put collo under more pressure than he needed. hopefully he will now play a blinder against the arse!


  26. I’m not sure about Williamson..I didn’t think he was that bad-could have been a penalty from him but i didn’t think it was that bad. When the commentator mentioned the one he gave away at Chelsea I almost snapped…remember fckin Alex diving for that so now we can say karma is restored. I remember Williamson moping up after a big Enrique mistake, and Enrique did have a howler, so I thought he did alright considering.


  27. Noooooooooooooooooo!!! 🙂

    So this is where everyone’s been hiding.

    Congrats on the new blog, Toonsy – looks sweet!!


  28. Except for that pic on the bottom middle of the banner – need to get shot of that quick smart! 😉


  29. Na mate – I must have missed the big announcement. I was in Malaysia over New Year – just got back a couple of weeks ago.


  30. Toonsy….spooky, I got over paid £600 and being as I’m chucking me notice in on Monday, I do believe I’ll be saying nowt 😉


  31. TC – Ah right. Well as you may have guessed I quit .org and started out on my own. Thought I’d give it a bash as it’s something I’ve never done before 🙂


  32. Udinese president Gianpaolo Pozzo has claimed he told Clubs they must pay £25million if they want to sign Chile winger Alexis Sanchez.



  33. Fair do’s toonsy – looks like you’re making a good go of it too!

    To be honest I’ve been thinking about quitting .org for a while now too…

    I was as upset as the next Geordie when Hoots got the push, but Worky’s incessant anti-Pardew patter is getting right on my wick.

    He’s not the fella I’d have picked like, but I think we should get behind him now and support him. Otherwise another relegation implosion won’t be far off.


  34. Enrique had a couple of bad plays defensively – not sure I’d seen anyone out muscle him this season before Dembele managed it yesterday, and somehow Duff left him for dead on their goal.

    However, Pardew has done something to encourage the fullbacks to get forward; Simpson and Enrique were behind our best attacking moves. Too bad there wasn’t anyone making effective runs ahead of them. I have to think this would have been a good game for Routledge 🙄


  35. cant remember feeling this empty and frustrated about nufc since…..oh yeah., few weeks back when hoots was sacked. ash may have ploughed in his own cash and ‘saved’ us but bloody hell,whatever he saved us from must of been horrible if this recurring feeling is us ‘saved’?

    thought id join toonsy new blog,saltysellars11 here under a new alias,cudnt resist after seeing a pic of irelands back,my god…


  36. Big Dave
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 5:44 PM
    Batty can you remember when Dog said he gets back<<<< divent kna dave but iam grassing you straight away 😉


  37. Feel much worse than the Hughton sacking…Its the feeling of betrayal rather than a move by Ashley that was relatively predictable. I know what people are saying about pards etc-but I wonder how Chris would have taken it if Carroll had asked to leave and had done under him? Pretty badly I reckon.


  38. NewkiBrown
    As soon as Carroll bashed the tranfer request in I doubt Pardew had any say in anything, turned in to a business matter after that.

    When the people at the top got it in writting that Carroll wanted to speak to Liverpool their eye’s would have lit up with ££££, they probably accepted it so fast that I even doubt he was told Carroll was on the chopper.


  39. ILM
    Yeah exactly, i meant that there was little Pardew could do-and some people are saying “Oh carroll left out of anger at hughtons sacking blah” but I think thats complete sh1te. Pardews got more experience of this sort of thing, plus never had the same bond as Chris did in bringing him through but even he was clearly pissed..but if Chris was still boss he would have taken it propper hard like.


  40. Wayne Carlisle! First right mid i saw! He’s 31 and was let go by Torquay but surely he can make the three steps up? Lol 😥


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