Expect more sales at Newcastle.

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Powerless Pardew.
The departure of Andy Carroll struck a chord with most of us I feel.

There is no doubt that the money received was far in excess of Carroll’s current worth, but there was something much more than cold hard cash that was signified by Carroll’s transfer.

Here was a player that was the perfect advertisement for developing home-grown talent. Carroll’s extraordinary rise to the top gave hope to many fans, a hope that perhaps the club was starting to slowly move in the right direction. Alas it wasn’t to be, and Carroll moved on.

The price was most definitely right on this occasion, but it appears that this won’t be a one-off affair. Be prepared to be disappointed and be prepared for more players to leave St James’ Park in the not too distant future.

Alan Pardew was speaking about Cheik Tiote when he said this:

“Tiote is a very important player, very talented and someone we want to be a big part of our future.”

This is all very standard practice when talking about Tiote as he has been absolutely fantastic since he joined the club back in August. However, I do start to worry when I read things such as this:

“I am hoping there are no bids, ­otherwise we will have a problem.”

That is not what I want to hear. In fact I’m pretty certain that nobody that follows Newcastle United will want to hear that. Why will there be a problem if a mega-money bid comes in for one of our players? Well I think we all know the reason for that now, but just in case you don’t, here is a clue:

“When I became ­manager, they (Ashley and Llambias) made me aware that they wanted to get the club on a financial footing, which gives them a chance to build it. Signing young players and ­hoping they become successful in the ­Premier League is part of the policy of growing as a club.”

“Now, ideally, you would like to keep someone like Andy Carroll, a young player who is from the area, but ­financially we could not keep him. But we like to think, certainly I have that ambition, that in two or three years time, if we can sustain our ­status and keep getting the TV ­money invested wisely, that we can hold off that next bid which might be for Cheik in 18 months time or so.”

“We have to get ourselves in a ­position to do that because at the moment we’re not and we have to accept that.”

I really don’t like the sound of that if I’m being honest. To me it sounds remarkably like the club would be willing to sell any player, which is not good in the long-run. How on earth is a team supposed to get better if it keeps on shedding itself of it’s better players?

Mind you, I can’t say I’m surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore at Newcastle United. Once upon a time I used to have faith and belief. I always used to be positive regarding our club, much to the irritation of some. Those positive vibes, the faith, the belief, are slowly starting to disappear.

I bet you Alan Pardew wishes that he kept his gob shut during the transfer window now, eh? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him for anything really and feel that he was just saying what he thought was going to happen. Unfortunately he has probably had the rug pulled from under him by Mike Ashley.

I keep hearing about financial stability, which is fair enough as I don’t want the club to face going out of business again, but at the end of the day I am a football fan, not an accountant. I want to see us keep our best players and try to improve and push up that Premier League table, and I’m even patient enough for it to be done slowly. I just can’t see how it is going to happen now though.

Sorry for being so depressing, but it’s how I feel at the moment.

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72 thoughts on “Expect more sales at Newcastle.

  1. There is no doubt that the money received was far in excess of Carroll’s current worth, <<< only time will tell ,and i expect there will be alot of players gone in summer and replaced with pap 😥


  2. From a business point of view the sale of Carroll was “a perfect advertisement for developing home-grown talent”, bring a player through the ranks for relative peanuts then sell for £35m+.Perfect business plan, and therein lies the problem, with the current owners the business side comes way way way before the football side. There needs to be a happy medium between the 2 imo. £35m was a fantastic price to get, I think most would agree as many were saying a couple of weeks ago that £25m was a decent price, a decent bit of business, the problem however is that he was sold when there was no time left to find a replacement and that has left the football side well and truly in the brown stuff and that is what has everyone on a downer at the moment and topped off with the injury to Shola and justifiable fears all the money won’t be re-invested
    The problem Pardwho’s going to have with Tiote will be(imo), that it won’t even have to be a big bid, just a big club and Tiote’s head will be turned and who could blame him at the moment 🙁 😥


  3. Im reckon the chuckle brothers will fcuk off in the summer, I think they will sell the club and punting Carroll was wor micks ****y side coming to the front and leaving a parting shot.

    I hope… 🙁 😥


  4. Gotta agree Toonsy, I’ve stayed optimistic for so long but it just doesn’t feel right now. I am just hoping he does sell it this year. His fu-ked us too many times now, intentionally or otherwise, he’s never going to be liked or respected and the club is always going to feel a little less ours while he is here.

    It is time for him to go. Not in any violent protest way, just a protest that enough is enough. An ongoing vocal but reasonable opposition to his ownership might be enough now to force his hand.

