Arsenal – The spoilt brats of the Premier League?

Arsenal fans - The collective name for a group of fairies!
Most of you know that I generally work during the night, but for today and tomorrow I am actually working normal hours and will be working during the day.

That news isn’t really that big, but then neither is the traffic update I am about to bring you. Here in North London, around the Ashburton Grove and N5 postcode in particular, the roads are chaos. It appears that they have been flooded by tears over the weekend, tears of Arsenal grumbling about anything they can grasp at for their sides spectacular implosion at St James’ Park this weekend.

My god, I hate the red Scousers because all they seem to do is moan, but this lot of “cultured football fans” are really starting to piss me off.

Ever since the full time whistle blew on Saturday evening, these Gooner fans have effectively spammed the Newsnow page with views of how Phil Dowd is useless, how Joey Barton is to blame and how he should have been sent off and how a slight draft that caused their pansy players to lose an eyelash during the game (this was also Joey Barton’s fault) was to blame. Basically, any excuse you could imagine that shifts any form of blame from their doorstep has been used by these modern Gooner fans.

How dare those plucky Northerners display fight and passion! How dare they take an unlikely point (to add to our other three) off of the mighty Arsenal!

Now is probably the time to address their concerns. I’ll start with Joey Barton as it is he who seems to be attracting the harshest criticism. Apparently he should have seen red for perfectly legal, one-footed, ball-winning, and completely under control tackle on Abou Diaby. This caused the Frenchman – who bullied our very own Hatem Ben Arfa at Clairefontaine, on video – to spit the dummy and raise his hands on the field of play, twice. Apparently this was because Diaby has suffered an injury before? Poor mite….

Next up, Phil Dowd and the officials (sounds like a 1950’s rock and roll band that Icedog would like 😉 ). Dowd and his cronies made a number of mistakes, for both sides. Not according to Arsenal fans though. He had it in for them from the get-go apparently. The officials were so against Arsenal that they ruled out Leon Best’s perfectly legitimate goal to penalise them 🙄

Finally, match-fixing. Now there are accusations of match fixing flying around, with Phil Dowd and Tomas Rosicky being at the centre of the apparent betting scam. A couple of things;

1 – Roskicy was on the bench, and had to be brought on. Arsene Wenger actioned this, but what if he didn’t? Does this mean that Arsene was in on it as well?

2 – As pointed out above, decisions fell for and against both sides.

It’s been and gone and history has been made. Arsenal don’t like the fact that their team bottled it and are finding it hard to cope with the fallout from it. Did the Diaby sending off help? Of course, but can they really justify a player raising his hands twice? Surely not…

It’s a shame that this article won’t make it onto Newsnow to be honest as I’d quite like to have a pop at them. They are doing it to us so why not fire a few home truths back at them? I notice during all the lambasting of “thug” Joey Barton they forget that they actually hold the record for red cards and indiscipline, with Viera, Petit etc being the main culprits.

It’s about time they manned up, swallowed the bitter pill, and moved on. I know most of their fans are Johnny come-lately’s, but it doesn’t excuse ignorance.

Howay the lads!

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118 thoughts on “Arsenal – The spoilt brats of the Premier League?

  1. Arsenal fans always seem decent to me and I don’t like the idea of slagging them off in an article like this. Same with slagging the Liverpool fans off. I am all for banter but this article is as bad as that article about Barton on the Gunners thread.


  2. Maybe I have missed some chat today about this but what’s the crack with Ewerthon?

    Any actual facts on this one from our side if things?


  3. lacedaemonian I know a few Arse fans and they are usually decent footie loving supporters unlike the Manure and Chelski ones I know that know **** all about footie but still think they know it all. But I was surprised by the amount of arrogant tossers there was on the Gooners blog running us down saying how we had the ref in our pocket, how Joey the thug should be put out of footie etc etc.
    But saying that all footie fans are sore losers, and it is easier to try to blame everyone and evrything else for losing rather than looking at there own team 😉


  4. Aye, Sir Solano!

    He is up there with my favourite foreigners to grace the toon, him, Albert and Ketsbaia.

    Just gossip? Thats a shame like, think ir would be a good short term signing. He has played at the top level


  5. Had the article been titled “Arsenal fans are shytehawks.” I wouldn’t have commented. Just hate the word ‘brats’ is all.


  6. Dave says ” I know a few Arse fans and they are usually decent footie loving supporters”… forgot to add “just as long as nobody tackles their players” 😉 😆


  7. This Facebook **** about Phil Dowd is way out of order. I mean it’s only a stupid game of football after all, the guy is only humanl, it’s a pity the majority of the foul-mouthed retards posting there cannot be prosecuted


  8. Only 153 people joined the vote. Damned Lumpenproletarians won’t get on board the campaign. 😉

    True, Toonsy but I hate the word.


  9. Munich, get yersel on tha Gooners blog and get ya Geordie brain spinning with some long words that they use down south all the time 😉 😆


  10. In fairness. Most of the local fans are accepting the blame should be laid on the Arsenal players.
    If you look at that Facebook group. Most of them are Nigerian or Asian and they obviously know nothing about football or didn’t even watch the game…
    “How can the ref give two penalties and not a red card to the visiting team” – sack him… they don’t even know the game was at St James. Tossers…


  11. never been a joey but his manner on field in recent games has been good.there was a **** on the field and has always been a **** with one big chip on his shoulder and going down a one way street unless his wings are clipped and thats whilshire.


  12. Ice I do think he has a lot of potental but he is becoming a dirty whinging wee c@nt that the refs need to teach a lesson to, as he allready thinks he is beyond reproach


  13. Richietoon…I did get on the gooners blog on Saturday night,….the one inhabited by the bunch of dapper chaps clinking glasses etc…and after some rapier like exchanges they banned me…sob…..I never said a word about window-licking either…but there it goes…


  14. DAVE aye spot on,why have i to call you judas from now on as wor batty says what have been up to while i was away.
    forgot to say guess what the lad has named house in malta “the gallowgate”wonder where he got that idea 😉


  15. I’ve been on the one Toonsy put the link up too, a few of my comments didn’t make it through 😉 to be fair tho they didn’t ban me, must have been because of the odd sensible comment I made 😆


  16. Ice he has good taste mate 😉 as for Wor Batts he’s full of sh1t 😆 . I never even asked you what you thought of the fightback ❓ and I know he’s not our No1 choice but do you give Pards credit for firing the Lads up at halftime ❓


  17. Late again, but here’s my view for anybody still checking out this thread.

    Hilarious as the Arsenal blogs are, I think we’re being a bit too harsh on them. Probably justifiable though it may be.

    Remember back to the Man C game and how we felt about the deJong tackle, the penalty that was and the one for us that wasn’t, and any number of niggling things that went on in that game.

    Football fans are football fans. We all think the refs are against us at times. Let them have their whinge, just ignore it, or have a good larf. I think we complained for a good few games after that Man C injustice..


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