Three things that wound me up about the Arsenal game.

Would you like a sweetie young man?
This probably won’t be a long article, but let’s see how it ends up first. It could very well end up the same length as War & Peace by the time I’ve got some things off my chest.

The result against Arsenal was fantastic given that we were four goals down, right? I personally don’t think that can be denied, but there are some things that went on it that game that really boiled my blood. I managed to catch most of it aside from about ten second-half minutes, and from that I have noted these things that have really wound me up.

Jack Wilshere.

The so-called future of English football/next midfield great blah blah blah. Really? Yes he is a good player, but he does have this knack of making me really want to hurt him. Naturally that would never happen though as I’m not a woman so it’s doubtful whether or not he’d be interested in having a pop at me. Allegedly, ahem.

Wilshere is a dirty player, although he gets away with it because he is ‘young’ and is ‘still learning’ amongst other things. Utter bollocks. In the two games I have seen him he certainly hasn’t learned a thing as he mooches around the pitch sticking his boot into players.

Don’t get me started on his petulant moaning either. The little cry baby does like to have a moan, and that was on show today both on the pitch and off the pitch when he lambasted match referee Phil Dowd for his performance today on Twitter. Those comments have now been deleted, but they didn’t go unnoticed as they seem to have attracted the attention of the media.

Hopefully the odius little ratbag will face the full power of The FA, much like Ryan Babel did not so long back.

Arsene Wenger.

Much like Wilshere, Wenger also likes to have a moan. Nothing is ever his fault, or his teams fault, and they are always the victims. It doesn’t matter that his player lashed out not once, but twice, it was the tackle beforehand where Joey Barton won the ball that was to blame.

I’ve just about had enough of him to be honest. Is it so hard to admit that his team buckled under the pressure? Apparently so….

People who left the game early.

This is something that really gets on my wick. Granted, if you buy a ticket and choose to leave early then it’s your choice. But why buy the ticket in the first place? Does this mean that you’ll only support the team when they are winning or if the result is to your taste?

Those that spat the dummy and walked missed out on a bit of history being made, and they have nobody to blame other than themselves. I hope this will teach them a valuable lesson.

Those are just three things that got on my wick although I could have mentioned more to be fair. I could have talked about how vile Abou Diaby is or how many times the commentary team mentioned Andy Carroll, but if I did that this really would turn into War & Peace!

Anyway, rant over!

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16 thoughts on “Three things that wound me up about the Arsenal game.

  1. Wenger must be an only child from rich parents. I’ve never heard him ONCE take it on the chin and own up for somethin’.

    Wilshere, hehe, come to the States mate… I’d love to have a go at you, ya tw@t. Short little ****.

    Toonsy- summed up the feeling pretty well. The commentators got one thing right- it’s not good for your health being a Toon supporter HAHA! If my old man was a mags fan, he’d defo be **** up and 6 feet deep by now like haha!!


  2. I love Jack Wilshere as a player. I think he is quality and has passion. I’m not reading too much into any complaints from the Arsenal side as they have had a truly sickening result today and are probably feeling very, very down.

    …Great for us though :mrgreen:


  3. Also, There’s talk of Best withdrawing from the Ireland squad with a hamstring. Hopefully it’s one of those whisper in the ear from Pardew withdrawls or when i said we couldnt be more f*cked RE strikers..well..we could be apparently.


  4. Ross

    Some interesting rumours going around on Twitter. Andy Carroll could be out for the rest of the season 😀


  5. You’re not serious? What sort of stools they got down Aspers like? Did the article forget to mention he was doing his party piece and had actually stacked 10 stools on top of each other? 😀


  6. Toonsy

    Someone suggested this on deadline day and it was brushed off as a wild rumour. They may have in fact had something there. If true, our January transfer business just got a heck of a lot better.


  7. Well it looks like it’s the mirror that is running the story. They repeat what we pretty much knew in that the injury revolves around a lack of blood flow which staggers the healing process, but if the injury itself is worse than anticipated then obviously the healing process given the circumstances will just be even longer.

    Part of me really hopes it doesn’t hinder his career and a slightly less accomodating part of me thinks “serves you right you ****in gypsy”


  8. Toonsy..think I said earlier about Wilshere, whinged at everything and nowt, what a complete and utter tosser.
    People leavin early….when we went 4 nowt down and people were leaving, I did exchange words with a couple of lads….along the lines of “f*ck off then, your as pathetic as the performance the players have just put in, w@nkers”….still it’s their money and their loss.
    My view is, I’ve paid my money and I’ll milk every last drop of joy and every last drop of misery and be there for my team whatever.
    Arsene Wenger…whinging tw@t, but still a legend as a manager imo…………and on that note off to bed p!ssed and happy.HWTL 😀


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