    Here’s for hoping. 😕


  5. For the first time since May 2009 I too am depressed.
    Just about to set off from beautiful scotland for the match and honestly fear the worse.
    Normally be it manure or chelski i believe we can win but today just dread.
    Cannot see the powers that be refusing offers on Enrique and Tiote in the summer. Probably once again at the last hour on the last day leaving us shafted once again.
    Is Colo going to be fit for today?
    It will be carnage if Campbell and Williamson are up against Van persie, arshavin and walcott.


  6. all of this goes two ways though. I still think he is gonna invest that money in the summer and that Carr will be working hard to identify players, a few of which we may sign to pre-contract agreements such as this supposed deal for Marveaux. I’m not inclined to think he should constantly be rendered a ‘fat ****ney *******’ for 90 minutes every week until then, in case he does plan to stay, and gets so bitter about the whole thing that he thinks ‘f*ck it, why the hell should I spend any more money on these ungrateful northern w*nkers!?’ Or something along those lines. I think we should just remain optimistic until the summer. We don’t NEED to sell any of our best players now, FFS. Keep em, and build around em. Tiote HAS to be offered a long-term contract (for all the good they do) in the summer, and we HAVE to buy some quality. Hard not to be negative, but when the perennial optimists go down I’ve got nowhere to turn. It’s this place that usually cheers me up so for my sake I think you should all get yer chins up 😉


  7. just read from @MsiDouglas twitter and other rumours
    there’s a provisional list of about 40 player but has no name of Barton instead it has Karl Henry’s name 👿

    so it’s look like Joey Barton will never play for England ever again
    really feel sorry for him , no matter what form he is in he’ll never get picked up because of the past. 🙁

    but there’re also some mix up of good news and bad news
    good news is pardew expect good news on Barton’s contract next week ,but bad news is Enrique’ll stay put untill we safe to discuss the contract which is understandable imo


  8. Makes your heart sink doesn’t it. Tiote an Enrique will be gone come the summer, without a doubt. 🙁


  9. England’s loss is our gain, feel bad for Joey but less games at that age is only a good thing. While we are moaning though, can I just say that I think Puma kits are F*cking ****e! Cheap, tacky, baggy pieces of absolute crap I really f*ckin wish we still had Adidas. That really p*sses me off, cheapskate Ashley bringing in cheaper branding. At least it’s not Lonsdale I guess. Even STOKE have Adidas FFS.


  10. Devon….the Puma one is the first home top that I’ve failed to buy since the 70’s, which says it all about the quality of them 🙁


  11. like ive says since this fat fka come through the door @barrick road,he couldnt give a fk about the fans or the club all he cares about is money,he will do everything he can to claw back his stake(the fans and the club will suffer big time through this mans imcompetence”due diligence”),all we can hope for is some goligath comes in and save us.


  12. pardew “The board made me aware they wanted to get the club on a financial footing which gives them a chance to build. Signing younger players and hoping they become successful in the Premier League is part of the policy of growing as a football club”.

    this proves we are a selling club any decent bids come in for our better players there OUT OF HERE 😉


  13. aye hitman we suffered cos he didn’t do due dilligence but think how much more we would have suffered if he had done it and walked away. Do you think FFS had a business plan to get us out of the spiraling debt we were in? Did he f*ck


  14. true devon,but most of the debt the slug had to pay was for the mortgage of the ground,that had to be paid in full once sir john give up his controlling stake in the club.and eveyone knew that,so how the fk the slug didnt know fkin baffles me like. 😆


  15. without dreams there is no hope – without hope there is no future.

    will the last person out please turn the lights out.


  16. Don’#t worry, toonsy, we’re not a selling club though are we?

    We’ve been a selling club since the minute Ashley walked through the door! Tiote and Enrique will be next, no doubt about it. Every other club know that if we get a good bid they will ask for a salary increase, we won’t offer them one so they will leave.

    Pardew also mentioned the fact the plan is to bring young players in and ‘Hopefully’ they’ll be good enough for the PL. Ridiculous risk!

    This club is going nowhere and it’s going there quicker than even I imagined!

    Not looking forward to the game today, we have as much chance of scoring as the Elephant man has with a Play Boy girl and they will just walk right through us.



  17. Snap out of it champ, we have come a long way since the dark days of our relegation year and whilst it would be nice to have kept Carroll he would not have been playing for months, we are on a better track than before, yes all clubs even Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U sell players that dont want to stay, butnwe have a great team spirit, exceptional support and have Gosling and Ben Arfa on the radar. If by devine intervention we win today you will be waking up on Sunday much poorer with a headache but with your faith back. 😆


  18. Stuart79…what do you mean exactly mate that we are a “selling club” and have been since Ashley arrived ? Before Mike Ashley arrived were we a “buying” club ? How far did that get us ?

    I keep harking back to the KK/John Hall era, around about the time that Hall took over, and brought with him the positive energy to redevelop the ground and to lay the foundations for probably in my opinion the finest era in recent toon history with top 4 finishes, Wembley visits, Champs League etc. That this era couldn’t be maintained was down to various reasons, bad managerial decisions, poor or expensive player purchases etc.

    Prior to the Hall era however, NUFC were traditionally a selling club, look at the players that left…Supermac, Gazza, Waddle…We are now back where we started, and in addition it is actually part of the owners strategy to develop young players who he can then sell on for a profit to ultimately ensure our “financial survival”….

    I’m sure investment of some sort will be made in the team, it’s just a question of how much, and how far will this investment get the club ? Where do the footballing ambitions of our owner lie and do they match the ambitions of the supporters ? Regarding my own ambitions for the club, regular Europa League football should be possible for NUFC, Champions League football however is in my opinion out of our reach. The spending power of the current incumbents of the top four slots will itself leave us at a disadvantage (unless of course our billionaire benefactor loosens his purse strings)…

    Please don’t mistake me for a pro Ashley supporter, but we have now what we have, and as toon fans we cannot do anything else than get behind the team…it’s in wor blood…..but it’s gonna be a rocky few months until the end of the season thats for sure.


  19. Hitman…Pardew is just doing Ashley’s work via Sky…letting the world know that they expect bids for Tiote in the summer….

    The whole Andy Carroll scenario only goes to show that we need to take what he says with a pinch of salt anyway….AP is Ashley’s puppet…


  20. Munich Mag
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 11:59 AM
    Stuart79…what do you mean exactly mate that we are a “selling club” and have been since Ashley arrived ? Before Mike Ashley arrived were we a “buying” club ? How far did that get us ?

    Well it got us in the Champions League, nearly winning the league, two cup finals oh and it didn’t get us relegated!!!

    Pardew has said he has assurances of Ashley that the club will spend all the money recieved from Carroll going. Why would anyone believe a thing he says? Everytime he says something, he does the opposite. The man has been a disaster.

    How many more times does he have to fck everyone over for people to realise he’s a fckin prick who cannot be trusted and with him here, we have no ambition and will achieve fck all.

    Ashley just wants to get by spending as little as possible until he can sell up. That won’t help us.

    Ask Middlesbrough what happens when you have a great academy, that produces top nothc players, but you sell them all and don’t treplace them.


  21. Stuart79
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 11:05 AM

    Don’t worry, toonsy, we’re not a selling club though are we?

    We’ve been a selling club since the minute Ashley walked through the door!”

    *correction, we’ve been a selling club the day Shepherd walked out the door.


  22. Here’s a scenario for you:

    Jose Enrique was asked to talk about a contract extension, he was happy to talk until Carroll was sold and he knew he wouldn’t get great money here and would certainly be questioning the clubs ambition(who wouldn’t?).

    All of a sudden Enrique says I don’t want to discuss a new contract until we know we’re playing in the PL next season. What’s changed in one week?

    I imagine the way football is these days that Enrique’s agent has had contact with the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs ect… He know’s he’ll get more money and at least be competing for things at them clubs. He will also know he will only have 1 year left on his contract this summer so he will hold all the power.

    This is a perfect storm for NUFC. I fully expect to see both Tiote and Enrique to leave in the summer.

    But not to worry, we’ll have a massive great balance sheet!!!!!!

    That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


  23. and there it is stu ashley isnt willing to pay a decent wage(in the football world not the real world)so odds on we will lose all our top players..like the great sir bobby said “if a player is after a better contract through the dog a bone” but the fat slug isnt willing to play ball so its lose lose for the fans,and we end up with ****e players..


  24. Stuart I agree with you mate, I hope we don’t go the way of the smoggies…but with this owner who knows ? The current manager is just his nodding dog anyway and has no authority..

    I fear that with the sacking of Houghton and the sale of AC the morale at the club has been severely dented, hope it all doesn’t end in disaster. Now we’re looking to loan some two bob striker from the smoggies…oh how times have changed.


  25. I Love Mike
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Nothing like Carroll actually. He had to sell his shares as Ashley was the majority shareholder and FFS didn’t have the support from any other shareholders to fight him. Once the shares were sold he was sacked as Chairman and told not to bother coming back…


  26. yup – we’re pretty much ****ed when it comes to negotiations on any front, everyone knows we have cash and everyone knows we’ll sell
    Barton, Jose and Tiote off in the summer


  27. hitman
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 12:23 PM

    In all walks of life you are paid what you’re worth – Good people get good salaries.


  28. Pardew is obviously pissed off, trouble for him is that he has no chance of getting another job in prem/league 1 so has to stick with it.
    He’s being buggerred on a daily basis by Llambias


  29. Newcastle have to pay higher salaries to get players to play/live in the north east – lets face it if you aren’t from the area you’re more likely to want to move to London so need a persuader


  30. Stuart79…..you keep delivering a series of “I told you so” statements mate…

    What do you consider “ambition” and success at NUFC ? I mentioned mine above, regular Europa League. Should be possible with prudent management ?


  31. 4411
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    Ambition would do that.

    If you build it, they will come.

    I ask a serious question now:

    Why would any player want to come to NUFC now? Under this owner they will know anything could happen, they will know that the better players are likely to be sold if the club get an offer for them and there isn’t going to be many medals coming your way.


  32. 4411 that is dead right mate, you need to spend the wedge anyway to get people to come up north. If the club aren’t showing ambition who would come in their right mind ?


  33. ashley has zero ambition for the club,all he cares about is getting his money back,thats why the club has been up for sale from day 1


  34. Munich…he’s not even good enough for the smoggies, he’s got no club but is training with the smogs 😥


  35. Munich Mag
    Posted February 5, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    I don’t mean too but I’m just frustrated that I have seen this for the last three years and I’ve just been shouted down and derided as negative and pessimistic.

    As for ambition – I have said many times before I believe a club who can attract over 50,000 supporters for home games, sell out every away game, have well in excess of 1 million supporters that should be able to make more money than most clubs should be wanting to get into the Champions League at least.

    Winning the league is almost impossible while the likes of City are throwing money around, but Spurs have shown what a bit of ambition can do for you.


  36. Stu… the worst thing about is we didn’t even need to spend a fortune imo, kept the players we had and invested £15m wisely and we’d have been challenging for a Europa place…..Aaaargh, ASHLEY OOT 👿


  37. Rich – We need more than that now!

    Lets not forget we let Routledge go also. Can you believe it? We had a skeleton squad already and now we’re even worse off after the transfer window,

    Typical Ashley window.


  38. Stuart79, agree mate that things can be achieved with ambition, and with our fan base we should be in a healthier position.

    Because of the current financial lop-sidedness in the PL right now, maybe 1 of the Champs League slots are up for grabs. However, as we all know things change. Who’s to say that the money guys at these clubs won’t pull out ? Maybe FIFA financial directives will change things…

    A club like Newcastle should be aiming at top 6 finishes at least. Regarding our “promising youngsters” being sold on….freaking heck, not everyone can play for Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal…they gotta be something special to move to one of these clubs. In the mean time they are just as well served at a top 6 club like Newcastle surely ?

    Richietoon, Stu and whoever else is fortunate enough to be going to todays match, give it lowdy today, we could do with a point or three…!


  39. This makes for hilarious reading sometimes. After a couple of months of ‘Routledge isn’t cut out for the Premiership, he’s useless, etc etc’ now people are complaining he was let go. Give me a break. The pessimism and negativity on here is ridiculous.

    We’re all not happy that Andy was sold, but life goes on, and so will the club. It always seems to be bloody doomsday. What is the point in coming up with totally hypothetical and speculative theories about the likes of Jose and Tiote and what they’ll decide to do, just to get yourselves depressed?

    They’ll be here at least til the end of the season, and all the club, players and fans can do is do their best to affect what happens between now and then. Get out and get behind the team, and the manager, and the board. Discontent, protest and complaint won’t put points on the table, and those are all that matter at the end of the day.

    We can all complain about other players leaving if/when it ever actually happens.


  40. I am seriously starting to question Pardew’s ability to manage.

    Does he not realise that talking to SKY about Tiote,he is in fact inviting bids.

    He clearly loves courting the press…idiot. 👿


  41. If we bring in two proven goal scorers I will be happy. Welliton and Lukaku… I aint bothered about how much money we spend in the summer either, I am only interested in improving our forwards. Free transfers would do me.


  42. Pete – As for theoretical situations regarding Tiote, why was Pardew talking about? Effectively he’s just put up a for sale, everything must go, no serious offer rejected sign.


  43. Guys this one is true its just been on dutch tv Siem De Jong is in Newcastle and he is signing for us


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